Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who Will Save Your Seoul

By Bill Maher

Recently on the news, I heard a South Korean say he wasn't worried about war with North Korea, because "We know the U.S. has our backs."

At first, I swelled with national pride, and thought, "You're welcome." But then I thought, "Wait a minute -- why can't South Korea get its own back?"

They're a rich country, with the world’s 12th largest economy. They have one of the best education systems in the world. They have a large active army -- 650,000 troops -- and 3.2 million reserves. Their population is twice the size of North Korea's, and their economy 40 times as big. They have electricity. And food.

So why does the United States still have 28,500 troops there -- more than we'll probably have in Afghanistan by the end of next year?

How do troops protect from nuclear weapons?


wayner said...

I agree; why does the USA, who are almost bankrupt, have to foot the bill for fighting the crazies around the world, especially when there are so many other wealthy countries? Iran is in rich Europe's back yard, and North Korea should be China's and South Korea's headaches. And why does South America get a free ride when it comes to global security? Maybe Donald Trumph has a point about Americans being used for suckers.

ekdeutsch said...

Bill, I think you might enjoy an essay written in 1910 by William James that deals directly with your comment about how we need to begin equating peace with strength. I was very struck by the genius of your comment, and how you got to the very root of the issue.

JMC said...

You're suddenly sounding the pompous bigot Mr Maher..the very person you despise-not letting your first guest (from the Center of the Study of Hate Crimes) whose educated opinion I wanted to hear tonight get a word in edgewise. But I admire him anyway for hanging in there and getting in the bits of truth which you were so adamant about championing yourself-but you were so disrespectful of him not listening to a word he said while pushing your anti-Islam agenda, so intent you were on spreading your own anti-Islam hate message...have you ever read Oriana Fallaci's book written after 9/11? She was a highly respected Italian war journalist who was, in the end, rightfully shunned for her extremist and incendiary anti-Islam views. I am not a Muslim but have traveled enough and lived enough other countries to learn the dangers of pigeonholing people by their nationality and religion. I suggest that instead of touring the USA it is time for you to start getting out of the obvious bubble you have created around are now looking so ignorant and I don't think I'll be watching your show anymore. Be careful sir. Many thanks and best wishes to you-you have a good mind, hopefully it will connect with your heart..

Anonymous said...

I agree with JMC. Bill, I love and respect your opinions, but I am so disappointed by your show tonight. You were rude and obtuse. You make genralizations that are dangerous, offensive and not accurate. You don't know more about hate crimes than the person who studies them for a living! I also found you to be extremely disrespectful to your guest that was at Virgina Tech. You were interupting him and asking inapproiate questions-of course he wonders what it would be like if someone else had a gun in the room- he doesn't need to be reminded of that by you! I don't think I will be watching your show for a while. You need to remember that your show reaches a national audience and you should watch what you say about Muslims and Islam when emtions are running so high right now. You sounded like an ignorant jerk. If I wanted to listen to rascist rants that are dispatches from the bubble- I would have tuned into fox news.

zach said...

I agree with the previous comments. Felt like I was watching Bill O'Rielly not Bill Maher. I watch your show to actually listen to your guests. Not watch some jackhole spin a conversation into a racist rant. Also the next time you have a guest that has been through a situation that you could never understand. By that I mean getting shot at or shot in general. Do not placate the subject and ask a dumbass question like. Dont you wish you had a gun? Yeah ya idiot! of course he does and he probably wishes he had a helmet and a bullet proof vest too. Holy cats have some respect.

9. E said...

Bill, I've been a fan since you were a piano-playing Ed McMahon for the MC at the Comedy Cellar, but you have been getting lazy and slow from feeding on the cheap-shot junk food that seems just to easy to resist. You used to demonstrate rational analysis in the face of tortured reasoning, but more and more you are imitating Rush by basing jokes and disparaging remarks on shallow interpretation of cherry-picked sound bites.

JC(not Jesus) said...

I wonder if we are speaking before we have enough information, and not even recognizing that.
I wonder if we won't find more similarities between these terrorists and others like Ted Kaczynski or Adam Lanza. I think it would have been great if we could have heard your first guest speak about (by the way, I think you were trying to move past your debate, but were unable) the three types of terrorists. He touched on the fact that there are combinations as well, and that seems to be the most important statement. Mentally unstable people who are either manipulated by religion or ideology, or feel somehow "wronged" and want revenge are the majority of our domestic terrorists. I wonder how many of the original Al Qaeda terrorists began that way. Eventually I think gang mentality takes over (with a probable addition of indoctrination from parents or other mentor, or maybe a feeling of being "wronged") eventually but...

Frank Vogl said...

Bill - how do I get into contact with you to follow up on your chat with Nick Kristoff and to discuss my fundamental optimism about curbing corruption across the world?
Frank Vogl
co-founder Transparency International ( which operates in more than 100 countries today and
author of the new book Waging War on Corruption - Inside the Movement Fighting the Abuse of Power
also see me on YouTube on corruption.
Thank you,
Frank Vogl

Frank Vogl said...

Tim1234 said...


Tell me why the deaths of the people in Boston, while tragic, are worth 24 hour a day coverage while the 14 deaths near Bush's ranch in West, Texas are virtually ignored? A fertilizer plant is basically a bomb that makes a profit. I have known this since the 1970 bombing in Madison during the Vietnam era that was done by local kids. Basically you have a bunch of fat white guys who want to spend $5000 on hand made ostrich skin cowboy boots so they cut corners on safety regulations and end of bombing an entire town out of existence. The amount of dead are not even know, yet this is treated not as an act of economic terrorism which is what it is but just one of those things...

All lives are equally of value, probably 3 90 percent of the 30,000 people who die from suicide each year would be saved if we spent one tenth the money on mental health that we do of military offense. 32,000 gun deaths could be radically reduced by simply requiring guns to be registered and stored in locked gun safes in houses, 75,000 people a year die from alcohol. I could go on. All this stuff about stopping a few mentally ill people from the murder suicides (which is what the school shoots and bombings are) is understandable. But many more lives could be saved by using a resources more responsibly and acknowledging that all lives are of equal value.

Lou said...

Bill, I attended the taping of your show last night in LA and although it was a great experience, my experience with hearing the words you spewed was, for the most part, was not as delightful as I hoped it would be. I felt sorry for the poor guy at the start of the show whose opinions you seemed not to care for or even have the courtesy to feign interest in. And this, despite the fact that he actually talked sense and you were talking bullshit. You sounded like the quintessential fool we, as your fans, would normally scourge at. You sounded much like those poor, useless souls with ridiculous, ignorant views who base their lives around stupid ideologies created by people from hundreds of years ago(the same people who also thought the world was flat). I admire you, describe you even as my hero, but last night, you must have done crack before you came out on stage because you sounded like a defensive, scared bigot, pigeonholing a group of people and sounded foolish as a result. Please do not cross to the dark side - the side of complete stupidity. Keep your head, engage your brain, and revert back to the intelligent words you normally speak. This is coming from a 30 year old Brit, incidentally. Louise

Davin said...

Our troops are in South Korea to intimidate China & North Korea. This is necessary because if war were to break out between the Korea's, China would probably side with the North unless we were there.

Stan Cooper said...

Hi Bill...I write poetry as a hobby..I thought you might enjoy this wife and I are great fans of yours and we never miss your tv shows....Stan

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The Three Stooges..Larry, Curly & Mo
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In the current politics of our great nation

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Rashid said...

Dear Mr. Maher,
Your documentary film ‘Religulous’ inspired a Muslim to write a book: ‘Consumer Guide to God. A Muslim Perspective. In Light of The Quran. By M. Ikram Jahangiri, M.D. With Ron Kenner, editor.’ It is available on Amazon.
On page 10 author writes, “Similarly, in the documentary film “Religulous,” Bill Maher asked objective and rational questions about the three major religions from ordinary people to religious leaders, including the Vatican priests. His interviewees, most of whom seemed devoted to their respective religions, had no satisfactory answers and seemed baffled by his interrogation. That documentary turned out to be an inspiration for writing this book.”
I would highly recommend you to read it. I am sure you will get answers to many of your questions. Most of all your understanding will improve about what Quran tells its readers and followers.

Safe Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning said...

Can you honestly say that if Africans had the right to bear arms, like the second amendment that Slavery would have never happened........If your against a small guy having the right to defent himself and his family I say your a racist....Guns in the hands of poor blacks in Africa would have kept him and his family from being dragged to the USA because he could defend himself or herself. When you travel do you have armed guards? Do you expect a bank to be protected with gun's or words???

Omar said...

I agree with Mr Maher that we Muslims are insane. Insane with the love of our Prophet. He received the word of God though he was a human like you and me. However he did not bend in face of adversity like you have recently. In your interview with professor Levine you were upset as a tragedy had occurred however the place you have in the community of television viewers is due to the fact you were rational in dialogue rather than the sentiments you expressed in the interview. As there is a consequence for your expressed views you are likely to see decrease in the respect you observe from people like myself as the wealth of your situation is under the dominion of our Creator, the one and only God.

Lou said...

Bill, would you allow me to be one of your presenters on VICE? I think I'd do a great job!

Julliana Benetti said...

You are the show, specially when you talk about religion, that's what the audience whant to listen.
Thank you!
Juarez - Brazil

Julliana Benetti said...

You are the show, specially when you about religion, that's what the audiende whant to listen.
Tank you!
Juarez - Brazil

Anonymous said...

In the April 24 Philadelphia Inquirer, an AP story about the Mississippi ricin case fiasco discussed the friction between the former suspect against whom charges were dropped - Paul Kevin Curtis - and a subsequent suspect, Everett Dutschke. It seems in 2010 Dutschke threatened to sue Curtis for saying he was a member of Mensa.
Apparently in Mississippi, being intelligent is socially unacceptable.

christian terrones said...

i think having a fourth guest is one too many,cause unless he or she is a very spoken person after the first 5 minutes he dissapears,and the other 3 take the debate once again,i love bill maher,always will watch his show

Anonymous said...

wasn't it Truman that stopped MacArthur from expanding the Korean war in order to end it? yet Republicans constantly use Truman to say that he looks better now than in the past in order to justify the Bush administration going into Iraq ?! Truman ended a War! and another thing that bothers me. There is virtually no argument whenever it is brought up that Truman was a great President. Why? the people during the end of his Presidency..or the majority of people didn't like him. you can also find a lot of faults with Truman. Since when was it suddenly the "consensus" that history has absolved him and he was great ? Why can't anyone else also bring up another name in the history of the world..where someone hated in the past is now looked upon as great ?! Even Lincoln and Washington has its critics even today !! So this one Great man named Truman is justification that Bush will one day look great because he went into Iraq? Again, I point out..why is this not questioned..and why can't they freaking name anyone else in History? Consensus without an argument or debate is dangerous in my opinion. It is also dangerous, because it brings credence for any Prez in the future to do whatever..knowing that in the future..Truman will be used in the argument..and his supporters will bring it up without any questions asked. Anyone agree with me on this or what? I don't think Truman was great..and if people living in the present back then didn't think he was great..than what gives us the right to change history and absolve him of everything he did? it's an insult to people living during that time period and those that disagree today.

ALAH said...

American people are the only ones left in the dark about how Muslims are MASTER Manipulators and story teller conspiracy con-artists telling stories to benefit themselves and their religion, they feed off people like us in the States. Given, not all of them act this way but most do so I can fully understand where Bill is coming from.
Actually right now in Mali Africa Muslims are trying to take over territory "whats new" so the UN just anonymously decided to send over 11,0000 American soldiers along with 6,0000 African soldiers.
-Source is Aljazeera site-
2nd in defense of Bill again, that guy he first interviewed is a cocky dweeb! Look his info up, he deserved to get blasted. Lil baby said 'its ok if you dont want me back on the show'. haha
Bill is still on point so you guys judging might wanna do a little more research before blogging stupid crap like the guy JMC 3 or 4 threads down writing about how he traveled all of the world and lived with the natives and blah blah blah. If that was the case then your just dumb and blind as all hell cause Ive been around like a blonde in Orange county and have seen Muslims all over the world bombing places and starting crap so take your bull crap out cause your a liar or like I said just dumb.


Hi Im Adolf Hitler,
A lot of people thought I was evil and a lot of people thought my Military was EVIL for all the bombings, burnings and shootings of innocent people but as far as my followers go like my supporters, my entourage, my lil nazis, they didn't do any harm to anyone they didnt bomb and kill innocent people all they did was believe deeply in my beliefs.
Firmly backing eveything I did even though they didn't get blood on their hands they were innocents.
This story sounds so familiar with whats going on in todays times with the Muslim religion. Great lil followers you all are. Keep walking off that cliff like my lil followers did, it worked out well.

Rashid said...

@ Two last commenters:
Muslim terrorists commit heinous crimes. Issue is does the Quran encourages them to do so? Can we hold Quran responsible for bad behavior of Muslim?

From the back cover of Consumer Guide to God:
Whether you live in East or West, this book will forever change how you think about Islam. Some may be shocked to realize that the core progressive values of the West are reflections of Qur’ânic edicts of justice, human rights, environmentalism, gender and racial equality, edicts now derogatorily known in the West as Shariah – the Islamic Law. Unfortunately, the rigid interpretation of Qur’ân has inadvertently turned its advocates into their own worst enemies as well as the enemies of others.
Some may be offended to know that Qur’ân supports Darwin’s theory of evolution and not that Adam was the first human. There is no incongruity between Qur’ân and science. The Devil is no more than the human himself; the devilish thoughts and satanic acts. Others may object that the Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, atheists all have equal rights with Muslims to qualify for the Qur’ânic heaven. Fatwas, as popularly known, have no basis in Qur’ân. Fatwa mongers and Fatwa followers are equally ridiculed. In Qur’ân there is no physical hell or heaven, much less seventy virgins. Jihad by sword is a corrupted concept. There is no validation of Veil. Deprivation of women’s freedom is a product of depraved and extremist culture, not Qur’ân. In Qur’ân there is no “Muslim God,” only the “God of Mankind.” If Muslims and non-Muslims view each other through the lens of Qur’ân, they might be surprised to see none but children of a ‘no lesser god’ on the other end. This book does not tweak the Qur’ân to make it palatable to a modernist, because Qur’ân itself is more modern than many of us think. There are no apologies in this book for Qur’ân. – Excerpt from the Preface.
The God that an author is writing about, a speaker is debating for, a preacher is proselytizing, that God in all such discourses must appear more intelligent than the advocates themselves; otherwise one cannot exclude the possibility that the God being discussed is an outcome of one’s own fancies, wishes, and formulations. The key to discussing God is to let God speak for Himself, as seen through His own words in His Books or through a living experience of Him by someone amongst us. This approach shifts the burden from man to God Himself. – M. Ikram Jahangiri.

Anonymous said...


Hallelujah!! It appears the OLD Bill Mahr from Politically Incorrect is back...leaving behind that bitter a-hole Bill Mahr who developed AFTER Politically Correct was rudely yanked off the air. The BEFORE and AFTER Bill Mahr was stark. I liked the BEFORE guy but not the AFTER guy. The AFTER guy attacked people PERSONALLY - instead of their ideology & what he did to Palin was so beneath him and so extremely unprofessional. I don't agree with Bill Mahr on everything he said on Politically Incorrect but I enjoyed the arguments pro and con. I missed the show when it went off the air and I missed the old Bill Mahr.

BUT it appears the OLD Bill Mahr is coming back - attacking ISSUES with facts not attacking people on a personal level.

I agree with Bill Mahr that Islam is a killing people, that we should NOT be fighting other countries wars or paying to maintain over 900 USA permanent military installations around the world in England, Germany, S. Korea and the middle East when they can pay to man and maintain the military installations within their own borders with their own tax dollars and I agree with Bill Mahr that the USA is becoming a police state and that the police did not have to shoot up the boat the bomber was hiding in when he did not have a gun to shoot back and the police did not have the right to search homes without a warrant etc etc. I still disagree with Bill Marh on gun control and on minimum wage being increased and some other issues but I like hearing what he has to say. Welcome back Bill Mahr

Anonymous said...

Bill, i love your show.
My boyfriend and I watch it
every week it's like a tradition for us now. My christian (and republican) parents have officially disowned me because of it haha but it's totally worth it. :)
Keep on keeping it real Bill!

Anonymous said...

Jewish Students Threatened at UC Davis | FrontPage Magazine
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:07 AM

Anonymous said...

Jewish Students Threatened at UC Davis | FrontPage Magazine
Monday, April 29, 2013 9:07 AM

Larry Sumpter said...

Mr. Maher,

How would one go about contacting you, or your team if they had an idea/opportunity that they wanted to share with you. We are working on a software/journalism project that will be a game changer.

And based on what you have said you believe, it is right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

I expect an apology for Mr Maher's comments on national television regarding the conduct of Muslims when they hear about an insult to prophet Mohammad, peace of Allah be upon him. As this is a form of anti Semitic remark that would not be tolerated by other faiths, it is condoned in this country by many individuals of the Christian and Jewish faiths. While this is contradictory, it is blasphemous to a Muslim mind that such a viewpoint is tolerated by a viewing audience such as was present on that show.

Noan YoBiseniss said...

If you really want to chop away at that bloated defense budget then stop calling it Defense. Start calling it what it is "Offense Budget". Haven't you learned anything from the GOP spinning machine? Speaking out against the "Patriot" act was Un-American and Tantamount to treason. Do you think If they called it what it was, "Rights Suppression ACT" It would have passed?

PLEASE start learning people are to stupid to see past the Label, Sad but true.

fred poisson said...

hello Mr. Maher, I always find you and your show to be very thought provoking and you have introduce me to the works of Christopher Hitchens for which I am forever thankful I am turning myself into my own sociological project, after years of addiction, bad nutrition and being fucked by the medical and psychiatric industry I have put my faith in the hands of a nutritional doctor who has changed my life. In 3 weeks my blood pressure has gone from 177/104 to 122/80. I have stopped taking pharmaceuticals of any kind and adopted a vegan, wheat free, gluten free diet that I began yesterday. I want to know why is it that insurance companies will pay to help us stay sick but not to get well and stay well. I would greatly appreciate you checking out my website, I am going to keep a daily blog of this, all of this, costs and statistics at and anyone else that would like to follow me please do the same

Yunus Emre said...

Thank you from Turkey :)

I'm a big fan of your.

The Aloof Observer said...

I have to take issue with your defense of Benghazi for the Obama Administration and lack being "fair and balanced." The point, which you seemed to not want to talk about on your show, is that the administration botched the proper handling of the Ambassador's security in Libya, despite repeated requests for more protection from people on the ground there, and then the response to the attack by not sending in more special forces to evacuate the staff there in Libya. The administration chose the road of political expediency bc there was an election looming in a couple of weeks and the administration did not want to be remotely associated with headlines "Ambassador, attack, Libya, terrorists, etc.." They knew it would be a death knell for the re-election chances. Romney tried to jump on it too soon, when it was not yet clear what had happened. However, the Obama Administration does hold the blame for not protecting the ambassador properly and even worse not reacting after the attack...then trying to bury a path to the truth b/c the election was close. Republicans, like any politicians, tried to blow the failure out of proportion for their gain. However, in the end the administration is responsible for not handling this situation as best they could have and possibly saving a couple of state department personnels' lives bc they care more about their political career than properly handling that attack on the embassy. That is what the point is (not necessarily a scandal) and where the Obama administration screwed up.

MHR UK said...


I have travelled the world many times over and met many people in most countries. In the process I have learned a lot about people, culture, religion, faith and socio economics that drive the everyday struggle that is life.
On the occasions I have been to the USA (at least once a month for almost 15 years) I have watched your shows and watched and listened to the output from Fox, MSNBC , NPR and other channels. I am now ashamed at ever having laughed at your monologues. Looking at your most recent work, I am so very sorry that you have sunk this low. You have shown yourself to be ignorant of the world on which you are so keen to comment. You do not have a basic grasp of the cultures and religions your would besmirch with your spite and bile. I urge you to learn some history get up to date with current ‘real’ events with real people ( I am happy to help you with this). Try and get out of your bubble and count the bodies around the world before you get on your high horse and blame everyone else but the major creators and sponsors of global mass slaughter men women and children around the world.

Shame sir, shame on you.

United kingdom

Anonymous said...

I think you are totally right about the South Korea thing. It frustrates me greatly, and I feel it is one of those issues (like the War on Drugs) where our collective stupidity is so firmly entrenched that it is considered political heresy to even discuss alternatives... think NRA x 100.

Also, and please believe me I am trying not to be spammy here, but I was interested to send you a complimentary copy of the new book Atheist Yoga, which we are promoting. My contact is karen at puragreen dot com, hit me up if you are interested. This book is hot. Cheers! -Karen

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, you recently were reduced to a fox news style conman when you told your guest the he was giving a "silly liberal view" and that he "puts on a crown on his head and say I'm a good person". You attacked your guest when he told you the facts about the USA and its occuopation of the middle east and the war mongoring it has done through out the world. He was right about how you continue to refer to middle eatern people as "THE OTHER" as being less civilized. Every time someone speaks out against Israel you go on the defence. Why? Will your show get pulled if you take a more critical stance against Israel?

André said...

Okay, so Iam perhaps the outsider with my opinion here ... although Iam a big fan of you Bill (by the way: German) and although I hope that "they" will never manage to shut you up and that more people like you emerge in public and raise their voice - I believe that there is a good reason for the US to be present at certain areas of the world. This is especially near North Corea and Iran. Countrys who have or might have nuclear weapons AND that get support from the Russian Federation or China. These countrys will always try to destabilize their democratic neighboors. So it is good that these neighboors have a powerful friend. Dont forget how we won the cold war! PS But we dont need your tropps in Germany anymore ;-) Best, André

Anonymous said...

Bill Why aren't any politicians touring the tar sands with a helicopter to actually see why keystone isn't good for the environment.

Lou said...

Jesus, you're losing it Bill. What a shame

Anonymous said...

IN regards to fridays episode and the fact that the lady was wrong with mass shootings in the usa link

Anonymous said...

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