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Friday, July 24, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, July 24, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

The president spent the week, the last few days, talking about America’s most vulnerable citizens, the Cambridge Police Department.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

Probably the most prominent African-American scholar in America today, Henry Louis Gates, was arrested for being black while home. Apparently, in America, if you are black, you can be pulled over for driving a stolen house.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

Officer Crowley was upset. Apparently he said Henry Louis Gates was threatening. Of course, he meant he was an educated black man.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

When the military says ‘we don’t want this’ and Congress is trying to shove this down their throats, it is a sad statement of the political system we have right now.
- Anthony Woods regarding the rejection of F-22 additional funding.

We are actually, as a nation, consigning a group of people to complete ruination.
- Susan Eisenhower regarding multiple deployments of the military overseas

We have allowed ourselves as a country to get in a situation where we think the military can solve all of our problems overseas and that is absolutely not the case. As a country, we have a lot more resources that we can bring to bear that are not just about firepower and kicking in doors.
- Anthony Woods

It’s ridiculous to say that all Republicans are racist. That of course is not true. But nowadays, if you are a racist, you are probably a Republican.
- Bill Maher

You have a radio show host with an agenda who is all about preaching extremist views. It allows these sorts of fringe ideas to come up and get circulated.
- Anthony Woods regarding Rush Limbaugh and Republican outrage over Obama’s birth certificate

If it is so bad, why do we have it for our Veterans?
- Bill Maher regarding Universal Health Care

The Republicans are a side show here compared to the failure of the Democratic Party to get its shit together and govern the country.
- John Heilemann

New Rule: Stop pretending to be so shocked that the girl from the Harry Potter movies is now a hottie. Wow, she was a cute little eleven-year-old girl in that first movie – who would have dreamed that eight short years later she’d turn out to be 19? Relax – if you’re an adult seeing the new Harry Potter movie, you don’t have to be ashamed about being attracted to her. What you’ve got to be ashamed about is that you’re an adult, seeing the new Harry Potter movie.
- Bill Maher in his ‘New Rules’ segment

New Rule: Not everything in America has to make a profit. If conservatives get to call universal health care “socialized medicine,” I get to call private, for-profit health care “soulless vampire bastards making money off human pain.”
- Bill Maher in his ‘New Rules’ segment

This week's guests were Susan Eisenhower, John Heilemann, Anthony Woods, Matt Taibbi and a satellite interview with Janet Napolitano.


Crusader said...

Conservatives need to know that obamas our ally overall. He's taking on the dark knight role, no pun intended. His greatest act as of yet has been to not do israels bidding and get us in a war with Russia, which would result in the holocaust of most white people. The guy is a wolve in sheepskin clothing. He's gotta give a little to take a little. But one must understand the subtleties of politics. Obamas the type of black man that makes a hardened person as myself not judge all blacks. God bless him

CutNBack said...

On your comments about the US being a stupid country. If your so above everyone,why dont you just get the hell out and make this country a better place. Its no wonder I never watched you. Your pathetic. Love it or Leave it Jerk!!

Ritobear said...

Loved your show this week. The part about how not everything has to make a profit was RIGHT ON!! You ROCK!

Unknown said...

You are the dumbest jerk around and I wish you would just get lost.

cjg said...

Maher, you really are a piece of garbage. I would love for you to come and call me stupid to my face. Just respond with your desire to do so. You are still just a big-nosed, lying, socialist, anti-American, gutless piece of garbage. If you hate this country (that made you so rich by the way), then get your gutless little ass out of here. See ya gutless

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crusader said...

I caught your full show last night! You still rock bill. When you're pissing people off that means they're listening. I and many I know like me still love ya. I would recommend balancing your panel with a true conservative. Not a republican. The two things are not the same, which is why I voted gore, kerry and Obama. Anyway get a guy or gal on there who's not afraid of upsetting minorities or the boos of your audience. I'm tired of so called conservatives like Scarborough getting all uptight about the audience. Their LA liberals! What does he expect? So bring on a guy who makes an intellectual case for conservatism. Believe me it will liven up the whole panel and thus your audience both there and especially at home.

Unknown said...

To be clear, Maher doesn't hate America, nor has he so professed. His commentary was on the regrettable circumstance of patriotism having become synonymous with insatiable profiteering and vehement upkeep of the status quo.
Moreover, if dissenting and critical voices hadn't been a foundational aspect of American political culture, that same great nation would have complacently remained a British colony. I don't believe Maher's participation in this fine American tradition -through his social, political, and economic commentary- makes him 'gutless,' nor an 'Anti-American;' indeed, quite the opposite.

Unknown said...

I know we are the "Great Experiment" and all but maybe its time to lift the lid and air out the petrie dish. It's turned into that same putrid ass-fucking the serfs used to get in the old country. Just master and slave, in HD. We get money from them now but they have the ultimate partners in getting that investment back, plus more.

Men will always need their masters sure, without them we would all just turn into traveling gangs bent on drug use and ass fucking each other.
But we can keep these masters in check by removing that shield the king employed to keep his subjects from killing him for fucking them in their ass every single day. Religion.

So hey lets all lets all support the people who are bitching, in a funny and non violent way.

LIbertarian Thought Monger said...

As a libertarian, I find the idea of the government running anything is a bad plan. During your show you refrain from asking the intellectually sound questions that would add some balance and honesty.

On Health Care in this country:

Would making the federal government responsible for the 1/7th of the economic pie in this country be a good plan? Does the government manage other areas of Social economics well? Using the example of Social Security, is this an intellectually sound idea?

As our Rolling Stone reporter asked, why has President Obama and controlling democrat lawmakers not just set up a Health trust fund with the 40 billion dollars they handed to AIG?

On the decision when to let people die:

If Republican's are "pro-life", why are they so focused on utilizing the death penalty? If Democrats are "pro-choice", why are they for assisted suicide and seemingly interested on deciding when someone has used up their time on this planet?

On War profiteering, war record and exit strategies:

Miss Eisenhower, Dwight D Eisenhower was a Republican president, and Supreme Commander of the US forces fighting against the Nazis, how would he feel about the escalation of the military-industrial complex now? As a family member of President Nixon, how would he have felt about the escalation of it during Vietnam? Returning to a previous subject, would President Eisenhower have been for a Socialized medical plan?

Back to WWII, with loss of life over 16 million military dead and 45 million civilian dead on the Allied side alone, would loss of life over our current conflicts be a fair comparison? With over 4 million civilian dead on the Axis side be a fair comparison to the currents conflicts losses?

On War for Oil:

If American is truly fighting for oil interests abroad, why has the price of gasoline in this country gone down? Where is the promised relief for those not collecting bailout money? Surely, substantially lower gas prices would help everyone, right?


I enjoyed the program. I like the humor mixed with political commentary but I can see why you are criticized by the right for lack of balance and intellectually honesty.

As a libertarian I am tired of the governments involvement in nearly all aspects of my life and long for a return to liberty and true freedom. Limit my choices and directions in no other way then preventing me from deliberately harming another.

A government the incarcerates nearly 1 in 100 adults or over 2.3 million needs to reassess what it considers crimes. Many of those currently serving sentences are victims of a failed drug war policy prescribing mandatory minimums for intoxicants no more dangerous than alcohol or cigarettes. A government with this type of management deserves far less responsibility than it currently has.

Cheers Bill, keep on entertaining "the Mob"!

LIZZIEB said...

I disagree with you Bill on the Gates controversy. Perhaps the good Professor should have said "Yes Officer, I do own the home, and the door was stuck, but thank you for following up. Aren't I lucky to have such concerned neighbors? Here's my I.D." Does he think because he hob knobs with the famous, and is more educated than the Sgt. that he is exempt from questioning. Maybe it serves him right for being such a self important prick.
By the way, I am white and I live in a predominately black neighborhood. I report potential crimes all the time. Am I a racist? Should I analyze my motives, and my upbringing? I don't have time to dissect the situation. That's what the cops get paid for. Let them figure out if you are okay, or just another thief robbing my neighbors. Again, who are BLACK! Grow up people. Maybe the Sgt. shouldn't have arrested Gates. Maybe he just should have slipped him a pacifier.

claudescha said...

I was stunned and delighted, at the end of the last Bill Maher Show, Friday July 24, when he said that he found bad to allow "for- profit" hospitals, and also companies that make profit from the war ( do not remember exactly how he worded it).
It is the first time I hear that statement.
As soon as I had my say in our family investment portfolio, I asked that we do not invest in for-profit hospitals, tobacco and armements. I know that it is not easy, because some interests are intertwined together...
As a physician myself, I find profoundly immoral that we make profits from the people's sickness.
Thank you Bill!

Unknown said...

Bill made the comment:

If it is so bad, why do we have it for our Veterans?
- Bill Maher regarding Universal Health Care

If you remember correctly, Obama tried to charge veterans' private health care for service-related injuries, to try and save the gov money. Which is a real POS thing to do to wounded vets. So apparenlty its not good enough for vets, when Obama has other pet prodjects he wants to fund.



dee said...

Why would you waste your time and come to this site just to bash Bill. I don't agree with Rush and wild horses wouldn't make me listen to his excuse for a radio show

concerned said...

Have you ever considered that the type of federal government growth you promote is ineffective towards the incredibly large group of people such as everyone in the United States. Perhaps on a small level this ideal of liberalism could be affective: A local government or a group of people with similar interest. When you apply the same social and economic laws to everyone in the United States you not only antagonize many of us who are economically responsible, socially empathetic, and personally responsible, but you also neglect the needs of many by catering to the few. For example: If Chicago, IL needs gun control because its people are irresponsible with them, needs environmental regulations on home owners because they are incredible wasteful or filthy, and are in need of wealth redistribution because there is unfair conditions for workers then its their prerogative to make such laws IF AND ONLY IF the people vote for such laws. If they don't too bad.
Now, why should we then put the same gun laws, environmental laws and economic laws on the residence of Chapman, KS for example. Perhaps these people are safe and responsible with their weapons. Perhaps the environmental impact of their historical homes is incalculable, or the fact that they are survivalists, have a different and more effective way of doing things. Perhaps their rich are active in their community, charitable even, and forcing a tax on those people would ruin the balance.
Look. I'm conservative, an artist, and a Soldier. I deal with Government in my life all day, everyday. Every 3 years they ask me if I still want to be a part of it. If it is mandated on me for the rest of my life, I would not live here.
Please, give the American people an opportunity to profit, to struggle, to succeed, to fail, to learn, and to cry. The federal Government does not and should not protect us from our own destiny. Thru struggle, competition, personal responsibility, and personal struggle we become who we are. Is the man that fights for what he wants as proud as the man who does not and it is just given to him?
We can make these things happen ourselves. Change comes from YOU AND ME. Its hard, its unfair, ITS SUPPOSED TO BE!!!! Makes you human, strong, and hopefully en lighted and successful.
Just consider, Washington cannot and will not solve your problems. You can.
PS: You want a logical and intelligent conservative argument? Anytime buddy.

Anonymous said...

bill, i agree with you about cops, they are out of control, and america is stupid, you have enough money u should get everyone together to get the hell out of here who wants to before it goes to hell...
take a look at the youtube video about obama, hes the wolf in sheeps clothing you should talk about it on your show...
obama deception check it out its interesting

Anonymous said...

Ya know Bill, I think i now know why you and all the others on the left do not like Mrs. Palin. It's really quite simple, she is a threat to your way of thinking. You are afraid she will run against your holly savior and he would loose. She is way too much like us regular folks, not like all the rich, Hollywood bleeding heart liberals.

DBF1957 said...

So if someone disagrees with you they are stupid?

Please enlighten me. Please name one country where you ideas of government involvement has worked over the long term.

Peter Faur said...

Bill, I'm a fan of the show and a fan of yours. I saw you in St. Louis on Good Friday 2001.

I'm also a Christian - not a fundamentalist but a Christian. I'd be interested in hearing you talk about President Obama's selection as head of the NIH, Francis Collins. I found this article to be interesting: http://www.religiondispatches.org/archive/scienceenvironment/1704/when_atheists_cry_%E2%80%9Cheresy!%E2%80%9D%3A_sam_harris_condemns_obama_pick_for_nih

Unknown said...

Surprise Surprise, another liberal ass kissing festival. This show is officially unwatchable. How Bill managed to use the Gates incident to segway to a discussion about how the republican party is stuck in the past I will never understand. Why even bother pretending there is another topic of discussion other than, "republicans are evil mouth-breathing creatures from the black lagoon"? In fact that would be a better name for this show. I thought Bill was an "independent". I'm an independent, affiliated with no party, and I find this garbage so one sided it embarrasses me to watch it. I've got a wacky idea Bill. Instead of continuing to beat the dead horse of the republican party, how about criticizing the party in charge for a change? Or are they without fault? Your complacency with the faults of the left and your over emphasis of the faults of the right will only serve to drum up more support for bad legislation foisted on us by the majority party. All because people are dead set against believing that the democrats could possibly have faults too. Wake up. The country is being co-opted by more than just a few right wing racists.


kitty said...

you are the best. you tell the truth. republicans and the right wing gang cannot handle truth.

Unknown said...

that's why MJ's living room looks so mess and so many papers fall on the floor. ( MJ has his personal nanny and housekeeper at home )

Unknown said...

**1 ). Did any one mulled this is BODYGUARD and DOCTOR murdered Michael Jackson?

**2) .If Dr. Murry killed MJ at middle night , then he has plenty time to get into MJ 's room to clean up all the evident that's why MJ's living room looks so mess and so many papers fall on the floor. ( MJ has his personal nanny and housekeeper at home )

***3) if MJ died at middle night, then , why Dr. Murry called 911 in 12 hours later after MJ died. Why he didn't call right the way? what he worry about ? what he did during that 12 hours? clean up mess ? stealing $2 million dollar cash? stealing i million dollar jewelry? call Houston his nurses to hide his records ?or is there a collude ? if the body guard was the 911 caller, then LAPD need to looking at the body guard also....

*** 4) .Don't forget Dr. Murry has that arrest history ;

** 5) . Why Dr. Murry be a friend with MJ first? This makes a red flag to me and more looks like a WELL PREPARED to get in his life;

****6 ). who is the body gard

**7 ) . MJ's former cosmetic doctor has a paper to prove that Debby Rowe has given / supervised Propofol to MJ ;

***8) if Debby Rowe has given Propofol for MJ , then , Mj's currently cosmetic doctor is a lie because he said he never has given Propofol to MJ ...... Why he lie to Larry King show?

Aleph said...


I have met professor gates as a good friend of his was a professor of mine at BU when I was a freshman--and dude is a prick. If anybody's loud and obnoxious in a rich neighborhood in cambridge their gonna get arrested period. That being said, do I think that crowley's probably a racist? Of course, so are you and am I. I grew up with black people but there is still that foreign feeling which will always make you react initially in a discriminatory way as a harvard study has shown when people are asked if a person is a criminal by a picture, and the person is black, even black people tend to think they are more likely a criminal.
The act of Mr. Crowley wasn't racist and you and obama were equally foolish to jump on his case for acting how he did. Your sensationalized version of the incident makes you seem as ignorant as the president's rash reaction. All of which is horribly unfortunate as I usually love your show. Please, think, then speak. Thanks buddy.


Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at www.DNotice.org

Unknown said...

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allkindsofhandbags said...

Conservatives need to know that obamas our ally electric cigarettes overall. He's taking on the dark knight role, no pun intended. His greatest act as of yet has been to not do israels bidding and get us in a war with Russia, which would result in the holocaust of most white people. iPad Accessories The guy is a wolve in sheepskin clothing. He's gotta give a little Qwerty Cell Phones to take a little. But one must understand the subtleties of politics. Obamas the type of black man that makes a hardened person as myself not judge all blacks. God bless him.

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