Tuesday, February 23, 2010



patsdynasty said...

hey bill your a clown,people reject obamas agenda because we enjoy our liberty. you will never understand this because your hardest choice of the day is what color suit to wear, you are out of touch with the american people you look at the flag with regret we look at the flag with pride.

Anonymous said...

Obesity is a epedemic because you go bankrupt trying to purchas what it takes to make a salad.
Our country doesnt want to pay social sececrity so they make fatty foods cheap making it the only option for lower income familys. I believe healthy foods should be cheaper than a box of oreo cookies.

some dood said...

I disagree Anonymous, when i was in financial trouble like so many are this decade, malnourishment was a reality and fat was valuable calories. I think taxing food will not effect people who are well off in anyway but could hurt people on low calorie diets; like the poor, and recently brought to my attention vegetarians.

Anonymous said...

This was cool. Thanks Bill.

I saw your comment about freeloaders watching online, you're fight the waves. Would you consider broadcasting Realtime on the Internet, in real time?

3. It would be a first.

2. This would reach your international audience, even the troops & Dr. Dawkins.

1. You can sell premium advertising to stimulate your recovery plan.

0. Maybe they can't interject commercials in the live stream but they present them adjacent on the page & block fullscreen mode. Or just stream it on demand w/commercials. You can even do region specific commercials.

some dood said...

that's not upto bill, realtime is the intellectual property of HBO, and clips you see on youtube are just waiting for complaint letters

Anonymous said...

They can overlay commercials into the stream like a watermark, just like they do on sports shows & tv logos.

I imagine HBO has contracts. Its a good idea & if HBO assoc.s or Bill think so, they might try it.

Anonymous said...

HBO has to have an army of legal vampires.

some dood said...

dont say vampire, dick cheney gets excited

some dood said...

bill said in this movie clip he doesnt think palin could win; you arent presented with many options as a voter, if people want to fire obama because he did bad, she could get the votes just for being there.

Anonymous said...

"My Retarded Kid is smarter than your Sarah Palin"

Anonymous said...

Indies like Ron Paul. The various cells of the Tea Bag Coalition like Ron Paul. Survey says, the true conservatives that are the majority of Republicans dislike Sarah Palin.

If Team Obama screws up bigtime and all the foxtards have is Sarah Palin, its Ron Paul for Supreme Leader, Our Beloved Father. Lets not bullshit: the evil moron George Walker Bush granted dictatorial powers to the executive, now the President of the United States is a dictator.

If Obama doesn't surrender these encroachments on the claims made in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and his decisions so far re the CIA, USAPatriot con, privacy bill, Iran and torture do not give reason for hope, the USA will go out with a bang and its off to Thunderdome.

Anonymous said...

Orwell warned us.

Here is some evidence to support Bill's gut instinct about the future. Its called the Gini Coefficient. You can read about it here

The short of it is the Gini measures the distribution of wealth in a nation and is used to compare the quality of life across nations. The value is between 0 and 1. If the value were 0 everyone would be making the exact same amount of money, if it is 1 then one person makes all the money and everyone else sucks rocks.

The Gini score for the USA has been rising since the early 30s, really took off during the 60s and the W regime. At the rate we have been going for 3 generations - since the unconstitutional federal reserve & illegal federal income taxes were created (1913) - the standard of living in the USA will be equal to that of modern day Mexico by 2043.

This is not inescapable, but it is definitely the Bush-Delay-Palin-Boehner who let that damn printing press out of the Church of the Ignorant future.

Anonymous said...

atm Sweden has the lowest Gini score.

some dood said...

I find myself on the left when it comes to things like gay rights, abortion, most level's of gun controll, and large entitlements for that people that need it. However, when the left is still giving these huge tax breaks to the rich and targeting low income people with things like tobacco tax, booze tax, the war on drugs, and someone on the right is dumb and has no alternative plan; but they would cut that tax, that's real there's an option to put a moron incharge if only to obstruct the tax attacks on the poor. I agree we should pay a tax for things like healthcare, or financial assistance when we need it; but, I'd also agree we should stop paying into dysfunctional programs and a healthcare bill that offers nothing more than a mandate. Tax should be fair for people of all income level's.

You know I read both, MSNBC and FOX and the bias is okay as long as your aware of it. Although the parties are fighting the actual constituants agree on more than you'd think. For example, one side thinks we need to deal with climate change, the other doesn't even believe it exhists; but, anyways that's alot of smoke in the air, and almost every one agree's that we should cut down pollution if we can. I think one of the key issues with our system lately is not a single person from one side even want's to listen to the other side. I think there's a few small things we could do that would make the tea-baggers go away. But no one listens to what they actually want, we go straight to the name calling because the well-funded illiterate's like Palin have taken the helm. There's alot of fighting; but there's no persuasion going on.

some dood said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's Fox in a nutshell:

White men! White women! The flag is calling you. The sacred and ancient symbol of your race, since the beginning of time. The Jew is using The Black as muscle against you. And you are left there helpless. Well, what are you going to do about it, Whitey? Just sit there? Of course not! You are going to join with us. The members of the American, National Socialist, White Peoples' Party. An organization of decent, law abiding white folk. Just like you!

I've heard enough, its always the same. I boycott Fox so they can't count me as a market for their sponsors.

some dood said...

I think Nancy Grace is more dangerious, I mean she presents her oppinion show as "the news", at least with fox you expect insanity.

For the revival of racism in our country, I think there's alot of reasons. Before my generation, Americans had issues with alot of different groups: Vietnamese, Germans, Soviets, Japanese. In my life, we all hang out togther like nothing ever happened. No one's has ever sat me down and said, "it's wrong to hate Japanese people, it's not their fault they...(fill in some negative trait)" and I've never realized it was an option because it's just something in the past. Today people use expressions and don't even realize it. The President said he would do something to help black American's. Last time I checked, Mos Def was doing okay; I think the President replaced the words "black Americans" with "the poor"; but the poor come in all colors. People use expressions like, "you talk black". But there's black kids in the suburbs that talk like I do, and white kids in the urban areas that don't. You talk urban or surburban, not black or white. Strange time's we live in; because in the 90's I thought we were just a few steps short of moderizing, and here we are today acting like morons.

Unknown said...

Among those whom Americans had problems with you left out native Americans. The US government has broken every treaty it entered into with these people, which harshly illustrates how much regard the government actually has for us.

Some years ago Al Sharpton said said poverty doesn't discriminate, so we have to provide the same assistance to all the disadvantaged regardless of our differences. This resonated with me because it removes all the bullshit arguments not to assist those who need it. Pretty simple, a charitable act is its own reward and a critical mass of charitable acts produces a Great Society.

some dood said...

well ya I mean our government still bullies Japan a little nowadays too; but I mean for me as a person, I drink sake, I've tried sushi, after the bailout I'll be looking at Japenese cars, and it's different from the time when my grandfather fought in WW2 against the Japanese side. It's easier to fight an enemy that doesn't look like you, and it's not uncommon to dehumanize your enemy to justify whats happening. My grandfather's never said anything racist but he does still seem nervious around products from there. If we as a people can forgive and forget incidents like world war 2 tho, it's time to move on from other issues that are just lingering from the past.

Anonymous said...

You are a pathetic human being!! You may have some retarded people who think you are funny but you are a sorry excuse for a human being. You think you are so intelligent but really show your stupidity by all of your narcissistic comments about your political views. And who the hell do you think you are by professing how stupid the American people are! Who made you the spokes person for the general population of this country. You liberals will get your asses handed to you and your president will be a one term disaster in the up coming elections. You are not funny and a disgrace as a comedian!!

Anonymous said...

hey bill i couldn't here your comments on larry king very well.I tryed the volume button that didn't work maybe sittihg on the mic.would work.sense most of your comments come from your butt.

Pathological Liars Anonymous said...

I was looking for the Saturday Night Live documentary "The Acid Generation: where are they now?" (season:3 episode:2) when I came across this, probably the 1st Jon Lovitt Tommy Flanagan skit:


John Belushi on healthcare:

Chevy Chase & Dan Akroyd on bipartysanship:

Confusion at the phone company after the CIA takeover:

Xe: because you can make a Skull & Bones out of it
Xe: because 'Che' was already taken
Xe: because the CIA always has the best psychedelics & the merc managers tattooed their brains all the way, with exkimo chain
Xe: because they don't work for English speaking Eurasians
Xe: whats left when you take the A-team out of axe
Xe: something their employees can spellon their job applications

ZenGrouch said...

Do you believe the latest *FUCK YOU! BEND OVER BITCHES* communicated to the American public in the form of a 1/3 hike in health insurance premiums, when the insurance companies are doing just fine, and the Supreme Court giving corporations insane rights, is a sign that unless we take it to the streets in a bloody fucking revolution, with heads on pikes... we might as well just grab our ankles and give up that sweet, sweet asshole to corporate America?

ZenGrouch said...

Thanks for sharing a part of your day via UStream!

How nice to sit around in your silk poncho, scratching your dog while listening to sitar music, yelling at an imaginary Woody Harrelson, demanding that he freshen up your glass of straight up gin.


Unknown said...

Rachel Maddow did a good job putting the for profit insurance monopoly in their box yesterday, establishing solid groundwork to argue for a complete overhaul.

ZenGrouch said...

"establishing solid groundwork to argue for a complete overhaul"...

Ain't gonna happen, no way, no how.

The damn broke, the cow left the barn, the scales have tipped, our representatives have been bought and sold, democracy is an illusion.

Nothing at all is going to change, until we hunt down and kill each and every lobbyist in D.C....

...and that ain't gonna happen either.

We're a country of stupid pussies, just watching out for our own selfish causes.

I'm not saying we're ALL stupid pussies, but they do seem to be in the majority.

ZenGrouch said...

Stupid Pussies are a funny thing.

I think just about everyone can agree that we're overrun with stupid pussies. The left, the right and those in the middle point the finger at all the fucking Stupid Pussies out there fucking things all up.

Yet not a single motherfucker out there will admit to being a Stupid Pussy.

They're out there, we can agree on that. We're up to our god damn necks in the bastards fucking up the works.

So who are these cocksuckers, common' a show of hands, Congress, get the ball rolling, show us those hands!

Cheney... yeah, we know, stop pointing and shut the fuck up, you had your turn, when it comes to fucking us all up the bung hole.

Palin, calm the fuck down bitch, you're turn is coming.

Obama, hey, you tried man...

Unknown said...

Zen Grouch "They" need the consent of the majority. The fact that they work so hard & spend so much to sell their crap & cover up their crimes and lies is evidence that there aren't enough sheeple to do it by force.

One of the great things about the web is that it insures the truth can't be totally censored. There are no terrorists on the web, just people exchanging information potentially damaging to the power structure.

Anonymous said...

Here is a fire being set in Congress to distract people form the real issues:

The Startup Visa Act of 2010 would create a two year visa for immigrant entrepreneurs who are able to raise a minimum of $250,000, with $100,000 coming from a qualified U.S. angel or venture investor. After two years, if the immigrant entrepreneur is able to create five or more jobs (not including their children or spouse), attract an additional $1 million in investment, or produce $1 million in revenues, he or she will become a legal resident.


So easy to rob this lame assinine bullshit. Remember these names, legislators who are too bent to feed after November:

John Kerry
Richard Lugar

some dood said...


some dood said...

"Anonymous said...
Here is a fire being set in Congress to distract people form the real issues"

Totally distraction is the game, the people move for legalized marijuana, so the democrats attack tobacco to put alot of those same people on the defensive; gays ask for marriage rights so we guarantee them military service instead. Politics are already corrut by politicians and the flow of money, when people are asking to get the lobbyists and money out of congress; the supreme court ups the game one more point so we'll be happy when we get back to the original bad situation. And with this going on, who even remembers that we're upset about domestic spying and the new "exclusions" to the constitution that have been invented/

Anonymous said...

Even decriminalizing our freedoms that have been usurped isn't the game.

Did you notice how whenever they shove through some particularly vile legislation, funding or rulings they feed the media some bullshit or wait until something happens to distract the attention from their crimes? Like the senate scumfucks passing the busted ass health care bill on Christmas eve, or Sarah Palin's phony outrage in the news while they slide past their pay increases and also reject Social Security increases.

Did you see that go by last week? Went by off radar, didn't it?

some dood said...


that one's pretty good about finding things about different catagories like the drug war ect.

ZenGrouch said...

"One of the great things about the web is that it insures the truth can't be totally censored"...

Enjoy it while you can!

When Google employees are locked up in bung hole countries for not removing content fast enough to suit some crazy fucks living in the 13th century, you can bet we'll lose that freedom too.

Anonymous said...

Heard your comments about Sarah Palin on Joy Behar's show. Extremely low tech of her. Instead of writing on her hand, maybe in the future she should borrow President Obama's teleprompter.

ZenGrouch said...

"The Startup Visa Act of 2010 would create a two year visa for immigrant entrepreneurs"...

There have been forms of this being abused for over a decade now. I know of several government officials from China here, purchasing homes and businesses, using money that isn't theirs, that basically purchases them citizenship in a couple years.

One scam in southern California that works well for the Chinese and State of California, are dummy companies set up by the Commie Chinese, and other nationalities who have some personal wealth.

The new immigrants set up a company on the books, showing that they employ around 10 people, paying good wages and making a profit.

These numbers are used to boost our GDP and employment numbers.

The only down side for the bogus companies is that they have to pay tax on these fake employees, and their profits.

Not a problem, it's not their money anyway.

But what the fuck...

At least they aren't just pouring across the border, then given a ticket to show up in immigration court if they're caught.

They're sharp enough to follow some kind of plan that's more complicated than getting stuffed into the trunk of a Chevy then hang out in front of the Home Depot for the rest of their lives.

some dood said...

ZenGrouch, i dont want to be racist with migrant workers; but, there's at least a couple problems with too many of them. It seems the only two parties either think they're great to replace americans, or their racist.

The issue I think is America's renegade income tax law. See we tax American citizens on income only, while the rest of the world taxes people employed within the borders of their country. So an American in America working minimum wage will bring home only like $300 a week, rent on 1 apartment with 1 room and nothing more is like $1500 a month, but the illegal's are tax immune and can afford higher prices squeezing our poor out. On the other hand of our wierd tax policy, an American employed in say England; has to pay tax to America and the UK, while a British citizen employed here has no tax at all.

ZenGrouch said...

I have no problems with immigrants of any race, god bless 'em. My wife is an immigrant, and she loves the shit out of this country. Just last night she was bitching about people who take our freedoms for granted here...

She's like a female Craig Ferguson. Read his book if you get the chance...

Anyway, like Mr. Ferguson, my wife is A LEGAL IMMIGRANT!!!

Big fucking difference from some illegal border jumper.

Funny thing about the LEGAL immigrants, is that they tend to follow the laws of the country they love.

A wet back that's willing to jump into the immigration line in front of the poor fucks who try and do it legally, is gonna be that same fucking piece of shit, parking his god damned pick-up full of lawn mowers in the handicapped spot at Walmart.

Have a car accident with an illegal, and when it's their fault, like 90% of the time, they're in the wind, and the cops will do NOTHING to track 'em down, even when they leave their piece of shit car behind, with no VIN.

OH, but that 10% of the time when it's your fault, you can bet your last strawberry, they'll stick around, because their legs no longer work, and those fuckers are in a lot of pain. Plus their greasy mall lawyer is on speed dial. And where in the fuck did all of these fucking witnesses who speak no English come from?!

Yeah, so it's not the fault of our tax laws that these people claim 20 dependents on their W-2, then don't bother to file at the end of the year.

Lastly, if you work in Iraq or some other country as a contractor, if you only come back to the U.S. something like once or twice a year for just a few days, you don't have to pay U.S. taxes on the insane amount of money you'll make over there doing what our military personnel use to do for next to nothing, like peeling potatoes.

Then if you want to be slick about it and take a lesson from the illegals, you can fly into Canada and jump that wide open border, leaving no footprint and paying no taxes on that Halliburton cash.

Unknown said...

I know they can but I'm not sure about that legislators voting themselves a pay increase last week, can't verify. Please post proof.

Otherwise it is AFU that they can vote themselves a raise at all. That responsibility should be delegated to their employers - us, the constituents, just like our employers determine our compensation. Or if you are self employed, as your customers and book cooker do for you.

I also think that the legislators should be required by law to receive exactly the same healthcare & SS they create for us. If its not good enough for them then I'm not fucking paying for it either.

Unknown said...

I agree. I don't care where they come from as long as they play by the rules and the same rules apply equally. Until Hunter Thompson's Generation of Swine exit the stage its really not necessary to make up new bullshit rules that the lying lawyers and politicians aren't abiding by or being held accountable to anyway.

I found this website muckety.com. On it you enter the name of the douchebag or criminal enterprise you want to know about and it generates a graphic map of their connections to other assholes. I can't get it to work for anything but Enron and their predefined queries, but I think it kicks ass anyway. If they can get it to work you don't want to miss it.

some dood said...

people always jump at the mexicans lol; i was thinking tequila, refried beans, and tacos, whoa lets let just the mexicans in, it only becomes a problem if you're trying to absorb the entire southern hemisphere, we couldnt do that anymore than canada could take 300 million of us. the news lately seems tho that immigration is becoming a dead issue as american currency is bombing employment is dropping and people are leaving

Unknown said...

One more thing. I don't want to see any more Bush Nazis elected for anything or participating in the political process in any capacity for at least 100 years.

How it must feel for a woman, to be married by a scumbag just so his criminal enterprise can hijack the good name of her remote relationship to an ex-presiden. Only Barbie knows for sure.

Either that or they are the usurpers TJeff & General Eisenhauer warned us about. The next honest guy in line is General Powell. I appreciate his no BS stand and his ability to express it coherently. His service is what I would like to see from any elected official. There are quite a few good eggs out there, they are just challenged buried and discredited by the morally inferior fox snots.

No Bill all the bitches on fox are ugly to the core. No exceptions. You should know not to be fooled by the camera, the lights and 5 pounds of pancake makeup.

Unknown said...

Muckety: only the corpotations changed names, the same people are still doing the same shit


oreopithicus kachina (He string) said...

Anonymous phreak here is SNL's The Acid Generation: Where are They Now?

While we are here, here is the supressed testimony of how the LAPD and the War on Drugs aka the War on Personal Freedom killed the great performer John Belushi:

and supporting testimony from former LAPD & FBI agents:

The world changing activist Howard Zinn & son of MA died 1/28/10. Read his extensive work, he's a bright light.

Here is some far side, a documentary by Robert Cohen

If you like that, gain insight from this interview with the producer/director Robert Cohen

What you wrote about your gramps & Japanese makes me think you need to suspend your current indoctrination protocol & get to college ASAP, before they fuck you up.

Anonymous said...

what can i say, you hate religion but promote your own religion or thoughts, no human can live without religion, you just have problem with others or may be afraid. read the Quran and then decide what to do, you are a half muslim, surprised! to be a muslim you have believe there is no God, but Allah, you are half way through... don't blame religion for the mistakes of some people, yes we fight over religion, misuse it, so we do with skin color, money, property and every you can think off, so should we stop living and go back to jungle, we fight there too. you are a smart person, that's why saying read the whole Quran....

some dood said...

"gramps & Japanese guy" , I'm not sure if I understood, do you mean Americans didn't use words like krouts (for germans) during world war 2 and we should continue the civil war?

rtfb said...

paste the provided links and ask again.

some dood said...

rtfb maybe im just reading wrong cause i came in from 20 degree weather just; but, other than saying I should go to college I have no idea what you're talking about.

1 Prometheus 1 said...

RTFB = Read The Fucking Book
Oreopithicus = a 160 million year old proto human fossil
Kachina = a divine savior of the Pueblo people. Like a Messiah only capable of logic, medicine and engineering, nothing a Christ parasite would deign to do.
Anonymous = some paper tiger posting to Bill Maher's prior post who was et yesterday by Zen Grouch. Stay away from that guys' bad side...

College? Your experience is terribly deficit If all you have to go by about all the people around the world is your granddad's bad experience. To me universities are where you are going to lose your cultural virginity fastest.

Prometheus Someone who did -60 WC

some dood said...

so university teaches racism? wierd thing to understand man, im of european descent, my ancestors migrated north from africa at some point where they lost their skin color, i dont see why an illeterate view from 1950 that color is differnt has anything to do with american school unless they changed their teachings, I didnt mean to referance american-japan conflict as something that was still going on, but in congress we have old farts that are still on edge about russians, thats the past i dont see why should be pushin russia.

some dood said...

i speak 3 languages and ive been discriminated against for being american, that didnt happen in college

some dood said...

did they make it illegal to say racism is dumb and hitler was wrong or did i miss someting

1 Satan 2 said...

D00d! Smoke more ganj and think about it, you're missing the point.

I thought you were some nth generation kid.

If you can teach you're an angel. I can't do that, I can't teach. I used to but the failure to enforce IP laws without great personal expense silenced my voice.

Teaching is probably the least best rewarded vital skill in this country right now. Comfort yourself that you have a corner on this skill.

One question: if you are from eastern Europe when did you get here and through which countries did you get processed?

1 Satan 3 said...

College? Your experience is terribly deficit If all you have to go by about all the people around the world is your granddad's bad experience. To me universities are where you are going to lose your cultural virginity fastest.

if you think this statement infers that college promotes racism and bigotry you are a fool. Look, here is some cartoons for you


some dood said...

well, grandparents from from italy, I grew up in the north in the US mostly late 80's, and early 90's. At the time there was no one telling us that there was still tension in the south, til I went there and realized things were different. From my area we've had people male/female black/white had been considered equals since quite some time ago, everyone had jobs and everyone had to help with the housework. When I lived in South Carolina, I'd just explain some of the differences from my area and I never had racial problems personally there either. Sometime during the Bush administration discrimination became popular again, and when I came home to the north, it was all of a sudden here too, even the NY Times printing things that I thought were long since over. I don't really know whats going on nowadays; but I intend to continue on the equality belifs that I was raised on during my time. And when I talk negatively about the President I want to be based on issues and policies and nothing more.

2 Prometheus 1 said...

Fine with me. I too judge the politicians by their actions as best I can. I would like to see them prosecuted and imprisoned just like everyone else...

Reach for the stars and if you invent a neutron bomb, please don't tell the fools in charge.

ZenGrouch said...

"I would like to see them prosecuted and imprisoned just like everyone else"...

Regan/Bush worked with the enemy, holding U.S. hostages, making a deal with them to release those hostages the very fucking minute Regan was sworn into office.

For that alone those two cocksuckers should have been thrown in jail for the rest of their miserable lives.

Right, Poopie Pants Regan served two terms, and Bush was elected.

We get what we deserve.

Clinton had a special prosecutor up his ass, trying to have him removed from office for LYING ABOUT A FUCKING BLOW JOB! At a time when Clinton was going after Osama!!

The Fucking Republicans were yelling *WAG THE DOG* when Clinton tried to change the subject from a blow job to hunting down terrorists.

Clinton's administration even warned Bush about the problems he should expect.

9-11 happened on Bush's watch, after he was warned in his PDB's!

NOW Cheney's out there like a god damned fool telling any asshole who will listen, that Obama's policies put us in danger?!

You can bet your sweet ass if someone catches Obama having sex with a white woman, there will be pitchfork armed assholes with torches protesting the White House day and night.

The republicunts are behaving shamefully and deserve no respect form anyone with half a fucking brain.

But what the fuck, as a whole, we are a country inhabited by stupid selfish fucks, and the Republican'ts have tapped into this, and this tactic has worked well, and there's no sign of common sense logic, love of country statesmanship like leadership ever taking power again.

We're fucked. Teach your children to speak Chinese...

some dood said...

clinton was great

some dood said...

I agree that republicans are not the way to go, but I disagree with democrats on so many issues that will be looking closer at the two opposing point of views from the libertarians and the socialists. I think the same guy who ran around telling people that "in canada you have to wait 70 years for an mri" is also telling people that "voting for a thrid party is throwing away your vote"

I think we should look at all the issues from each individual candidate, and when the best candidate is in third party so be it.

ZenGrouch said...

Only thing I have against Clinton was his taste in slags.

I think he really tried to better the country to make a name for himself in history. Whatever the reason, as long as he was on the right track.

Bush tried to fuck the country to make a name for himself in the annals of the corporate America hall of fame. You know, like the Supreme Court did recently.

This is a turning point, and the Republicans are treating it as such. It's a do or die time to go towards the light or the darkness. To believe that corporate America gives a flying fuck about the citizens of this country, is to have bought into the Republican war cry of endless soundbites...

The designers of the strategy of this war, have their shit together on the Right, and understand the weaknesses and fears of the general public well.

Anyway, Clinton had his weaknesses, the guy wasn't perfect. So take his imperfections, then use them to fuck the country.

OK, so now we have Obama in office.

I really think this guy might be the first Statesman we've seen in the White House in a very long time.

I could be mistaken, but I think this poor fuck, might actually have what's best for this country and it's citizens at heart.

Frankly, I'm surprised some cockbite on the right hasn't blown his brains out yet, for loving this country and trying to do what's best for all.

Whatever, if the right wins and disgraces or disheartens Obama, I say *Fuck it, the bad guys won.* and give up caring and voting.

ZenGrouch said...

"I think we should look at all the issues from each individual candidate, and when the best candidate is in third party so be it"...

I'm not a Democrat, and have to wonder what in the fuck they're thinking sometime, but I believe that they're more for the citizens of this country than the corporations.

Sure, they take dirty money. They're not perfect, but more to my liking than the Republicans.

They are also more likely to produce some actual change than the Republicans would like to see, as everyone with eyes can now watch from so many different angles.

But being the majority isn't a guarantee that they'll be able to do what's right. As you can see with the current health care humbug.

Now, when the Dems had a 60% majority and STILL COULDN'T PULL THEIR SHIT TOGETHER AND GET SHIT DONE...

In reality, what do you see a third party achieving in the next hundred years?

Face it, we're basically fucked.

We're sheep to be sheared by corporate America, and that's the way the people with the money like it.

It takes much less to keep the status quo than to make change, and it's way easier to fuck over those in favor of change if you like the way things currently are, and can convince the sheep that change is evil, by playing along with their fears, which you've generated.

Maybe I'm wrong and it's time for a third party to further divide the powers on the left.

Maybe less power is best when you're at war with some fucking bastards who have their shit together and focused.

But I don't think so.

The Democrats need to learn their lessons from the Republicans. Fight fire with fire.

ZenGrouch said...


With our current technology, which allows the many pollsters out there to put their fingertip on the pulse of the American Citizen...

...why in the fuck do we need lobbyists in D.C. perverting the democratic process?

some dood said...

so, you dont believe that the 3'rd parties are anything which is another way of saying our system sucks and theres nothing you can do about it. I respect your right to believe that, lets respectively disagree

some dood said...

hey guys, keith olberman is one of my fav anchors, he does countdown on msnbc which is democratically biased. and now he brings up a controversial issue here:

speaking of my fav shows, also realtime is on tonight incase anyone forgot.

ZenGrouch said...

I'm not saying the third parties aren't anything. If I believed that I probably wouldn't be registered with one of 'em.

I'm just saying that we're in a state of political war, with the right seeing anything that isn't on the right as the enemy, something to be destroyed, something to be stopped at all costs. Reason and logic are out the window.

We need a strong party on the left to offset the control the righties want to take away from the people of this country, and right now the only thing out there in that position is the Democrat party.

Remember what the mindset of **Oh I can't tell the fuckin' Democrats from the Republicans, so I'm gonna vote for NADER! Cuz it's time for a change!** got us? It got us 8 years of G. fuckin' W. in the White House.

I could be wrong, but I just don't see this turning point as a good time to experiment with a huge unknown that is most likely destine to fail.

Unknown said...

The lobbyists corrupt the system by convoluting the wording of policies and legislation so that their clients can purchase the interpretation they need when they get busted.

The decent politicians are the ones who champion clear, non-negotiable laws like "Thou shalt not kill". There is no way to misinterpret that, its held for 5000 years. Simple is good.

The only benefactors of big government are the wealthy who leverage its power to their ends. Republican or Democrat is just smoke screen, the money goes anywhere it can buy favors. How many of these frauds switched teams in the last 2 years? Apparently to them being R or D means nothing.

Decentralized authority is more resistant to abuse. Case in point is the good Texas DA who took down Tom Delay. Where this is an immediate concern is the 4 or so mega banks that cannibalized the ones made insolvent by W's cronies in the final act of the Bush decade. This is corporatism at its worst, just like Germany in the 30s. Next step is the government merges with the banks and its off to the Middle East front or labor camps for the rest of us.

Andrew Jackson broke up the 2nd bank cartel that was trying to usurp the sovereignty of the USA as the Federal Reserve later did in 1913. He took the federal money and redistributed it into more than 40 banks, decentralizing the power and reducing risk - no one bank too big to fail, no extortion.

One of the bankers conspiring against Jackson was killed in a duel over an insult to his bank's honor. It would clear out the lobbyists if that was still legal. Then if everyone called them thieving whores to their faces they would have to fight, and die.

I miss bankers being thrown out of tall buildings by irate investors.

Anonymous said...

The Clinton body count, aka the good old days. Fascinating.


Anonymous said...

cut. paste. oops! Take 2


some dood said...

heh, here you go:

how to make links in blogga

Anonymous said...

Republicans now suing over their own stupidity

Unknown said...

Love you Bill. I think you are awesome. People should try to use what part of their brain they have to think instead of listening to their neighbor and not having their own opinion. People in America are stupid.
I would like to here from a Republican who doesn't have health insurance and can't get it because of preexisting conditions.

Unknown said...

Why do I find it necessary to comment.....cuz Bill smokes pot I guess......

Unknown said...

All Americans have a preexisting condition called poop brain.....it's when your brain discolors into red white and blue and guns grow from your limbs

Anonymous said...

Fuck you Dean.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dean,

Post your bank account info so I can order some real Canadian maple syrup. Don't worry, you can report it as a loss & those stupid fucking Americans will pay for it.

Except for the fact that the banks are part of that empire you so love, not America.

Keep your maple syrup.

Unknown said...

Hey Bill

I'm sure you saw this excellent work by Ron Howard, starring the comics who have played all the presidents since Gerald 'a mind is a terrible thing... simply terrible' Ford:


I pway foo'ball fo' bo'! So get your Hollywood ass on the web, m'kay?

Dana Carvey, Jim Carey, all too well compensated for their performances. Don't see them giving it away, they all must be fucking stupid. All the sand stays in the sand box , but there are 2 things you can take with you: your secrets and your inventions and discoveries.

Mike Myers? I'd like to see him buy a president with all that Austin Powers retirement fund... and have 1000 professionally hits (to be named).

Good thing I don't have a billion dollars, n'est pas?

I would be more impressed if you cut your ties with the CFR and other losers and went Alex Jones native.

In the meantime, No Fear. Live Free Or Die.

Unknown said...

...and you can leave sand castles. or grafitti, like the crabbies who somehow got to run the show. "Axis Bold As Love"? Sand castle. "World War 3"? Tragically a skidmark that dooms that pair of underpants.

Anonymous said...

I generally like Hollywood, I really do. As a matter of fact, I work for HBO Latin America. And I'm a HUGE fan of the Oscars. But sorry, Bill, the ignorance of SOME people in Hollywood when it comes to communist dictatorships truly upsets me. As a liberal myself, I think they too are partially to blame for the way that democrats (i.e. Obama) and liberals are often aligned with communism.

As much as I respect Sean Penn for his humanitarian efforts, he's quite frankly pretty foolish when it comes to his take on the Venezuelan and Cuban governments. I noticed you don't particularly agree with him on this issue either, which is good. Did he really say that Chavez's elections have been transparent? Polls consistently show that the majority of Venezuelans do not want him in power, yet he magically wins election after election. So, how does Sean Penn figure they are transparent? Because Chavez said so and he bought his crap? It's ridiculous! Chavez is a man who tried to lead a military coup against the prior president and was put in jail for two years as a result. This is not a man who believes in a free electoral process. Even the man who helped him get back into power after another coup attempt against him in 2002, has "broken up" with him after realizing he really is a tyrant trying to make the constitution completely obsolete.

Chavez is also another Castro kiss-ass. They're obsessed with each other...it's pretty sick. And Castro is another dictator that Sean Penn, along with one too many others in Hollywood, supports. I think it's sad and insulting for all those who have been victims of his dictatorship. We're talking about the longest running dictatorship in the world. My family suffered a whole lot because of it, so this kind of ignorant support for this man really pisses me off.

It's hypocritical. These actors and directors are people that get to voice their opinions about their own government all the time because they have a protected right to do so. I have family that was thrown in jail for doing the same back in Cuba. Luckily they survived it, but they saw many of their fellow political prisoners killed and feared ending up the same way every day.

There are so many more things I could say. People like Michael Moore, another otherwise very smart man, go to Cuba to sit down with Fidel and follow him on tours around a hospital he wants them to see. Then, he marvels at the wonderful health care and the wonder man Castro is for providing this to all his people. How many hospitals did he show him? Again, the one hospital he wanted to show him, not the hospitals where the majority of people have access to...the hospital my aunt almost died in because of a simple complication giving birth as a result of how bad the conditions are there. These stars in Hollywood go sit and have a Cuban coffee and smoke a tobacco with Castro and listen to all the bullshit he feeds them and literally CHOOSE to believe him. They can't be dumb enough to actually believe all his crap if they thought critically about it for just one second. He brain washes them as he brain washes the world. He's great at it. It's a craft of his...you see it in the schools. Kids being fed crap and told to march for the revolution at a very young age in their little red uniforms. They're told the U.S. is evil, and they certainly never get to read any of the many books the government does not want them to read about other governments around the world. Parents make a point of sitting their kids down after school to clear up any lies they were told.

And didn't Sean Penn star in a movie called Milk for gay rights? Did he know Castro persecuted gay people during the revolution? They were considered a "detriment" to the revoltuion. He also sent people with AIDS to a secluded island where he sent people with disabilities...basically a concentration camp of sorts. There's a film about this called "Azucar".

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is that I just don't understand how people who stand up for civil rights in this country can support governments that completely violate civil rights in other countries.It's easy to say they're better off when they haven't lived in the shoes of the majority over there. Castro shows them only what he wants them to see when they go over there. I would LOVE to show them where my family lives. The communist regime over there did not fix the previous corrupt system of government. It bred more corruption and ruined all of Cuba's resources. The people have been left powerless and can't even fight back.

Albert Einstein once said, "Any power must be an enemy of mankind which enslaves the individual by power and by force, whether it arises under the Fascist or the Communist flag. All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded to the individual."

Now there's a genius. You made a good point when you said that some of these Hollywood actors only "play geniuses" in movies. But you know what? It doesn't even really take a genius to see Einstein's point. I know people have their opinions, but to support Hugo Chavez or Fidel Castro...that's just not OK. How is it any different from supporting any other dictator throughout history? It amazes me how someone so conscious of the world around him and so talented can be so ignorant at the same time.

I can go into more detail about the terrible experiences my family had while in Cuba and leaving Cuba, but that would make my blog much longer than it already is...and it's already too long. Sorry, but it's a personal subject I am very passionate about. I get into many political arguments with my family, but I understand that there's a reason why they are afraid of almost anything fiscally left-leaning at times. They're basically traumatized and it doesn't help when other liberals align themselves with these communist dictators. They are only giving more people a reason to fear the left and lean more right than they should. It is because of people like them why I so often have to convince some of the older immigrant generation in my family that liberal does not translate to communist.

Anonymous said...

This post was in regards to last week's Real Time with Bill Maher show. I just saw the repeat today.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I almost forgot my "favorite" part. According to Penn, people should be thrown in jail for calling Chavez a dictator. Lol, wow. Yep, he's definitely been brain washed by Chavez. Apparently, he actually believes we should arrest people for bashing a president on the media...

The President's Analyst said...

Wow Anonymous,

You are intelligent, current, articulate and succinct. Your clarity is almost professional, you should be getting paid the more than a whore's wages staffing for USA against Chavez.

You blend truth with some now obvious NWO agendas. Even if Chavez was the scumbag you allege, as long as you have your prima NWO, you are not credible.

By the way, Chavez as a leader is far more credible than your longwinded, unsubstantiated accusations here. In fact, he is stomping your NWO agenda, so you are less than objective.

I can beat you down more, but I would only be giving you ideas to defend your evil mission.

So when you go stand in the free lunch line, you fucking socialist, don't expect me to be slaving to serve you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

I notice you aren't wearing your snuggy. Have you tired of curling up alone with your W talking statue and reminiscing his memorable quotes?

Yeah, me too. Time to move on & get a job.

darrysue said...

We live in Jacksonville Beach Fla. Its a big Navy town alot of the retired Navy are also Tea Baggers. One of them is my brother in law who really LOVES Sara Palin. He told me that when I voted for Obama and because I want Health care for everyone that Im am ruining his Grandchildrens life WOW I feel so inpowerd. He was in the Navy for 20 years and when he got out he gets a nice pension so then he gets a sweet Gov. job and soon will get another pension and FREE health care for life so whats the big deal do they not want to share and who do they think pays all the $$$for that.I just dont get it

Anonymous said...

I am tired of the Republicans chanting "spending" spree on the Democrats. Why don't democrates stand up and talk about how much the two wars have cost? Why don't they remind the American Public that the Taliban offered up Bin Ladin in Oct. 2001? Bush refused the offer. Supposedly Bush did not want Bin Ladin to go to a neutral country. Well....instead Bin Ladin went free NO Jail Time, got a free pass... Wouldn't it have been fiscally conservative to have negotiated a neutral country for Bin Ladin to spend jail time in?
Let's also remind the public that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It would have been obvious from satellite and aerial photographs. Just think, if you can google earth and see your house, car, etc and know what time of year photo taken as well as see if you were home, then what was the military really seeing in satellite and aerial images?
Another point on satellite images were able found a leaking boat in over 100' of water (the Leukenbach). The technology was able to show where the boat was broken up and where the boat was burried in sand on the ocean floor.

Finally, remember when the public was told that Chaney was not receiving any money from Haliburton, that everything was in deferred comp. I want to know how much money Chaney, Bush, Rumsfield, Rice, etc received in deferred comp from haliburton or any other war-for-profit corporation.
What does it take to get the Demoocates to throw the budget mess in the conservatives face?

Rick said...

Well, I just saw Religuous.
So there is room for the Doubting Thomas' afterall eh?, err umm, maybe even after the Rapture ?.
I always thought (in a historical/histerical/archeological way) that Judaism/Christianty/Musli'ism was tied/incepted/co-invented from the original Egyptian Gods/beliefs. And, thanks Bill, for mentioning Mythra of/for Persia, or Zoroastrianism, or even Hinduism, and other ORIGINAL "religions?" which existed LONG before Christianity, ...
Be they Horus, Ra, ...
Down deep, it was unbelievable even then, but to transform those Horus's, Ra's, into a common-labourer/Carpenter/, well that suddenly gained the whole PLANET"S belief.
Why not ?, you just deified the common man -He will fukin' well worship ya'ALL now,
Is this saying I DO NOT believe in the bible.? Well, Its like reading "If" by Rudyard Kipling, or poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson.
The very explicit instructions'/advice/..., that were given by Jesus' teachings to live our lives, unselphishly help others from their misery, are humbling to me. They will make you cry just reading what Jesus actually proposed and demanded out of us as HUMAN BEINGS' given our rite to live our life(s).
....rules of peace and harmony.
Thses are ALL things we ALL(atleast I think almost ALL of us) wish for, "reallY" wish for down deep.
The need to "NOT NEED" that new BMW,..., is in essence what he tried to practice for us ALL.
WHY ?,... becuase he was a fukin' POOR Carpenter, well, he may not have been actually that poor(being that tradesmen, like todays make pretty-good money on the average) or starving.
But things like "... don't try to live beyond your NEED'S...?" kindof stand out like a standard ROCK of belief in any teaching, for anyone trying to make ends meet.
The rest of your Doc, is as true as it gets.
Simply "doubt", and not disbelief, or pre-judgement, or pre-castration, or even worse "BLIND FAITH".
Doubt, afterall, is just a "question" that hasn't been answered yet ???!!!
That is about as evil as that 15th century housemaid asking Copernicus, "...why does the earth travel around the Sun...?"
Then again, depending on how Copernicus felt that night, he might have wondered why his hands are revolving around his young handmaidens' breasts' right now...?
ok, it was the wine.

Like The Monkees' Kareokee bar song I got too drunk and sang to my ex-wife: "... I'm a Doubter, I couldn't believe Her if I tried...? ..."
BTW: not a good thing to do if you don't really mean it, or you're tryin' to patch things up ?
Anyway, Once again, "doubt" and "fear" raise their ugly heads.
I don't want to give in though, who does ?, but if I don't/won't/can't believe ?, then why should should I LIE to myself ?. It definitely can't help others', let alone, myself.
And as Jesus himself said,"...If you can't love yourself, who the hell can you truly love..." And I know from experience, he obviously didn't mean that in a Movie/Football hero/... sense, whatever "STAR" - kindof way !.
Or as Luke was told, apparently by Jesus: " Doctor, HEAL thyself first!"
Or as I say: " fuk man, I gotta get my shit together first, 'cause if I can't learn to swim in this world of SHIT, how the hell can I help anyone else, including MYSELF ?, motherfukker!

Bill, Thankyou for doing to Religion, what Gearge Carlin would have eventually done, had it not been for his failing health. No offense intended, 'cause He knew you could carry that torch.
Watch out though ?, 'cause as Carlin warned: "...ALL those rich motherfukkers' in control, are gonna eventually OWN your ASS, or kill it !"

And you can't "DOUBT" that my friend.

cheers :)

Ottawa, Canada.

Rick said...

I dont usually talk smack/politics. well maybe you'll agree as to why I shouldn't ;) read on!

I grew up in Canada, and between 1968 -> to around 1982 our Prime Minister was Pierre Eliot Trudeau. I'm sure many of you older Americans remeber him.
I was younger growing up then, but I can tell you for a fact He DRAGGED us all (Canada) kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. We weren't just a bunch of LumberJacks anymore.
He single-handedly built the best Healthcare, and Education for ALL, in this country (in the 70's, and 80's anyway).
He made us trade with Cuba, China and Russia while you guys were having your cold-assed wars. And we profited from those relationships. He, diplomatically, stood up against Nixon, as well as many European Leaders at that time -basically calling them all a bunch of liars'!
It was Trudeau who once said about NAFTA: "...are you kidding?, that's like a minnow trying to make a deal with a Shark !"
And yet, we had the greatest relationship with Americans, He even porked Barbara Streisand.
He opened our Canadian border to tens of thousands of American's who some called "draft-dodgers", at that time, simply because he was against the Vietnam war. He believed in the FREEDOM to choose to fight, rather than force anyone. Sure, he made some mistakes too, ..., BUT lets drop this history lesson, and I wanna get to the point.
To me Trudeau was one of the greatest Prime Ministers' Canada has EVER had, and these days we sorely miss him.

You Americans' are very lucky right now !
You are all on that precepice again, with one of your greatest leaders of ALL time. And it ain't a long way down my freinds', its a long way UP ! That's where he will help take you.
President Obama, for America, reminds ME of what Trudeau represented and accomplished, for Canada.
Now is the time to follow your countries' Leader. He will guide you right.
comon' America, don't waste your new opportunities.
Obama wants to crush those corporate, over-charging-greedy Health insurance companies', and instead, bring Healthcare to ALL Americans. ? Are you people stoopid ?
You Americans better start marching to that beat of a different drummer again -'cause Obama is right about this, and you know it deep down.

I only wish Canada had such a leader again, instead of these "utterly-testicle-less" Kuntservative gov't we've had lately.

Also, thanks Bill, I like watching your show, but I miss George Carlin the MOST !

mike said...

hey bill long time fan but i have an issue with you it seems like everytime you have a black person on your show you seem to forget your white you reffered to the republican party as a angry white person party they do have black people that are republican just try to stick up for your race just once look im not trying be an ass but you seem to just cut your own race down let it go

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,keep up the good work bud,you are doing a great job at what you do. and i say PASS THE GRASS. legalize it that shit!!

Anonymous said...

I said in the 80's, when everyone sit back and let them tax cigarettes, they would hit the junk foods next. It took longer than I thought. Now, everyone acts surprised and these Republicans are mad about this issue. I quess as long as it was sin people; it was ok. Bill, you are so right. Americans are stupid. I have been in denial about how stupid some of them can actually be. I watched in disbelief throughout 2009. Was I asleep for a decade or two? I don't remember that many people being idiots. Are some of us really that damn dumb with University degrees?

Marco said...

Bill you are such moron you really crack me up. I dont laugh with you as much as I laugh at you. And you are probably a real teabagger because your're an old man who has never been married with no kids. Maybe you should come out of the closet. But keep thinking your cool and hip even though you're a big dork. Have a nice day!

Marco said...

Bill you are such moron you really crack me up. I dont laugh with you as much as I laugh at you. And you are probably a real teabagger because your're an old man who has never been married with no kids. Maybe you should come out of the closet. But keep thinking your cool and hip even though you're a big dork. Have a nice day!

Bob Gallik said...

Bill, saw a clip of you on "Leno". You thanked "the tea-baggers" for enlightening the American People to side with Obama on the Health Care Bill. I know you're a smart guy and can understand polling data. Which polling tells you the American People are with the POTUS on Health-care?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

You are extremely out of touch with the american people and you are a biased liberal who does not report on both sides of the political spectrum. You call the tea party "tea baggers", and hicks and racist. Well I agree with the tea bag movement and guess what Bill. I am a white, jewish, college educated, successful upper middle class male from Long Island. NY. So i guess your generalizations about the tea party is a little off. And there was bi-partisonship but it was against the health care bill. You will see come November when your liberal democrat friends get their asses handed to them in the election. You think that this healthcare law will reduce the deficit. It will only increase it. Get real and get your facts straight. Next time, do the american people a service and report on the truth and both sides of the spectrum. Not your biased liberal/socialist ways.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I'm just two years younger than you, and I am a real Jersey girl. That means I was educated in an all girls' Catholic High School. IHA, Westwood, NJ. I do agree with you on alot of issues, however, I was raised in Europe. From the Early sixties to the middle '70's. If y'all wanna be a socialist country, I would suggest y'all experience for yourselves. Love, Laura Mary O'Neill

Anonymous said...

Oh, and btw, I am a Tea party person.

Unknown said...

Love and admire from Russia! Although we live in Malta (the Pope is coming here and such fuss Maltese have orginised), but we still believe that physicists should be worshiped as celebrities and Bible is for illiterate people. Come to Malta, please!

Angela said...

I wish you would shut these Tea baggers up by telling them the reason only 50% of Americans pay taxes is due to Bush and his tax policies. You can look it up on


46% of Americans didn't pay taxes in 2006 and it rose from there

and Bush spent more federal dollars then all 6 presidents before him.

Then you should tell them to march there Tea Bagging asses up to Bushes door and ask him why only half of America is paying for everything

angelar75 said...

I wish you would shut these Tea baggers up by telling them the reason only 50% of Americans pay taxes is due to Bush and his tax policies. You can look it up on


46% of Americans didn't pay taxes in 2006 and it rose from there

and Bush spent more federal dollars then all 6 presidents before him.

Then you should tell them to march there Tea Bagging asses up to Bushes door and ask him why only half of America was paying for everything

Anonymous said...

Bill please remind people that Jesus Christ did not die. He only took 3 days off. What kind of death or pain is that. That proves that he never experinced pain, 40 days and 40 nights without food or water, he never knew pain. He knew everything, why did he ask for water when he knew that they were going to give him vinegar? Stop the Jesus madness

Anonymous said...

o you hate yourself that much, do you know that you were born in America and are a caucasion male, you appaer to absolutely lothe yourself, all you can do is to blame people for your short commings by saying shocking cheap things about people that do not believe the way you do, which is most of America,alot of the Republicians were right about this regime, and you are running away from the TRUTH!!!!

Anonymous said...

bill, appparently you hate your heritage, we are tired of you , as you can see with my ignorant self ,I did not capitalize your name, because you don;t even deserve that..stop this,,do you hate yourself that much, no lothe yourself that much, that you have to try and bring down the fabric of this nation...leave, go to another nation since you hate this one so much.....

1st. Amendment Edd Critic said...

Hey Bill this is an idea for a new rule if you want to use it. New Rule..."Effective Immediately...All illegal Aliens within our borders...Report Immediately to the Military Recruiters Offices or your own country...to get in line and wait on the remaining jobs AFTER Americans go back to work!

Anonymous said...

Here's a great skit! Franklin Graham is taking a shower, slips, and splits his head open. While he's lying there unconscious and bleeding, Mohammed comes along and loogies on his schwanz, saying in Arabic, 'I spit on your pee-pee!' (inside joke). He then changes into a gorilla suit and walks away. F-U-N-N-Y?
Jethro Macpherson, Prezeedent
Inbred Rednecks for Jim Bob Jesus

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill just seen your HBO Religulous
I just wanted you to start using this term for Jesus "JEWUS" it fits cause Jewus was a Jew.

Trip said...

check out my blog: http://Switzerhell.blogspot.com

Bill always criticizes the United States, and sure criticism makes better, but i have also heard Bill say great things about Switzerland, and Francs.... Not so acurate there.

Trip said...

Hey Bill is right

Anonymous said...

CDS's definition for BILL MAHR

Bill, think of a CDS as a put, opposite a call, but a put on sub-prime bonds. A bet on housing collapse. Read "the big short for great understanding

Al Palmer

Ed Zimmer said...

Bill, finally watched Religulous on cable last night. Having a similar belief that religion is not good for humanity, I was looking forward to a stimulating debate. Unfortunately all I saw was you picking on the bottom of the barrel, discrediting facts (such as Roman historical references to Jesus) & you're usual smarmy kitch. This display was almost as embarrassing as the second time you had Hirsi Ali on your show, where yoou forced her to deal with your devolving partisan rhetoric she so clearly rises above in a way you'll never comprehend.

Anonymous said...

Question Bill,
How is it after the hearing on Goldman this week, all news reporting on Goldman has just up and stopped? Could it be because the bankers and Wall Street have just of a strong grip on the news media as they do on our money? Or the jig is up and the truth about Walls Street is they are just one big bookie for the world? We all know these bookies control our government, if not they why was nothing done over the bonuses?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill why don't you and Barney Frank hook up? I think he likes oueer potheads like yourself. Oh and by the way I am from TEXAS, if you want to run down TEXANS why don't you bring your PUSSY ASS down here? I bet we can show you what happens to FAGGET DOPEHEADS down here.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
I wanted to congratulate you for offending all the muslims, even the most liberal ones like myself who is a San Francisco liberal democrat, with your utmost ignorant views about Islam. It appears HBO is nothing but just another American media outlet with Islamofobia and that is pitiful at best and funny at worst. Please read and learn about the Islam first if/when you try to make intelligent comments about Islam. I wonder why you take so much offense from a group of radicals who are playing to the ignorance/fears of the American society but you do not play the same sensitivity for the white christians that are threatening to kill Obama or for the jews who are currently killing the Palestinians Today and not in Dark ages. By the way, Not all muslims are arabs you know. There are muslims living in Bosnia, Turkey, Bulgaria, in Senegal in Kazakistan, Indonesia and they really do not give a rats ass about your disrespectful cartoonists. If you consider disrespecting religious sensitivities as freedom of speech then you are displaying your bigotry by critizing the ultra right wing christians who were burning flags at soldiers funeral.
Final note, please try not to listen to Rush Limbough too much because it seems like, Rush is really influencing your views. Or may be the christian white men's views about different cultures/religions are not that different after all on the right or on the left. It is all based on arrogance and bigotry :)
Best regards
CK- San Francisco/CA

feda said...


feda said...


No2Religion said...

I totally agree with your thaughts about religion. Though individuals in a religion may not be evil,religion in its self is EVIL.
How do we remove religion from the world?
The political systems will not accomodate it;as to run for president or prime minister, the individual has to be nominated by a political party that undemocratically presents them as the candidate.There is no democracy or public vote to choose who will represent a political group.
To erase the blight of religion we must 1st change the political system

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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