Thursday, July 26, 2012

Those Blazy Days of Summer

By Bill Maher

It's summer, when a young man's fancy turns to wildfires. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, we currently have 52 large fires burning in 14 states. Colorado, in particular, is on fire. Hundreds of thousands of acres have been consumed, thousands of firefighters have been deployed and hundreds of homes have been burnt to the ground.  

Likewise, things are predicted to heat up here in Southern California. A new study of the effects of climate change on global fire patterns finds Southern California is "headed into a more fire-prone future" and West Hollywood can expect to become even more flaming than it is now. 

The study, led by UC Berkeley scientists, says that by the end of the century, the world will see more frequent and more severe wildfires than we see now, including fires in the tundra and the forests of the Far North. "Tundra fires": shouldn't that phrase alone make you say, "Hmm, maybe there is something to this global warming"? I'm not saying we're in for even more extreme weather, but they say Adele really will be able to "set fire to the rain." 

Of course Republicans will dismiss this as bunk because, after all, these are "Berkeley" scientists and they used "16 different global climate models" to gather "global wildfire and climate data for roughly the last decade and examined climate variables that affect fuel availability." And, if that doesn't spell "liberal hoax," I don't know what does. 

By not effectively regulating polluters or funding green technology now, Republicans are ensuring a future of more expense, and possibly even our ultimate demise. Isn't that some serious stuff to be politically toying with -- the survival of Man? 

It's time we realized "the adults in the room" aren't the ones living for the immediate gratification of "right now," with no regard for long-term consequences.


uniplmr1 said...

I hope this actually is being read by Bill, I think he'd be interested. I don't want to hog up the comments on an unrelated matter and don't really want to use any clever analogies.
Bill, you are booked for October 20th in Rohnert Park at the "Weill Hall" on the Sonoma State campus. Sanford Weill and his wife Joan donated 12 million dollars to the school in order to have the hall named after them. If the place had a righteous name it would be after all the trusting clients Sandy served while he steered CITI through its paces as it wrecked its share of the Worlds economy. I know Dickie Fuld ripped you off during their game of musical mortgages. Bill, Dick and Sandy are the same guy. Most, if not all of the progressive community in Sonoma County would love to come to your show. I would anyway. But, most if not all of us will not pay money to enter that building as long as it's named after Weill. I'm pretty sure you don't book your venues and maybe you already have a contract that will force you, legally, to play there, but if you have to at least write a special "Show for Sandy" and if you can, find somewhere else to play. We have lots of great venues all over the county, shit you can use my house if you want, but we're not coming to 'Weill Hall", ever.

Anonymous said...

I have the same question you don't actually read your responses do's not a question this is a statement I am sure you have some naive little intern reading and responding to your blog . But hey what else' can we expect

Anonymous said...

Actually a huge piece of Greenland is now melting but we have the same problem a Prime Minister who doesn't believe in global warming but he does believe I the keystone pipeline and oil sands in Alberta the DIRTEST OIL EVER.
This is the Canadian again

amber said...

Greenland also has a huge desire for oil money, as featured in a National Geographic article from the beginning of the year.

sola said...

Hi Bill,
I recently stumbled on your documentary - Religulous (2008). I especially liked the question you asked a senator: if end-time is near, why are we still improving ourselves? I noticed your focus was mainstream religious groups. Great job! I wonder why the cinemas down here in Nigeria did not promote it.

Your views on religion kinda amplify mine. I also wondered why a majority cannot see the "truth". At some point I felt like cracking them open and filling them with truth. But then, they must be thinking the same way about me. I have come to realize that people are entitled to their individual consciousness. In fact, it is necessary.

When an individual out grows a certain consciousness, there will be a graduation to a new consciousness. Age/Intellect is not spiritual intelligence. Spirituality is not competition between good and evil. It is not a race to "win souls". I believe Life is a school with individuals at different levels of spiritual intelligence. It will be foolish for a 6th grader to feel superior over a 2nd grader. Every level of learning has a purpose and every individual must pass through each level. It usually takes several life times to graduate. That 90 year-old prof. may well be a spiritual infant.

Please do not get impatient with us when it appears we do not see what you see.

Bill, look at it this way: we are all ass-holes. Your job (and you have been awesome) as a higher thinking ass-hole is to show other ass-holes the toilet. But you can only show us. Some will look at the toilet and see a casserole and others will recognize it for what it is. Because they are ready. Its ok. Ultimately, every ass-hole will grow up to be like you...and even better than you.

Please continue to spread your message. This ass-hole is now a fan.

Av a GR8 Evryfin!!

Anonymous said...

Year of the Fires: The Story of the Great Fires of 1910, by professor Stephen Pyne.
synopsis: Some speculators burned lands clear for profit & to run off the indigenous people; others set fires to create jobs for themselves. Politicians picked clean the bones after the conflagration of 1910, the worst fire in recorded history. Inadvertently, for better and worse, right cleverness and idiotic regimented stuperstitious wrong, the foundations of current fire control policies worldwide are laid.

Anonymous said...

The long term plans of all these 'adults' include world domination, extermination of undesirables, which includes anyone more capable than them, smarter than them, independent of them, whistleblowers and witnesses, and other people's offspring.

Weather. Its called weather. It gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Its inconvenient, like pregnancy and defecation. You'll get used to it. We can't do anything about the weather, but we can do something about these megalomaniacs.

Anonymous said...

Obama.............. DEATH
Romney............ DEATH
Paul.................. LIBERTY

Not Too Important said...

Where The Secret Trillions We Burned Went:

“…estimates the amount of wealth hidden in tax havens by the super-rich at a minimum of $21 trillion: i.e. $21,000,000,000,000.”

It might be as much as $32 trillion…

Henry came up with this range of numbers by sifting through data from the Bank for International Settlements, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, and private sector analysts—and it does not even include yachts, mansions, art works and other forms of wealth held overseas.

Some of it is the laundered proceeds of crime, and much of it is money stolen from national budgets by corrupt national elites (an estimated $306 billion from Nigeria, $798 billion from Russia, $1,189 billion from China), but most is deposited by the respectable super-rich of the West.

…almost half of the minimum estimate of $21 trillion is owned by just 92,000 people, some of whom pay no tax at all.”

And the real kicker (if this doesn’t piss you off, nothing will):
“…the amount of wealth that is managed by the top-10 private banks, most of it held overseas in secret accounts, has more than doubled in the past five years.”

Full report:

The massive amount of corruption could not be explained any better. They're printing tens of trillions of dollars for their friends, and they want us to pay for it with 'austerity'.

Phoenix said...

Classified mission into post-SB1070 America 2012.07.29

Anonymous said...

Factual scientific presentation about the climate and measurement methods Sallie Baliunas Ph.D

Anonymous said...

Factual scientific presentation about the climate and measurement methods Sallie Baliunas Ph.D

Anonymous said...

Hilary's gun control plan

Anonymous said...

Bill, I think you might enjoy this video, Romnopoly -- the new Mitt Romney board game.

Jim Bullis said...

The greenest technology of all:

We can explain why this is an electric vehicle that makes sense.

Jim Bullis, Miastrada Company,

Halaman Satu said...

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Stephen Verges said...

Bill ... I think you made a very poor point when you were asked to apologize about Ratzinger; though my comment has nothing to do with this posting on the weather - I do think it catching up to a point made in the past could of used more strength when explaining on the pope. You said Ratzinger at his age of 14 went along with Nazi propaganda. Methamphetamine was the drug which nazis took to stay awake for days of non-stop combat, I don't think American forces were jazzed up in this way. I wonder if nazi youth members took methamphetamine to run anti-aircraft machine guns, Ratzinger ran these guns and one would think the duration to run these weapons would be 12-18 hours minimum. Using children for soldiers by people like Joseph Kony requires methamphetamines and/or other drugs/non-drugs (gasoline, glue etc ... ) to deaden the children's brains so there will be no sentiment when killing and dolling at torture; If there wasn't any drugs to control Ratzinger like how kids are controlled in the Lord's Resistance Army ... the idea fear controlled Ratzinger which forced him to join & swear to a life time of nazism - nonsensical. Many kids who are saved as child soldiers go under a de-soldiering process. There was no de-nazification process performed for Ratzinger, thus he remains a nazi.

Stephen Verges

Anonymous said...

Well there you have it.. ;o Eric Cantor's birthday is 6/6/63..... Admiring Ann Rand & cutting help to the poor is a good 'sign' from him of what's to come if ;o)

Being 'non-religous' myself in life, although raised Southern Baptist with tinges of Christian Science, (Go figure..I calling it becoming enlighted the hard way as I looked down and saw I had no parachute in my head to open anymore. and I was falling

I'm making no conspiracy theories here, just an

Hey, If you add the 6 and the 3 together it equals Turn the 9 upside down, and it's a 6..... Hell, he may become a mormon while hanging with Romney.. Of course both Mormon and the Catholic Region have both been called false religions.. The Catholics historically showing particular cruelty to those that did not follow the churches belief...Burning folks on the cross for this or that...

You could have a ball with this.. , especially if you add the stuff found in the War Scrolls found in the Dead Sea Scrolls, where it talks about the Sons of Darkness. Whooooo eeeeeee, now that's a co inky dink, how they tie Greed, is one of the 7 deadly sins.. I guess the Republican right Christians & such, they forgot about that part…

lly if

I, Phone said...

I, Phone said...

METAL GODS by Judas Priest
We've taken too much for granted
And all the time it had grown
From techno seeds we first planted
Evolved a mind of it's own

Marching in the streets
Dragging iron feet
Laser beaming hearts
Ripping men apart

From off I've seen my perfection
Where we could do as we please
In secrecy this infection
Was spreading like a disease

Hiding underground
Knowing we'd be found
Fearing for our lives
Reaped by robot's scythes

Metal gods
Metal gods

Machines are taking all over
With mankind in their command
In time they'd like to discover
How they can make their demand

Better be the slaves
To their wicked ways
But meeting with our death
Engulfed in molten breath

rohanmona said...

hi bill maher, i dont know how to contact you so i am commenting here.
Can you please debate with the so called Dr.zakir naik for me and also make it telecast worldwide. I know you will win but please have a mega debate with him on islam, quran, religion, love, marriage, prophet muhammad..okay thanks

i hope you will write me also
my emai id

John said...


I'm a big fan and love baiting my conservative business partner with morsels garnered from your show. Having framed this as such, I was appalled with something you did on the most recent show. It's just way TOO easy (and frankly below you) to turn everything said about Obama into a veiled racial reference. There was not remotely anything racial about the Republican campaign ad that you aired. Since the beginning of time opposing campaigns have made obscure references to the oppositions track record or platform. Playing the race card on such an innocuous campaign ad is not only unnecessary but also ethically indefensible. There's enough substantive fodder to keep you very busy between now and November. Don't become one of those guys who in absence of substance jeopardize your own credibility by playing the race card. Otherwise, keep up the good fight.


Anonymous said...

Hello Bill, Yes this is an unrelated post but wanted you to ses this as I didn't know how to contact you any other way. I have been watching your videos on You Tube on Islam and wanted you to check out this website and story. This is the effect of Islam when they become the dominating number in any region. This could even happen in America as they form their own private governing areas, neighborhoods, mosques etc. since Islam can not coexist with any other religion or system of government (although they will tell you different) including the U.S. Constitution could pose a real hazard in the future right here in the U.S.

Janice Small Business Owner said...

I don't know why the Democrats are not bringing forth the fact that the much of the Obama stimulus is still sitting in the Government Agencies. Much of what money did get spent was not based on the best value to the federal government but spent based on campaign donations by companies. The procurement offices are still being run by Bush appointees who have no incentive to spend the stimulus money on worthy projects or worthy contractors thereby making Obama's stimulus package appear as a failure. The government watchdog agencies such as the GAO and the OIG had their power taken away by the Bush administration making it impossible for a procurement agency to be held accountable for not meeting Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) or for even committing fraud with taxpayer money.

Anonymous said...

Dude, I got your money.

Thomas said...

I hope you read this Bill. I have watched you for years and find you very funny. That said, I differ from you on many of your political and environmental views.
As far as the wildfires go, if you have someone on your show from the Army Corps of Engineers or others who have worked for the Government, you will find out global warming is not the cause. The Forest Service has been suppressing fires for years. This inhibits nature's normal firse cycle where the shrubs and undergrowth gets burned off and are replaced by new growth. When you allow nature to take it's course, these types of massive fires are rare. It's only when the shrubs and undergrowth is out of control that these massive wildfires occur, causing much more damage and devestation due to man's invlvement in suppressing the fires that would occur naturally.

If you're really as concerned about the environment as you say you are, why don't you ever address the Government ethanol scam? The production, and transportation of ethanol is more damaging to the environment and causes more greenhouse gases than would be caused by normal gasoline useage. Adding ethanol to gasoline also reduces the engine's efficiency and causes more pollution due to the decrease in mpg. It's funny isn't it that Government wants to push for higher and higher fuel economy standards, then subsidizes and mandates the production and use of ethanol in fuel. Now, they want to increase the percentage of ethanol and this will cause even more pollution and will damage engines, and fuel systems, causing the average guy even more money. What else did you expect from an out of control, overreaching Obama administration?? Why don't they have the farmers concentrate on growing better crops and stop subsidizing corn production. Why aren't the liberals up in arms over this? Just think of how many hungry people could be fed in the world if soybeans and other crops were substituted for the corn that is grown to take advantage of government subsidies and meet government mandates.

Bill, If you had any nads, you would invite former Governor Jesse Ventura on your show!!!

Anonymous said...

Bill love your show and blog. Thank you for having a diverse panel even if a disproportionate amount of right wingers distort the facts and even lie. I have a suggestion: you should get 3 grad student interns to fact check everything that everyone says and scroll the facts across the screen along with their source. you should have a fact prompter on your desk that allows you to call people on their lies and give them hard sources. Keep bringing the truth and keep standing up for the people who can't do it for themselves! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I find the show unwatchable when the right wing liars are on the panel. What a bummer. I'll switch to Current thanks.

Anonymous said...

Stalinist moves by a Stalinist Party who chose a Stalinist candidate
Reminds me of Party conventions of old.
Moscow 1951 for instance.
Foxnews is the new Pravda.

Stalinist ruling number 1

In a properly conducted Maine state convention, entirely within the Rules of the Maine republican Party , 20 Ron Paul delegates were duly elected.
In a vote today 13 out of 16 Maine counties voted to seat the 20 Ron Paul delegates.
Despite this the RNC credentials committee has ruled that only 5 Ron Paul delegates will be seated and the rest will be chosen by themselves, entirely against the Republican Party's OWN rules.
Governor LePage of Maine has stated that he will not attend the Republican Convention due to his disgust with his own Party.
Governor Le Page is NOT a Ron Paul supporter.

Stalinist ruling number 2
In an improperly conducted Oklahoma state convention, the Convention chairman improperly called a halt to proceedings in violation of Oklahoma's Republican Party rules. He submitted a list of Romney supporters to the RNC as delegates.
The Convention chairman was about to be replaced and could see that Ron Paul supporters were in the majority.
The State Convention was properly continued without the previous chairman.
A list of Ron Paul supporters were duly elected as delegates.
The RNC ruled that the Romney delegates for Oklahoma would be seated in direct contradiction to Republican Party rules.

Stalinist ruling number 3

TAMPA — The Republican National Convention Rules Committee voted 63-38 to approve a new rule allowing granting the Republican National Committee — and Mitt Romney — sweeping new powers to amend the governing document of the GOP.
The move came at the encouragement of Mitt Romney supporters on the committee, including Romney's top lawyer Ben Ginsberg, who stressed that it would grant "flexibility" to Romney and the committee to adapt to changing political environments. The rule allows the RNC to amend the party's rules without a vote by the full Republican National Convention. And it offers the Republican Establishment a new tool to keep at by Tea Party initiatives that threaten to embarrass or contradict party leadership and stray from a planned message.

The Republican Party leaders have become so corrupt that they no longer follow basic democratic processes, but follow Stalinist principles of selecting candidates meeting their approval.

It is now not just a question of Romney losing in November, for that is certain, but to make the Republican Party lose so badly that it will disintegrate and collapse from the recriminations within itself.
It will be easier to rebuild or replace this corrupt organisation if it is burnt to the ground first.

Romney himself espouses Stalinist policies.
Central planning and big government.
The protection of special interests, large corporations and wealthy individuals (in the USSR these were senior Communist Party officials).
Tax cuts for the wealthy, tax hikes for the poor.
The transfer of any wealth from the population to the senior elites.
Horrendously excessive military spending (which eventually bankrupted the USSR).
Romney plans to spend $1,676bn p.a. or circa 48% of ALL government spending on the military.
No wonder there is no money left for anything else.
He plans to run circa $1.5tn deficits ad infinitum, or until the rest of the world says enough.
The Romney/Ryan budgets

Every Republican candidate who has endorsed Romney should be campaigned against and removed from office, wherever possible.
Romney should be made to lose as badly as possible.

Make the Republican Party burn.

For the sake of America, the Republic and the Constitution, this should be done.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill,

I watched your show last night and liked it quite alot, but I do have one wish, it is to get a women with a bit more fire in her belly when it comes to denying women the freedom to say which of the one million eggs she was born with she will bring to term and when she will be a mother. Because if you dont have freedom, what else matters?

Your guest said "many people are against abortion" and I was very disappointed that not one person said "Then, they need not get one." But why, I ask, did not one person say "so that justifies dictating women develop and birth babies against their will ? "

It's such a delicate statement "I dont believe in abortion" seems so noble, doesn't it? But the reality of banning abortion is not noble, it's involuntary servitude. They're not trying to adopt unwanted babies, pay for birth for free (which runs around $5000 at least in any hospital) they certainly aren't providing medical care for pregnant women (that's what PP does), they're trying, without any help, to force women to make babies and birth them against their will.

economy, unemployment blah blah blah,....if someone is not free, what else matters, really?

and BTW - life begins AT BIRTH! So sick of the term "unborn". really? If you birth an embryo, what do you have? A baby? no. A dead embryo. When you can survive birth, apparently then you're a baby. The name "unborn" means all you need is birth. Undeveloped need to be developed INTO a human to be a human. The term 'unborn' is yet another little fantasy fact of republicans. It's not that it's an embryo, it's an 'unborn' baby. Really? test that. no really. test it. Show a picture of a frog embryo to conservatives and a picture of a human embryo to conservatives, 50% of the time the conservative will say the frog was a human. Now, show the same conservatives a picture of a fog and a baby, and ask them what they see - bet they'll know they're looking at a frog now!

Look up the requirements for being a US be BORN in the USA. To have parents who are US citizens at the time of your BIRTH! How old are you on your tenth birthday???? 10 years old, or 10 years and 9 months old? Were the sperm dead? the egg dead? nothing sprung to life that wasn't already alive when conceived. Why do people complicate things in such absurd ways, life begins at BIRTH. Always has.

Oh....and making a birther joke to a room of GOPers is a bit like calling a black person the N word at a KKK meeting is it not? A joke is a joke only when the audience is above the idiocy, not in agreement with it.


A women voter and big fan

Tony said...

Hi Bill,

I've never reached out to you before, but I have to ask for a correction.

On Overtime the other night (Aug. 24) you erroneously attributed to Tom Friedman the Paul Krugman aphorism about the media:
"Shape of Earth - views differ"

normally I wouldn't care about a tiny misquote... but Friedman is the very embodiment of the "extreme centrism" that Krugman critiques. And I can't stand Friedman's uninformed opinions about economics... (speaking as a PhD economics student).

p.s. please read Krugman's blog regularly - it'll better prepare for discussions about economic policy with the crazy Republicans that you sometimes host.

otherwise, keep up the great work!!

Khal said...

Given that here in Los Alamos, there is less and less left to burn, its hard to find a local member of the GOP who is as batshit crazy as the national party. Climate shifts here are normal even in optimal conditions, and unfortunately, the new normal ain't looking good.

On another topic, and Bill, I hope you read this: Some Texans are fighting against the installation of new "smart meters" by their utility companies. I guess they don't want meters smarter than they are...

Here is the story on Yahoo. It was in today's Albuquerque Journal as well. Sheesh. You can't make shit like this up.

pjm7342 said...

Bill- thanks for recognizing and pointing out the way these people think(the Republicans). I am an insulin dependent diabetic and unfortunately had to take a job at Target. I can't save a dollar. Everything goes to bills and as such, I can't afford the "healthcare" plan they offer. I have been trying to find work where I can afford my supplies but have had no results. The republican governor of PA decided to change the numbers where a working person can get coverage through the state. The thousand bucks I make a month disqualifies me as I make "too much money" They are spoiled children who grow into adults who have no grasp on making the choice between eating and getting to work.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it about time that we stop trying to convince morons about the obvious, and start to take some kind of action? The conservative fundamentalists' end goal is to set up a religious police state in this country, only without all of the personal freedoms currently enjoyed by the Iranians......

Unknown said...

I said that....

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