Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Flying Killer Robots

By Bill Maher

There's been a lot of talk about the Obama administration's drone policy -- the one that was denied for years but now is begrudgingly acknowledged with the insistence that there have been no "conclusive" civilian casualties. Isn't America wonderful, developing an unmanned robotic plane that can shoot missiles into populated areas and kill only the bad guys? Why, it sounds almost too good to be true.

The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reports that the zero civilian casualty count claimed by the Obama administration is a little, let’s say, hopeful -- the number is more likely between 474-884 killed in Pakistan alone since 2004 -- with over a thousand more people injured.

And a Stanford/NYU report says our drone strikes have had a "damaging and counter-productive effect" and have likely resulted in civilian Pakistanis being less likely to help us find and eliminate terrorists.

In a recent poll, three out of every four Pakistanis said they now consider the United States an enemy. The other one out of four recognized the pollster as American and cut off his head. And who can blame them? Imagine living under the constant threat of imminent demise -- like that new sitcom about men with babies.

The study says,
"Drones hover 24 hours a day over communities in northwest Pakistan, striking homes, vehicles and public spaces without warning… Those living under drones have to face the constant worry that a deadly strike may be fired at any moment, and the knowledge that they are powerless to protect themselves."
You may argue that waging war with machines where you get to kill the enemy and anyone standing near them without bodily risk to yourself is immoral. But so is terrorism. On the other hand, are we just repeatedly whacking the beehive with a stick and creating more enemies who want to sting?


sirius said...

Yes. We can't seem to help flexing our muscles, and our reward for success is a big repair bill.

Anonymous said...

8VietNam was the first testing ground for military-industial complex how easy it was to lie to the public then. Even easier now.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Maher,

I am a Pakistani muslim, and I really hope you read this as I agree with your drone comments,
and would simply like to add more insight from my perspective.

I know these days a lot of blame is put on religion,well Islam to be exact in relation to terrorism, and
Pakistan is a great example of a country that is currently emploding with radicalisation
and sadly viewed as a terrorist safe haven - what's more sad is militant Islam being stated as the root cause. This is far from the truth, as
the root cause for the demise of any third world country is bad&corrupt governance, and Pakistan is no exception to the case.

It was due to the incompetence, pressure and bribe(US Aid) that the Pak goverenment ordered its military to
hunt down a few hundred terrorists (who crossed the Afghan border) by using artillery, f-16' etc
in thickly populated areas, and than shamefuly terming human loss of life as "Colletral" damage. The drone attacks are
simply an extension of this moronic policy that continues to kill innocent people based on "suspect" and
and of course stealing basic human rights to contest any charges laid against the people.

Pakistan was and still does claim to be an Islamic country (though I see more true Islam in the west),but what we see
today is not a result of the teachings of Islam but bad and inhumane policies that continue to divide and hurt people. Politicians in the West
maninpulate their people by using patriotism and fear as key instruments, and the muslum leaders are quite open about
the fact that they simply jsut dont give a shit, so anything in the best interest of the country regardless being morally/ethically
right goes out of the window anyway.

Also U.S or westeren foriegn aid has been a curse to any country that recieves it
because like your presedential election campaigns, there is no such thing as
free money and strings are always attached and they usually are for muslim leaders like the ones in Pakistan right now to warm their pockets and
act as puppets for the U.S.

Sir, you I understand to be a true liberal,and I hope you agree with me that the solution to terrorim is not a military one but in fact to win the
hearts and mind of the people and to isolate the bastards who want to harm us ALL.under American pressure,

Anonymous said...

Bill, I have been an avid fan for many years now and I would thank you for the tireless work you have committed to over these years. The work I refer to is revealing to the American public and the world the evil that lurks in the shadows of politics and religion in America. We live in very perilous times. The world stands on the brink of economic collapse. Innocent people die daily worldwide from the result of American political policies. President Obama seems reluctant to change this course of destruction to the dismay of many. His reluctance is justified as witnessed by history and the fates of Lincoln and Kennedy. The media is a whore that can be bought by the highest bidder and has left the American people lost and confused. There is only one voice I hear calling for truth in the wilderness (please forgive my reference to to scripture) and that is yours. Through your wit and humor many eyes are opened and a voice is given to the voiceless. If the conservative right is allowed to gain power again at this precarious time in history, I believe it will mean the end of life as we know it. I am begging you to do everything in your power to continue to fight for truth and justice.

Mark M

Anonymous said...

I am a Realtor in MA. I am not that politically inclined but I have not forgotten my struggles in my real estate career through the administrations of President Reagan in the late 80's nor the recent administration of President Bush where we nearly dipped into a depression. I also do not forget that during 'all' Democratic administrations, my real estate profession glides smoothly. Our Real Market right now is doing very well in MA with 2 to 4 offers on properties. As a Realtor, I could not ask for a better Economy. Why would I go back to the policies of a similar President Bush administration which had us all hurting.

A. B. / Realtor w/Coldwell Banker

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