Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Would Want This Job?

By Bill Maher

A couple reporters at the Huffington Post recently got hold of a PowerPoint presentation the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee gives to incoming members of Congress, and it's worse than you'd think. First slide: "Michele Bachmann is even shorter and crazier in person. Don't say we didn't warn you."

Okay, even if that were true, it wouldn't be the scary part. That comes later, when it notes that the leadership expects that freshmen members take about five hours out of every day and devote it to fundraising. Yes, five. That means you're either on the phone with donors listening to them tell you their inane, self-serving ideas before saying, "(Name of donor), I think what you're saying is very important and I'm completely behind you, while not actually committing to supporting anything you just said. More importantly, can I have some money?" Or you're in strategy sessions to figure out other ways to get money. Or you're doing outreach to find new people ...that you can eventually ask for money.

Former Rep. Tom Perriello even said that the 4-5 hours may even be "low-balling the figure so as not to scare the new members too much."

Jimmy Swaggart asked people for money less than this.

You know when NPR does their pledge drive once a year, when they take a few hours out of their programming to remind you that they're member-supported public radio and if you want more stories about the plight of soy farmers in Togo you're going to have to pony up some cash? It's annoying, right? Okay, now picture if NPR had to do that five hours of every day. You'd sense that something was horribly wrong with this system. To say nothing of what it would do to the people who worked there. Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne would drink hemlock together.

Well, this is what our members of Congress spend about half of their day doing. Why should we be surprised when it attracts people who aren't that bright or talented, or who come off as cheap salespeople, and are easily bought off?


wayner said...

Isn't there a line from a movie one time when someone said 'Don't interfere with the system!' Hold your nose cos the real world runs on money especially in the upper tiers of politics. But it really sucks when they are beating out Jimmy Swaggart for rolling in the sewer.

Joel said...

Please do the math again on Social Security. When people pay in over a 30 year period, they have the right to expect a payout that includes interest earned over time. That's no different from putting money in a 401K and then withdrawing it during retirement, except that SS is not subject to the vagaries of the stock market.

Mike S said...

all the more reason for publically financed politicans can focus on doing thier jobs !!!
otherwise they may as well don NASCAR style uniforms so we can see who they ARE working for by the sponsership patches they wear

Unknown said...

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george henseler said...

pay up you gutless piece of shit liberal, on national tv you said"if donald trump releases certain jnfo, you would donate $5million'", he released it now you owe, but i am sure you will "walk back" those statements even though they are on tape. just like all you gutless"forward thinking liberals" when you are proven wrong or facts hit you in the face, you dont have the testicular fortitude to say "you were wrong" hope you lose the lawsuit or better yet, your lawyer bill is $10 million. fuck you & obama & all the liberal sheep who folloe this piece of shit. rot in hell bitch. never thought you were funny, but laughing like hell at the news trump is suing you. rest in hell liberal BOY!!!

george henseler said...

Bill Mahr= Gutless Welching Piece Of Shit. Pay Up Big Mouth, You Made the commments, now do something with you have NEVER done in your life, BE A MAN & STAND BY WHAT YOU SAID!!! pay the $ 5 million to charity, Trump is already suing, so dont pay your lawyers, PAY THE BET YOU LOST, YOU GUTLESS LITTLE BITCH.

Sarah said...

It must be soul-destroying, they obviously need to find a way to deal with it. I'm sure they do very long days anyway so the ones who are determined to make it and make a difference must find a way through. :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, have you heard about this story
It's not getting the attention it should

MARINO said...


Are you seriously!?!?! It wasn't even a serious bet... EVERYONE KNOWS that. Trump knows it too. He's trying to make a point, that is mute. But just in case you didn't know EVERYONE ELSE KNOWS you can't spawn with an orangutan. Trump is an idiot. Is he seriously wasting the judicial system's time with a bullshit lawsuit. He is making the American people look bad. This is ridiculous, I can't believe this is even being entertained.



Anonymous said...

hey asshole, send Trump the $$ you owe him. big mouth fuck face queer bait, balless, lying sack of shit. now you picked a fight with someone who can abd will fight back. you pussy.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that our society and the government is the most polarized it has been since the Cival War. I have come to believe that both Dem.s and Rep.'s take every issue and politicise it in order to divide America against ourselves to a point that rational thought and discussion is impossible. Each party has been hijacked by the extremeist of each ideology and they will brook no disagreement or yea shall be cast out and stoned. Politicians have one goal to stay in power and all of them will say or do anything to acheive that goal. So fixing problems is far down the priority list of all of these politicians. The '80's were a great decade for two things, music and political compromise to solve problems. Since then it has gone steadily down hill and both parties are to blame. I have become so tired of the crap that I left the USA 15 years ago to become a permenant tourist abroad. It used to be that when I told people that I was an American they looked at me with envy, now they ask "what's wrong with your country", my answer is politicians and lawyers. Save your own country and get rid of both fast.

Sarah said...

Anonymous Feb 5, 1:53: As a UK resident looking in I can see that Obama wants to work across the partisan divide, and Amy Klobuchar Senator for MN is one person that I can think of who cares about the good of the country more than the good of her party. I know they exist.

Happy Travels!


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,
Thought your producers could have some fun with the recent photo of Az. Gov. Jan Brewer on a private jet on the way home from the Superbowl.The guy that paid for the jet is accused text scammer Jason Hope. Brewer should pick her "free rides" more carefully!
Here's a story from a local TV station :
Here's the photo:

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill

Here's an offline comment

Donald Trump's lawsuit has some legitimacy but legally, you can counter and void the suit by saying you meant $5M MONOPOLY dollar.

That way you don't have to fork out US$5M in cold cash.

Just a tip!


Anne said...

Its just plain sad how pathetic this buy Bill Maher is. Wow!

Network Ned said...


Hope the Red Neck members of the Republican party figure out they are routing for the WRONG team. They don't even belong in the party, they're broke. If a Republican gets in next election, these clueless clowns will be working 3 jobs.

See you at the Moose Lodge.
Network Ned

wayner said...

Trump is the poster-boy for venal capitalism at it's worst. He only values women if they are empty-headed and beautiful. His greed is only exceeded by his ego, thus the frivolous lawsuit. IMO a rich guy like Bill Gates is a billionaire that I respect; he is a job creator and a philanthropist giving away many billions of dollars for worthy causes and he always has an air of humility about him. Trump is just plain disgusting.

Buck said...

This comment address Bill's statement that he'd pay $5 million to Trump if.....Bill, you did NOT say that the $5 million was United States dollars....dub just give trump $5 millions in Zimbabwe dollars. Gesh, give Trump a $1 billion note and say now we all will believe Trump when he claims to be a billionare....then be kind and don't counter sue for a frivolous lawsuit. BTW...Your Welcome for me saving you tens of thousands in legal bills (even though I don't find you funny).

MARTinNJ said...

Well Bill, some would say you deserve this...that you probably asked for it.

I understand you are now being sued by the Orangutan Anti-Defamation League for $5 Million for saying that Trump may be one of them:

Heywood J. said...

Have you seen the paintings of George W. Bush yet?

Unknown said...

Hi Bill, Love your show, saw a post where you stated more people need to speak out. Well I do a television show called "Women's Spaces" and would love to have you support this effort and help me and many other women get the word out.
Thank you for your interview with Julian A. what a horror for that young man who did such a great deed. Looking forward to hearing from you. We need to support our alternative media by letting people know what is happening.

Unknown said...

Hi Bill, I love your show.
I saw a recent post where you encouraged more people to speak out. I do a show called Women's Spaces on Filmed at our local public access station. Would love your help in getting the word out to people about the show.
Great you had Julian A. on - what a horror for that young man after he did such a great service. Hope to hear from you and hope that every once in a while you will support us little fish out here.
Happy Valentines Day and keep up the great work.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Bill ... I was watching 'Religulous' as I came across your blog. It is clear to me that you are a godless heathen...

All I can say is 'God Bless You'

... or not 'God Bless you'... being a heathen myself I am not sure how to express the basic sentiment other than to say that I like your work...

John T.

John Thompson said...

Just a follow up, Bill..

I am still watching 'Religulous'.... Were you *really* still manking bargains with god at age 40?

Just curious ...


Anonymous said...

The issue of donating money was observed by Paul himself in the New Testament (Ephesians 4:28,Galatians 2:10, and especially Romans 15:27!). The last evidence is expressing a material-Money war or struggle between the early Christians and the Roman system. It is natural for financial struggle between ideas and it is a form of voting. Point is that MONEY and MATERIAL struggle is part of life and vene this point was expressed by Paul himself. If the "religious" class succeeds it is because of their observation of something quite natural even though if their "doctrine" is not true. My name is Hasan Qahhar

Anonymous said...

By the way, Bill Maher has made an error in this observation. Political donations has a purpose just like RELIGIOUS ones. Even Paul knew this NATURAL principle in Romans 15:27! and even expressed a rudimentary form of the circulation of wealth(Ephesians 4:28). What is the point of attacking political donations? I would rather give to a GOOD SECULAR CAUSE than misdirected religious one or mission!!! Bill Maher, please get it straight.

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again. No, I'm not afraid of the nonsense when I speak. In fact, as a LIBERAL living the south I find it amusing that many speak without knowing. It is not only amusing but sad. I am challenging all Liberals and atheists/agnostics to go ahead and support my project if you would like the Bible and "religion" in general to be defanged -

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

I would MUCH rather that tax money go to NPR/PBS than to buying more fucking tanks that the military doesn't want OR need, obviously. And if we could enjoy both WITHOUT fundraising breaks, I'd be shickled titless. But of course, in THIS current version of "America," educational programming is SUCH a belittled concept, after fetuses being declared "people," war-mongering/kickbacks for Bechtel/Shaw Group/Blackwater/Halliburton (who, I might add, were in charge of "safety" on the Deepwater Horizon rig, but you only heard THAT shit ONCE in the mass media, to protect Darth Cheney's stock options), treating victims of rape & molestation as INCUBATORS for the demon-seed of their attackers, and obsessing on "teh other," i.e., profiling anybody even remotely "beige," no matter their ethnicity, every racial group who isn't flat-out glow-in-the-dark white is obviously "dangerous," whether they're an Arabic/Afghan/Persian-American, etc. or a Mexican/Central American slave-labor "guest worker," no matter how they got into this country, or if they're fourth-generation American citizens. Like ACTUAL public education, educational media are at the bottom of the slimebags in our employ, i.e. Congress' list of shit that they SHOULD be taking care of for the greater good of this country.

OT, but on tonight's rerun of the show, Maher mentioned "dirty bombs" and how they'd "obviously" come in through the ports of L.A. & Long Beach, but he/you were TOTALLY misinformed on that point. Go back to the old Cold War "hit list" of cities most likely to be hit in an enemy attack, cross-reference it with CURRENT intelligence/Pentagon estimates of the same cities and newer members of the "in-danger" list, and you'll see that the ports of New Orleans & Baton Rouge are WAY the fuck more dangerous and valuable to the national security AND import/export. Baton Rouge is a gigantic fucking dirty bomb ITSELF, with more chemical & petrochemical plants than all of Houston & the DFW metroplex combined, higher pollution levels than anyplace but Jersey, and it could cripple the entire middle of the country and shipping for the ENTIRE country, if someone were to take-out those plants. Same things for the Port of New Orleans --- during Katrina, what was being repaired & reopened before ANYTHING else (leaving aside the pussies from the American Red Cross hiding in their air-conditioned hotel rooms, WATCHING IT ALL ON TV until they got permission from DUMBYA & DARTH CHENEY, as Karl Rove watched AMERICAN CITIZENS floating down Rampart & Canal streets and quipped, "Well, THERE'S your solution to the 'public housing problem'!!")?? The Port of New Orleans, so that the rest of the country wouldn't go without their junk food, petroleum-product clothes, knock-off "designer" purses, grain, foodstuffs, and oh yeah, PETROLEUM. (cont'd)

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

(Pt. 2)

On the Cold War list, New Orleans was #2 after D.C. and before NYC, and on the new list, we're supposed to be in the same exact position. Not almighty fucking L.A., not Long Beach & the "Hollywood Marines," but New Orleans and then immediately behind it, Baton Rouge, aka CANCER ALLEY, from the state line on U.S. 61 to the Gulf of Mexico. If somebody wanted to blow most of the U.S. South off of the planet, clear up to fucking KANSAS, they'd hit Baton Redneck Republicunt Rouge & New Carpetbagger-Raped New Orleans. On 9/11, my late father was working construction in Exxon Plastics, just outside of Baton Rouge, and since cell phones are banned inside of chemical plants, we couldn't reach him for SHIT, but the state troopers were in there in less than 45 minutes after the second World Trade Center tower was hit. Shut it and all of its peers down, locked hard and cleared-out, for the safety of the workers AND for the safety of the entire country. Same thing down here in New Orleans, even @ Avondale, the most-lax port on the continent, esp. now that they've lost the space program.

Los Angeles, contrary to the opinions of L.A. & Orange Counties, is NOT the epicenter of the fucking planet, this country, or "dirty bomb" targets, sorry Bill. And you still owe me for those four jokes that you stole from me off of the old "Politically Incorrect" message boards, back 100 years ago.

Anntichrist S. Coulter said...

P.S. CMW: And what, exactly, do you hope to ACTUALLY achieve with your fundraiser? You gonna force actual SCIENCE into the pointy noggins of the entire population of Kansas, Mizzippi, Alabama, Ohio, etc.? Maybe live-out MY personal dream of having guerrilla scientists hit every single keg of beer in this country with an ORAL SPERMICIDE, in order to slow-down the breeding and inbreeding of morons across the nation? Where, exactly, does the money go?

And I, too, am a librula atheist Southerner who's been discriminated against my entire life, by every color of the fucking rainbow, but most especially the rednecked crackers/klan-wannabe gun nuts. And, surprisingly, despite my having put in 22 years in New Orleans and having re-broken my fucking SPINE whilst helping feed/clothe/shelter Katrina evacuees, since the po-po wouldn't let me get back into town to pull any of my friends out (and yeah, maybe, just maybe, Barry Cowsill might NOT have fucking DROWNED since his bitch sister LEFT HIM THERE, knowing that he couldn't swim, and hauled her ass, her kids AND both of her ex-husbands to Nashville!). I can't exactly print that shit on a t-shirt to wear every time that I leave the fucking house to keep people from judging me like I'm some newbie republicunt carpetbagger or a trust-fund yankee brat living down here "in the hood," (and ruining MY fucking neighborhood, in the Lower 9!) to be a "starving artists" who are always drunk/stoned/high-on-all-of-the-WRONG-drugs. So I feel you on the Sisyphean struggle of remind the world that not ALL of the South is inhabited by cousin-fucking, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing, cro-magnon-browed FUCKTARDS who get all of the attention & keep us mired in the stereotypes that Hollywood & The Nawth have held of us SINCE THE *FIRST* RECONSTRUCTION. I just don't get how you're going to "de-fang" the bible with donations.

Anonymous said...

@ Anntichrist S. Coultier, I actually give the reasons of where the money goes. It definatey would not be spent on drugs or alcohol because it is not part of my character to use it in that manner. I never had a good paying or even a stable job with a good paying salary. I worked hard all of my life with exception of experiencing many lay-offs and long periods of unemployment BUT hey whose fault is that??? Oh, of course, it's mine right? Right? Or is it the fault of limited opportunities? I decided to rather sell my talent rather than languishing in TEMP jobs wit no healthcare. I even decided to further my education but because I'm not born in a wealthy family I have to really be careful of wha I say ...or they will simply fail you in class! Yeh, that is truth of the matter!

Anonymous said...

@ Anntichrist S. Coulter, all of the people of the south are victims of the same machine which produces ignorance and intolerance but if no one rise up and explain the truth tey will stay ignorant.

IxNoMo said...

Damn, d00d! That week off, "Real Time" payed out in *PURE GOLD*. Liek those two rats with their brains connected through *wire*.

Nick said...

THought this illustration perfectly sums up Micky Arison:

Anonymous said...

Raciest Prison Orgs.
In Indiana there is a woman’s prison program called ICAN…their all white.

They are affiliated with an all white prison ministry called Kairos.

High profile child torturer and murderer Hope Rippey was release early with financial help from these two groups because she is white and converted to Christianity…a violation of church and state. Plus they used federal grant money to pay for her lawyer.
Her fellow inmate, torturer and murderer of 12-yr-old Shanda Sharer, Melinda Loveless is also supported by the same raciest orgs and have tried to get her released.
Mean while, Indiana prison are overflowing with non-violent offenders, many poor and people of color.
Melinda also has the support of a rich NC, GOP candidate Charlie Petrizzo, an x-Wachovia banking exec. During his rein Wachovia was convicted of laundering drug money, helping scammers steal hundreds of millions from senior citizens, and were bailed out with our tax dollars. This is what Petrizzo does with the money he and his bank stole from us, try to set murdering white women free as long as they convert to Christianity.

In Indiana, white women who torture and murder children are set free with collage educations and jobs waiting 4 them, if they convert to Christianity, while pot smokers and other non-violent offenders serve their time.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:36 PM …Didn’t that banker, the Petrizzo fellow, threaten to sue that woman Brenda Nyburg for starting a petition to keep Melinda Loveless in prison? That women is disabled and living on a fixed income while caring for special needs children. What a bully that guy is. Not surprised he’s a catholic and a republician, his religious rants are all over the net.

Bimbolinaho said...

Even sadder is the knowledge that they probably had to send their interns to the Apple store to figure out how to put that presentation together in the first place...

Yay, us...

kmarkou said...

Hi Bill. You are incredibly funny and smart as well as impossible to contact! My apologies for sending this to you here. My name is Kim Markou and I am making a documentary on the battle to legalize weed here in the U.S. and the unfortunate souls serving life sentences on marijuana related offenses. I am working with Attorney David Holland, who has recently petitioned the president for clemency on behalf of five men who have already served 15 years of life sentences for marijuana related offenses. I also want to touch on U.S. Patent #6630507 and the hypocrisy of the government when it comes to recognizing cannabis for its medicinal qualities.

Would you be interested in contributing your opinion for my film? I would be so honored if you would appear. Video of you would add so much credibility to the project. I would also love to use a portion of your show with Zach G. when he fires up a doob. That was great!

My funds are not yet raised (you knew that was coming...) I am going to have my Indiegogo campaign up this week to raise funds for the film. I will give credit to any and all who donate usage of their videos for the film. I'm sorry I wouldn't be able to pay you, but I'm hoping you will still want to make a cameo since I know you are a supporter of legalizing marijuana.

Please contact me at

Anonymous said...

The only job worse would be the guy who dresses up as Fappy The anti- masturbating dolphin. Seriously is this real?

vp said...

Bill, thanks for all. Comment on your tax complaint: you can frame the tax issue more effectively by noting the tax rate of someone like yourself (high earned income in a high tax state) in comparison to a carpenter making 80k per year, a hedge fund manager making 450mil per year, and a large company like General Electric which made 4.7 bil last year. The unfairness of that sample is obvious to people that haven't really thought it through, I should think. The way your comment was reported made you sound like a cliche liberal who doesn't want to pay a fair tax share. If your comment was taken badly out of context, disregard my comment.

Good luck w/ all,


Sean said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sean said...

There is no such thing as a white Jew. The sun hits the equator. There's all dark people along the equator. How the heck can white Jews come from the equator? It's an impossibility.

B Martin said...

This is an invitation to you to participate in a boxing match for charity. It will be held in Columbus, Ohio and is now choosing its charities.
B Martin

When a response is posted, I will give you my contact info.

Anonymous said...

i am a latin girl, i need to express my profound love for assholes and believe me my infatuation with bill is torment me.
nope, i do not want an interview, i want a date with an asshole like you.

The Fatsnacker said...


Apparently you have annoyed the Church?

Say it ain't so, Bill.....

Anway's here is the 'coup de grâce', from Tim Minchin, its called 'The Pope Song'.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I have a dream wasn’t a mistake it was a truth that never was fully achieved. I believe freedom, integrity, honor, Pride, truth, abilities, opportunities have been side stepped long enough it is time for the people. We the people Americans bring back America. Maybe we should be teaching our children about how to manage a household or how to save by actually saving for entire year during the class. Our Teachers showing our children how to really surviving in this changing world by learning how to give to others and helping one another for our communities. Teaching our children the value of saving at an early age is almost pointless because they don’t how to save anything because the kids are very wasteful with almost everything we own. Reason they don’t know or even care that dad works for everything they use every day. Wealth, Riches, Money, money, money, tons of money is all there for the grabbing just reach out and grab it find it this is how we do it. Explain how many people show how they made their millions I tell you NONE I won’t tell you either, But ya know soon enough. Read books on being rich, how to be rich, how they made it, how they didn’t tell you who they trampled on to get there. If you are gonna get rich it’s gonna be that you figured it out You say figure out what? Well everyone is the same they want money to make them money. Which way to go? How about you tell yourself and write a book about how you didn’t make any money working for someone else. So think of some smart ways to invest, invent, save, fund, change something for the betterment of today society. Let’s see himm” I know let’s work ourselves to complete Battiness tiredness for some total stranger that might just let you go for being to tired on the job. See ya you messed up! Wait I think you got it all messed up yourself? I wouldn’t have messed up if I wasn’t treated like a piece of shit and over worked because this country doesn’t believe people should have any worker’s rights. Look at yourself working for the man. I know what man? Consider the boss man who’s making more money than you. Let’s vote Instead of a five and a half or even a six day week. How about we get a four day week? Learn from your mistakes I know we should but, we really don’t because
How about we try to change the bullshit system we live in and realize the high paying jobs are just a myth for at least some of us. Who are we? Descendents of hard working people I know I am one.

Anonymous said...

My father worked very hard and served his country in the military for what to see his children fail because the workers in china work for slave wages I think somebody should ask the owners of those large companies where the hell are most of the people supposed to find work or even a building or state that doesn’t take more of our life’s away from us. Let’s turn this country around and start taking care of this country. Let’s teach our children and reeducation the elders maybe even honor our elders. Let’s increase our old fashion truths of this country let’s bring back our jobs, our know-how, our intelligences. Let’s find a way to figure out what really needs to be done. Give out grants like we used to start a company that pays well to start. Help people help themselves just like we teach over in other countries.

Anonymous said...

Give a man a fish he will be full. Teach a man how to fish and he will never go hungry again. Oh wait there’s so many rules and regulations the fisherman are having a hard time abiding by the new rules and restrictions. Let’s make it harder for Americans to make a living. Let’s sit around all day and think of someway how to screw the American people out of there wages. Let’s make the people who make these new rules try them out on themselves first. See how they feel about deciding whether to feed the kids or put oil in the tank for the furnace to keep warm. I know we’ll have spaghetti again tonight. Where are the people with hearts of greed? Don’t they see their fellow Americans struggling to stay ahead of the worries of life? Why do we need to work like mad for the top executives of large companies? They would only care if they were losing their jobs or careers to some other foreign country just like us. We all put our pants on the same way. Some harder than others maybe because we can’t afford that plush country club or fitness club probably because we’re too tired after working ten, eleven, twelve, fourteen, hours these days. We the people would like longer paid vacations, shorter work weeks, better pay, safer highways, highways that make sense, safer roads, roads that make sense, better small towns, towns that make sense, places to go to relax, enjoy have fun without having to spend outrageous amounts of money that we don’t really have any way. Maybe we wouldn’t be so out of shape if we had some of our on lives back. We need to have updated wellness programs. One week one man could work a three day work week while the other worked a four day week production would be continuous. Quality would have higher standards because the business would basically stay open 24 hours 7 days a week. People would have more time with their children and relatives home life would improve people would have more outings at recreation facilities more people would be going on vacations. Lower rates at restaurants maybe more people would go out to dinner and more often. Design amusement parks to make a certain amount of people have complete access to every part of the park without waiting more than twenty minutes for anything at the amusement park. Maybe have areas with time limits so other people could get a fair chance at that same areas. There are some parks today that do this already. High tech designed buildings easy maintenance self-cleaning areas complete safety procedures.
Suppose we could do this with gymnasiums for people to have exercises and sports events. Solar panels backup generators high end maintenance free utilities automatic switch out motors easy carefree upkeep buildings designed so good once there built they pretty much don’t need much of any upkeep because they were designed to last forever. Maybe even have permanent crew working and living on top of the place. Security officers at night depending what day or time of year total freedom of replacement workers because that time of year the place would be busier. People could drive to a bar and if they got a little drunk instead of helping them wreak their lives how about helping them get back on their feet the next day let them stay over at a hotel go in to work later the next day and then figure out how to make up the time at work the next day or the next week. Realizing that if you continue to do such a thing maybe you should look into getting a different type of work that is more fulfilling and enjoyable. Imagine going to a party and drinking responsible and being able to go home without worry that you might end up going to jail for DWI or DUI how about a service that drives your car home somehow and you get home without sending a fortune for a taxi ride home and you get so many in a month then you are done for that month.

Anonymous said...

So now someone else could use that service for the other portion of that month. Work, work, work, a man is probably going to realize that if I’m going to be doing most of the work shouldn’t I get a bigger piece of the profits. Oh no that man over there who started this business should get all of the high dollar amounts while you work your ass off for shit wages while he laughs all the way to the bank. Maybe the workers of the world should be treated better maybe even some worker rights maybe if you’re sick you should be able to stay home and have a nurse take care of you that day. Oh no you won’t you can’t afford one because you are paid with shit wages. Do what every other American does goes to work sick as a dog just because he can’t afford to have a day off because he can’t even afford to pay his bills with the shit wages he makes at that piece of shit low paying crap job. Then the people of America think that with hard work I’ll make it.

Anonymous said...

Guess what the company you worked for all your life just decided to put up their roots and move their company to china why because they don’t have very high moral standards of living and the main reason is because if they pay your 20.00 per hour when they can get 10 workers in china to work for almost nothing. So what you dedicated your life to that company they don’t owe you anything just because your father worked there all his life back in the industrial era and you gave them twenty years of your life. Tough shit they don’t care. Go pound sand and let me know what you get in an hour get back to me on that will ya. These companies want to pay shit wages from the work our fathers put in for these gigantic conglomerates off their sweat and muscle backbreaking painstaking day in and day out for years on end. So they can turn around and become ungrateful B - - - - -DS and walk away from the people who helped them become the wealthiest people in the world. If these companies want to move there. Give them a choice either come back to America or you can stay there if you like it so well. The people of America are going to restart the same company and keep Americans working because we need to get back on track with the high tech labor force. This country is tired of having companies leave go overseas or to a different country and think we are going to continue to buy their crappy made stuff that is designed to break even before you get it out of the f--king box. F--k you and the horse you rode in on. I can think of plenty of hard working families that deserve to get what their ancestries had that was the chance of attaining the American dream.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine building houses that could withstand a hurricane maybe every third house should be built that way so if there was a hurricane coming three neighbors could bunker down together and ride out the storm. Maybe build large barrier walls that could withstand a tsunami wave or maybe a way to redirect the water with a large built-in canal way inland. If the weather is changing shouldn’t we prepare for the changes before they return. How many lives have to suffer before we realize that money isn’t the reason we do things. The real reasons are survival of mankind it is time we start living for the children of the world not for the large companies. The children of the world should have freedom. Why can’t America go back to making quality top grade products that lasted for decades. Here is a good example: a slate/marble or brick house well built constructed of material that will last forever. Designed to withstand almost anything. Can you imagine roads built so good you don’t have to repair them every year maybe only once every ten years. Imagine bridges constructed super strong and designed to be serviced or repaired with ease if parts should need to be changed. High speed trains only if they can be built and managed safely. Let’s get started America. We all work too much. Too many hours during the week when the weekend comes around were too tired to do anything. 8 hours a day should be enough get in your car drive home not exhausted. What the hell am I talking about I tell you why can’t we all just work a little differently. One day work as a top executive next day work as a cook at a local restaurant next day work on an assembly line making products next day work on a farm next day work in an ice cream truck selling ice cream. Following week start your week off as an fireman trained to do every job that follows. We did it as kids when we were growing up pretend. Now how about we teach our children what really comes with the choices we choose when we are little kids. When I grow up I want to be fireman and now let’s teach a lot of our children how to actually be real fireman show them real fireman at work making good decisions and sometimes not really knowing what the right decision is and then learning from experiences and hoping the next time they make a better judgment call by knowing that the last time the choice they made could have possibly saved another life in that unpredictable fire learning from each other has kept mankind alive for centuries. On the up side of things I think the children of the world should experience firsthand how life entwines each other how if one man decides not to do his work correctly it affects other people’s lives. Can you imagine going to work for the week and doing five different jobs in one week. The following week’s work still different.

Anonymous said...

If the article is confusing I am sorry I had to cut sections. real truths. thank you B. M.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Good afternoon Bill:

I am a Long Island, New York businessman and the owner of Hallmark Abstract Service in Jericho. This year I am participating as both a fighter and fundraiser in the Long Island Fight for Charity which is a 501c3 celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2013 (Newsday article attached) (

If you are not familiar with LIFFC, it raises money to help three very deserving Long Island-based charities which includes The Genesis School. The mission of Eden II/Genesis Program is to provide people with autism specialized community-based programs and other opportunities, with the goal of enabling them to achieve the highest possible quality across their life spans.

My goal of course is to raise as much as possible.

I am reaching out to ask whether you might have any in helping whether through a celebrity endorsement, donation or possibly through a contribution of some item for a silent auction that I will be conducting.

Involvement in any capacity would help to insure that the maximum amount of money is raised and provide them with a great charity experience!

As we speak my fight training is taking place at the Glen Cove Boxing Club for the LIFFC 'Main Event', which will consist of 12 3-round bouts fought in front of 1,500 Long Island businesspeople at the Long Island Hilton later this year. Along the way there will be other smaller events to generate ticket sales and sponsor interest.

An example of an endorsement that I have received is an article written by Newsday columnist Ellis Henican naming me Long Islander of the Week for my involvement with LIFFC.

You can read more about the charity at the link above, and if you have any questions or thoughts please contact me either by phone or email.

Thanks, and have a great day.


Hallmark Abstract Service LLC

Michael Haltman, President
131 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 205
Jericho, New York 11753
516.741.4723 (O)
516.741.6838 (F)


Anonymous said...

Anonymous from March 6th, about that ICAN prison dog-training program. I did some research and found that NASCAR’s Tony Stewart’s foundation for disabled children donates to them.
Search “ICAN”+”Tony Stewart Foundation”

So does his racetrack in Indianapolis as well as other NASCAR businesses he is involved with. He is supporting that Melinda Loveless and ICAN appears to support only religious Caucasian inmates and the beneficiaries of the dogs they train appear to be only Caucasian as well. Odds are, most of the recipients of the prison trained dogs ($900) are affluent enough to pay for the dogs on the open market ($16,000) and this is another case of wealthy people taking advantage of prison slave labor. Than they help to set them free.
ICAN’s mission statement is, “To qualify for the program, offenders must have a background clear of violent behavior.” So why is this Loveless women even there when Indiana prisons are overflowing with non-violent offenders? Better choices are available

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

Your "bullshit" 2nd Amendment protects your right to call the 2nd Amendment "bullshit". Your just the typical fake intellectual who thinks they are "in" on it. You will be destroyed by this same system you support. I realized you are real douche bag when I saw you live in Ontario and we were not allowed to order drinks while doing your routines. Why don't you just go kill Animals in your PETA cult.

Anonymous said... recently did a story on the "Retirement Gamble." Many working people would love to see you BLAST both parties for not allowing implementation of the "fiduciary responsibility" clause. Financial companies make millions off our hard earned dollars and a mere 2% in fees (from 5-->7%) can cost us 63% of our IRAs.
Astounding yet lobbyists prohibited this bill to pass. You certainly could shed some intellectual light on this shame by Congress.
Their sinful ways should be brought to light. Lincoln said it should be a gov't. of the people, by the people, & for the people. Sadly it has gone too far in the other direction.
It could be helpful to many. So reach out & help the working poor who lobbyists work so hard to bury in the dirt. Working stiffs deserve to keep what is theirs. Few retirements are funded by employers today. Stop the pilfering by the rich of the lower middle class working people of America!

See you in Morgantown!

Anonymous said...

Comparing public policy work with megachurch and public radio is comedic but not useful. NPR has two drives per year, anyway. Taxpayer-paid staff aren't supposed to use their time doing anything but serving the public. Setting priorities for a population is a tricky business. Telling jokes is easier.

Anonymous said...

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