Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Not Lovin' It

By Bill Maher

Earlier this month, hundreds of New York City fast food workers walked off their jobs and picketed in front of restaurants, demanding a living wage. All that was left inside were the customers and the rats.

It used to be that the fast food jobs were the extra jobs kids would do to earn some money for gas and weed, so they weren't using up all of Mom and Dad's. The rest of us worked the actual jobs jobs. But now the economy is such that the fast food jobs are the jobs jobs. The median age of a fast food worker is now over 28. Moms and dads, whose decent-paying jobs have been downsized or outsourced, are now working the counter at McDonald's. Full time, that's just about $16,000 a year, or just enough for you and your family to live in one of the nicer refrigerator boxes.
Last month, Senator Elizabeth Warren made the case for a living wage at a Senate committee hearing:
"If we started in 1960 and we said that as productivity goes up, that is as workers are producing more, then the minimum wage is going to go up the same. And if that were the case then the minimum wage today would be about $22 an hour. So my question is... with a minimum wage of $7.25 an hour, what happened to the other $14.75? It sure didn't go to the worker."
One fair way to narrow the wealth gap is to make the hugely profitable fast food companies pay more and profit less. When we don't force huge fast food corporations to pay a living wage, yes, their profits go up (McDonald's profits were up 130% during the recession) and their stockholders benefit -- but their employees need to go on public assistance and we, the taxpayers, end up footing the bill.

Why should I have to finance some rich prick's McDonald's Corporation stock staying at 99.34 instead of 97.86?


wayner said...

Looking at IQ I figure a third of us are dummies, a third are average, and the other third are the lucky smart who know how to screw the other two thirds out of their money. The good paying jobs for the bottom third are now in low wage countries on the other side of the globe, and the bottom third are left with the Mcjobs here. You won't see $20 an hour at MacDonald's cos people won't pay $10 for their artery clogging burgers. If the bottom third can barely read and write how are they going to learn high-tech or skilled jobs? Why the Bible says the poor will always be with us so nothing new.

Anonymous said...

When your rapist asks you for a dollar after, you know we are in dire straits. THAT is not an exaggeration. Imagine what's right below the bottom third (that would be ME). That's felons trying to crawl out of the prisons on top of me. I'm scared. We are seriously sick people. Truly.

A. M. M. said...

I have an IQ well in the genius range and I'm being screwed out of my money by total dimwits who know how to work the public assistance system. Nearly every day I pay for my coworkers' lunches because the foodstamp program is rife with fraud. One person who has one child and working approximately 30 hours per week earning over $10/hr (the minimum starting wage at this company) receives several hundred dollars a month in foodstamps. She also received several hundred in cash assistance for the first six or so months she was employed. She uses her EBT card several times a day for food for herself and will have a cashier ring hot food up as cold so it will be eligible. Another voluntarily reduces her hours for two months each year to remain eligible for EBT, health coverage, and housing. Most of those with EBT live in subsidized housing. What makes this even more frustrating is that this is a way of life for many of these people. When my husband left me with three kids and no employment (I also have a disability which prevents me from driving), I was not able to get any help. I was denied foodstamps twice and I just needed help until I secured employment.
The point is, IQ has nothing to do with wealth attainment. You will find genius in a poor artist and ignorance in a wealthy executive. Business savvy, social skills, and a manipulative nature can take them far, but it can't make them smart.

Unknown said...

Mr. Maher,

How would one go about contacting you, or your team if they had an idea/opportunity that they wanted to share with you. We are working on a software/journalism project that will be a game changer.

And based on what you have said you believe, it is right up your alley.

Anonymous said...

Did it occur to anyone that the Feds knew and allowed the "suspected" Boston bombers to proceed? Or am I the only skeptic in our country? After all, I "suspected" that W was responsible for allowing 9-11.

Mark said...

Yea, I heard you on tonight's (5/16) broadcast talk about this... and the growing gap between the rich and (not so) middle class... all that, I agree, We have a problem in this country... and when you call the super rich out on this issue, I agree also.

However your monologue on this topic followed a joke about Honey Boo Boo's mom getting married to Sugarbear... and yea, Fatrimony, LOL... and the camo and safety orange wedding outfits... Good Lord... But then you made a joke about Walmart Greeters...

Sorry, but you come off, to me anyway, as patronizing... and you give credence to the right when they complain about liberal elitism... I can't stand Fox, News or MSNBC... and, well, this will probably be the last time I watch Real Time... I think it's fine to have a particular agenda... just what is yours????

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