Monday, August 27, 2012

What Will Happen if the Republicans Take Over: Nothing

By Bill Maher

I stole this chart from Slate, which got it from a Dartmouth survey:

It’s pretty comical, really. Republicans say they want to reduce the deficit, but they want to do it in some magical fashion that doesn’t involve raising taxes or cutting any spending. Fifty-three percent tick “none of the above” as a way to reduce the deficit. That’s like deciding to pay off your student loans by daydreaming.  

Also interesting is the Independent category -- these people seem to be more like Republicans than Democrats, except they don’t mind raising taxes and they want to cut the hell out of the military.

In fact I’d say the military spending category is the most telling category of all. It separates the Republicans from everyone else in a way that backs up my contention that what the Republicans really stand for isn’t conservatism, but authoritarianism.


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