Tuesday, October 1, 2013


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Bob said...

Tonights show...BEST EVER. OUTSTANDING!!! and much appreciated.

Tony Tocci said...

Hi Bill,
Great show! There is one thing that I believe you are totally wrong about. The minimum wage should not be increased. Increasing the minimum wage would cause more inflation. The middle class would be hit hard because their salaries would not increase. As a hard working school bus driver my salary of 14.56 per hour would decrease the amount minimum wage goes up. You are a smart man. Please stop touting an increase in the minimum wage. Most jobs have pay increases and position movement for good workers. That is the way to get ahead. Earn it !!!
Thank you for
a great show.

PS I would love to be on your show as the average guy with a opinion.

Anonymous said...


Would you please have your staff research all the Koch Industry politician purchases and full expose the hypocrisy of the great Republican purchase of 2012 - 2014? These guys(David and Charles) are bad.

Also as I have on MSNBC under the nom de plume of Flannelman, have called for a Federal, State, Municipal and City Boycott of Koch Industry contracts and RFPs. Also for the consumers to use the power of the purse and Boycott Georgia Pacific and where ever they might find Koch Industry products.

From a posting on: So it turns out, Kentucky wants Obamacare on MSNBC Morning Joe

There was an old Senator from Kentucky
His attitude was deceitful and plucky
He put bogus legislation in
Thinking he would win
But all he got back was horse pucky!
BTW: Did you notice that Frick and Frack are wearing the identical red Hermes tie? Talk about mind control!
To Any Federal, State, County or City Government: Boycott Koch Industries. Where you can, without penalty, break your contract. If they are responding to an RFP, disqualify them. Pay a little more.
Businessmen, the same to you. Don't buy Georgia Pacific products. Buy Boise Cascade or International Paper. Anything but Koch Industries, if you can.
Consumers (ex-bought Congressmen and Senators, of course) use the power of the purse.

Kick the Koch Brothers in the balls.


Steven Mento said...

As we move further into the season many citizens look forward to the upcoming political elections. At around the same time children get ready for their main event, Halloween. Its as if they were meant to happen around the same time, since there is son much they have in common.
While the halloweeners dress up as their superheroes and go out to fool people with their disguises, we have come to find out that they are just children asking for your help in their entertainment, and of course they have sponsors- their parents.
In politics, and especially right now in congress, there are those in red dressing up as Reagan, George H.W. Bush or even Ulysses S. Grant. Those in blue might be outfitted like John Kennedy, FDR or Thomas Jefferson. So while you may be casting your vote like dropping candy in their bags, try to remember that right now they are just children that don't behave well together anymore. Remember that part of the problem is that their parents are spoiling them, and if you wanted to know who's in charge you'd have to dress up congress in Nascar suits with their sponsors names printed on them.
The NJ senate race could have Booker's suit brandishing Mark Zuckerberg, pharmaceutical companies, hedge fund managers, etc., while Lonegan would be wearing Americans for Prosperity and other Tea Party groups. The top 3 contributors to President Obama's campaign were University of California, Microsoft and Google. The top 3 for Mitt Romney were Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Morgan Stanley.
(Open Secrets.org)
It looks like Citizens United has really opened up a huge can of gummy worms.
So whatever you decide to do this season and whichever costume you like best, my salutation to all of you remains, 'Trick or Treat'!

Steve Mento

Jeff Jimenez said...

With regards to your comment about the number of Aircraft Carriers, there are only 10 active Aircraft Carriers, and 1 of those is being refueled which is about a 4 year process, 2 of those are on deployment, the 2 that just got back from deployment are in some sort of availability getting repairs, might be in a dry-dock availability which is two years long. There is one in Japan, the other ones are going through the process to get qualified to go back on deployment, which means carrier qualifications for pilots, landing and taking off near the shore in case they miss so we don't kill pilots that are learning how to land and take off from a carrier. For the ships crew that is damage control readiness, reactor safety exam, and in-service inspection and on and on. When I was on the Abraham Lincoln the two years preparing for deployment the ship was at sea for qualifications and testing for over half of that time. Also since carriers are on the path towards decommissioning it is important to start building a new carrier before you need it since from the keel laying to commissioning takes from four to six years. Also the last I checked the goal of DoD is to have 12 carriers, not more than 12.

Donald Segui said...

Why arggue over Dem/s and Rep. these are all elected politics shut the fuck up take there pay checks and we will all be doing batter shut the fuck up

Donald Segui said...

None should get a check, neither him!!!!

Bill Pakkala said...

Hey Bill...

How about this for New Rules?

The ultra-right wing of the republicon party in Washington managed to show super-human agility when they sucessfully managed to self-teabag

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Maher, (Bill).
I would like to commend you on your courage to seek the truth, The subjects you covered in your documentary Religulous are very controversial, but very well deserved attention, why is it we are conditioned from childhood to just believe! and do not ask why? this is the 21st century, a time when we can do things we could only imagine in hollywood movies, like Skype,drive electric cars, etc. but yet we are expected to live by, and believe unimaginable stories without any proof.... I do not consider myself a nonbeliever, I consider myself a realist... if anything I believe is, in common sense... maybe we should all pray to the book of common sense, there would be more peace on this earth.... thanks again for your true courage to speak your mind in the face of so many people who have elevated them selves to almost royalty... You are truly a sign that there is hope. the question is... is it all science, or is there some supreme being? God only knows..... Peace!

Da Hawk said...

Bill, Please have the sack to invite a guest like Thomas Sowell who will give you and your audience the factsabout the government shut down. Take Obamas cock outta your mouth and wipe his load outta your eyes so you can see clearly.

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mike m said...

Bill, what happened to you? You are such a little sissy boy, anymore. I can't fucking stand your whining.

Bring back Politically Incorrect. This Real Time is horse shit.


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Tiffany Lee Kraft said...

Brilliant Bill...

What's up with Christians' seemingly calculatedly complicating Christianity? Like, as if blindly believing in an intangible entity weren't difficult enough; they create 2 more intangibles into the equation (Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny). As children we are told with the same conviction that all 3 intangibles not only exist, but can monitor us simultaneously and telepathically and if we were to neglect to believe, we would suffer some sort of negative consequences! Then, to boot, they morph them directly with the most significant and celebrated Christian calendar events! Nevermind the f---ing Tooth Fairy! One by one we are sadly disillusioned as to the existence of each of these characters (braa ha ha! we got u good!) with one remaining...God. I am unconvinced that on some level of every Christian's psyche they aren't just waiting for God to be revealed as a mean spirited hoax in much the same fashion!!! Sadly, my mother failed to disillusion me with regard to any of them...I still tear up thinking back to that first Christmas on my own!!! (tee hee!)

Anonymous said...

Please repent and seek a relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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