Friday, September 18, 2009

New Rule: You Can't Complain About Health Care Reform If You're Not Willing to Reform Your Own Health

New Rule: You can't complain about health care reform if you're not willing to reform your own health. Unlike most liberals, I'm glad all those teabaggers marched on Washington last week. Because judging from the photos, it's the first exercise they've gotten in years. Not counting, of course, all the Rascal scooters there, most of which aren't even for the disabled. They're just Americans who turned 60 and said, "Screw it, I'm done walking." These people are furious at the high cost of health care, so they blame illegals, who don't even get health care. News flash, Glenn Beck fans: the reason health care is so expensive is because you're all so unhealthy.

Yes, it was fun this week to watch the teabaggers complain how the media underestimated the size of their march, "How can you say there were only 60,000 of us? We filled the entire mall!" Yes, because you're fat. One whale fills the tank at Sea World, that doesn't make it a crowd.

President Obama has identified all the problems with the health care system, but there's one tiny issue he refuses to tackle, and that's our actual health.

And since Americans can only be prodded into doing something with money, we need to tax crappy foods that make us sick like we do with cigarettes, and alcohol -- and alcohol actually serves a useful function in society in that it enables unattractive people to get laid, which is more than you can say for Skittles.

I'm not saying tax all soda, but certainly any single serving of soda larger than a baby is not unreasonable. If you don't know whether you burp it or it burps you, that's too big. We need to make taking care of ourselves an issue of patriotism. If you were someone who condemned Bush for not asking Americans to sacrifice for the war on terror, the same must be said for Obama and health care.

President Arugula is not gonna tell Americans they're fat and lazy. No sin tax on food on Obama's watch. And at a time when it's important to set new standards for personal responsibility, he appointed a surgeon general, who is, I'm sorry, kind of fat. Certainly too heavy to be a surgeon general, it's a role model thing. It would be like appointing a Secretary of the Treasury who didn't pay his taxes. He did?

And get this: Surgeon General Benjamin had previously been a nutritional advisor to Burger King. The only advice a "health expert" should give Burger King is to stop selling food. The "nutritional advisor" job was described as, "promoting balanced diets and active lifestyle choices" -- and who better to do that than the folks who hand you meat and corn syrup through a car window? When you have a surgeon general who comes from Burger King, it's a message to lobbyists, and that message is, "Have it your way."


Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch, by the way, the April 2000 Air Force instruction on Air Defense operations was in-effect on September 11, 2001. Guess when the instruction was revised? June of 2009!

The instruction says, "The First Air Force Commander (1 AF/CC), in his role as the CONUS NORAD Region Commander, provides CINCNORAD/Commander US Element NORAD with TW/AA, surveillance and control of the airspace of the United States and appropriate response against air attack."

Now the articles on NORAD I found from the 1990s all confirm that NORAD was indeed monitoring American territorial airspace, as the April 2000 Air Force instruction orders!

Check out the five papers I have on NORAD at The Air Force instruction material can be found in the last paper I wrote on NORAD...The NORAD Papers V.

Dean Jackson Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Dean Jackson said...

Katrina’s Fourth Anniversary ------

For those of you who still believe that the media pretty much reports the truth, and that the media reported the truth (or close to it) about 9/11, then watch Aaron Broussard (Jefferson Parish President) on September 5, 2005 being interviewed on Meet the Press. Fast forward to 3:10 minutes in the YouTube video below where Broussard says that FEMA officers were cutting down the emergency communication lines days after Katrina blew over:

Did you notice when Aaron Broussard said that FEMA cut the emergency communication lines, Tim Russert ignored that bomb shell revelation?! Russert refused to ask any follow up questions about FEMA cutting Jefferson Parish’s emergency communication lines!

Also, several months after Katrina hit, the National Hurricane Center affirmed that Category 1 -2 winds (74-110 mph) swept over New Orleans, NOT Category 4 or 5 winds:

Google the CNN article title: Katrina was Category 3, not 4

Now, at the time Katrina was approaching New Orleans, government officials were worried that the New Orleans levee system would not survive a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. There was NEVER any question that the levee system couldn't cope with Category 1 - 2 hurricanes!

In other words, all the reports we were getting from persons living near the levee system saying that the levee was blown up are true!

Now, did you pay attention to the newscasts on the fourth anniversary of Katrina? All the commentators talked about Category 4 - 5 winds. They STILL won't tell you that the actual winds that hit New Orleans were Category 1 - 2 winds!

Are you now beginning to understand how the media covers up crimes committed by the Federal government regardless of the political party in power in Washington, DC?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

ZenGrouch said...

"Now, did you pay attention to the newscasts on the fourth anniversary of Katrina? All the commentators talked about Category 4 - 5 winds. They STILL won't tell you that the actual winds that hit New Orleans were Category 1 - 2 winds!"...

Your head must be incredibly deep up your ass, to make such ignorant comments...

Who in the fuck are "They"?

Anonymous said...

I notice that the teabaggers don't seem to have jobs to go to, that would take precendence over road tripping to Hooverville.

Innoculate Washington First! said...

It is outrageous that healthcare workers in America are being forced to vaccinate for the flu against their will and if they don't they will be fired. This only gives the patient and Bureaucrats the perception of having control over a non-deadly issue – it is as real as Y2K was.
Your next Bill as well as all the children of America!! Help the cause.

Is anyone thinking in America?

So, in one piece of federal legislation designed to address terrorism threats against the United States, federal health officials were given the power they had been seeking to force vaccination on citizens without informed consent and generally be held blameless for the vaccine-induced death or injury of any citizen. Understanding that public health and vaccine laws are under state control, in 1999 the Centers for Disease Control commissioned the drafting of model state legislation which would give broad new powers to public health officials. Known as the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), this draft legislation would make it easy for public health officials to persuade Governors to declare a “public health emergency” and use the state militia, if necessary, to arrest, quarantine and forcibly vaccinate citizens, while those who make vaccines or enforce use of them would be exempt from liability for any vaccine deaths or injuries which occur. This draft legislation was immediately released post-September 11, 2001 and passed by nearly half the states by November 2002.

Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch says, "Who in the fuck are "They"?"

ZenGrouch, didn't you read the comment? The media COMMENTATORS! That's who!

Please explain your "ignorant" comment.

If all you can do is not carefully read comments and call persons ignorant for no reason, then why are you commenting at all?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

While I agree with the fact that people themselves need to reform their own health, it isn't always easy. I'm privileged now to have a job that pays me enough to bring good food into my home to prepare. However when I was younger my parents didn't have that luxury, and when you have 2 kids to feed and only a few dollars in your pocket what's easier to buy? A full meal off the dollar menu or happy meals? Some ramen and crap out of a can? Or a healthy fruits, vegetables, and meats? Often my mother would come home with sugary sodas and juices because fruit juice and tea were 2 or 3 times the price. The point I wish to make is that taxing alone won't help. Discounts should be considered for healthy food as well. Otherwise I doubt we'll see a change in any one's habits.

ZenGrouch said...

"Please explain your "ignorant" comment"...

#1 You made several claims.
#2 You claimed to have proof.
#3 I asked you to share this proof.
#4 You produced something only an ignorant and quite possibly mentally ill person would consider to be "proof" of anything.

You're ignorant and crazy!

Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch says,

"#1 You made several claims.
#2 You claimed to have proof.
#3 I asked you to share this proof.
#4 You produced something only an ignorant and quite possibly mentally ill person would consider to be "proof" of anything.

You're ignorant and crazy!"

Maybe you think an elected official accusing FEMA of sabotage is ignorant and crazy, but that’s you. The fact that Tim Russert brushed off this blockbuster story, and there was no Justice Department investigation, confirms one thing: ZenGrouch must be a child. How old are you?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

iamkrista said...

Instead of taxing unhealthy foods containing, say, high fructose corn syrup, could the government please just stop SUBSIDIZING the production of corn so that we have a healthier food supply? Do we really need more taxes to compensate for the retarded subsidies? Can we possibly use any common sense? Please?

Lifer said...

Fifty years ago, Americans used to be amongst the healthiest people anywhere. Today, the nation ranks dead last amongst Western industrialized nations and has been overtaken by some less than prosperous ones. With respect to the general population, life expectancy in America continues to slip, descending to 77.3 at birth, compared to Canada at 79.8 years and the Japanese reigning at 81.9. America is unique among Western nations in that 63% of its population are overweight, with an unprecedented 34% of the general population being obese and as many as six million being morbidly (or super) obese. Additional factors unique to America include that it has the highest homicide rate of all industrialized countries and given its size, is the largest consumer of illegal drugs in the world.

How does adding a nickel in taxes to the cost of soda pop change this?

ZenGrouch said...

"Maybe you think an elected official accusing FEMA of sabotage is ignorant and crazy, but that’s you"...

I'm suppose to take your word for that?

Didn't I say I'd like to see that interview?

Didn't I ask where it can be viewed?

Put up or shut the fuck up you loon.

Unknown said...

Agreed, but also don't complain about it and be deathly afraid of public health care and bow down to the fear mongering by everyone. The fear mongering is about as bad as Bush's campaign and subsequent speaches about "evil". The US is not progressing like the rest of the world in it's views and attitudes, it almost seems like you are regressing back to the old testament which is religulous:). The country seems too arrogant to borrow the good ideas and systems that are working in other countries. Some very affluent countries at that. Public health care is a good idea-I cannot believe that it is off the table. A major disappointment for the people and for the country. Passing a bill like that would actually gain some respect back with the world. Right now, I don't think the US is all that respected and it is because of many different reasons, but also because of it's antiquated attitudes. The fact that Sarah Pahlin's ideas are even seriously considered is proof in point. Sorry, had to throw a shot in there:). Push for public health care. It is not the enemy, it is not evil, it is about compassion and what is right for the people. Some constructive feedback from your Canadian neighbour that has public health care, good living standards and social programs that make sense. We are not a communist societ, we are not even a socialist society and we are not exclusively a capitalist society. We do have some social programs that make sense for the people. We make reasonable and logical decisions (ok not always, we are definitely not perfect in any way), but we did get the idea behind health care right and how it is used to serve the people. Could it be better? Yes. Could it be worse? Yes, it could be the US style of health care.

Unknown said...

I was always sick as a kid, by the time I was nineteen I'd been hospitalized 4 times and had 3 things removed. I spent my entire childhood on anti-biotics. In my 20's I started paying attention to what I ate and noticed a big difference. It took a long time, but eventually I realized that wheat, sugar, and dairy had to go, or as they're called in some circles, the "white devils". Now I try to be as raw as possible and constantly get ridiculed for being so "obsessed" with what I eat, and by "obsessed", they mean actually thinking before I shovel food into my mouth, and by "they", I mean everyone I know. I'm surrounded by fat, unhealthy people who all take tons of medication. A few weeks ago my father was all excited telling me about Rush Limbaugh's new diet and how he doesn't even have to exercise and is still losing weight. It broke my heart to hear him raving about this guy when I'm sitting there, my raw, healthy, glowing, self and my dad thinks I'm a joke and Rush Limbaugh is a genius because he stopped mixing surf and turf. I don't think it's ever going to change, and I don't even have the strength to care anymore. People are disgusting and there's too many of them, I don't even know why I try. No one's willing to reform their own health, people love being lazy, fat, and disgusting, and making life hell for anyone who's not.

Brandon said...

Bill: HEALTHCARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a fan. Next...

Want to hear about something really interesting? Or...a guest that would shake up America? Please google Dr. Zane Gates.

First off, Dr. Gates has been receiving multiple awards left and right for his work on health care for the poor and working poor. HE SHOULD BE ON YOUR SHOW. If your staffers do their homework they will see that he has the answers to the country's healthcare problems.

Dr. Gates has a WORKING MODEL in the central PA area for health care. Around here it's no secret but it needs to spread. DO YOUR HOMEWORK ON THIS GUY. He is a genius and his vision will catch up but it should be before a bill is passed. He recently received an honorary degree from a local highly reputable university. Webmd just named him as their hero of the year award winner. His health care plan will surface to the nation in time but pa politics has it marinating because of the usual political bullshit. GOOGLE HIM AND SEE FOR YOURSELF.....His free clinic has been a sustainable source of free healthcare to thousands for over 10 years now.

It is taking to long for recognition...please just look into it. He would make for an excellent guest. He is a black man that came from the local projects and is looked upon as a hero in this area and my best friend.


Brandon McHenry, L.P.I.

Dr. Zane Gates, M. D.

Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch says, "I'm suppose to take your word for that?

Didn't I say I'd like to see that interview?

Didn't I ask where it can be viewed?

Put up or shut the fuck up you loon.

September 18, 2009 9:59 PM."

Oh, I see! You missed the proof! It's up above in my third comment. See it? The YouTube link to the Meet the Press segment with Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard.

Here is the link again (fast forward to 3:10 minutes in the video for the pertinent remarks):

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

ClearThinker said...

How about dumping the laugh tracks, applause machines and "ooh-aahh" generators for a while, Bill?
Your views regarding the "poor illegals" and their proposed lack of free health care is ridiculous. You talk of them as they're under privileged *LEGAL* citizens. Remember one thing in your rants against the "nasty conservatives". These people are here **ILLEGALLY**. Get it? Look up the word if you're not sure what it means, Ok? You ask "what are we going to do with the bleeding Mexicans"... as if all Mexicans are illegal aliens. First of all, not *all* Mexicans are here illegally. The ones who *are* need to be kicked *out* of our country! Period! Then, their *own* country can take care of them when they're "bleeding". If you can get thrown in jail for smoking a joint or smoking a cigarette in the wrong place, why is it "bad" to arrest illegals?

Grey Ghost said...

Bill, I agree with a lot of what you say however don't go "Howard Sterns" on the public. It seems when you have a thought or pick a side that it is either "Bills" way or noway.
When it comes to your health care ideas, this entire "Sin Tax" is stupid. Sure tax cigarettes,and alcohol because they are so evil. Now lets put a sin tax on soda and maybe twinkies because they are unhealthy. Wait I have an idea lets put a sin tax on sugar because it causes diabetes or salt because it is bad for you. Then we can add a "Chef boy R dei" (excuse the spelling, I don't eat the crap.) A mac and cheese, a Ben and Jerry , a coffee and of course you can't forget that flavored coffee creamer crap.

Sure lets just tax everything that some people who don't use or enjoy sometimes. Soon everything will be a sin, everything will have some bullshit named tax on it, and even if you don't smoke , drink , or like soda. Sooner or later the one thing you like will get some irremovable labeled tax added to it. Smart move Bill. You know for a knowledgeable man sometimes you are really ignorant.

New Rule: When you have a cable show that millions see than use you mind before you read the dumb shit the writers get put on you "Q" cards.

Grey Ghost said...

Bill, I agree with a lot of what you say however don't go "Howard Sterns" on the public. It seems when you have a thought or pick a side that it is either "Bills" way or noway.
When it comes to your health care ideas, this entire "Sin Tax" is stupid. Sure tax cigarettes,and alcohol because they are so evil. Now lets put a sin tax on soda and maybe twinkies because they are unhealthy. Wait I have an idea lets put a sin tax on sugar because it causes diabetes or salt because it is bad for you. Then we can add a "Chef boy R dei" (excuse the spelling, I don't eat the crap.) A mac and cheese, a Ben and Jerry , a coffee and of course you can't forget that flavored coffee creamer crap.

Sure lets just tax everything that some people who don't use or enjoy sometimes. Soon everything will be a sin, everything will have some bullshit named tax on it, and even if you don't smoke , drink , or like soda. Sooner or later the one thing you like will get some irremovable labeled tax added to it. Smart move Bill. You know for a knowledgeable man sometimes you are really ignorant.

New Rule: When you have a cable show that millions see than use you mind before you read the dumb shit the writers get put on you "Q" cards.

ZenGrouch said...

"The YouTube link to the Meet the Press segment with Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard"...

Wait a minute, didn't you say "THEY" didn't allow this to be shown? The interview where the Parish President broke down crying, a few days after the hurricane, when emotions were still running high?

How believable is his statement about FEMA cutting all communications lines, the "day before" and Harry Lee then repairing them?

OK, Maybe Harry did repair all of these cut lines in the middle of total chaos, in less than a day.

The statement also mentioned that Harry posted armed guards on those communications lines, and would have taken action, as I would expect, should anyone attempt to cut them.

So, how does Broussard know it was FEMA that cut the lines, and why did they do such a bad job of taking down the lines that they were easily restored under some really adverse conditions, with a infrastructure stretched really thin?

OK, thanks for posting the clip, but if you consider a guy breaking down after going without sleep for days, literally sobbing on camera to be a source of proof, while events were still fluid, then you're truly stupid and crazy.

Yeah, FEMA sent a team to New Orleans to sabotage communication lines of local law enforcement, before doing ANYTHING else...

Let me guess, you believe Bush was behind 9-11, in ways that would require intelligence, rather than stupidity?

Yeah, that would make your own psychotic ignorance more palatable.

Look, you stupid fuck... get a dictionary and look up the word "proof."

Then apply that to your claims about NORAD too, you ignorant motherfucker!

Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch says, "OK, thanks for posting the clip, but if you consider a guy breaking down after going without sleep for days, literally sobbing on camera to be a source of proof, while events were still fluid, then you're truly stupid and crazy."

ZenGrouch, most people experiencing elements within their government sabotaging the Katrina rescue and trying to kill them would break down!

What has going without sleep got to do with Aaron Broussard's charges? What has going without sleep got to do with Tim Russert's total obliviousness to Aaron Broussard's blockbuster charges? What has sleep got to do with a Justice Department investigation?

ZenGrough, you're a troll (or an idiot).

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

jenniferhizzle said...

Well all these people that are mad about health care for all and don't won't goverment health care for there self or anyone at all .This is what they should do when they turn 65 turn down medicare because it's goverment run health care and they don't won't that now .And they say they don't won't to pay for other peoples health care well sorry but you already do .You pay for all these seniors. goverment takes are tax money they use it for what ever they won't they never call people up and say ya we won't to go to war so will it be ok to use your money for that thanks .Please They never ask or hold town hall's over a war or any other laws they just do what they won't we gave are money to all those banks they didn't hold town hall meetings and ask if it was ok .The goverment makes us pay taxes and if you don't they come after you and make you pay so if everyones pays why don't the goverment say thanks for giving me you tax dollers to do what ever we won't with .So in return I'll make sure you are in good health and when you are not in good health. I'll make sure you get taken care of . But no they take care of us when we are sick by dumping us on the street when we can't pay .It doesn't matter to them all they won't is are tax dollers .And to keep are mouths shut .I had hope that obama would make changes and shake things up but now I thank he's scard to rock the boat.For my self and my kids I hope we all get good health care or do some thing .Because are health care sucks I know my husbend had three heart attacks and his job fired him and left us with no health care and then he had another one and we lost are home and file bankruptcy .when he went in the hospatil he told his doctor he had no way to pay him or anyone elas his doctor said I don't care I will not let you die he side file bankruptcy after .So we did we had no other choice because no other health care would cover him .I hope obama can do something for us it would be a shame if he backs down.

Dean Jackson said...

Blue Eyed Devil says,


How exactly could Norad have prevented 911? they would have seen civilian jets with published flight plans going where they were scheduled to go, up until it was too late."

Blue Eyed Devil, stick to what my comment says, and stop trying to steer the conversation away from what my NORAD posting says:

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

Blue Eyed Devil, now why do you think NORAD continues to lie about its monitoring capabilities over the United States? Answer that question correctly, and you will see who was really responsible for 9/11.

You really think a terrorist organization would mount an operation over American skies that had zero probability of succeeding? No, a true terrorist operation would have used the ground to implement their attacks, not the skies where NORAD was watching all aircraft!

By the way, after Flight 11 impacted the North Tower at 8:46, NORAD supervisors/radar operators would have been on alert for any unusual flight paths. Well, ten minutes later at 8:56 they would have seen Flight 77 do a complete 180 degree turn, heading back to the highest restricted area of the United States...Washington, DC!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Dean Jackson said...

Isn’t it truly amazing the in-your-face lies we are told about 9/11? What are they thinking? That we can be told utter nonsense, and we won’t notice?

First we were told that NORAD didn't monitor American airspace on 9/11. Well, if one does a search on the Internet on NORAD, one finds multiple articles published BEFORE September 11, 2001 that say NORAD did monitor the territorial airspace of the United States:

"NORAD defines air sovereignty as providing surveillance and control of the territorial airspace, which includes:

1. intercepting and destroying uncontrollable air objects;

2. tracking hijacked aircraft;

3. assisting aircraft in distress;

4. escorting Communist civil aircraft; and

5. intercepting suspect aircraft, including counterdrug operations and peacetime military intercepts." -- Government Accountability Office, 1994.

Then we were told that the World Trade Center towers weren't designed to survive aircraft impacts of 757s flying at high speeds; that they could only survive speeds of approximately 180 mph. Well, several years after 9/11, someone at the NYC Port Authority leaked documents that proved that the WTC were indeed designed to survive impacts of 707s flying at 600 mph (which would have caused more damage than the 767s that actually flew into the towers at 440 mph—Flight 11—and Flight 175’s impact speed of 540 mph):

"The buildings have been investigated and found to be safe in an assumed collision with a large jet airliner (Boeing 707 - DC 8) traveling at 600 miles per hour. Analysis indicates that such collision would result only in local damage which would not cause collapse or substantial damage to the building and would not endanger the lives and safety of occupants not in the immediate area of impact." Appendix A, NISTNCSTAR1-2, April 26, 2006 update.

And in 1993 the lead structural engineer for the WTC said of the fires in the towers that would be caused by the jet fuel spilling into them:

"Our analysis indicated the biggest problem would be the fact that all the fuel (from the airplane) would dump into the building. There would be a horrendous fire. A lot of people would be killed," he said. "The building structure would still be there." John Skilling, Lead Structural Engineer for the WTC, The Seattle Times, February 27, 1993.

As you can see folks, the lies are massive and obvious. George Orwell would have been disappointed by today’s Ministry of Truth. In Orwell's 1984, lies are not supposed to be so easily disproved!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

The Ranter said...

As far as health care reform it is a no brainer for anyone with a brain who is not in the top ten percentile for wealth in this country.

On another note we were watching the newest show today we being myself and my Czech girlfriend Lenka and the topic of the radar in Cazech came up. Your guest said that the people there wanted this thing in there country and I want everyone in the US to know that at least 60% of the population there did not want the radar. I have been there and witnessed numerous anti radar rallies. And lastly when the news came out that we were not going to build the radar station in the Czech the headlines over there were all very positive no one was upset with the US for this decision. So if anything this wsa a good thing for us in at least the Czech republic.

Anonymous said...

"Excellent..." Montgomery Burns

"Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me" George W. Bush

"Up Yours rule of law!" -Zen Grouch

Unknown said...

There is a way to change our health for the future, and also our FUTURE generations..And, I believe we could do it in 12 years..

Most kids, if you ask them where milk comes from, they will say, "The Grocery Store.." Children these days don't know HOW to do much of anything.. The have no work ethic, and no knowledge of how the REAL world works. They don't go outside, and rarely think outside the box of daily exposure to whatever is on TV..

If schools used money to build raise beds, hydroponic gardening, etc., ( Raise good food instead of grass, or use unused roof space.. Plus, think of the savings on mowing the lawns..I'd actually like to know the annual budget for lawn maintaince here in the South for a typical school.. I think it'd be a shock.LOL) Then, every child from the first through the 12th grade were REQUIRED to spend one hour a day, every day during school to learn about Horiculture, Animal Husbandy, Nutrition, Recycling, Solar and Alternative Energy sources and how to build and use them...Those hours at times during the course of 12 years would also include, harvesting, nutrition, cooking it and serving it in the cafeteria's, which builds community and teaches them about nutrition as well..Also, teaching them a work ethic which is sorely missing in our youth today... Thoughout the 12 years they would learn how to DO for themselves, work and create and build. Within , most likely, TEN years, the next generation would be changed, and society as well...It's though the education of the youth, that brings change the quickest..Now, in my mind that would be money well spent with A HUGE strain off our resources along with a certain outcome for the way people live their lives for the future....The lives of all generation down the road would be changed from what they in turn teach THEIR kids through example as well as what they learn at school..Each generation would raise children who are smarter and more aware of the world as a whole...

Kids LIKE discipline... It's a positive aproach to teaching that as well..

craigwill said...

Here's an idea for a TV spot for a national heath campaign: Show clips of the tea baggers in DC then run the caption, "This is your brain on high-fructose corn syrup."

ZenGrouch said...

"Blue Eyed Devil, now why do you think NORAD continues to lie about its monitoring capabilities over the United States? Answer that question correctly, and you will see who was really responsible for 9/11"...

Once again you've shown us that what you consider to be "proof" can only be considered that, by one ignorant motherfuckin' psychotic.

OK, I'll be ignoring you from here on out, and hope that others may see fit to do likewise, in the hopes that you'll go away, you stupid piece of shit.

Dean Jackson said...

ZenGrouch says, "Once again you've shown us that what you consider to be "proof" can only be considered that, by one ignorant motherfuckin' psychotic."

ZenGrouch I may be "one ignorant motherfuckin' psychotic", but my psychological makeup didn't make NORAD write in 1997, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

Nor did my psychological makeup make the Air Force in 2004 contradict what NORAD said in 1997 when it said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Unknown said...

What would a Republican do about a bleeding Mexican? The answer was given in 1986 when Reagan signed the unfunded mandate EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Law).

This law mandates that the Emergency Department of the Hospital he/she walks into provide care. All to often in the private sector this means the on-call physician (who is in reality a small business separate from the hospital) provides emergent treatment and all subsequent aftercare until resolution of the problem with no re-imbursement.

This care cannot be taken as a tax deduction and certainly is not compensated for by overpayment of professional fees (Part B) for care provided to Medicare patients. Also as more and more private insurors subside to a level of professional fee reimbursement (when and if they reimburse for pre-authorized care) on a par with Medicare, this commonly promulgated myth is further dispelled.

Bottom line is the professional services and aftercare rendered to the bleeding Mexican are only paid for by one tax payer, the treating physician operating under the
Republican passed unfunded mandate EMTALA.

Its about time some self declared "expert" on healthcare got it right.


Unknown said...

Bill, I totally agree with you - about people who scarf fast food, overeat, and refuse to exercise. But you should know that you can't pin that on every person who carries a few extra pounds. I was always thin and I ate whatever I wanted. I ate brownies for meals. But years ago I quit all that. I haven't had soda since the 70's. Weight crept up. So I started going to the gym 5-6 times a week, hired a great trainer, ate nothing but clean food, no snacking, no crap. Worked hard as hell and ate really well. And taking off the weight was almost impossible. I watch my male friends gorge on cheese danish and cheese steak sandwiches, haven't seen a gym in years, and stay slim. I guarantee if you had to work as hard and eat as "boring" as I do to stay slim, you'd be fat. Don't assume everyone who isn't ideal weight is lazy or self-indulgent. Some of us work really hard and still carry a few extra pounds.

Unknown said...

Racism is genetic.

Your show often discusses racism as it relates to Obama. Let me say at this point that I am a white man that voted for him. On the show you discussed President Carter's opinion. I believe we all have the predisposition for racism. Its just stronger in those that don't rely on logic.

To make my point, I would start with the question, Why do we love our children? In the evolution of man, those people that loved and protected their offspring carried on. Those that didn't, died off and the non-altruistic gene died with them.

Now take it one step further. Beyond the family, we also benefit from a tribe. Early man had a vested interested in others because it would be hard to take down a mammoth alone.

Since mammoths were limited in number, other tribes competed for the same food. Therefore, the gene to dislike people from other tribes arose.

The residual of the gene still exists today. We are naturally attracted to people like ourselves. That could apply to race, faith, language, obesity, intelligence, or just about anything. We all define our "tribes" differently. Likewise we are naturally leary of outsiders because they compete with us to survive (jobs).

Racism is stronest where differences are most obvious, such as people of color. Furthermore, it gets the most attention because it's the most identifiable. If a Catholic store owner hires a Catholic kid no one notices. He may not even know why he picked the kid himself.

My point is that everyone to some degree has this gene. Most people have no idea that they have it. They can't explain why they like or dislike Obama. It's just a gut feeling. Unfortunately, alot of people are ignorant on issues and go on this gut feeling. Or they blindly follow tribe leaders like the douchebag Limbaugh.

If President Obama were equally intelligent, but "more black", would he be our president? Probally not.

David in Nashville

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Your brilliance,Bill, is astounding! Last week you axed us to stand for Responsible Liberty, Bill...I am wondering if you and all might help, then, to coalesce a voice for re-creation among us that follows my book. Our time is now upon us to Unite for the Noble Cause, everyone: FIXXIT NOW!
Lee Kierig, Architect

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Your brillaince, Bill, is magnificent! Thank you. Last week you axed us to stand up and quit shouting at the Unite.
Indeed, our time is now upon us everyone. Following the themes in my book, I have posted a petition on - FIXXIT NOW! Please, everyone, might YOU help coalesce a voice for re-creation among us? Lee Kierig

jennielucas said...

There is still an out, sorry to offend, as I am in sync with Religulous, but most states have a "religious objection" clause to vaccinations, most often used for parents - THINKING, INFORMED parents who do not want their children routinely immunised against diseases that no longer threaten the population. As a Quaker, I disagree with forcing ANYONE to have a "treatment" that they do not wish. To me, that is assault with a deadly needle. My child and grandchildren have grown up safe without being immunised, thanks to the the religious clause, otherwise they would have been denied admission to school! Grown-ups who are fired from their jobs for not being physically assaulted with a needle, injected with God-knows-what into their bodies - what kind of a country are we living in??????

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

There is a distinct and egregious problem with how we view "GOD" that has people believing all sorts of unsubstantiated rubbish that steals creative freedom. Killing in the name of "GOD" is moronic and furthermore, denying children their fundamental "right" to choose as given by THEIR coming into life, is a control mechanism based on fear and coercion. Parents who "believe" in superstitions cooked up around a campfire in antiquity are essentially denying themselves access to fervent creative experience while asserting their beliefs upon their children who have a "right" to choose for their own selves. It is a violation of Natural Law to express beliefs into the Domain of Public Trusts without reverence for ALL people's "right" to choose...get a grip. quakers, catholics, christians, muslims, hindus, judaism...ALL come into the Domain without reverence for the fundamental "right" to choose resulting in a stunted life forced upon too is the sad sick Grand Ruse concocted in antiquity by cave-brained ignorance. Where is the Infinite LOVE in what we do?Lee Kierig

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Dogma...the killer of spirits...the moronic assertion from which arises prejudice, aggression, condemnation, wrath and all the kinds of subjugation of children coerced into believing addle-brained stuff through implements of bribery and fear. Ignorance is the primary cause of all calamity that is pushing us into catastrophe and collapse. Jim Merkel says: the three sacred cows of humanity; go forth and multiply; more/bigger is better and don't worry, technology will save us.....WHEN, in all reverence will we UNITE for the Noble Cause to finally reckon the manner of human acting that has never been questioned for any vital merit in the World value arena? Might we become better students of who we are, what we've NOT become and where we are going to relish becoming an aspired humanity thru principals of LOVE, altruism, responsibility, respect, ethics, truth and philanthropy, perhaps? : FIXXIT NOW!
Lee Kierig, Architect

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Bill...dear good man...might you come forward and help coalesce a reverent, benevolent and dignified voice of Unity among us for the vital purpose to finally reckon the malpractice asserted by a bent-over humanity more interested in centric beliefs than holistic Sustainability? Lee Kierig, Architect

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

What Nashville Dave said about tribal behavior is approx. true. Consider that if the alpha leader of your kingdom (hint) takes as breeding partner an alpha candidate from another kingdom, then the betas eventually step into line and start fucking and trading across the imaginary line of prejudice.

What a wonderful melting pot this is! I love beautiful women.

Since its Sunday let me tell you about the teachings of the Rabbi Jesus... no, lets not go there, since the quacks overran that temple 1700 yrs ago. I will point out that President Wxyz invited The Prince of Darkness to his coronation, then thought it not such a good idea. Too late, George! Great way to start your reign of terror!

Since I want to run this by the willfully ignorant, let me tell you about the manifestation of God in your daily lives. God's judgement is absolute, impartial and immediate. The judgement day you are waiting for is Today and your time of judgement is Now. It is always so. Your Eternal Reward can be measured this way: "from each according to their ability, to each according to their ability". Your salvation lies in your self-education and rational action. The sins of the father - and mother, and tribe - most definitely factor into this, in the most exact manner possible.

Rabbi Jesus taught independence. He said find the love within yourself, not in someone else's temple. He also could not save himself from his enemies, which should give you some indication of how much his message has been twisted by those who mean to rule you.

When I hear that a wannabe Ms Kalifornia thinks God told her to fuck up that opportunity, I think thats pretty funny. When I hear that the President of the United States thinks God speaks to him, before or while he is in office, I fear for the human race.

Anonymous said...

"Success depends on beginning, so start where you are with what you have and what you can do in the next 60 seconds."
- unknown

Anonymous said...

From what I have read the number of 'frivolous' malpractice claims is not worth mentioning, while the number of justifiable malpractice claims is far below the amount of negligent injuries done.

Because of the bloodsucking lawyers.

Let's resolve malpractice by improving the caliber of health professionals. When a medical practioner cripples, disfigures or kills someones, lets revoke their medical license - and the licenses of all those who sponsored them.

Since healthcare became big money the quality of medical practioners has gone to shit. Raise the bar.

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

To Lens...there is NO "judgement" to be made by THE ALL PERFECT LOVE. There is no purposeful spite...why would there be, IF "GOD" is, after all, THE ALL PERFECT INFINITE LOVE? And as you say, only WE are responsible for the feeble and moronic assertions that are made to control thru implements of fear, stemming from our primal and basal instinct that needs to be flushed down the stinky pipe...NOW! From the 1st chapter in my book: Right now, all across the face of our sweet all-giving Earth, the aggression of men presides and continues unabated as the dominant theme, clearly serving only the "I", "ME" and "MINE" among us, as individuals and more egregiously corrosive as cultural groups. Asserting a half-cooked brand of "truth" we are clearly diminished in dignity while at each other's throats, while vying for dominance, while scrambling to claim territory and booty, AND while claiming special favor, alliance, legion and blessing from GOD. our reality. our legacy. our fallacy. where we falter and fail ourselves. Desperately clinging to a flawed tradition that has infected our camp, our place and our vision, we blindly stand stupefacient against LOVE. What's up with that?
Lee Kierig, Architect

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thats the kind of rant I was fishing for!

What do you mean by we, Kimosabe?

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Again from my book: As an observer...I am wondering about:
1] The morass of sententious principles appearing profoundly evident and blatantly applied thru implements of aggression by humanity...only serving to set us against ourselves;
2] The insatiable thirst for dominance and power, also serving to set us against ourselves;
3] The escalating and despicable shifty scuffle to seize material substance from each other and Earth also serving to set us against ourselves.
The nature of my opining is merely social and ontological commentary regarding general exploitation schemes plainly exhibited upon the World stage by the proclivities of humankind, expressed as:
1] Unwavering and obtuse male corporeal aggression aligned with;
2] Universally applied wealth extraction strategies and;
3] Universally contrived -male dominated- aphotic morality constructs claiming special legion with and favor of a Jekyll-and-Hyde bipolar, vindictive and vengeful creator-destroyer god.
These three things are blowin' it for us, man. Right now and inarguably plain, is the moronic world dominion silly-prance being conducted by the dominant dissociated theocratic societies who make identical claims of divine favor and superiority and aggressively assert morosely austere prejudiced views upon the world stage and more corruptly upon us, the children of Earth. Plainly standing, they oppose the mandates of Natural Law in the Domain of Public Trusts to: protect the life, health, safety and welfare of the public and to protect all limited offerings of Earth...while we wear our old-old coat showing off our medals of conquest, shiny pop-gear spangles and our faces of many fronts, creating virtual ground ruses of cheat and scam with our pockets and carpet bags jammed full of trinkets, blood money and salvation booty for all to see. In the eons of our coming forward, is THIS the hallmark achievement of who we are? We must UNITE now for the express and Noble Purpose to ask the world to STOP! Sign my petition, perhaps? FIXXIT NOW!
Lee Kierig, Architect

Anonymous said...

"Fascism is when the government supports the corporate world and this is what they're doing." - Tommy Chong

Anonymous said...

By 'we' you mean people like this scumbag?

Or this pinhead?

Or these degreed, morally bankrupt assholes?

Anonymous said...

How about these pythonesque twits?

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

Lens...yes, fascism IS what you call it when special interest takes control of the governance...we've been a'lookin' that way since the Civil War and mostly so since the Industrial Revolution...our first 9 Presidents warned us but did we listen? Nooooooooo. Also, capitalism is a fancy word for profiteering and piracy...nuthin' personalm it;s just bizness, buddy.
Lee Kierig

Anonymous said...

How about these pythonesque twits?

jennielucas said...

Quakerism was founded on civil disobedience and freedom of choice for individuals. No need for a diatribe or a history. People need to be allowed to make their own choices for their own needs instead of following, lemming-like, the dictated rules of our ""leaders".

Anonymous said...

Family values = shagging the kids. Is this practice for holding office?

Anonymous said...

Just when did the inalienable rights to "life, liberty and the puruit of happiness" degrade to "the right to remain silent"?

I would say, Nixon + Hoover + Bush + Cointelpro.

Anonymous said...

When you consider the number of Republican members of the religious right/anti choice crowd that have been arrested and sentenced for these perverse acts with children, you come to realize that in their place, at least, religion and conservative politics are truly the hiding places of perverts and scoundrels, perhaps in larger numbers than anywhere else in our country.

Or as Gomer Pyle might have put it, “Surprise, Surprise!”

Anonymous said...

Q: Why doesn't the FBI-CIA take down obstructors of the American political process like these?

A: Professional courtesy

nathan said...

At the beginning of August, I went to the Iowa State Fair.

Feeling a bit frisky, I brought my camera.

I ended up taking more pictures of fatties on rascals than I would have ever imagined. Everyone was eating deep fried everything.

If you want to talk health care, you absolutely have to start with personal responsibility.

Anonymous said...

I need a doctor to prescribe the nutrition supplements I want, that until research showed that they work, were available off the shelf. Big pharma has had them restricted as prescription drugs.

Interesting that they didn't bother to educate my doctor about them.

If you love the Angry Triple Whopper @ BK, you shouldn't ever get angry. What BK admits about that thing is that its a heart attack on a crappy roll.

91g FAT = 140% RDA
165% RDA saturated fat
4g trans fats, which are banned in EU
250g unidentified material that magically has no caloric index

I wasn't going to eat one but if anyone was, heroin is better for you.

Except for the kicking.

Anonymous said...

Read for yourself:

Hold the angry sauce, I don't like smegma.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Maher
Sadly idk other wat to contact you, but i just watched your documentary. I thought it was genius, but i do think you missed some points. For instance i think it would have been awesome if you could diferentiate between religion and spirituality. That is go and shot people from India an Japan, perhaps do an interview with the Dalai Lama. Also I come from Ecuador, and perhaps you could have come here or any latin american region (except from Puerto Rico and that douche of Miranda); and really see spiritual syncretism...Just few ideas that i thought you missed. So take care Mr. Maher...hope you get to me soon...peace

Common Sense said...

Harken back, George Bush doesn't care about black people. One of the most prolific serial killers in Texas history,sentenced to death for involvement in over 100 murders commuted to life. The only commutation during the Bush governership. Yet,he had no problem executing blacks and hispanics!! henry lee lucas!!!why did the dems not bring this up?country could be different!!

Lee Kierig, Architect said...

PLEASE, EVERYONE...the time is NOW UPON US to stand for the Noble Cause to Re-create the urge-controlled manner of human acting. Might we UNITE for a vital reckoning for Truth, Earth and Responsible Liberty for ALL citizens of Earth; to finally reckon the limited offerings of Earth and call for vital PLANNING for True Sustainability, Truth and yes, LOVE among us?

jack said...

"Death Bonds - Louie and Jo Jo's New Gig... who needs death panels, anyways." We thought you might enjoy this short video:

Anonymous said...

Thats mental.

RealFan said...

hey Bill, check out "the unhealthy Truth" by Robyn O'Brien. It's right in your wheelhouse. Author is/was a conservative, Rumsfeld is the villain and Monsanto is the evil empire. Genetic engineering of our food supply, bovine growth hormone and what it's doing to us. I bet you'd love it.

zenman said...

I remember I used to watch Bill in the mid 90s, before he became a failure.

I think if he would have gotten some help for his depression and antisocial behavior problems he might have landed the cherry job he wanted ( you know, Conan...)

I will pray fro you Bill, and please take your lithium

Unknown said...

Bill, I miss the days when you claimed to be a Libertarian. Even if it was never actually true, at least you were making the effort.

Anonymous said...

Five decades of squandering the nation's wealth blowing shit up and killing strangers, while the infrastructure collapses. Retarding the children by postponing education funding & providing such 'incentives' that mostly rents & simple minds will take teaching jobs. Great university system, too bad the high school students are mostly under qualified to get in. Doesn't matter, there aren't enough seats anyway. Besides, a large number are allocated to the children of foriegn warlords who pay 10 times as much to buy the parchment.

Spending more on propaganda than substance in all areas including medicine. So much effort plotting to decieve yourselves, why are you surprised to find that you are being deceived? This is why the Republicans and church lobbyists cry foul at every turn, the treachery they see is what they would do. See kids? The punishment for being a callus, inveterate fraud is that you think everyone else is too...

Is that obscene enough for you? What did you expect, allowing a bunch of feeble fools to suppress the next generation so they could control their own paranoia? When Governor Reagan declared war on the youth, did you think he meant someone else's kids, in some other country?

President Kisof is not to blame. He represents the best of the limited selection the parties could parade before you. The rest of the governors, congress, senator, judges, DAs and cops are far worse, or at least smarter criminals!

Medicate all those thoughts out of your head and pray! Don't mind reality! Yeah, thats the ticket!

Today the highest ranking politician in the nation announced that he will not allow politics to influence his decision on whether to send our best kids to their deaths so some Richard Cory motherfuckers can wallow in their crapulence, instead of systematically and strategically locating and burning out the cancer, or leave a cesspool as it was when Bush fell into it.

If he isn't weighing American lives foremost we are all fucked together!

Based on the results so far, at Harvard 'change' is code for '4 more years'.

Anonymous said...

Thats a pretty harsh outlook. A lot of government employees do a great job, the bad ones stick out. Plus I'm sure there is a lot of staged accusations for political reasons, thst the kind of politics Obama is not letting interfere with his decision.

Anonymous said...

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

- Thomas Jefferson, Letter to the Secretary of the Treasury, Albert Gallatin (1802)

a mind numbing food supply consisting of 90% corn syrup... our forefathers saw this coming

Anonymous said...

This is too sweet:

Anonymous said...

Dude! That is pure fucking art!

'I love America... until we remove our collective brains from the Alice in Wonderland world in which we are currently living, real change cannot come. It is those who falsely claim to love her while they simultaneously rape and rob her that deserve your ire.' - Nathan A. Martin

Rep Barnie the big stupid purple trick... ahaha


Pollett Family said...

Here's a new rule for you- if you can't actually find a real picture to support your rant, maybe you shouldn't be making it!
The man in the video was never at the rally- it is a stock photo that was Photoshopped to look as ridiculous as possible-
Where is journalistic integrity when you need it?

shmerls said...

Dear Bill,

After watching one of your shows the other day and hearing your comments about how the President's detractors demean him and don't respect him as THE president, while listening to NPR the next day I noticed they refer to President Obama often as "Mr. Obama."

I sent them an email explaining that while subtle, doesn't the use of "Mr." versus "President" perpetuate, or at least in this case not help the President's "PR" problem. Here is the absurd reply I got from NPR, with my reply following:

Dear Steven,

Thank you for contacting NPR. We appreciate your thoughts regarding NPR protocol in referencing the President of the United States.

For decades, it has been the broadcast practice of NPR to refer to the President by title on first reference and simply by "Mr. (last name)" or as "the President" for subsequent references within the same report. Such practice bestows optimal, non-partisan, respect upon America's leader.

NPR Services



With all due respect there is NOTHING partisan about referring to any president as President (lastname). I'm surprised you would say that calling the president, "Mr. (lastname)" would be optimal and non-partisan.

In this case with THIS president, calling him anything other than "President Obama," or "the President" is IN FACT partisan and plays right into the hands of his detractors.


Kathy said...

I am truly disappointed in Bill's continued bashing of fat people. It is this type of abuse and ignorance that allows this to be a discrimination not only tolerated but encouraged. While you certainly should criticize a government appointee on their professional credentials obesity should not be an issue.
Obesity is a complex issue where often the weight is only a symptom of other organic issues. The new discoveries continue to show that there are many factors (including genes)influencing weight. I have been a vegetarian (almost vegan but not quite that pure) for 8 years and remain obese. I have 4 autoimmune disorders (including thyroid) and try desperately to take weight off. This is the only disease where the endorsed "cure" has a 95-98% failure rate. It also seems to be the only disorder where humiliation, degradation and disrespect are heaped upon the patient.

Unknown said...


I picked up on this too, only on the radio - and they only referred to him as 'Mr'.

shmerls said...

Tea Bogey. I called my local NPR today after posting, KCRW Los Angeles, and the person I spoke with agreed fully and urged that I write the station, which I did. KCRW is a powerful station in the NPR roster and will hopefully put up the torch and open a dialog with NPR that they rethink their terminology and refer to the President, all presidents, as "President (lastname)," "the President" and "Mr. President" when talking directly and him/her.

Unknown said...

I heard it on AM 1070 news, same area.

Check this out: How the banks got us where we are today, and what we can do about it:

Anonymous said...

I find it difficult to believe that Don Rumsfield ordered the rape of Iraqi children to torture their parents.

But, the Bush administrations is already awash in more blood, sin and evil acts than anyone suspected. Family values my ass, this is a war crimes charge worthy of the world court and if found true, multiple death sentences.

Anonymous said...

Census worker found dead:

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note, the defines
Bush Eschatology:
End Times driven by W.

Instigate, provoke and harrass antagonists into cataclysmic end.

Supplement with monumentally cruel and stupid self-inflicted economic wounds on US citizens (see also sub-prime, meltdown, TARP, bailouts, layoffs, bankruptcies, foreclosures, suicides, depression, Halliburton, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel, Iran).
Bush Eschatology is the endgame for a certain group that wishes for the end of life as we know it.
It is kicked off by a reaction to a devil in a blue dress.

Anonymous said...


Bush Depression
The name assigned to the second great economic depression, started in 2008, so as to differentiate it from the one which spanned the late 1920’s to the mid/late 1930’s. This huge economic disaster began during the term of the criminal George W. Bush (W = worst). The roots of the Bush Depression can be traced to the Republican deregulatory, “voo-doo economic” policies initiated under Ronald Reagan, continued by subsequent Republicans, and brought to a head by Bush's twisted regime. This greed-based house of cards finally collapsed, sending the U.S. economy into turmoil.
I lost my job during the Bush Depression, and now I'm standing in the soup line.

Anonymous said...


Bush Fairies
Crabs, Pubic Lice, Not pleasent, Jessica Alba
Mark - If Jessica Alba had Bush Fairies, would you have sex with her?
Rob - Yes, yes I would, and I would sell them on ebay

Anonymous said...


The only president of the United States of America to be almost assassinated by a pretzel.
Oh my god he must be a dumb fuck!!!

Anonymous said...


A person with a huge head (manchester slang term)
I'm watching Countdown with Fodzilla

Unknown said...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something on this video tomorrow:

Anonymous said...

Bill, put your support where your commentary is. Get involved in the NYC non-profit, Wellness in the Schools, "a grassroots organization that
promotes children's environmental health, nutrition and fitness within the New York City public schools.

Get them while they're young, and we have a chance. See how one 3-star chef is getting involved with providing fresh, local food to our kids.

Keep up the good fight!

Unknown said...

From PRAVDA: Tomorrow's News, Today

Sarah Palin's presentation series started a run on US markets. Asians are dumping all their US stocks for pennies on the dollar. Bankers again are either jumping or being thrown from tall buildings.

Later, the FED bought back 2.65 Trillion in debt to China and Japan for a buck fiddy.

Sarah Palin is being hailed as a hero; Mr. Obama is being called a chenius.

Georgie, Darth, Donny Johnny and Candi could not be reached for comment.

Unknown said...

He might be fodzilla, but he's definitely a Nexus 7.

Too bad its so often Countdown w/o Fodzilla. Hope he reconciles with cruel fate soon and gets back to hunting stupidity.

Unknown said...

Dave thats funny.

Anonymous said...

I am really impressed with Obama, setting before the global leadership the vision of a world free of nuclear theats.

I totally agree with this, you'd have to be crazy not to. The challenge will be in accomplishing it.

This is the biggest, most ambitious goal a US president has set since JFK set us on the way to the moon.

Any media vultures who mock him for this are recalcitrant dickheads, and those who follow them are too cowardly or stupid to live, unworthy of reproducing.

I'll do my part, especially if it includes kicking the dead weight off the island.

Unknown said...

Yeah, that was great. If he keeps talking like that, the losers will stfu and start listening; then we can get some global utopia going,

...and all live happily ever after. Except for the Natural Born Haters, or course. We can make a zoo for them...

Unknown said...


Rep. Ron Paul, MD OB/GYN
1.) Sitting Texas Congressman and one time Libertarian Party presidential candidate.
The only honest man left in Washington.
I bet Ron Paul's speeches on the floor of congress are a real annoyance to all the theiving, lying, murdering, slime-dripping scumbags there.

2.) A politician who has the ability to purge washington.
I sure hope that I can inherit the legacy left behind for me by the Ron Paul administration.

Person 1: Here's a tough question: name a person currently in our government who actually upholds the constitution, is incredibly intelligent, and listens to the wisdom of the founding fathers.

Person 2: HAHAHA!! Everyone knows no such person exists anymore, they all died with our freedoms and liberties.

Person 1: Actually, there is one person left who represents those characteristics-- his name is Ron Paul, and he's running for president.

Obama - Paul 2012!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Lets get rid of nukes altogether!? What a great idea! I wholly approve.

But after decades of twisted corporeal-political criminals twisting everything to mean the opposite, my sphincter is just not unclenching... maybe its the methyl mercury in the air, I dunno.

Remember how they 'did away' with smallpox, then finding out later the US and USSR both maintained stockpiles of weaponized strains?

Remember how that prick Poindexter was convicted on 7 felonies, all overturned? The S & L bailout scheme?

For the youngins, recall how Mr. Bush said the Iraqi oil would pay for the war effort? Now Social Security is just a stack of IOUs from the DOD & Bush family totalling 65 Trillion dollars.

The Republicans can't get their head around the fact that they have to stop ignoring the 65 Ton gorilla, that they created.

Anonymous said...


What Obama did was establish a vision for the advancement of all people, everywhere, in the only place he could: the symbolic top.

But he did it better than Ronnie ever acted! He means it, his life depends on a higher order of intelligence than that found here in the USA. The Powers are going to JFK him, he was elected *kof* to be sacrificed!

So, you want to tell me that protocol excedes the priority of necessity? If so you are ignoring the base, the base being the essentials that we the people need in order to have and sustain higher level interactions such as this that we are having, that the working people make. Fuck the working people, your kreb cycle analog ends in its own beckish puke.

You fucking fodo, see you on the endangered list.

Unknown said...


On a general note: The next time a republican says "slippery slope to socialism" how about if you respond by saying that while they scare us about socialism they are pushing us into the firey fissure of fascism.

Anonymous said...

Disappointed White Male Seeking Men, Transvestites, looking for Big Sized Men!! Down there


Yes mom, coming.

Into watersports, leather, lace is a plus! Looking to get intoxicated and have a Great time!

Norman! Get up here now! Don't you love your mother?

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Love to be tied up! I love it from behind and like it rough!! Please contact me.

Norman! Realtime With Bill Maher has started! You get up here this instant and move me so I can watch the television!

Yes mom, I'll be right there.

Guys I am waiting for your call!

Anonymous said...

Oops wrong board. So sorry fellas, forget about that, m'k?

Cindy said...

It's Friday, and I won't be watching Real Time tonight. The last show ended with a rant about fat people that was worthy of the idiots who have been going to tea parties. And like the other rants I've seen on TV, I think this one is rooted in prejudice. But this is a prejudice against the overweight. If it weren't a prejudice, there would be other health related rants.

For instance, recent studies have shown that second-hand smoke triggers heart attacks. People who smoke aren't just damaging their health and causing expensive health problems, they are actually killing other people. But I've heard no rants about that.

I also don't like the snarky attitude toward old people (the comment about 'did you see the people going into the Values...'). However, on that issue I'm comforted by the fact that Bill Maher will one day be old. Or not.

Crusader said...

Great show Bill! I think your niche should be health, which you've already taken on, but I say make it to you like illegal immigration is to Lou Dobbs. You need to be more specific and really give your audience tangible tidbits of info that can change their lives. It's like an Oprah thing, except you could be funny at it.

On another subject, where do you find these so-called conservatives of late. Remember Bill, Republicans are not inherently conservatives. A lot of Lou Dobbs conservatives voted for Obama. We see the threat of the Republicans. But, where do you find these people to supposedly represent us. That kid was the biggest stereotype of a bookish, white, conservative peckerwood I've ever seen. Bringing him on to represent us is like bringing on li'l John to represent blacks. Not cool mi amigo. Bringing in a younger pundit though was a good idea. It represents a different voice to the panel, and difference in the panel is what will keep your show alive Bill.

PS: to become a spokesperson, you yourself need to get healthier. Start taking more vitamins, and not multivitamins, especially those single ones that are solid. They're not even digested. Look up the men's daily vitamins on Andrew Lessmen's site. He knows what he's doing. Also, get more sleep. Take some time off from the boozing, smokin' and swivin' of dames to make up your sleep debt. You have a large part to play in the revolution to come. Stay alive and healthy

Anonymous said...

Comn cruiser, that bright punter was a darling. I recognized him instantly as Louis Winthorpe III from Trading Places. Dan Akroyd nailed it!

I'd like to see Dana Carvey playing Glen Beck accidentally cooking frogs. I think there must be a fool like Glen Beck in every year of every school in the world. Either that, or I went to school with Glen Beck.

RawMatt said...

You said it Bill. Just today I was sitting outside a "Whole Foods" Grocery store. I had just bought a healthy snack that was $12 and I was enjoying it in my car. My girlfriend pointed out to me that just across the small parking lot we could have fed a whole family for twelve dollars at the "Wendy's". They had these severely misleading oversized pictures of their little square hamburgers plastered across the windows boasting their dollar menu.
Maybe just making healthy food a little more affordable for a while might be enough to sway the scales. Something to think about.

InnerCityMathTeacher said...

The "tea baggers" have the same right to express their opinions as we do. Denigrating the people who disagree with our administration is counterproductive. It will only serve to generate a petty and unintelligent face to our party in the media. Let’s oppose opinions with FACTS, not emotions, hatred, and disgust.
EVERYONE in our country has the same right to free speech and peaceful public march that we do.

Unknown said...

The use of the term 'teabaggers' - which even us common folk all know - is a vernacular term that references a sexual act and is a gay obscenity. This just shows that Bill Maher and panel that use the term are not only clueless but also classless.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hey teacher,

In 2007 Learjet owned by a subsidiary of Boeing Corp. that was leased to the CIA for extraordinary rendition & was piloted by an ex-DEA 'contractor' crashed in Mexico carrying 4 tons of high quality Columbian cocaine enroute to USA. The Bush administration claimed at every opportunity that illegal drugs fund terrorism.

1. Who are the terrorists?
2. Who are their victims?
3. How many grams of cocaine is this per American citizen, cut/uncut?
4. How much is 4 tons of coke worth?
5. How come all the US currency contains traces of cocaine?
6. How do you get 4 tons of coke into a learjet?
7. Whose money funded this operation?
8. How come I was never offered any of it?
9. Why is George Jung in prison?
10. Why isn't Poindexter in prison?


Anonymous said...

On a sunny day in Jan 2008 I passed by you in LA. You were standing in a doorway. There was recognition between us, the dark and the light, you smiled. Some preach Jesus Christ out of love, others out of faith, and many out of anger, envy and deceit. But they still preach Christ, whether you are for or against, The Lord will use your words to further His Word. You can blaspheme, argue the point, but every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, even the devil knows the truth, he is just too full of pride to admit he is headed for the abyss. I pray you will be saved from the fire, for you have truly furthered the Cross of Christ. Paul, The Roman Agnostic, found Christ on The Way to Damascus, He was blinded by The Light. May you be blinded day in and day out by the Hand of God upon your lost soul. Oh if that mouth of yours could be used like Paul's. He sent the Word OUT, after He watched the Death of Stephen the innocent, I am sure he lived with that image till his dying day. I will pray Mr. Mahr that Christ and His Holy Angels come to rescue you with a piercing Bright LIght. May your nights be restless, your dreams be turned into the thoughts of an old man who could if left to himself, find eternal ruin. You could be a light in the jungle of LA. angelfish047

Anonymous said...

I'm not ripping that because its Christian, I'm not ripping that because I don't want to damage that fragile mind that thought it so important to say.

Its stupid.

Otherwise if the Church wants to step out from behind its mindfucked victims,
I'll go.

Its coming. They want to die to serve God, I want less people, np

Paul English said...

Bill you have a point about health care reform and your health: but people aren't going to change unless you force them to, unfortunately. And you are really off-base on your anti-swine flu vaccination comments, I hope you reconsider and think about the effect this has: this makes you look very ignorant.

Anonymous said...

What if every show he chose a specific favorite food that Americans regularly enjoy, say, the Whopper, and went into minute detail about how it is actually made? And I'm talking really minute, like how the cows are raised and slaughtered, whatever unrecognizable ingredients go into the sauce, how far the buns are shipped, and in what "garden" the vegetables are grown.

I'll bet there are hundreds of choices which would provide endless glee in seeing how America's favorite foods are "manufactured." Let me think of a few:

1. Any McDonalds or Burger King selection (even the parfaits)

2. Pop Tarts

3. Cereal (Trix, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms, etc.)

4. Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

5. Any microwave dinner

6. Doritoes

7. Red Bull

Any other suggestions?

NJ11 said...

Just wanted to say thank you to you, Bill Maher for waking me up when it came to my health. Started watching your show two years ago, and for a while I felt as if you were pretty mean to people who were overweight, etc. Then it finally hit me, that you were right. I was never overweight until I became ill years back, but then I let myself go (most likely because of the depression from the illness). Well the weight hasn't helped the illness I have, that's for sure, and it has created new problems, like diabetes. So I finally did something about it and have lost over 50 pounds in the past 5 months. I still have a way to go, but my diabetes is so under control now, it's incredible. My doctor is actually hopeful that I might be able to rid myself of the disease when I finish losing the weight -- I'm already on barely any medication for it -- and when I started on my diet I was taking over 200 units of insulin a day -- now I take one pill, if I need it.

So a BIG "Thank You" to you -- as annoying as I found your comments about people who don't take proper care of themselves through diet, etc. -- it finally sunk in -- and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate it.

Unknown said...

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