Friday, September 11, 2009

New Rule: Float Like Obama, Sting Like Ali

New Rule: Democrats must get in touch with their inner asshole. And no, I'm not being gratuitously crude when I say that. I refer to the case of Van Jones, and I'm sure you know who Van Jones is. At least I hope you do, because I haven't a clue, or at least I didn't until this week, when I found out he was the man the Obama administration hired to find jobs for Americans in the new green industries. Seems like a smart thing to do in a recession, but Van Jones got fired because he became the Scary Negro of the Week on Fox News, where, let's be honest, they still feel threatened by Harry Belafonte.

Now, I know that right now, I'm supposed to be all re-injected with yes-we-can fever after the big health care speech, and it was a great speech -- when Black Elvis gets jiggy with his teleprompter, there is none better. But here's the thing: Muhammad Ali also had a way with words, but it helped enormously that he could also punch guys in the face.

What got Van Jones fired was they caught him on tape saying that Republicans are assholes. And they call it "news." And Obama didn't say a word in defense of Jones and basically fired him when Glenn Beck told him to. Just like we dropped "end of life counseling" from health care reform because Sarah Palin said it meant "death panels" on her Facebook page.

Crazy evil morons make up things for Obama to do, and he does it.

Same thing with the speech to children this week. If you missed it, the president attempted to merely tell school children to work hard and wash their hands, and Cracker Nation reacted as if he was trying to hire the Black Panthers to hand out grenades in homeroom. Of course, the White House immediately capitulated. "No students will be forced to view the speech," a White House spokesperson assured a panicked nation. Isn't that like admitting that the president might be doing something unseemly? What a bunch of cowards. If the White House had any balls, they'd say, "He's giving a speech on the importance of staying in school, and if you spineless jackasses don't show it to every damn kid in you school we're cutting off your federal education funding tomorrow."

The Democrats just never learn: Americans don't really care which side of an issue you're on as long as you don't act like pussies. When Van Jones called the Republicans assholes, he was paying them a compliment. He was talking about how they can get things done even when they're in the minority, as opposed to the Democrats, who can't seem to get anything done even when they control both houses of Congress, the presidency, and Bruce Springsteen.

I love Obama's civility in the face of such contumely, his desire to work with his enemies, it's positively Christ-like. In college, he was probably the guy at the dorm parties who made sure the stoners shared their pot with the jocks. But we don't need that guy now. We need an asshole.

Mr. President, there are some people who are never going to like you. That's why they voted for the old guy and Carrie's mom. You're not going to win them over. Stand up for the 70% of Americans who aren't crazy.

And speaking of that 70% -- let's call them the sentient majority -- when are we going to actually show up in all this? Tomorrow Glenn Beck's army of zombie retirees are marching on Washington in protest of, well, everything. It's the Million Moron March, although they won't get a million of course, because many will be confused and drive to Washington state -- but they will make news. Because people who take to the streets always do. They're at the town hall screaming at the congressman, we're on the couch screaming at the TV. Especially in this age of electronics and Snuggies, it's a statement to just leave the house. But leave the house we must, because this is our last best shot for a long time to get the sort of serious health care reform that would make the United States the envy of several African nations.


UpInTheAir said...

The reason for kids to go to school is to get a well rounded exposure to other ideas and views in a broad variety of subjects.If parents keep getting the right to have them opt out of things that they disagree with all we are going to end up with is more miniature crazy clones of their parents sharing their extremism. Pretty soon they will opt them out entirely and keep them at home teaching backwards thinking, preaching hatred, the bible will be their text book, and a closet full of guns for recreation. People as well as kids need to hear things that they might not believe in to stimulate thinking, discussion, and just possibly change their view. We all know that staying in school is highly over rated with a bight future of low paying menial work and especially washing your hands because getting H1N1 gets you time off from school if you survive.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher's astute observations about phlegmicrats, regressives and gliberals notwithstanding, he misses the point regarding Van Jones (and ironically so in light of Maher's immediately preceding post, New Rule: Conspiracy Weary).

Bill Maher has had nine-eleven-was-an-inside-job conspiradroid moonbats physically removed from his audience so he should be consistent and appropriately applaud Van "Troofer" Jones' removal from Czar-land-central.

You have to be dumb, nuts or have seriously poor judgment if you're a public figure and you a) sign a document containing even the slightest hint of nine-eleven-was-an-inside-job conspiradroid moonbat language and/or b) associate yourself in any way, shape, or form with any group which--or any person who--promulgates nine-eleven-was-an-inside-job nonsense.

Van Jones has no excuse. This blog entry does not absolve Van Jones of his mistake in signing the document in question.

He was called to task for this, as should Paul Hawken, Richard Heinberg, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader, and many others.

Speaking of which, the Peak Community (Peak Oil, Peak Food, Peak Water, Peak Rare Earth Metals: "Peak Everything") would do well to do the same with its numerous public-figure moonbats.

For some absurd and indefensible reason the Peak Community, such as it is, gives refuge to many moonbats (Richard Heinberg, Matthew Savinar, Michael Ruppert, Jan Lundberg, Carolyn Baker, et al.).

Bart Anderson--editor of which regularly publishes articles by many of these moonbats--has told me (via email) that it's a matter of being an "open-minded" intellectual.

So "open-minded", apparently, that their brains have fallen out of their heads.

James Howard Kunstler, to the best of my knowledge, is the only public figure in the Peak Community with enough integrity to repeatedly go on record stating the blatantly obvious: it's counterproductive and offensive to welcome pseudoscientific, opportunistic, conspiradroid moonbats into the Peak Community (Van Jones' well deserved public humiliation and forced resignation being the perfect case in point).


For those still suffering conspiradroid moonbat delusion and denial, is good for what ails you and it will be there for you when and if you come to your senses.

DaveNY5 said...

The Democrats are just plain naive. Does anyone think Joe Wilson's outburst was just an emotional lapse? C'mon. It was planned. They knew any outburst like that would take the news away from the speech and make it about the outburst and that worked perfectly. The Republican definitely know how to win at politics. Obama accepted Wilson's apology and then Wilson spent the whole day fighting his false argument. What kind of apology is that? The Dems should know that when you turn the other cheek to the Republicans, its likely to get slapped too.

ZenGrouch said...
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ZenGrouch said...

"Stand up for the 70% of Americans who aren't crazy"...

At first I thought you're smokin' way too much if you believe as many as 70% of Americans *aren't* off their nut.

But maybe you're right. Maybe they aren't crazy. Sure, most of 'em have their heads up their asses.

But, stupid and crazy are two different animals.

If the Democrats learned nothing from 8 years of Bush, what will it take?

We're pretty much all fucked, just waiting for the sweet embrace of death.

Mike Cuffe said...


I am a fervent Obama supporter, but damn, I totally agree with you.

Democrats are just plain fucking ridiculous. They need to stand up. We control the House, Senate, and the Presidency. Why in the fuck are we even listening to them?

Would Republican's do the same?

I think not.

Why do we care so much what Republicans say, what Fox News says, when they just cast us off as nut jobs?

They are actually teaching us something wise and valid, don't give a shit what the other side says and you will get somewhere.

-Michael Cuffe

Anonymous said...

why was kathy griffin on ur show.. she was TERRIBLE.. worst guest EVER.. good show besides her.. & if u really think she was a good guest 2 have on u must have been hittin a J b4 the show.. cause her hittin on an old man whos older than my parents age combined.. its sick.. please DONT HAVE HER ON AGAIN!!!
i kno im not the only 1 who feels this way, she was just horrible to listen to and see.. i cant believe she has enough money to have like 20 surgeries and 5 done on 1 eye and im having trouble finding a decent job that doesn't leave me crippled or exhausted cause i work all hours..

& yes im 22

Anonymous said...

Well said. Maybe if Democrats kicked Obama's ass as often as the opposition he'd be doing something on the health care front other than kissing Snowe's ring.

Angela said...

I am really tired of people complaining about the health care plan when they don't really understand, nor do they take the time to read about it on a reliable source. Sorry .com websites don't count. I found it in about ten seconds on In America, the majority of people are lazy and we like information fed to us instead of doing research of our own. We rely on hearsay and/or are easily influenced by friends/family views. If this plan is going to fly, it needs to be promoted in clear and precise terms. Most of us have heard that this plan is so complicated that even congress can't read it, which discourages us to even try. If this plan is not easier to read, and I mean like less than an entire web page, then it allows for these special interest groups to use scare tactics such as these ridiculous infomercials. You know the one with the 30-some year old woman with Leukemia who says, "I survived Leukemia, if Obama's plan goes through, I don't know how I would have survived". Well, that's easy enough lady, since under Obama's plan EVERYONE would have health care, this INCLUDES you.

A huge focus also needs to be prevention, which includes educating our communities to reduce risk factors such as poor eating habits and smoking. Who wants to help pay for some guys health care who ate Mc'Donalds three times a day and smoked a pack of cigarettes?

And how dare Obama encourage our children to wash their hands, especially since swine flu is running rampant. The audacity of him to ask them to stay in school! I think the people who are upset about this, are upset about it because he is an educated black man who is telling their little white kid what to do.

Bill, your show is awesome! :)

Theresa said...

Fickstawin10: Kathy Griffin was awesome. Haven't laughed that much in a long time. Please reconsider: that subtle beast called prejudice isn't always about the color of skin.

I think a big problem of our country is that we tend to take ourselves waaaay too seriously. We're like a spoiled only child who thinks s/he is the most important thing in the world and should be listened to at all times. Not to mention that our geographical location just feeds into that only child mentality....

Dean Jackson said...
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Unknown said...

I watched the 9/11 show, but even before the show I've noticed that some of the media has had a problem calling Obama President Obama. Several times I have heard our media specifically on CBS say Mr. Obama instead of President Obama. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that disrespectful.

Dean Jackson said...
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Dean Jackson said...

Katrina’s Fourth Anniversary ------

For those of you who still believe that the media pretty much reports the truth, and that the media reported the truth (or close to it) about 9/11, then watch Aaron Broussard (Jefferson Parish President) on September 5, 2005 being interviewed on Meet the Press. Fast forward to 3:10 minutes in the YouTube video below where Broussard says that FEMA officers were cutting down the emergency communication lines days after Katrina blew over:

Did you notice when Aaron Broussard said that FEMA cut the emergency communication lines, Tim Russert ignored that bomb shell revelation?! Russert refused to ask any follow up questions about FEMA cutting Jefferson Parish’s emergency communication lines!

Also, several months after Katrina hit, the National Hurricane Center affirmed that Category 1 -2 winds (74-110 mph) swept over New Orleans, NOT Category 4 or 5 winds:

Google the CNN article title: Katrina was Category 3, not 4

Now, at the time Katrina was approaching New Orleans, government officials were worried that the New Orleans levee system would not survive a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. There was NEVER any question that the levee system couldn't cope with Category 1 - 2 hurricanes!

In other words, all the reports we were getting from persons living near the levee system saying that the levee was blown up are true!

Now, did you pay attention to the newscasts on the fourth anniversary of Katrina? All the commentators talked about Category 4 - 5 winds. They STILL won't tell you that the actual winds that hit New Orleans were Category 1 - 2 winds!

Are you now beginning to understand how the media covers up crimes committed by the Federal government regardless of the political party in power in Washington, DC?

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill:

This entry has nothing to do with today's post. I was watching your performance in Texas that was taped a while back on HBO and found the bit about how in this day and age, whores don't know what to wear anymore so true! But this isn't a problem unique to whores. With all the amateur porn out there, porn stars not only don't know what to wear anymore but you don't even know what to do anymore. You have to have one c... up your a.., one up your p..., two in your hands, two in your mouth and two down your ears to make a name for yourself out there! The only ones who are willing to pay for it any more are the pervs. I actually value the way Muslim ladies cover up. And that's why I packed my bags for Kuwait, although every Rouski and her mother is probably over there already. Wish me luck.

Your devoted fan,

Claudia Bonn

Kelvin said...

I partly agree with Bill. It's not his approach it is his focus. Forget the approval polls. Barrack Obama needs to put what is right for the country above politics. We got the right man he is just surrounded by too many spin strategists. He needs to govern like their ain't no morrow or at least 2012.

It just won't matter if we can't get things moving. Place the defensive coordinators on stand by and start driving for the goal line. Hello... it's our ball. Celebrate your successes and create you own media.

They are just waiting for the next G.O.P attack and his team has a slow counter punchers chance of winning. As Bill eluded to the stiff arm jab is conviction behind getting what you believe in done.

However the weakness stems from the party. Democrats need to look in the mirror when it comes to bottlenecks in policy and their dependence on GOP approval. The party is not standing strong together, that is the essence of any majority with out power.

The man has been in office for just a half a year and every body with in the party wants their agenda now and with out compromise. What's more important the mean's or the end? Change is a process not a single event move forward and take bigger steps with growing momentum.

At this stage, so what if Obama hasn't addressed your agenda does he not have enough on his plate saving the country. Has time stopped? If his vision overall is a good one, let ride the progress. That is simply no reason to sand bag what is positive hoping to get your soul mate candidate next time.

If he is not successful there is no next time, the Dems look weak and Cheney could be in the White house in 2012. Good luck with social evolution, green peace and anti war then. Don't kill the momentum it is the beginning of getting things done. Keep stating the benefits of your agenda and keep following the party.

Unify the party and Obama has the power to do anything needed. This will not be everything you want but it sets the pace for getting more time or another people thinker re-elected again.

I can't figure it out, but Washington Democrats are either clue less or riddled with moles. I am leaning toward the latter.

Speaking of, Republicans have to be too ignorant, dumb and or blind to see and hear the signs of the on coming traffic. With out change the country is on the line. Keep ignoring the bottom and there goes your foundation. Good luck maintaining the advantage in Post Apocalyptic Hell. These idiots will bury us all to stuff fat bellies and keep the fed up majority starving. Good luck surviving when your greed has brought us all crashing down to the same level. We will not forget, the people will hold them accountable!

In summary Washington is a model of the selfishness that is tearing a beautiful country down. Get it together you idiots we only have so long to look into the brightening headlights.

Leslie said...

Most of us do not remember the year 1480.It was the year that the Catholic church wanted to burn up girls that had moles because even though they were pretty and could make good physics drawings...Please keep these things in mind.History often repeats itself.They might have been extremely hot girls too.Sweet Jesus...what have we done?Just listen to our president who happens to be African American.It doesn't mean you will end up drowning your dressar drawers.

steveprutz said...

That Muhammad Ali reference is going in my Quote Hall of Fame!

Anti socialist said...

Bill you're a friggin moron. I thought you at least were above race baiting, but obviously not.

The groundswell of opposition to the president's speech came from PARENTS. With his track record of "transparency" so far, I personally didn't trust Obama to NOT politicize any speech he gave to my seven-year-old daughter.

There's a lot of charged emotion in politics right now, more so than I've ever seen in my life. That's because we have so much at stake, our retirements, our bank accounts, our jobs... Unlike years past, when people really couldn't give a crap, things are really hitting close to home. I don't want my daughter exposed to that crap. Her mother and I will teach her all the values she needs to learn. Who the fock are you to tell me how to raise my kid!!!

Ordinary Americans are turning to the GOP because they are the only voice which is calling this administration out. The network news and major newspapers are all up Obama's arse. The New Media is all we have left.

You know, the left really hasn't changed, though they've 'progressed' into something much worse. 1979... 2009 Carter, Obama, it's all the same. Gay Rights activists can hold a public rally in Frisco where grown men prance around in full frontal nudity, or they can hold a freak show prom in Boston where adults are chaperoning minors doing drugs and having sex, yet nobody says a word.

But speak up against the lies this administration is spawning off in an attempt to destroy this country, and oh crap, you've violated protocal and decorum.

Liberals are despicable, and the thing is, most of middle America is discovering just that right now

SMG said...

I just want to point out that Van Jones resigned not because he called Republicans a**holes, but because he signed his own name to a 9/11 "truther" petition. He now says that he didn't realize what he was signing, but that's a poor excuse. Van Jones is a very smart guy and was doing a very important job, but he's well known for having radical ideas. The idea that the Bush administration intentionally allowed 9/11 to happen is certainly a very radical idea and one that I know you, Bill Maher, think is complete nonsense. Perhaps signing that petition and holding those beliefs is not enough of a reason for him to resign as Green Jobs Czar, but if you're going to editorialize about the White House's failure to stand up for him, it's very important to know all your facts first.

Anti socialist said...

Socialists control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives. What's the problem? Go ahead, do your worst!

Ah, it seems some people are not confident enough in their agenda to own it. What's this farce about bi-partisanship, or how the GOP is holding things up? Just Rahm it through!

As Colin once said, "You break the China, you gotta buy it."

Anonymous said...

Now can Larry Flynt be appointed to the Supreme Court? He has such a way with the fringe, we can really use a man like him.


Anonymous said...


That kind of rationalism is why Colin got kicked off W's pirate ship of state.

Ar, Yer with us or yer against us! Now help us make away with the treasure, ye mangy seadog, or Dick's boys will give ye a taste of the cat!

Anonymous said...

Actually I thought grown men prancing around in full frontal nudity & licking shots off each other's arses while repersentin' this great nation in Kabul is a violation of protocal and decorum detrimental to our prestige, moral and mission.

Unless they were there under duress, those ladies present at the orgy had to be pros.

Fiscally conservative with OPM and socially liberal seems to me a great policy. First take care of business, then party all you want.

The Afghanistan clusterfuck is out of the closet!

She'saPistol said...

Wake up Democrats and Liberals! Rep/Cons spew lies in order to a) appeal to their base who believe anything they say, no matter how stupid and b) so that we will have to waste our time and energy refuting them and c) because studies show that the more you refute the lies with real evidence, the more Rep/Cons believe...the LIE! which brings us back to reason b.

Moreover, why don't we start our own dis-information campaign? Are we just too nice? Hey, I actually had some people believing that there is a Republican Health Agenda blah blah blah that is calling for a tax on your health care benefits because it will keep illegal aliens out of hospitals. Yes, I know it doesn't make sense, but it appeals to their hatred of illegals. They liked it. Now consider if I had said it was Obama's proposal. They'd be screaming and calling news conferences and protest... See how this could work?

Rob said...

What are these Freedoms these people keep talking about being taken away as far as i know they still have the right to the same stupidity they have always had I feel if McCain was pushing this same plan there would not be all this hatred and calls for impeachment. the barefoot, toothless, uncle-dad hicks are an embarassment to this counrty and are putting us in danger more than Obama ever could. the same politicians that are missinforming these people are the same ones already enjoying "socialized" healthcare on our dime already but you don't see fox news shedding any light on that in fact the said today 80% of the country likes there healthcare how the hell can that be true when only 20% is even insured he probly ment to say the goverment is please with it's free health care but doesn't want the public to enjoy the same benifit really in this country Obama will never be execpted because in america you obviously choose your parents and the race you want to be born into, we hold thing against people they have no control over like race gender and sexual orientation because we must sometype of choice over these things. I honestly wish for one day these people would wake up in the shoe on the people they persacute and see how it feels to live in a country where you arn't even given a fare chance just because you had they unfortunet luck of being born half white.

Anonymous said...

Obama seems to believe in incentives to illicit appropriate behaviors.

It seems to me that all the politicians need their incentives adjusted to modify their behavior. The current results are dispicable.

The question is not,
'How do we get the sentient Americans in front of the camera?'.

Sentient Americans know that this is how the police state elements decide who to nail. The question is,
'How do sentient Americans incentivize President Obama to effective, right action?'

I think we need an effective communication channel to start. One that can't be twisted media psychos like all the haters on Fox news, and by megalomaniacs like Rupert Murdock, but especially by the already always listening darkside spooks. On Google Statistics they claim that 25% of those who voted for Obama were already connected to him through the internet, had signed up to participate in and recieve info about his campaign. Well, the election campaign is over but every goal he set for his administration is as much a campaign.

Obama has my email address from his election campiagn. All the DNC has to do now is use the email list they already created to disseminate information and solicit feedback. I appreciated the group feedback devices he used last fall.

Would any of you sentient Americans mind?

I agree with Dave5NY about Joe Wilson's outburst being planned. I was wondering what kind of loot/sex deal he worked out with which lobbyists, but the choreographed RNC disruption makes more sense out of their overtly hostile negotiating stance. They are all trading votes for loot and extramarital sex.

If given the opportunity I would vote that Wilson be fired. From the stats I saw on MSN, 76% of Americans agree with me. Elected by the people, fired by the people, for incompetence.

Anonymous said...

The reason the Democrats took both houses + the presidency is because we are all fed up with stupid, corrupt lame politicians.

The Republicans should take note of this. Their atrocious conduct assures that I will vote in the interim election and guarantees that I will vote against Republicans across the board. Got to keep every one of these vicious fanatics away from the controls, at all levels of government.

Alex DeWolf said...

Ya know it seems like a lot of church-goers in this country spew whatever they are told to think. "Obamma is communist" "Obamma is a socialist" "Obamma is reacist" all of this nonsense is what they are told to think. Time to realize, as a pastor once told me, if you don't use your mind someone else will. The right wingers would have us living in a corporate state where the vast majority of Americans would be flipping burgers for the CEO's, CIO's and ponzi schemers. I want an American where my Chinese born, adopted daughter (now 9 years old) can have a chance at a meaningful,happy life.

phillybroker said...

I'm a huge fan of Mr. Maher. I think we are using the fact that the President is a black man as an excuse to disrespect the position that he holds. No one would have ever stood up during a speech that Bush gave and called him a liar...though they should have!

I am working on a project that I could use your input on...a subject matter that would be of great interest to you and I believe you would be a huge advocate for.

How can I get time with Mr. Maher?

Dee said...

Bii, Please get some facts about seniors and medicare first. Medicare dosenot pay the whole bill and therefore Seniors must take out a supplement insurance policy to cover the amount due. This is why Seniors are concerned. Dee in Green Valley, Az

Anonymous said...

Bill, 1st GREAT SHOW!!. I do appreciate your perspective and ability to attack any party when they are in need of such. I was concerned that you were not going to really be open to attacking Obama, as you did not see past his “professionalism” during the election process. But you have awoken.
Now the main reason why I am writing to you is to have you justify your weekly comments on how “stupid” the American people are. Now I will agree there are some that fit that mold, but I truly believe there are many that you are not giving a fair shake. Additionally I do not think that you are truly representing the real issues to the real people. You and your guest have not or are not dealing with the drastic impacts of today’s issues. You are not in foreclosure, not facing bankruptcy, now living on food stamps. I feel that one ingredient that is missing is to have your panel address the needs of the real people while one is on stage with you. Listen to what it feels like to lose everything that you are earned over a 20 year career. Watch your retirement and kids college funds empty out so that you can just survive. I think your panels are very intelligent, but until they face these issues personally, I think they are in the same “dark room” as our administration. Unless your name is made of 2 or 3 letters (AIG, GM, BoA) you are ignored and forgotten. You have a great opportunity to help many of us make a difference and have our voices heard by the administration so that changes can occur and fast. The “experts” say that the economy is starting to turn, but once again they are only looking at the short time picture, a snap shot. What they do not realize is that the millions of Americans that have gone through foreclosure or bankruptcy will have horrible credit scores for the next decade, thus eliminating them from participating and helping grow our great nation, as they will have no buying power. Has this been factored in? I do not think, so as I do not hear anyone discussing this topic.
So I plead with you , let’s have a REAL person that is facing these issues address your panel, not just the rich, or famous, or politician. And also lets remember that the constitutions states “We the People”, not “we the government” or “we the big business”. We need to have a voice so that we are being heard and addressed. These Town Hall meetings have done nothing as no on e that was in “power” has addressed any of the concerns.
I appreciate you reading this .
Lou Molinari

Unknown said...

Just watched the show with the english professor from harvard, the one where they discuss the incident with the cop and the professor he arrested. When they were discussing the economy and the english professor said that he would go back to England if the economy hit a certain low and the audience applauded and cheered in approval. Not of him returning to England but agreeing with him. That really made me sick to see, what a disgrace.

Unknown said...

What I find hilarious, is that when someone questions the official 9-11 version of events, even though there are so MANY inconsistencies, they are nuts. Many people have a lot of whys and Van whatever his name signing a petition to know more about what happened is not nuts. It's nuts to believe whatever our govt. says without questioning. I am not with Bill on this one.

Doreen said...

I watched the 9/11 show and just have to say... Bill you are way bigger then Glen Beck. Just name the day and time and I will show up in D.C. to show my support for President Obama. Those 70% of the population that put him in office need a kick in the ass to stand up for what they know is right for this country. Kick them in the ass Bill!!!

Major B said...


Math Check...OB got 53% of the vote of those who turned out, which means that he got the votes of 35% or so of the electorate, not 70%. I know people on all sides of the issues, and more than a few of those who voted for him would not repeat that mistake.

The problem for the left in this, and Bill, you especially, is that when you resort to name calling and dismissing your opponents as unintelligent, you are using ad hominem arguments, which are admissions of defeat.

Major B said...

Following up...

Very few people are taught to think critically, examine all data, and make an intelligent rejoinder to arguments and positions with which they disagree. I teach in an excellent school system which is a leader in state test results. However, there are many other government school systems with less than optimum results. My mostly-conservative students know how to think clearly, ask questions, and question everything. They won't make very good sheep--which is the whole point.

Anonymous said...

Dean said: "survive a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. There was NEVER any question that the levee system couldn't cope with Category 1 - 2 hurricanes!"

Please understand that New Orleans' problems were not caused by wind. It was all about the height of the storm surge waters and how that water entered the city.

Our outfall canal floodwalls fell down without even being overtopped (at less than half their design loads) because of negligent engineering in the design of those floodwalls' foundations by engineers employed with the US Army Corps of Engineers as reported in the official levee failure investigation reports and reported to Congress by Corps leadership in June of 2006 and as decided by US 5th District Judge S. Duval in January of 2008. Bad engineering, human error... by the feds.

The levee failures and subsequent flooding were NOT because of our corrupt local levee boards and politicians or because of weak soil, barges, wind, rain, land elevation, levee heights, budgets, democrats, republicans, crime, an act of God, school buses, our culture, environmentalists, neighborhood groups. It wasn't even caused by FEMA, our Sewage and Water Board or our state's Department of Transportation, or our poverty, lack of education or any of the other red herring issues very successfully promoted by so many. No one blew up any of the levees or floodwalls. The flood was not at all the fault of flood victims.

The levees did not fail because they were 'overwhelmed'. Federal engineers made lots of big stupid mistakes. Our disaster was the worst engineering catastrophe in the history of North America and the engineers that designed and built and were responsible for those failed levees are the same engineers tasked to rebuild our storm surge protection system. And, the federal government gives us no choice (and never did), but to accept the Corps' work.

There are so many myths and misconceptions.

Most people don't know that 90% of the metro area evacuated before the storm? It was the most successful evacuation of a metropolitan area in this country's history.

They don't know that the Lower Ninth Ward is but only 2 of the 140 square miles (in just Orleans Parish) that flooded when our flood control structures fell down.

They don't know that 70% of New Orleans home owners had flood insurance? - a rate higher than almost anywhere else in the country.

Do they know that the flood, proportionally, killed just as many rich, middle class and poor as well as black, white, Hispanic and Asian New Orleanians? The only demographic that suffered more than the rest were our elderly who suffered the worst, by far. Did you know many thousands of New Orleanians died in the months after the storm from stress and depression, and are still dying?

Did they know that 50% of New Orleans is above sea level?

Do they know ships must travel 96 miles upriver from the Gulf to reach the Port of New Orleans? - we are not a 'coastal' city.

Do they know the Corps (and oil companies) is also responsible for the loss of our south Louisiana wetlands that use to serve as our storm surge buffer?

Do they know that New Orleans has a higher percentage of residents that remain lifelong residents of their hometown than any other major metropolitan area in the US?

New Orleans residents always knew that one day our levees and floodwalls would likely be overtopped and we worried they might breach if overtopped - but that IS NOT what happened. They failed long before the water reached the height of the tops of the walls. They broke at loads way smaller then they were supposedly designed to survive.

The USACE has a $6M contract with a company, OPP, to 'improve their image' - in other words, this PR firm and countless Corps employees work all day, all week, every week trying to cover up the USACE's role in our catastrophe and to literally change history and have the myths recorded as history instead. They have been very successful.

Please do not help propagate the myths and confusion.

Major B said...

And most people don't know that New Orleans was founded as a result of a pyramid scheme and land swindle that resulted in Europe experiencing a total financial meltdown for about ten years in the early 18th century.

Terry Spectre said...

I have a parent who follows this epic D-bag named Alex Jones. I can't even bring myself to burn up a neuron thinking about watching this man talk on the internet any more than listen to him on the radio. So when I have the chance to be graced with this greasy, pasty skinned geek every single time I visit, I do my absolute best to listen to each sentence the man churlishly streams for his audience. It seems that whenever we dialog briefly between the gasps for his next opinion, an argument breaks out. His points from what I can barely understand are cobbled together with the body language and incredibly short answers I receive from the parent. Points such as 1)Being a puppet for the BilderBerg Group. 2) This group wants every citizen to join their "New World Order" in which currency and nationality are one. 3) Due to the first two reasons, 9/11 victims [whom we will all remember and cherish just simply for the fact of life.] will never have the truth re-investigated. These are just the three main things that I happen to hear the most from all of this. Then there are billions of "stories" that so and so said this and that, but never really explain the point they were talking about in the first place as if to trick you into thinking any of it is true. I've heard my parent say things such as " The President is going to bankrupt every sector of the country, thus bringing it to "join" or "merge" with other countries. Whenever I ask what countries, or how many there are in this plan currently it leads to a fight. that would just be one instance, there have been a few. I'm hoping the fact is I have a very unstable parent with hypocrisy issues but I can not help but bring myself to think about how many other people believe these things with such dedication. I understand that the possibility of groups like these existing around the world could be true. Even that there could be one or more groups such as BilderBerg may be the Saturday morning cartoon villains from the cold war era. I suppose it is just one more tiny kink in the social issues the human race faces. James Urbaniak coined the term, "Laid up by Jackassery.".

Trilby said...

I don't agree that Americans respect politicians views, no matter what side they're on, so long as they are not pussies. When the Left tries to ape the Right, it looks pathetic. Obama can be tough w/o the big, He-man, Far Right swagger. As for that speech he gave to the school kids, it was incredibly cliche-ridden. Most of those kids looked deeply depressed to have to listen to it. Obama had the pressure on him to not say anything remotely commie; fair enough, but did he have to go so far in the other direction that the description *bland* is imparting way too much vitality to his words? He should have told those kids what the far right is doing and why they are doing it. This middle of the road shit ain't cutting it. I agree: he has to take off the velvet gloves, but maybe he won't do that because doesn't want to. His form of toughness might be to resist pressure to Not keep caving into the big money interests that got him elected. If so, I can't blame him as much as I blame the system. As for 9/11 truthers, is it really so crazy to think that the government deliberately and knowingly ignored all the signs and warnings of an oncoming, major, big shit attack? Not saying they caused it, *just* perhaps willfully ignored it. That's evil enough for me; I don't need explosions.

Unknown said...

We need to wake up and act. Why don't you, Bill and other artists, intelectuals and politicians call for a big march all over the country on a Sunday day (so people can attend) to support the health care reform. It's important to show that the majority want a change.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I agree with most of what you say. The one thing I think that should be done. IS HOLD ALL THE POLITICANS, CEO'S, MANAGERS AND PEOPLE IN POWER OVER OTHER PEOPLE ACCOUNTABLE FOR ALL THERE ACTIONS. If any normal middle class American for the lack of a better statement does something that someone doesn’t like, there are charges filed against them, court dates, lawyers and then jail time. Yes I know that seems harsh. Come on seriously look at what truly happens to normal people. They get railroaded. They are held accountable for everything. Why aren’t the politicians, ceo's managers and people in power over other people held accountable? Now most people that read this will think they are. NO THEY ARENT. Think about it. If you were at work and did half the things these people get away with you would be fired out of a job on the street or most likely in jail. People can make up all the policies and laws or whatever they want to call it to try to fix the issues we all face in this country right now. All that needs to be done is hold these people of power accountable for everything little thing they do. If they don’t keep their word if they do back room deals if lie cheat and just take advantage of what we give them. Kick them to the curb, fire them do whatever the majority wants to have done to them. Take their money and give it back to the people that they stole it from. If that is done just once trust me they would all think twice before hurting someone or doing what they know is wrong. Just hold them accountable plain and simple.

headstrong said...

I just wanted to say that joe wilson should be held responsible for such a rude statement. He is not at all sorry no matter what he says or he wouldn't have done it. Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin are both morons.


Tags said...

This has to be a nutrition issue, since 30% of the US population is living on batshit and bananas.

Unknown said...

Speaking of the Right, we in America aren't going to get the Darwin film because producers are scared to offend the religious?

Maybe the producers of Maher's very well done documentary would like to take up the mantel of this film as well.

rtw ministries said...

Hey, Numbnutz--Van Jones said himself he is a communist. Communists don't find jobs, they put you in bread lines and take all your money. You are OK with that? Bill you are an imbecile and your audience is likewise. I would love to debate your sorry azz but you are too chicken sh1t to stand up to real questioning.

Sharyn Ekbergh said...

These people who are screaming against "socialist health care" are voluntarily dropping out of Medicare, Social Security and refusing unemployment checks, right?

wlaceyiv said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wlaceyiv said...

My wife caught the show recently and found it strange that you called upon the masses to start doing something about all the rhetoric that was going on out there, as I had just started doing just that. I have always considered myself extremely moderate but due to the ignorance of the right side recently I have found myself not wanting to be associated with the actions and thought of that party. I even started to uncover some of the statements that were being said on my blog...and while I was doing so, received a new forwarded e-mail with new alarming statements that people are listening to without using critical thinking. Thanks for making a call to action and keep up the good work!!

Alia Michelle said...

bill, i love you, i have been a fan as long as u have been doing stand up from before when u were on tv and u were a comedian on hbo.

please PLEASE help me tell our story about what we endured here in the US. this is, i think, one of the reasons our generation lacks political will. please expose this unaddressed issue in our recent american history:

Joe said...

Bill is showing his true colors these days.

Van Jones was fired because he called repubs what? Not even close, but a nice try Bill. How about whether Van was paying attention or not to what he signed, it was a stupid thing to do. Weird that I guess Bill is hoping his audience is as stupid as Griffith sitting next to him clapping like a nut.

And apparently all those people marching are morons, the same morons at the town halls? I guess if you're against Washington, the way things are going and Obama, you're a moron?

While Bill pretends to be "impartial", he seems to be doing a good job of trying to convince people to tow the liberal line or be labeled. Kind of sad, I used to like watching.

Unknown said...

bill .. did you bump your head? you said

Glenn Beck's army of zombie retirees are marching on Washington in protest of, well, everything...

i love you man.. but c'mon buttercup.. your callin me, a 29yr old drop dead gorgeous redheaded woman, a fucking zombie retiree? Having been born in Florida I can see the humor.. but can you see your error. these are real people pissed off at this bush-obama big government with there hands in my daily life with their big companies taxing the shit outta me. and say i get sick under this HC bill and my disease is not something "likey, or statistically fatal," but turns out it's fucking life threatening serious shit that like 2% of the population my age would be diagnosed with and something only my personal doctor would catch or find the need to do more tests!!! get it..
i'd be d-e-a-d.. but from your retiree comment sound like you just wish we would all croak? pretty lame show bill.

Muah! Ya 1# fan

ironcatt said...

Bill...please quit calling me dumb and stupid. I pay extra to get HBO so I can watch your show. That just makes me your average american masochist...Thanks

Mike said...

I wish Obama would take a page out of Teddy Roosevelt's book... Consider TR's attitude about some Americans who did not approve of his position on the Panama Canal.... If you replace the words Canal with Healthcare in the following quote from TR you'll see what I mean.... "There was much accusation about my having acted in an 'unconstitutional' manner," Teddy shrugged. "I took the isthmus (opportunity to take the insurance industry head-on), started the canal (reform of healthcare), and then left Congress -- not to debate the canal (reform of healthcare), but to debate me. . . . While the debate goes on, the canal (reform of healthcare) does too; and they are welcome to debate me as long as they wish, provided that we can go on with the canal (reform of healthcare)." parenthesis mine... get some balls Mr. President!! - HAVAML

Unknown said...


Your words are damaging America. I know you couldn't care less but I hope that someday you will see the truth. Prayers.

Simon Bolivar said...

Who is Bill Maher and why is he relevant?

I guess I have to be a social misfit to "get-it." This site is filled with angry adult misfits whose lunch money I took in grammer school and pinner "kick me" on the FRONT of their shirts....grow-up leave those juvenile ideas and the pseudo-intellectualism behind....or do you want to continue getting bitch slapped the rest of your lives?!

Unknown said...

Oh I wish I could of watched the show, I love Kathy Griffin. I did get to see her on Larry King, well I was at the gym and caught the ass end of the encore showing and read the closed captioning while on the treadmill. I almost fell off when she said that thing about him checking out her rack. Too bad the gym doesn't get HBO so I could actually see your show rather than the snipits on this sight, but I'll take what I can get. I'm sure as hell not splurging on cable myself, I am after all 1/4 Jewish. It is pitiful that the parents were opting their children out of watching the President, that just says a lot about the society we live in and it's a shame. I do like Obama's civility, it's amazing to see someone staying so calm all the time, I noticed that when they had the Presidential debates, I was like wow! I think SNL compared he and McCain to Joe Cool and Yo Samity Sam respectively. I like having someone so cool, calm, and collected to look up to, I wish others would follow suit. Anyway, I can't wait until you come to the east coast Mr. Maher! I'm so excited to see your show!

BrownChic said...

Mr. Maher, 70% of Americans didn't vote for Obama, Obama won because of morons like you with the help of Acorns crooks. Get a clue, open your eyes, Obama didn't fire Van Jones because of Glen Beck and FOX (that's a lot of power you are giving them), Van Jones is gone because Obama knows he screw up and still screwing up. The man got to go...

Scott said...

Hey you stupid moron, the majority of America is against Obama. Why u ask? Because he thinks he is God and he aint crap. This is America, not France. I was one who kept my kids from school friday. I dont want my kids brainwashed by that idiot. Its bad enough that we have to put up with him for four years. Thank God that will be all. If he wants his socialim to go thru he can move to Canada. AS for u bashin Oreily and Beck, it only goes to show how really stupid you are. Oh btw, I hope u show my stuff on ur show. Maybe it will wake up the "zombies" on your show. Go America, but most of all, In God We Trust!!!!!!!!

ZenGrouch said...

"Mr. Maher, 70% of Americans didn't vote for Obama, Obama won because of morons like you with the help of Acorns crooks"...

Well... at least he pulled down more votes that the guy he beat!

Suck on it!

ZenGrouch said...

"Why u ask? Because he thinks he is God and he aint crap. This is America, not France. I was one who kept my kids from school friday"...

Nobody asked... those are just voices in your head.

As for your kids, they should be taken away by the state and sold to a shoe factory in China.

Alia Michelle said...

god there is so much hate directed at you bill...

and so much misinformation.

yes the town hall protesters are morons, and they are paid off most likely.

its sad when the suckers really buy the lie. don't get duped people, wake up, big business doesnt want you to think anything they didnt give u permission to think.

stay strong bill, don't let these dumbasses make you question yourself. you may be sexist, but you're not dumb!!!

bush taught all you ignorant fucks how to sound tough even though you're full of shit.

but don't forget you're still full of shit, and there are big problems in our country that need big solutions. the biggest of those problems is fairness in medicine and the ethical mandate to provide a psychological environment for doctors where they can provide the best care at all times. this means the gov't footing the bill for our collective healthcare where we ourselves cannot foot that bill.

please, consider the arguments u r faced with from the right, and the cruel sacrifices they require. we are free to be a unified nation any time we chose to put our hands to our nation and mold it into what we want, but that requires teamwork, teamwork requires mutual respect.

ZenGrouch said...

So, what's the next step for the dim witted tea bagging sheep, organized by who knows?

I'm guessing they blew their entire load on that public toilet, circle jerk cum shot.

What's next ASSHOLES!


ZenGrouch said...

"Oh I wish I could of watched the show, I love Kathy Griffin"...

Nail on the head girlfriend!

I can't get enough of this self promoting, back stabbing, show boat's opinions!

Yeah! She reminds me of this insane red headed fuck I almost married.

thik vik said...

bill,please hurry up and die.i was on the fence politically til i heard the verbal diarrhea that has spewed from your pie hole the last six months.two questions:why do you hate america and why are you such a racist?is one of your parents a person of color?if so my guess is yellow...or hot pink.if america is such a terrible place why dont you just leave?im sure there are lots of socialist countries that would appreciate your brand of inflammatory rhetoric and id be happy to start a collection to pay all your travel expenses...where do i send the money?

ZenGrouch said...

"Who is Bill Maher and why is he relevant?"...

He's only the second coming of Jesus Christ, the ONLY begotten Son of God, you stupid cocksucker!

FUCK! Don't you read the bible, you mother felching, father fucking piece of shit?

Honestly, the nerve of some people!

ZenGrouch said...

"if america is such a terrible place why dont you just leave?"...

When did Maher ever say America was a terrible place?

Sure, it would be much better if it weren't for ignorant motherfuckers such as yourself, but what ya' gonna do?

thik vik said...

wow zen,your a deep thinker...and such a great command of the english language...your parents must be proud!i bet they are sitting in the trailer just thanking god they have such an erudite son!

ZenGrouch said...

"There was much accusation about my having acted in an 'unconstitutional' manner,"...

But instead of just adding the words "Health Care" Obama would have to address the fact that the "accusations" of an "unconstitutional manner", in that he would have to say, these "accusations" are made by stupid father fucking mother felchers.

Pay attention!

thik vik said...

liberals vs.conservatives aside,i just have to ask everyone here if they think zen deserves a place at the discussion?he is to foul mouthed and unintelligent to be a liberal...libs are not my favorites but i do respect their intelligence and zen has NO intelligence..some one from the liberal side needs to tell him this.

ZenGrouch said...

"your parents must be proud!"...

And your parents must be brother and sister, for you to be such a hypocritical piece of shit...

...wishing death on someone one minute, then judging another's syntax the next.

Ya' tea bagging father fucker...

thik vik said...

wow,syntax!you must be very tired after coming up with should to nappytime now..

ZenGrouch said...

thik headed fuck...

Yeah, I'm vile, but you're a hypocritical cum sack.

You introduce yourself with a death with on the host of this blog...

...then you jump to unsubstantiated conclusions, in your ignorant questions.

So what is it, are you deceptive (lying sack of dung), or just about as dumb as G.W., that other stupid motherfucker?

thik vik said...

i guess zen can be described as a "trailer park liberal"

thik vik said...

hey zen,i gotta go now..see i have a job and you get to stay home and wait for your welfare check but thanks for the entertaining ten minutes...where do i send the tip?

ZenGrouch said...

"wow,syntax!you must be very tired after coming up with that"...

Judging solely from your typing skills, I'd bet good money, it was no small effort on your part, when you had to look up and digest that thar big ol' word!

...mother felcher, no problem with that concept though.

...umm, was there a point to your post, dumb fuck?

ZenGrouch said...

"hey zen,i gotta go now"...

Let me guess, you're an editor for the New York Post?

A fact checker for Fox News?

A cock puffer for Rush Limbaugh?

Anyway, I shall count the minutes until you return, my little squeaky toy!

ZenGrouch said...

"where do i send the tip?"...

Don't worry about me.

Save the nickles and dimes you get in the sex industry and buy yourself a keyboard with shift keys that aren't all stuck down with cum.

Your mother will love you forever, if you do.

thik vik said...

wrong three times,im a hit man for the "rid the world of dumb shit welfare cases"coalition see ya soon!

thik vik said...

by the way,i have to say your "syntax"is making me laugh my ass off.even though i believe you are among the stupidest people on the planet,i have to say you are very very funny...thanks again....cum on the keyboard....thats priceless!!

thik vik said...

thanks alot im late for my kkk meeting....the grand wizard is gonna have my ass in a sling!

ZenGrouch said...

Thick as a Brick...

You still here?

Those cocks aren't gonna suck themselves!

Get to work son...

lynnusa said...

Van Jones was a communist and radical activist that has no business advising the President about anything. He should have resigned. You are judged by the company you keep, same goes for the President and I don't like his affiliations with alot of people. He should be watched very carefully. I also want to remind Bill Maher when George W. Bush gave a speech to the school children during his administration, the liberal loon democrats started an investigation. The hyprocrisy of the democratic party is astounding. That's why I left the party. You have become a bunch of liars and loons. I can't stand that our country is so divided right now. I applaud FOX NEWS for having the guts to report the news. Keep up the GOOD WORK Glenn, Bill, Hannity and the like.

Unknown said...

I'm really not sure what qualifies a stand-up comic to be the self-appointed moral compass or political intellectual of the United States or even qualify as relevant when it comes to political thinking. But, Mr. Maher and Rosie O'Donnell sure seem to think that's the only qualification one needs.

Specific to Van Jones is the fact that he is a self-avowed communist as were his parents. The issue isn't what he signed or who he called what. It's a reflection of the company Obama keeps and the statist direction he intends to take the country. The reason "Obama didn't say a word in defense of Jones" is his position was indefensible.

I'm sick of Mr. Maher calling people like me, i.e. a proud member of "Cracker Nation", "idiots". Doing so simply validates his liberal "Animal Farm"-like, holier than thou, we're smarter than you are and know what's best for you, our socialist utopia has never worked ever but we can make it work here because we're smarter than all those other schmucks, ideology. (NOTE: for those liberals who never read literature, the Animal Farm reference has to do with the pigs in the story who assumed the lead in creating a socialist utopia who altered their ideology from "all animals are created equal", to "all animals are created equal, but some animals are created more equal than others" while the other animals weren't really paying attention and the later observation of the rest of the animals that the pigs ultimately moved into the farmhouse and began walking on two legs, while the rest were relegated to the barns on four legs.)

The problem is, in having drunk the Kool-Aid, so that he can spit out the left's talking points, albeit in a substantially more vulgar and vicious way, Mr. Maher merely proves himself as a pawn for the liberal, dare I say, socialist agenda we're currently watching unfold. I'm not quite sure that Mr. Maher has original thoughts and clearly hasn't thought things through before he so cleverly lambastes those with whom he differs. It is fascinating to me that those who espouse openness to others' ideas are the ones who are most close minded. My experience tells me that that is usually because they do not have the facts on their side and therefore cannot hold up their end of the argument. The level of volume of their comments, they believe, will compensate for this lack of facts and help them overcome their inherent inferiority complex.

The recent revelations at ACORN, the nomination of a communist green czar, the use of three dozen czars with no approval process or accountability, the ascension to Secretary of Treasury by a man who doesn't pay his taxes because he's so technologically astute that he can't sort out Turbotax (who’s the idiot, now?), the lack of rebuke of a congressman, Charlie Rangle, who writes tax laws while filing false financial documentation with Congress and not paying taxes on rental income, to Barney Frank slobbering about how he's going to solve the problems he led in creating, ALL points to a cesspool of corruption that conservatives FINALLY are becoming vocal about. A******s, arise!

So, while Mr. Maher may feel some level of moral superiority (like most liberals) and think he's smarter than everyone else, in the end, he's an unfunny comic who has become a stooge mouthpiece for the left and perfect example of everything that is wrong with liberal thinking. As a result, he, in fact, has become the idiot. And, that’s the only thing laughable about him.

Anonymous said...

While you are all misdirecting your energies at each other the perpetrators of the largest theft in the history of the world are getting away, in fact spreading their disease:

Bill's right. Unplug yourselves from the idiot box and go outside, start talking to each other in person. At any rate this will really piss off your masters...

ZenGrouch said...

"But, Mr. Maher and Rosie O'Donnell sure seem to think that's the only qualification one needs"...

Even if that is their only single qualification, they're still one up on that bloated Oxycontin shoveling pile of shit.

Sorry thing is, you know who he is just from that decrepit description.

...and you asshole licking retards keep listening, and begging for more, because your moral compasses are so horribly damaged.


ZenGrouch said...

"You have become a bunch of liars and loons. I can't stand that our country is so divided right now. I applaud FOX NEWS for having the guts to report the news"...

Have you ever gone a day in your adult life where someone doesn't proclaim to your face that you have to be the dumbest motherfucker they've met in a very long time?

Or do you hang with other mentally challenged, Rushtards?

If so, then why are you here, you ignorant fuck!

YOU are the problem with this country. Yes, YOU personally, you are ignorance personified, and you're multiplying at an astounding rate.

Fuck! People like you make me want to open the border to Mexico and drop free airline tickets in Zimbabwe to the U.S.of fucking A. to help raise the general I.Q. of this country, that you bible thumping fools have brought down.

Yeah, the Earth is 6,000 years old, and a glob of snot is life.

OH! But none of that matters, because come the deliverance day, that the bible doesn't even mention, you'll be whisked away away from the fucking mess you seem hell bent on making.

When you ignorant fucks start WWIII and the nukes start flying, you'll all be sucking each other's dicks wondering why Jesus is taking his sweet time to save you!

Jesus is a fiery tale. He ain't coming back son.

Why not pray to the tooth fiery, at least there's some proof of her existence...

Unknown said...


Not sure if you're angrier than you are ignorant or the other way around. One does have to admire your extraordinary command of the English language, though.

Take a pill and get some real work. You'll feel better.

ZenGrouch said...

"I'm sick of Mr. Maher calling people like me, i.e. a proud member of "Cracker Nation", "idiots". Doing so simply validates his liberal "Animal Farm"-like, holier than thou, we're smarter than you are and know what's best for you"...

I can't speak for Maher, but having half a fucking brain myself, I do believe that you've misinterpreted, when you perceive his message to be that of "we're smarter than you are and know what's best for you..."

I believe, and I could be wrong here, is that his message is that, yes, we are smarter than you, OK, score one for yourself on that point, however, rather than sending out a message of "we know what's best for you" it's probably more of a message of, "WE *KNOW* what's best for us, and the country as a whole." And we would request that you stop fucking things up, because your feelings got hurt and there's a god damned nigger in the White House, doing lord knows what, to the white women on his staff.

WE see the value in Statesmen, and understand what it is to be a Statesman, rather than a piece of shit, right wing POLITICIAN, hanging on to his miserable job, no matter how much damage he has to do to this country.

What the fuck, the retards that vote for him will believe that black is white, you fucking Animal Farm blind as a bat shit fruit cake!

***oh fuck, did I just say that out loud?***

ZenGrouch said...

Hey Dave!

Thanks for nothing!

ZenGrouch said...

Yep Dave,

Your posts are basically *nothing* but hot air...

...but they have real purty lips!

ZenGrouch said...

Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.

Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

Anonymous said...

I'm just getting started.

My towering intellect is pounding against my stiff, gay bible. My eyes hurt, as I see the mouth of my M60. Oh, God, its that or the vacuum cleaner... if I can make it upstairs to the closet.

Too late! My throbbing, engorged intellect takes a mind of its own, pulsing and gyrating, pointing everywhere at some time, erratically pulsing. I become dizzy, red and purple veins pound the music of my being and all at once Oh! The life force that Jesus warned me not to waste spills out, covering my bible & the junk mail from Utah. I can't breathe! Everything is darkened, I pass out.


When I come to, I see my bible is glued shut even worse than before. Jesus fucking Christ! I'll never be able to read it now.

Well, at least I complied with the fucktnmentalist plaster who ordained I should proliferate, blindly.

ZenGrouch said...

"My towering intellect is pounding against my stiff, gay bible"...

Now that you mention the gay cum pasted bible, you make me believe that Jesus was without a doubt a flaming homosexual.

He hung out with 12 guys, and his big thing is for them to "Eat Me & Swallow it"

Then the church that claims to be descended directly from the big guy, has been fucking the ever loving shit out of young boys for over a thousand years, like it's no big deal.

Oh, and if you're a representative of the church, sure, you can rape young boys, but you better stay away from those dirty women!

The church sounds like every mother trying to turn her little boy into a cock puffer, so he'll never leave Momma! Shit the old bitch will cry if you become a priest and devote your life to bald headed testicles.

It all makes sense now, there's no other explanation. Jesus was a cock sucker, not that there's anything wrong with that as long as he keeps it private.


Muslims will kill your ass if you're gay. This explains the big riff and why they want to kill the Christians and their beard the Jews.

thik vik said...

hey zen,its nice to see you admit you only have half a if you just tell the world about your vestigial penis you will feel much better,the truth shall set you free!!

ZenGrouch said...

"now if you just tell the world about your vestigial penis you will feel much better,the truth shall set you free!!"...

Oh, you right wing-nuts and your tricky little traps! You almost got me on that one.

Yeah, let's start talking about my penis! You'd really like that turn of events, wouldn't you, ya' cum swallowin', father fucker.

But sorry honey buns, Zen Grouch don't swing that way.

thik vik said...

zen,im sure you dont swing either way...the generosity of women is truly amazing but even the most desperate welfare getting crack whore would have a hard time sleeping with a siphyllis ridden bicycle seat sniffer like you besides,im sure your to busy having sex with your farm animals to even have time for humans....gotta go cause im burning a cross on my lawn this afternoon.

ZenGrouch said...

Come on Vik Thikious...

You gotta do better than that last boring as fuck, nothing to say post.

Are you typing with mittens, or do your meds numb the hands out so that working a space bar and shift key are not done without great effort and concentration?

ZenGrouch said...

Was gonna change the words around to make Tull's 'Thick as a Brick' apply to you...
...but you and your kind must be what he had in mind, so no need to fuck with perfection.


Really don't mind if you sit this one out.

My words but a whisper -- your deafness a SHOUT.
I may make you feel but I can't make you think.
Your sperm's in the gutter -- your love's in the sink.
So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.
And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in
the tidal destruction
the moral melee.
The elastic retreat rings the close of play as the last wave uncovers
the newfangled way.
But your new shoes are worn at the heels and
your suntan does rapidly peel and
your wise men don't know how it feels to be thick as a brick.

Anonymous said...

See there! A son is born -- and we pronounce him fit to fight.
There are black-heads on his shoulders, and he pees himself in the night.
make a man of him
put him to trade
teach him
to play Monopoly

Anonymous said...

Here is a riddle:

Brainstorming, habit forming, battle warning weary winsome actor spewing spineless chilling

The critics falling over
to tell themselves he's boring
And really not an awful lot of

Well who the hell can he be
when he's never had VD,
And he doesn't even
sit on toilet seats?

Courtjesting, never resting,
He must be very cunning
To assume an air of dignity
And bless us all!
With his oratory prowess,
His lame-brained antics and his jumping in the air.

And every night his act's the same
And so it must be all a game of chess he's playing...

But you're wrong, Steve. You see, it's only solitaire

The answer is: he is a politician.

Jethro Tull, War Child, side 2

Anonymous said...

So you ride yourselves over the fields and
you make all your animal deals and
your wise men don't care how it feels to be vikius thikius.

ZenGrouch said...

"The answer is: he is a politician"...

I was leaning towards Rush, as I usually do, thanks to his enormous gravitational pull...

But, I knew it couldn't be he, after reading the part about never having had VD, and being able to jump into the air.

That syphilis ravaged bison was born with VD, like 'original sin.'

And... only way that tub can jump into the air is if he throws himself off a building, should they ever stop producing Oxycontin.

ZenGrouch said...

"your wise men don't care how it feels to be vikius thikius"...

Hmmm... "vikus thikius" sounds like the crusty goo jamming up that poor boy's shift keys.

ZenGrouch said...

"gotta go cause im burning a cross on my lawn this afternoon"...

I missed this one the first time...

What kind of shit for brains burns a cross on anyone's lawn, much less his own, in BROAD FUCKING DAYLIGHT?!

Then you'll call the 5 o'clock new so they can come out and show everyone what a total douche you are.

...yeah, maybe *that'll* get you laid!

Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Dean Jackson said...

crescentcityray said, "Please understand that New Orleans' problems were not caused by wind. It was all about the height of the storm surge waters and how that water entered the city."

What do you think causes a water surge?

Again, at the time Katrina was approaching New Orleans, government officials were worried that the New Orleans levee system would not survive a Category 4 or 5 hurricane. There was NEVER any question that the levee system couldn't cope with Category 1 - 2 hurricanes!

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

The only reason I don't insult the great fat white slug Jabba Limbo is,

he is not relevant.

He and kind are a distraction targetting the 'middle America' capable peeps. In capitalist countries they reward the best minds; in socialist & commie nations they pay shit - work to be remembered after you die? That sounds alot like fucking xian babble.

Fuck the incompetent. Death awaits the tax collectors!

Unknown said...

I'm originally from MN and have lived in Malaysia & Indonesia for just over 30 years now.

My 'outside looking in' perspective is that there's very few US citizens that sort of know what's going outside their own (county) borders.

A few viewpoints:

The US drumbeat is long and ongoing about 'democracy' and 'freedom'. Bush was an absolute recorder of that 'dumbeat'.

Firstly there's the long history of moved around borderlines depending on who was storming around, to name a few; the Khans, Ottomans, Romans.

And not so long ago a passport was not needed to cross borders.

The basic education level of many countries citizens is much below the typical US citizen, even those who did not graduate from high school.

Little is spoken about the huge population increase in mass media about how this is the main contributor to all the main problems whether within the country itself or globally.
- - - - - - - - -
More USA citizens should travel to places like Indonesia (not Europe) and not stay in 5 star hotels.

Or even call Peace Corps. That's what I did in 1979, and I have been here ever since.

I could go further into the real time realities outside USA borders - if this gets a positive reply.

All the Best,

Dave Berglund

ZenGrouch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ZenGrouch said...

"Or even call Peace Corps. That's what I did in 1979, and I have been here ever since.

I could go further into the real time realities outside USA borders - if this gets a positive reply"

I admire your service in the Peace Corps. I had a friend spend time in Kenya with the organization and he found it to be quite rewarding.

My question though... do you feel that your perspective is that much better than the average knowledgeable American who travels to other countries, but prefers life here.

Unless I'm mistaken if you're working with the Peace Corp aren't you working to correct situations in countries that are basically broken shit holes, not representative of the rest of the world?

No offense intended, just an honest question.

ZenGrouch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...


Without a doubt my perspective and others like me is far beyond any venturing tourist or business traveler.

How many born in USA Americans own passports? How many venture to any non-industrialized countries? How can a tourist or 2 week business trip person get a perspective?

From a tourist bus & 5 star hotel?

I am not land locked here and I travel to many countries including frequently going back to the US for a few months at a time.

Peace Corps (PC) is a 2+ years stint and some extend as I did for 1 year and thus nobody for sure has been in PC for 30 years.

Since 1984 - I've worked for an US owned company with offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.

It takes years to know a countries many facets of culture, with local language skills, and with an open mind to not think swing everything to the 'west' has got it right.

Headline news and mass US media makes countries look like 'broken shitholes'.

What is not only for me but many others - these places (especially in SE Asia) are exotic, with long histories before the USA was even thought up. Many places in the US are the shitholes compared to here.

All I can say - is you have NO idea what you are missing out on.

ZenGrouch said...

"All I can say - is you have NO idea what you are missing out on"...

Not that I'm trying to sound condescending, but you start this conversation off by basically explaining how Americans don't know shit.

Now you're telling me that I have no idea of what I'm missing out on, when you have no idea of what I've seen and done, here and elsewhere.

ZenGrouch said...


Sorry if I took this conversation into the area of "mine's bigger" and I agree with much of what you stated.

There is much to learn, and learning the ways of others can be rewarding on many levels, or can get you killed.

To push it to the razor's edge is something few have done. Then when they do, the drones consider them to be... well, something peg holed.

This too is a cultural experience, to be judged by the clueless, who feel threatened. The threat comes from something encroaching on their belief that the world revolves around them, and them alone.

Sorry... I speak in generalities, yet jumped you for doing the same earlier...

Life outside of our comfort zone can be addictive.

When I still believed in a benevolent God, I'd thank him for placing me in a space and time that allowed me to hitchhike from one coast to the next several times and into Mexico, concentrating and absorbing as much as I possibly could, while not being all that bothered with people wishing to do me harm.

Sure, there was danger, that I allowed karma or my .45 to deal with.

I've had my experiences in Asia and the Middle East. Experiences way beyond that of the average businessman, tourist or English teaching backpacker.

Doesn't matter, where you are. I'd take a natural trip into the deepest darkest black neighborhoods of major cities, being the onliest white boy with a camera documenting shit, managing to not get killed or robbed of camera gear.

When folks drop a bit too much acid or whatnot and decide to to some crazy harmful shit, I'd be the one called in.

The ones who I mentioned earlier who are threatened by the unknown would blow that shit off, knowing they couldn't communicate, by saying it takes a crazy to talk to a crazy. Maybe so, but that shit was beyond their world, be it here or in Jakarta.

Basically, it doesn't matter where you are, because you're always right fucking here.

ZenGrouch said...

Just curious Dave...

Do the good folks in the Peace Corp still get high on the local herb?

When my buddy was in Kenya, he'd buy this shit called African Black for $5 for as much as he could stuff into his pillow case, which he slept oh so well on.

He also developed quite the taste for Black pussy and would have women volunteering to clean out his hut constantly.

Might as well have been from Mars. A white boy eating pussy in Kenya.

He loved the simplicity of life, where in the village in the morning, the conversation might be about shit. With everyone getting into each other's shit, as in how their bowl movements are, and what they ate to produce whatever was coming out. Conversations you would not likely have around the water cooler.

Bummer was when he came back to the states and found blacks here to be some fucked up people, when interacting with whites, when the ratio of blacks to whites was something like 10:1.

I had similar experiences...

But what the fuck, it is what it is.

Anonymous said...


You have an interesting perspective, you seem like a decent guy. But I have to say that most Americans have to shift their thinking before they travel into the rest of the world.

Stuff like this:
- No, everyone else doesn't need to learn to speak English. You need to at least make your best effort to speak the local language.
- Its their country. Learn their customs, otherwise they are right: you really are stupid, condescending barbarian assholes.
- The first amendment and many other liberties you enjoy may not apply, wherever you are. So shut up and figure out whats going on, before you get disappeared.

In otherwords, basic street sense. To make Americans really exceptional tourists, there should be required a culture test specific to their destination nation, before allowing them to leave the US. That way, the foxtards would never be able to embarass us abroad. They couldn't even get to the UK...

ZenGrouch said...

"To make Americans really exceptional tourists, there should be required a culture test specific to their destination nation, before allowing them to leave the US"...

Then have them sign a contract, stating exactly what they do and don't know about where they're going.

THEN, if they do something stupid, the magnitude of response in protecting a "citizen" will be in reverse proportion to their ignorance.

g said...

where is the podcast?

Anonymous said...

How about requiring a series of IQ tests for political candidates, published prior to the election? Even put it on the ballot, then people who guess will have something more than a last name to go by.

ZenGrouch said...

An IQ test for politicians?

That's a good idea. We'd all be eating Soylent Green three times a day, in short order.

Do you really think anyone needs documentation to decide who has the higher IQ between Bush, Gore & Kerry?

Yep! People want a president they can drink a beer with...

...not one they can shoot smack with, using a dirty needle.

Anonymous said...

mm mm, soylent green, recommended by deathers everywhere. Its even environmentally correct. I take it everywhere I go, its the only Chinese product I do buy... the republicans are aspiring to make a domestic generic, I do so hope they succeed.

And now for something completely stupid. I just hope my tax dollars aren't being shot on this scam:

Unknown said...

Hi Zen & Lens - Thanks for all the interesting and insightful reading to say the least. Indeed my aim is no pissing match.

As to herb & other stuff - around here for say the last 20 years that's totally danger zone. You may be aware of the fiasco of Schapelle Corby in Bali. See:

People far beyond those who personally know her have given time and money, including me, to try to help her. Today shows there's 7,724 who've signed the petition. Her plight is one of many who have been either used as a mule or framed.

Recently I was in Aceh (tsunami). For 'eons' this was a staple of life - but has changed greatly in the past 20 years. The staple food, unlike most crops: grows easily, spreads like wild fire, drought & flood resistant, etc. A complex story - many parts, very much to the demise of the old Aceh culture.

First, along with the rest of the world - more people got into this after the 60's and being then a more salable crop - potency went steeply up, as web seen to zombieville.

Second is the Free Aceh Movement.


This and other media does not mention - it was (is?) a cash cow for bunches of the military deployed to Aceh. Cargo planes went in full with troop support supplies and did not go back empty. The rest is sort of a long story and this blog is limited.

It would be cool to connect further with you guys - let me know if you would want to skype of some other - and chit chat!!

Unknown said...

A bit more Lens and Zen,

I got some good laughs reading both of your writs! Indeed Zen the pussy factor, esp in Indonesia. Not for free though for the 'moist', but very affordable, and has been for a much sought after 'fringe benefit'. As you can likely guess I've had some various encounters, and the best was always in some smallish town, and where I was not seeking - but - shall I say 'came' to me. Thailand was no fun - it's always been way to 'structured business' and after a couple times I gave it a wide pass. Malaysia is way too cuntservative, nuthin much happening there. Some guys here have said I'sia is a horned paradise, where even an old guy on cocktails of stiffener Rx's (and locally concocted love potion #9's) still can get action. And whereas not like Cambodia - there's no visible signs of underage - more of the 20-30'ish single mom's - making a living.

Lens - for the old 'ugly american' complex - all I can say is this is by no means unique to USA. For one - there's complaints abound about the new found spending power of mainland Chinese tourists. Most in this region welcome US tourists, there's some survey I read that US tourists are at the near top for being (majority-wise) polite, not stingy, and don't litter, don't spit or fart in public, etc.

Indeed not just USA tourists should have some sort of travel grooming - that goes for every country.

Cheers - more good fun.

BTW - has anything ever written on here got to the table of Bill?

Anonymous said...

Saw S. Corby story when it aired here 2 months ago. Tragedy. Reason and diplomacy have completely failed here. I hope Australia and UN partners are boycotting everything Bali wants from the world. Bali needs to acknowledge they busted a child who was set up, probably as a decoy for the real bastards who deserve her cell for what they did to this child.

Pot, cocaine & heroin can be produced which makes them perfect for thugs without any real assets to trade for guns and other commodities taxes paid for. What you said about military transports being used goes back to since military transports were invented. West India Trading Company... ar, matey! Legalizing drugs would eliminate them from the blackmarket, take out a huge chunk of it. Then the citizens of these oppressed regions would be able to produce their own wealth and rise to govern themselves. Can't imagine the status quo going for that, unless the status quo faces collapse without the added revenue this could bring.

Here is more grim news on this theme of inhumanity. What's fucking Interpol doing these days, getting paid off?:

In addition to reaching the largest possible market I think Bill Maher has other constructive uses for this blog. Answer: yes, in a timely manner. Vitriol is fuel.

RR said...

"its just that mainstream media rarely interviews doctors and scientists who present an alternative point of view"

That's because the scientific consensus is that vaccines are safe and effective.

Just because you can find, say 2-3% of doc's out there who question efficacy, doesn't mean you should give them a microphone.

Hell, you can find dentists who say sugar doesn't contribute to tooth decay ... or physicists who say the universe really isn't expanding (the red shift being due to the Compton effect) ... but we don't give these marginal opinions airtime either.

Stick with the overwhelming consensus: vaccines are safe and effective. There's simply no credible evidence to support the counter argument.

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