Monday, November 2, 2009

Is This as Good as It Gets From Obama?

Yeah, I'm disappointed, too. I thought we were sweeping into power; I thought change meant Change. I believed all that talk about another First 100 Days, a la Roosevelt. Well, that didn't happen. The question is, is this as good as it gets from Obama, or is he pacing himself? He may have a four and eight-year plan and they included a first year of just gettin' to know you and not gonna rock the boat too much. Well, Mission Accomplished on that.

It's still to early to lose hope in a guy as smart and talented as Barack Obama. But I would counsel him to remember: If you're going undercover to infiltrate how Washington works, so you become one of them for a while, to gain their confidence, well, it can be just like all those movies where a cop goes deep, deep, DEEP undercover with drug people and -- fuck, he's a drug addict, too!

Logic tells me that really smart guys like Obama and Rahm Emanuel know better what they're doing than I do. They certainly know things I don't know. I think we have the same general goals and beliefs. And this is what they do for a living -- I wouldn't even try it. But I will never stop having this doubt: that maybe if they had really charged in there riding the forceful energy of the historic election, and acted like it was an emergency moment -- which it was -- they could have gotten some big victories right up front, and there really could have been an historic "first hundred days" for this administration and the country. Instead of what happened, which is the Obamas got a dog. It could have worked -- the country had given its endorsement to "...and now for something completely different." There might have been a way to knock the Republicans back on their heels right away, with the argument that "The American people demanded we make these changes, and you are unpatriotic to stand in their way."

We'll never know. Because that moment passed, and now it could follow the pattern of World War I and devolve into boring, static trench warfare where nothing really game changing happens while both sides slowly bleed to death.

That said, I do not forget that if the election had gone the other way, we'd right now have a barter economy and be at war with Honduras.


Closet Socialist said...

Holy Shit, 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists are obsessed with you, Bill.

Mrs. Blue said...

I love you. ALways! For making me laugh.. No matter what!

Will said...

I think we've become too accustomed as a society to have everything right now and we've forgotten the importance of patience. We often forget that real change takes time. We can ill afford to hurriedly jump into things in an attempt to satisfy the naysayers that proclaim that everything is happening too slowly. The best course of action is to allow change to come as it should, over time, where it will have the biggest and most lasting impact.

Anonymous said...

Here is some appropriate paste from ACLU. You dopey immaherture zombies might not like the taste:

this week, a federal appeals court announced that it will hear the government’s appeal of an earlier ruling that allowed the ACLU’s lawsuit against Boeing subsidiary, Jeppesen DataPlan Inc., to go forward.

In 2007, the ACLU sued Jeppesen for its role in the Bush administration’s unlawful “extraordinary rendition” program. Our lawsuit was filed on behalf of five men who were forcibly disappeared and then tortured in U.S.-run secret overseas prisons or by foreign intelligence agents.

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the Bush administration intervened, asserting the “state secrets” privilege and asking the judge to have the case thrown out without considering any evidence in support of the men’s case.

Although the lower court upheld the government’s claims, in April, a three-judge panel reversed the lower court’s dismissal of the lawsuit. The panel held—contrary to the assertions of Obama administration lawyers, and as the ACLU had argued—the “state secrets” privilege can only be invoked with respect to specific evidence and not to dismiss the entire suit.

In June, the Obama administration appealed the decision, and asked an “en banc” panel of 11 judges to rehear the case which the court announced this week that it will hear.

“We are disappointed by the court’s decision to re-hear this case, but we hope and expect that the court’s historic decision to allow the lawsuit to go forward will stand,” said Ben Wizner, staff attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project and counsel in the case. “The CIA’s rendition and torture program simply is not a ‘state secret.’ In fact, since the court’s decision in April, the government’s sweeping secrecy claims have only gotten weaker, with the declassification of additional documents describing the CIA’s detention and interrogation practices. The Obama administration’s embrace of overbroad secrecy claims has denied torture victims their day in court and shielded perpetrators from liability or accountability.

Spaniard said...

Conspiracy theorists like sharing their ideas, that way they can reach that lovely spot where enough people believe them... and then they can pretend all they say is actually true.

Clearly, it is far more reassuring to think one lived under an evil government that would immolate three thousand people in order to further a political agenda, instead of realizing that one lived under a government that was too inept to take the necessary steps to protect the American people, thus killing three thousand people through inaction.

Allister Reynolds said...

I am with Bill on this one. "The Majority" rules..... and if Obama was voted in by the majority, then why is the change not happening?
(Change for the better)

Anonymous said...

So, is this the change we voted for, Obama transforming into W? I don't think so.

Bill, 'they' are as transparent as you suspect.

Anonymous said...

Thats right, it was a Jeppesen DataPlan learjet that was used for illegal torture that crashed in Mexico with 4 tons of pure blow on board.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that the healthcare and Afghanistan decisions are being held up until their press will sideline the midterm elections. If the midterm elections don't get adequate press they will disproportionally favor the conservatives, as their are the only vindictive fucks that spend all their time trying to screw up other people.

Them and Jeffy Daimler. and Usama. and Michelle. and Rupert. and Rush. and that other Michelle. and jughead Beckyball.

Anonymous said...

and Senator Looterman. He's just neurotic that he isn't the veep.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we were all a little naive with our hopes of President Obama swooping in like Zorro and routing out the bad guys. The Old Guard is firmly entrenched, and they've been there a long time. Perhaps we've watched too much sit-com TV where the world gets fixed in 22 minutes...? As you said, it's too early to lose hope in a President as smart and talented as Barack Obama. Things seem to be generally moving in the right direction. Economy stabilizing, health care reform IS getting worked on. Slowly but surely, (perhaps he's learned a thing or two about "insidiousness"?) things are turning around. Maybe the strategy IS to bring about change, without bringing about a counter-revolution? Perhaps he's not so much trying to win them over as he is trying to lull them into acceptance. If he gives a little this time, then he can take a little next time. Maybe? Hopefully?

Anonymous said...

As someone who is a political independent, this post SPEAKS THE TRUTH!!!

The Obama administration has been pussy-footing for too long now by being "moderate" and "bipartisanly stable"

And in the end, he has FAILED to 'please Conservatards', (an oxy-moron) and has disappointed Democrats and Liberals alike.

What he SHOULD have done (and can STILL do!) is stop being moderate, and go all-out radical left wing!

* Seize the reigns and take control!
* INTENTIONALLY piss off republicans and conservatives.
* Show them the SAME type of hostilities that they inflicted upon Democrats with this entire time!

What people fail to understand is that "moderation" and "equilibrium" don't bring about change:

Radical actions and provocative ideologies DO!!!
(circa: ALL of history)

I'm not saying Obama should pull off a 'hitler-esque' type move. But I am saying that he should use his power to PUSH FORTH the liberal agenda more vigorously!

Because if he doesn't, then money hungry & power mongering conservatives alike will do WHATEVER it takes to obtain that type of power.

Anyways, right on Bill Maher! Keep on fighting the good fight!!!

And for all you out there who disagree with Bill, well:

Fuck you all to hell and back!!!

Anonymous said...


In "The God Delusion" pp. 202-7 Richard Dawkins describes recent psycho-sociologic bridge events that apply well to recent tactics as well as bigger scope ones. Just the kind of propaganda W and other scumbags would try to play, and screw up just as badly as W.

Far reaching implications.

Its a damn good book, better if you read it fast. You must; he continues to write.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Depressing. Totally like one of those relationships where you hit it off really well and three years later it's still booty calls. Like you were kind of hoping for all this good shit, and now you'd just settle for some not-bad shit, and even those are high hopes.

I'm 30- I don't know anyone who's hopeful because none of us saw anything (economy, prospects, peace, prosperity) hopeful in our adult lives. I know the economy is fucked, but things like gay rights he could totally move on. And like you've said on your show, Bill, I'm totally pissed the party in power isn't saying, "it's our turn, sit the fuck down and shut up," like the last eight years. WTF?

Anonymous said...

Depressing. Totally like one of those relationships where you hit it off really well and three years later it's still booty calls. Like you were kind of hoping for all this good shit, and now you'd just settle for some not-bad shit, and even those are high hopes.

I'm 30- I don't know anyone who's hopeful because none of us saw anything (economy, prospects, peace, prosperity) hopeful in our adult lives. I know the economy is fucked, but things like gay rights he could totally move on. And like you've said on your show, Bill, I'm totally pissed the party in power isn't saying, "it's our turn, sit the fuck down and shut up," like the last eight years. WTF?

Unknown said...

I feel similarly, but I'm more optimistic about the changes to come. Pres Obama's behind-the-scenes action to shape and push forward healthcare reform has been brilliant and will undoubtedly pass with sweeping reform short of single-payer transformation. The bill is in its 'too late to turn back'(or 'too big to fail' in a good way) phase with Obama's biggest pushes towards a public option and the dismantling of insurance monopolies just weeks away. This is it.

There was no sense in canon-balling his way into the White House with the potential to lose/anger this, afterall, conservative country and sacrifice 6 out of a potential 8 years of Obama + a democratic congress and possibly even cloture (!). Other reform are underway and will be coolly laid down, one-by-one, with the same clandestine tact that he is currently using. The changes will be slow and steady and grand.

PS. second paragraph correction: "It's still *too* early.." Are your interns too busy wishing you would pull a Letterman to edit this? Someone needs to be fired ;)

Nick said...

Why are you still trying to convince yourself that Obama is "one of us"? Maybe he is "deep undercover," as you say, or maybe -- here's an idea -- he's full of shit. Why give him the benefit of the doubt? Until his actions catch up with his words, he's no better than Bush.

Jessy K. Daniel said...

I get your gist BUT brother Bill-but just as you said "Barack Obama is not your boyfriend and he is not single,or has the luxury to sleep to noon or smoke a fat spliff when he is stressed. Obama is not your super hero, he is a hardworking, REAL family man trying to clean up one of the worlds biggest fucking messes and at the same time trying to be a thoughtful family man who has consideration for his wife and children-Aside from the Mayan calender-Children are our future and although a new puppy for the girls can be considered "hokey or trivial" while meanwhile in Afghanistan..I agree we should be out of there now! but CUT HIM A LITTLE SLACK-I love you and you ARE ON IT like no other but holy shit Barack Obama is just a man of flesh and bone and I don't think he has a holy staff or burning bush guiding him in every right direction but don't slander him he need's your spiritual support as well if you believe in that!-Maher For Pres- November 2012-Uh-oh- Let's see if you can take the prophecies on? it might be harder then WallStreet and you may need your Holy staff!-PEACE OUT!

Unknown said...

"That said, I do not forget that if the election had gone the other way, we'd right now have a barter economy and be at war with Honduras."

...And how the fuck do you know that? We could possibly have been back to an economy in full swing and been kickin' ass. Sadly we'll never know, cos unlike you, I tend to believe this all you'll get from Obama, until January 2011 when the Republicans take over and force change down his throat!

Crystal Ainardi said...

Oh Bill. He hasn't done anything? please look ....and if you feel Obama is falling off course buy the book "Change we can believe in-Barack Obamas Plan to renew Americas Promise" Flip through and underline what he has already accomplished. I'm only into page 93 and my highlighter has been put to great use. Have you ever thought the media just likes to focus on the negative? And forgets to mention anything positive. Don't buy into the naysayers Bill!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Lets review the campaign promises.

1, Close Guantanamo = everything it stands for.
2. Stop paving Afghanistan with American blood and gold
3. Stop paving Iran with Bush excrement
4. Restore the US constitutional law - American liberty
5. Restore diplomatic relations with the rest of the world
and as the professor said,

Zero for 6, kids. I like him better than Herr Cheney and co. but he hasn't done shit. Against him the adversaries of liberty have done much: Israel is brutalizing Palestinians like its 1967, Sarah is running as the Manchurian Candidate, the Republicans are civilly assaulting America by their hostile political acts and the natives are gathering pitchforks.

Did you see? A chinese programmer in possession of a 4rth generation iPhone was alleged to have comitted suicide for losing it, by jumping from his highrise apartment. Security video showed him being thrown out of his apartment by goons.

Fuck your phone is not cheap. Hello Android.

Get a reality check. Take the side you believe in and hold the fuck on. Advertise, fly your colors. There is strength in numbers. Do good deeds, win over as many people as you can - they will save you if it comes down to it.

Whatever you do, openly obey the law. Otherwise you lose your credibility with the people you might sway to support you.

Thats what they do, follow their lead. Do not believe for a minute that they outnumber you, they are stupid and lie badly.

Unknown said...

Hey bill, I'm a fan From Honduras and I really like your show. I finally hear you mention Honduras though it's on your blog, or forgive me if you ever did mention it on Real Time and I never saw it. But let me just say that the situation in Honduras is somewhat alike to the environment of disinformation that the media has bombarded on the American people. The constitutionally elect president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya is accused of being a socialist, leftist, even communist by the far right in Honduras , which is worse in this country when the Rich own 95% of the media and have indoctrinated people to believe this socialist propaganda. the truth is that people all around have been fooled into believing that the very thought of socialism is pure evil, why even uttering the word should have you hanged, like "capitalism" has done us good so far. what's sad is that this is a very poor country and poor people have been fooled to believe this crap and to defend it even though they don't even know what socialism means and that the very system which they defend is the one that inevitably has turned against them. We need need a better economic model to rule, and I'm not saying it should be socialism but it sure as hell should not be CAPITALISM. I hope my country's ilegit government decides to mend this political crisis and reinstate President Zelaya, but I might be sounding a bit naive when we all know that personal agendas are a priority over what the people request and what needs to be done.

zumbi said...

Obushama has and is changing nothing. The Secretary of the Treasury is a Goldman Sachs alum just like his predecessor. Gates is still Secretary of Defense. Either Obama is in way over his head or he is acquiescing in a continuation of what was going on under Bush. Continued torture, eavesdropping, and other constitutional violations. When will we call him on it?

Anonymous said...

Bill nothing ever gets done anymore because the people in charge don't have to do anything to get re-elected, all they have to do is make promises and stir up the emotions of the American public either by evoking hope or the cheaper one, creating an aura of fear. We'd be better off with a smart, sensible dictator than a fat, bloated, gassy, over-stretched, under-achieving democratic republic (love how the birthers and 9/12ers love to make sure everyone knows WE ARE A DAMN REPUBLIC) who's sole business now is to employee people. In certain sectors and regions of the US the government is the largest employers of its citizens, that is fucking sad. We raise taxes just to make jobs up for people that add little or no value to our economy. I mean in NY we still pay tolls for a Thruway basically to keep the people who collect tolls employed. It's fucking insane.

Unknown said...

Undoing the damage that has been done to our way of life is no small undertaking, and there are plenty of people on the opposition that will behave far more radically to prevent any change from taking, the task at hand is not an easy one. It may very well be that we have done too little too late. I don't envy Obama's position, and as Bill said...I wouldn't even try.

I no longer blindly follow either party as it has proven to be an illusion in both cases. Yes, I was also a Republican once. *ducks* The way I see it we have a few things standing in the of which I will make an example of. The Roman Empire kept it's population satisfied with "bread and circus's".

"To quote Wikipedia "Bread and circuses" (or bread and games) (from Latin: panem et circenses) is a metaphor for handouts and petty amusements that politicians use to gain popular support, instead of gaining it through sound policy. The phrase is invoked not only to criticize politicians, but also to criticize their supporters for giving up their civic duty.In modern usage, the phrase has become an adjective to deride an infantalized populace so defined by entertainment, instant self gratification, and personal pleasures that they no longer value civic virtues and the public life (not necessarily accomplished through deliberate pacification by politicians but through the popular culture itself). To many social conservatives, it connotes the wanton decadence and hedonism that defined Rome prior to its decline and that may similarly contribute to the decline of modern society."

We are beyond obsessed with materialism. So much so that it dominates every aspect of our lives. In fact, I think perhaps even the Roman's would have been embarrassed by our excesses. The current levels of consumerism are NOT sustainable when that shoe does finally drop, things will get very interesting, very quickly. Congrats if you made it through this rant without falling asleep...perhaps you have a brain with which to think:)


Unknown said...


He did tell the DEA boys to lay off the medical marijauna suppliers and growers. "Let the locals handle it" I think he said. If he does nothing else, that one decree makes my vote last fall worth the bytes that never did but were supposed to record it.

Peace out and thanks for the entertainment.

Lisa said...

Well said Will. I think in our "fast food nation" and "instant everything" we assume government can run at the speed of lightening. Just as it took years to get us into this mess (just pick any one), I don't think it's fair to expect overnight miracles. Very few long term projects were an overnight success and when you're dealing with a moronic congress it slows the pace. I thought we all voted for an end to "cowboy politics" and isn't that what we're demanding "ram it down their (Repub) throats in the name of change". Politics is like raising your kids, it takes time, you make mistakes, some days are bad and some are worse but in the end, years down the road you can look back and say "ok, it was all worth it" but anyone who has kids knows that change is not an overnight thing, it is a long slow, often very tedious and boring process. Bill you don't have kids so let's go with an analogy you can relate to. Say you want to grow some pot, you want it right now but truth is it takes a while to grow. You have to find someone to get you a starter, you need the right lights, you need the right amount of water, then you have to dry it and roll it and whatever else but it's NOT an overnight process if in fact you want to be in charge of producing your own. Now Bill, substitute "grow my own pot" to "change the government and it's people" and you'll see that it's not an overnight thing regardless of how many times we belittle our pot plant and tell it we'd like it to change - FAST. Patience and constructive support will get you the government AND the pot you want!

Toad734 said...

He just needs to get over this bipartisan/including the other side shit. The other side thinks the Earth is 10k years old and that and insurance company who is out to make a profit has your best interest at heart. Did the Republican of the last 8 years wait to see if the Democrats were going to be on board with what they were doing?? Hell no.

Anonymous said...

If Hamid Karzai had aimed a little higher he could have been president of Iraq.

Jen said...

Obama rose like a rocket through Illinois state politics. Anyone recognize the names "George Ryan" and "Rod Blagojevich"? Corrupt. Pay to play.
Obama is extremely likeable and got noticed by the DNC for his charisma and ability to motivate through very well crafted speeches. He is inspiring to listen to, but ultimately he has not had much experience in any executive role bringing about the change he dreams of.

He has a vision; just not yet the ability to see it through. Maybe his resume is not what it could have been. For now, he will do a lot of learning on the job. I pray to God that the right people are his mentors and NO, being from Illinois that does not include Rahm Emmanuel for me.

Wait a while. He has the potential to do enormous good and still has time to do it.

S. Maxx Mahaffey said...

Bill Maher and Ariana Huffington are cut from the same cloth…two progressives with too much self-importance. Progressives must have felt so marginalized during the Bush Administration that with their newfound freedom to speak their minds without fear of being labeled unpatriotic by Fox News, they can't shut the fuck up. They don't know when to stop debating. They don't know when they're winning.

Maher is always saying he wants Obama to be more like George Bush, tougher, more aggressive. Maybe Maher should be more like Republican constituents, toe the line and don't bash your guy in public. But, he can't be no more like a Republican than Obama can be like Bush.

Maher, a comedian, wants to remain revelant by writing this asinine blog casting himself as having some great knowledge. He is no more of an expert than I am nor does his opinion matters more. His blog is just read by more people because of his celebrity status. Get over yourself Maher! Go smoke a blunt.

Maher like Ariana is not an economist, not an expert on how to rage a war or bring an economy from the brink of disaster or create legislature for health care. But, if you listen to this not very funny comedian, you would think he is speaking from a position of authority rather than just expressing his viewpoint. Is it passion for the issue or narcissism? I think narcissism.

Maher told his viewers that they were stupid to take the H1N1 vaccine to protect them against the virus. When Kathleen Sebelius was asked what she thought about Maher's comment, she replied, "I prefer to get my advice from doctors and scientists."

I say ditto!

Little Voices said...

You might think you are smart getting your advice from doctors and scientists, but just take a look at an article posted on describing how clinical trials and the FDA approved drugs are a joke:

"Clinical trials are a joke
That's because in modern medicine today, clinical trials are a joke. When a researcher sets out to create a study or clinical trial with a pre-ordained conclusion rather than an open mind, he can accomplish that in a variety of ways: By excluding study participants that don't fit his conclusion, by eliminating data sets from meta-analysis studies, by controlling the timeline of the study to end it before side effects start to appear, and so on.

That's why "proving" that a flu shot can improve erections, or function as a pharmaceutical face lift, or eliminate snoring is also a simple matter. Anything can be made to look statistically significant by a clever enough researcher.

Interestingly, a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine sought to review whether published papers describing pharmaceutical clinical trials even bothered to mention the negative side effects observed during the trials. They found:

• 11% of the published studies mentioned no negative side effects whatsoever.

• 56% of the published studies distorted the reporting of negative side effects to minimize their impact.

• 47% of the studies gave zero data on the withdrawal of subjects from the study (this is how study participants get "kicked out" of the clinical trials when they threaten the desired outcome of the study).

What this analysis reveals is that clinical trials are often just mathematical window dressing for medical quackery. The way such trials are conducted today is merely a kind of numerical theater that's staged to invoke the illusion of science where none exists.

And keep in mind: The entire pharmaceutical industry is based on this! Clinical trials are the so-called "scientific evidence" the FDA looks at to approve drugs. Remember: The FDA conducts no clinical trials itself. It merely accepts the clinical trials conducted (and paid for) by the drug companies, and then it accepts that research to be honest and trustworthy!

This is how Vioxx got approved by the FDA. It's how Rezulin got approved. It's the reason Alli was approved as an over-the-counter weight loss drug even though it may be linked to liver damage. Big Pharma has used quack clinical trials to win FDA approval for some really dangerous drugs, and the practice continues today.

That's why it's so hilarious when pharma pushers question natural remedies, claiming "Natural remedies have no clinical trials to back them up!"

Why bother? Clinical trials, it turns out, prove absolutely nothing. They are simply the vehicle of quackery through which chemical pushers grasp for an illusionary foothold in the realm of fuzzy statistics. Having a clinical trial that "proves" a drug works doesn't mean the drug works at all; it merely means your company has a big enough budget to hire a sufficiently creative research team that can wrangle together the conclusions you wish to support.

To call any of this "science" is entirely laughable.

And oh, by the way, did you know that taking a flu shot improves your eyesight and gives you a tight bum, too? It's been proven in a clinical trial..."

Unknown said...

Thank you for giving a voice to ideas that are actually not that uncommen .... what is the main stream , really? We too have a responsibility to compromise, but not too much... in order to get things done. Americans are lazy because our lives are still pretty comfortable. Do we have to wait til there's more pain to protest?

We The Peeps 1 said...

Oh, come on, Billy me boy. Cut'em a little slack. Afterall, they are politicians,first / do-gooders, second. They did get handed the proverbial "Bucket-O-S__t", and you know better than we the peeps that this stuff takes time.
Please play nice with the other kids, now!

Jorge R. Serrano said...

Right on Bill. To those of us that have been fighting in the trenches against the neocon tangent our nation has been on for so many years now this feels like the last nail in our coffin. We busted our behind to bring what we thought was change and got bamboozled. At this point we need the people to raise up and yet what used to be the engine of change in our country: the youth, are missing in action. The next step for progressive is to point the finger at the apathetic public. I for one are doing what I can including getting arrested in sit-in fighting our amoral health care system. How long before the only one that are doing anything give up and jump ship? Norway, France even Cuba sounds pretty good these days.

Craig Geil said...

Obama at least stopped the downward trend this country was on. The trend has leveled out after a year, things haven't gotten worse like when W was president. Do you remember that it seemed like we had a series of f*ckups or bad news every 30-60 days with W? Obama has kept stopped this finally. Although this latest Fox news hunt he started was pretty stupid in my mind. I also am disappointed because we are at a point where we need more than stopping the leak in the wall, we do need more Change to fix the leaky wall. I'm glad that some members of Congress have woken up and are trying to push proper healthcare reform without Obama's leadership.

lobster party / parti homard said...

Who says Obama can't work miracles?
He saved turkey for EVERYBODY didn't He!

Anonymous said...


As you are going to be in our rather boring area (UC/NY) in the near future, how about meeting with an author / activist / entertainer - and checking out a book you might be (You are even given credit in it!) interested in? I couldn't find a regular publisher that would touch a book of this nature (rather controversial, one might say...) - so the book (actually I published three of them, but one stands out) was self-published... I was misled by my publisher... And I haven't had the money (or honestly, until now, the courage...) to (except for rather meekly and sporadically) self-promote it.

I think you would like this book (at least in part) --- oh yes indeed --- a whole lot!

You can check out my blog at to learn more about me...

And/or you can email me at

Think about it? Every nobody is a somebody, right?

I Love your show! I Love to Laugh! And I also know a lot about crying...

Peace, Love, Truth, Equality and Humane Justice,


Unknown said...

Oh man, someone please answer this, even your staff or another reader, anyone!!

What watch are you wearing in your The Decider stand up HBO special? My husband has been wanting this watch since he saw it and I've literally looked everywhere on the 'net and cannot find it. Help someone!!!

Anonymous said...

u rock my christiandominated-right-wing-conservative-shit-eating world. i love u.

Anonymous said...

Bill - You didn't expect miracles from a con artist did you? If you were a believer maybe God would have given you the gift of discernment and your disappointment would have been foreseen.

Dave said...

A way to affect change is to be the change you want. You are choosing the wrong battle if you have to convince those in control to change. There is power in movements at the grass roots level where we are creating from a different angle. We actually want to be well. Raising nutritional awareness and making healthy food choices affordable is the beginning. Natural products companies are now opting for the direct marketing approach, a structure which challenges the middleman CEO economy that has enslaved us for the last 100yrs. Scientists are developing wellness technologies that could move to the mainstream rapidly if properly supported. The problem is that the CEO economists will not step aside. Big food and big drug will stay until the bitter end, it's goal, mutual annihilation through subtle retaliatory acts (like putting sacks of caramel next to the apples, and making the shit they call food pretty). It is sad that we could not create a world with free food. As a child, I imagined the people who ran things in this country had our best interest at heart. I wondered why there were not more fruit trees everywhere. I know, people become lazy if they don't have to struggle to survive. We are more productive if we suffer. The soldiers cannot receive hothands because the comfort they bring will make the them less effective.
Remember who is the creator in your life. You. Create in the spirit of love, gratitude and forgiveness as if no one is separate from you.

Recognize A Miracle

ZenGrouch said...

I can't fuckin' believe how fast those cocksucking demoskanks bent over and grabbed their ankles thanks to Joe Libercunt!

What god damn good is a medical care reform bill if the insurance companies still hold all the cards?

Without a public option or the Medicare buy in at 55 NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Oh sure, they slapped a fresh coat of paint on a termite infested house, with the termite motherfuckers being the insurance companies.

Wonderful, they're pushing for a plan that prevents the insurance companies from denying coverage due to preexisting conditions!

Know what? They got that here in California. Found out about it the hard way. Sure, they'll insure me but they want $5K a month in premiums.

If I had that kind of cash I wouldn't need insurance.

And my preexisting conditions were because one doctor wants to cut my feet open because he needs new Mercedes. This fucker was scheduling an operating time, and I'm telling him, my foot really doesn't hurt that bad.

Oh, this was when I still had insurance, btw...

Had a doc with the attitude of, *Who cares if you need the test, the insurance company is paying!*

OK, then when I had an x-ray, the doc examining the thing diagnosed me as having osteoporosis, and I needed further testing on one expensive machine.

Guess what, that motherfucker OWNED the machine, which btw gave me a clean bill of health.

But guess again, when I tried to change from one Blue Cross plan to a cheaper one, I signed away my rights and they sent a guy into all of my various doctor's offices I've ever seen in California over the past two decades, armed with a portable computer and a scanner, copying all of my records.

Funny thing, they zeroed in on me having osteoporosis, but have no record of me being cleared and found to NOT have it.


They'll be glad to put everything in writing! I never got it. Sure, they claimed to have sent me everything in writing 3 fucking times, lost in the mail, they suspect, but they did send it. THAT'S THE FUCKING LAW!

So I said fuck it I'll live without insurance. Then I went blind and lost my driver's license, due to an eye doctor misdiagnosing a rapidly growing pair of cataracts.

But fuck it, that's my problem.

So anyway, one of the things they were suppose to put in writing was that they now wanted $5,000 a month in premiums for a lesser policy that I had, but was now gone.

So anyway, NOW we can wet our pants because no nuts Obama will make this California plan available to all good U.S. Citizens?!

This while illegals are using E.R.s all across this great land as their first care providers when their kids get the sniffles? AND THEY CAN'T BE TURNED AWAY?!

This my friends is the beginning of the end of a once great country. We are at the event horizon of one motherfucking vortex.

Fuck you Joe Liberman, I hope you come down with several painful cancers all at the same time, you father fucking shit eater. I think you're lower than G.W.!

At least with that fucking idiot G.W. we knew where he was coming from. ...well, after he was elected anyway. ...well, not elected but placed in office by the Supreme Court and the Great State of Florida.

Anyway, Liberman, you are lower than that other piece of shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, would realy like to see you get to the real root of this issue, but have never heard you even mention it. The Bilderburg Group and their control of the world.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher doesn't have the balls to invite Andrew Wilkow on his show.

Aleksandar Šarović said...

Dear Bill, until the system changes cosmetics will work only. Here is the bright future of humankind in only 3 pages:

Aleksandar Sarovic

Jim from GTA said...


Saw your show "Religious". You seem to have a strong problem with cognitive dissonance. You seem to be overcritical of normal evidence that is presented to you because it does not "fit" your view of the world. Recommend you read "Case for Christ" by Lee Sorbel, if you are serious about exploring evidence. As an agnotistic he went into extensive detail on Jesus

Good luck with your journey to see the truth.


Aleksandar Šarović said...

I was agnostic as well and got close to Christianity when asked "Am I Jesus Christ?" here . I had serious evidence as well but nobody recognised me so that I am agnostic again.

Aleksandar Sarovic

ZenGrouch said...

Maybe this is off topic, but I was just wondering...

Say, you're sitting on Rush Limbaugh's face, taking a shit in his mouth, OK, then the fat son of a bitch tries to stick his tongue in your asshole, between turds, because you told him that's where you keep your Oxycontin...

...would you find that off-putting?

ZenGrouch said...

Is it a drama queen overreaction, or justified, when you're tea bagging a tea bagger, then they spit your balls out of their mouth just cuz you blow a fart in their face and there's a bit of liquid involved?

iwanttobefree said...

You really are an idiot if you believe Obama and Rahm are intelligent. No more big government, that is only for people that can't think and do for themselves

MrsPain said...

I think it's hilarious that people read your blog in order to get fake offended and attack you for questioning a medical system which is so obviously incredibly fucked. Goddamn liberals always attacking the health of our children...

ZenGrouch said...

Speaking of "fake offended" I simply LOVE the way Harry Reid lit that fuse under the right wing phonies!

Anonymous said...

I just read this article and felt like sharing it with your team if haven't seen it already.

Come to think of it, this guy as such a valid and smart point. We should have thought about it years ago. Or, Mr. Maher and Mr. Stewart should have pushed for this idea :-)

Time For Washington To Use Comedy In Our Foreign Diplomacy Arsenal

Delmer_2 said...

You're just a redneck racist.

Anonymous said...

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zumbi said...

I thought people were becoming more aware of what is really going on, but obviously government education has been successful at dumbing down the public.

Travel Bugs said...

Human beings are hard to please. Our expectations are too high, even when we know that they are unrealistic. The U.S. has been on a downward spiral of ruin during the Bush administration and we expect Pres. Obama to fix EVERYTHING in one year??? Common - could anyone else really do better? At least he's trying and not just sitting on his hands - give him some credit. He deserves the country's support for trying his best. He's NOT Superman!

Tyler Armstrong said...

What about this rotten government spending freeze Bill?

Sumsanity said...

Bill, Bill, Bill. Just because someone knows things that you don't does not mean they are smarter than you. It’s what they do with this knowledge that counts as wisdom. What has Obama done? First he attempts to close a prison full of psychotic murderers and fails. Then he cries ‘the sky is falling’ and passes the Porkulus bill after rightly criticizing George W for spending too much. George hit rock bottom, handed Barrack the shovel and Obama starts digging. Then he wastes the next 10 months trying to shove and ill-conceived and thinly disguised Health Care reform bill while the economy bleeds jobs and bankers pocket billions of taxpayer money. This guy is just a well-educated snake oil salesman. Stop expecting his elixir of BS too cure all. He IS just another smarmy, lying politician. Face up to it. You were punked.

Unknown said...

from (world's most important spam)... Please toss this up to Bill...


I am considered a radical democrat by my peers, but all I am doing in this life to be labeled a 'radical' is the right thing itself. I do not fear the nature of human beings. Republicans are fearful that the average man would ruin the human race if placed in power, but in reality the largest contributing factor to their desire to separate the rich from the poor is their shortsightedness due to greed primarily, but also some vanity and lust.

As for President Obama... I think the reason why he hasn't exploded onto the scene is that he is constantly dealing with an economy that he is letting down slowly rather than allowing the only other option which was to allow the bubble to burst. I mean really, did we as a nation believe that this plan of massive credit card companies trying to put everyone in debt, major banks investing in bogus mortgages, AIG's, Automakers that can't put out a competitive product, and millions of enterprises out there mostly pumping out useless luxury crap into a bubble economy and thus causing inflation... ...would work? Let's toss in a bogus war that has gone unfunded to this point.

Frankly, I think President Obama and all Democrats may have been set up by some Republican 'play' to take full control of the nation. Bush Sr. was the CIA Director before being Vice-President and President. Eight years later and the next Bush generation is all over the political map including the Presidency again. Something's up.

You should read my e-book and comment in the forums. I split our political argument into Republicans being afraid of the nature of man and Democrats wanting the advancement of the nature of man (mostly advancing education and healthcare). I link this conflict to a simple flaw in mankind's development.

Please check it out and let me know if there is any way we can help each other. Thanks for the RSS Feed.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

You must believe a draygonfly is a dragaon and a panda is a bear if you believe a killer whale is a whale.

The killer whale belongs to the family of dolphins and is the biggest dolphin. Look at the dorsal fin.

Killer whales are to dolphns like Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger is to people.

Love your work except for the stuff you think you should cut but don't.

Gary from Edmonton.

LAPhil said...

Bill, when are you going to quit using the term "tea-baggers", you fuck!

Unknown said...

New rule: If your comment is longer than the blog post, get your own blog.

Unknown said...

I love Real Time With Bill. But every time Amy Holmes in on, I have to stop watching because of her insistence on talking over everyone else and her pretentious know-it-all attitude. I don't know what planet she's from but I wish she'd go back so I could watch long enough to see "New Rules".

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Obama shouldn't get anything. I hope Ron Paul will kick his ass.

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