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Friday, October 2, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, October 2nd, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

I know why you’re happy tonight. Because, you know what, after all these months of seeing these tea-baggers hold up signs of Obama with the Hitler moustache painted on, we have proof now that Obama isn’t Hitler. Cause when Hitler tried to get the Olympics, he got it.

- Bill Maher, in his opening monologue

Let’s be big about it. Congratulations to the citizens of Rio de Janeiro. They spent all day today partying, doing the samba in the streets with the breasts hanging out. And then they heard about the Olympics and they were even more thrilled.

- Bill Maher, in his opening monologue

You can’t blame the progressives for being mad at the Democrats. I mean, they seem to always start with the compromise. If they were writing the Hippocratic Oath, they would start with, “First, OK, do a little harm.”

- Bill Maher

There are, at least half of America, who thinks the world was created by a man in a cloud in six days, who then needed to rest. I love that. He’s so powerful he can create the universe, but then he’s pooped.

- Bill Maher

One of the main principals of Darwinian Theory is plenty of variations for natural selection to work on. And there’s sure enough, there are plenty of variations in brain power. All the way from Einstein on the one hand, to Sarah Palin on the other.

- Richard Dawkins

Eighteen percent of the British people think it takes one month for the earth to orbit the sun … And twenty-eight percent of the British people think humans walked with the dinosaurs. Twenty-eight percent of the British people get their science from “The Flintstones.”

- Richard Dawkins

New Rule: Froot Loops are not a health food. Some of the big food companies have started giving their products “Smart Choice” check marks so shoppers will know they’re “healthful.” You know, like a creep in the park will carry a puppy, so kids will know he’s “friendly.” Healthful? Froot Loops? When I saw this, I threw a tantrum in the cereal aisle.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: Shut up, grandpa. This week ancient pop singer Andy Williams announced that he thinks Obama is a “Marxist” who “wants the country to fail.” And then he made Moon River in his diapers. Actually, it’s not shocking that Andy Williams says Obama is a communist. It’s shocking Andy Williams is alive. He doesn’t do shows, he has viewings.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were Janeane Garofalo, Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, Thomas Friedman, Richard Dawkins, and Lisa Jackson


JenaNotJameson said...

New rule: Liberals need a new PR representative.

"Single Payer System" sounds expensive, whereas "Universal Health Care", well just add a "miss" to the beginning of it and it's every teen boy's wet dream. Gay marriage? Also a PR issue. It's so simple; we just need some videos of hot lesbian marriage action. Why haven't I seen these? It's not for lack of looking.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Remember boys and girls, Jesus was a communist!

You have to admit for all its flaws, our democratic republic is a better deal than that fire and brimstone lose-lose bummer. I would not trade this for any theocracy. The founding fathers had their priorities right - the religulous are #1 most dangerous to freedom, the bankers are #2.

We have to get back on the gold standard. This will check the mad bankers and it will insure a permanent objective value of our currency. Without this the global economy is subject to wishful thinking.

Dean Jackson said...

Associated Press --

Attorney: OKC bombing tapes appear edited

OKLAHOMA CITY – Long-secret security tapes showing the chaos immediately after the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building are blank in the minutes before the blast and appear to have been edited, an attorney who obtained the recordings said Sunday.

The tapes turned over by the FBI came from security cameras various companies had mounted outside office buildings near the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. They are blank at points before 9:02 a.m., when a truck bomb carrying a 4,000 pound fertilizer-and-fuel-oil bomb detonated in front of the building, [Jesse] Trentadue said. –Associated Press, Sunday September 27, 2009.

Television news is refusing to say the CCTV tapes appear to be doctored!

For more on this story and how the FBI were forced to release CCTV footage, Google ‘Jesse Trentadue.’ Warning: pictures of Jesse Trentadue’s brother’s dead body after he was “interrogated” by the FBI may be disturbing to some.

Dean Jackson/Editor-in-Chief
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

...had to go pick some crunchberries.


Chris Hedges is a good writer, titles include:

American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on America

When Atheism Becomes Religion: America's New Fundamentalists

and most recent,

Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle

I am inclined to believe in devolution as a consequence of charity at the expense of priority and that mankind will extinct itself, or revert to a more primitive level of civilization. The current degree of specialization without redundancy is not sustainable. Adapt to living on Mars? Our bodies are still adapting from the high diet that Darwin's missing links were evolved to 6 million years ago.

An example of devolution in action is giving Sarah Palin a million dollars. What the fuck for? Give that million dollars to the special forces guys who hunted down Bin Laden, and who are still after that devolved fop, tax free.

Interesting that our ancestors have had our brain capacity for 600,000 years. We are a species with amnesia: there is no way that this is the first time civilization reached this level of awareness. Consider the pyramids and Patagonia. These are over 10,000 year old billboards that say, 'Look what we could do'.

We have to examine this planet more thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

edit: high diet = high fiber diet, tho I did enjoy the movie "Caveman"

Erik said...

This was probably the worst episode of Real Time this season. Bill let the horribly unenlightening congresswoman drone on. Janeane Garafalo was just angry and unfunny as usual and kept interrupting the only person who has something interesting to say, Richard Dawkins, whenever he made a good point that disagreed with hers. How she keeps getting work as a comic is beyond me.

Bill needs to get someone funny who doesn't blend in with rest of the hack hollywood lefties that just use his show as a platform. Adam Carolla comes to mind. He needs to get better panelists and know when to cut them off.

Unknown said...

BILL, im a brazilian, and i just saw a bunch of your shows on youtube. Your awsome, and the world is living a time that needs people like you. I just wanted to leave a message for you, and this is the only way you might get that.
I know a men that you might be interest to get in contact, to talk, you know, about live, and about this world. His name is Robert Happe. You can find some information of him on the internet, and also a few videos on youtube.
Hope you read this and get in contact with him. IM SURE you are gonna LOVE him and his ideologies!

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

In response to what Mr. Friedman said about Islam being regarded as religion 3.0,

Hinduism is like *nix,

judeo-christinsanity including Islam is like the conflicted, evolving Microsoft operating systems,

and Atheism is like Apple.

I don't believe in superstition and I don't tolerate it in my sphere.

consultant said...

Blue Eyed Devil,

I need a translation. Please.

I use Apple computers. Explain that an atheism.

Anonymous said...

Viddy well, my droogie debauchniks:

and here is the complete list o' showws:

Suffice it to say I can run Windows & Linux on a Mac Notebook.

Anonymous said...


Maybe they'll put Roman Polanski in Corcoran state prison with Charlie Manson. This way, Roman gets justice, we don't have to pay for Charlie anymore & the AG can justify wasting money wrangling Polanski in.

Otherwise I think its just the guards jiggling their keys toward Switzerland, to let the tax evaders know the jig is up.

Anonymous said...

I have always thought that free market systems conform to natural selection and everything else is eugenics.

Anonymous said...

In a graphic illustration of the new world order, Arab states have launched secret moves with China, Russia and France to stop using the US currency for oil trading

I hope you like your bicycle.

debra said...

Why are you so hateful towards Sarah Palin? You have a message of hate... is that what you want to spread?

Anonymous said...

Eureka! I know why the Chinese paid Sarah Palin! They want to grrom her to be their next - our next president, so they can complete the take over!

Anonymous said...

and this 'book deal' is a scheme to circumvent campaign contribution laws!

Anyone know what W's been up to?

zenman said...

Bill is hateful because he did not get the tv talk show position he wanted.

Bill beleives he is smarter than 99.9999999% of people and so all people should follow hime or become a target.

Bill can not understand people that don't simply agree with him because he is Bill.

Bill is jealous of Conan, Leno and Letterman becuase he believes he is smarter, funnier, and that his genius should win out.

Bill is what you would call a Narcissistic personailty. He projects his unhappiness of his life on others using jokes designed to cause emotional pain to his targets.

Bills preception of said pain is his means of achiveiving balance with the disconnect he feels from people he interacts with.

This is why Bill is unable to maintain a stable realtionship with women and has no close frienships with men.

Anonymous said...

zenman is practicing psychology without any formal degree or certification; yet another inmate trying to run the asylum.

Based on this assessment, what does it mean that Rush Limbaugh wishes Obama & the USA to fail? I mean, if the jokes & insights of Bill Maher's guests reflect Bill's dissatisfaction with stupid people like you, what does it mean that Rush wants the free world to suffer and Glen Blech preaches murdering doctors?

Haven't you anything better to do zenman? Why aren't you out playing with your many friends? Isn't your career going anywhere?

Or is it perhaps your narcissism that you are describing?

Take 2 cyanide capsules and I'll get back to you.

Anonymous said...

A few months ago in bloomberg it was reported that China was trying to get their loans to the US (aka our debt to China) issued in yuan instead of dollars. As China controls their currency through artificially contrived valuations, the purpose of this is to control the ability of the debtor to repay the loan. The case study for this is Argentina.

So now China is trying to get the world oil market to be valued in yuan instead of dollars. This has a similar negative effect not only on the USA but on the west as a whole.

The USA became the world leader & protector not by force as Japan and Germany tried, and as China is now attempting. Consequences of this include the US withdrawing our stabilizing military presence from the world as a whole. This opens the door for local conflicts such similar to Bosnia, but in areas like Taiwan & S. Korea.

Pretty fucking stupid.

If this happens, when Arabia is a Red Chinese satellite Usama is really going to regret betraying his American allies. But, I guess Allah has special punishments like this for traitors.

Anonymous said...

The domino effect is in play.

Unknown said...

Why does Janeane Garofalo think that she has the right to challenge Thomas Friedman on foregin policy? More importantly, why does she think it is okay to have a Nuclear Middle East? If she is that dumb, then Maher should be ridiculing her just as much as Sarah Palin on his show.

Anonymous said...

Thats not what she said. She questioned who are we to dictate who gets nukes from the position that no-one should have them and its bullshit that the Israelis have them, bad neighbors that they are. She's a pacifist, dumbass.

Unknown said...

Just a comment to say that I think Bill Maher is the most despicable man I have ever watched on TV. He is definitely from the far far left. Why aren't you able to leave Sarah Palin alone? Is it because you feel threatened by a woman/person that is stronger than you are? Do you have a hard-on for her or what? Sarah Palin needs to bitch-slap you once or twice. You need a "shrink" Mr. Maher, but I'm not sure that would help.

Unknown said...

Jeeze, what is up with people lately? Is it a full moon or something? Anyway I just have to vent on the froot loop comment, have you seen the commercial for all that crap lately, the one with the kids dressed up like doctors recommending fiber which is apparently now added to all those crappy cereals? My parents did a lot of things wrong, but I am so thankful that they didn't raise me on sugar, that's one thing they didn't do, we didn't have sodas, pop tarts, cocoa puffs, or any of that sort of shit in the house, and I am thankful for that. I had to stop by the market yesterday and in honor of boob cancer month, they had this huge display of cookies and cupcakes that were decorated with pink icing, it's just unbelievable to me that the masses still don't get it, why don't they make nice pretty pink cigarettes for October while they're at it? There needs to be stupidity awareness month, we need to raise money to research why most of the world has shit for brains, Jesus Christ, What The Fuck?!

Anonymous said...


If by "despicable" you mean, "someone not duped by hacks in suits & fox assclowns";
If by "far far left" you mean, "way more intelligent than you";
If by "leave Sarah Palin alone" you mean, "not be disturbed when such a stupid, dishonest person fucking things up for the rest of us" (just ask Senator McCain);
If by "hard on" you mean, "aversion to irresponsible tools threatening the future security of all mankind";
If by "bitch-slap you once or twice" you mean, "get out of the public eye before she's taken away in a strait jacket";
If by "shrink" you mean "toke, toke it up!";

Then I agree, otherwise stop your whining.

Trilby said...

I agree about the Fruit Loops, Bill Maher, but your funniest, and most pointed line came when you mentioned how the idiots make even You question evolution. Good one!
Your silly point about God resting - my understanding is that he Created a day of rest for.....well, whatever was filling the earth up before Adam and Eve came along.
I'm not religious; I'm not religulous, either. I'm quite glad Bill Maher challenges religious orthodoxy, but he should also know that he doesn't know a thing about spirituality. Bill Maher is like those folks I heard on NRP yesterday, conclusively proving that all the "magic" of the universe is just sheer coincidence, however improbable. Even if true (isn't it the Way it's interpreted, more than What it is - a coincidence can be magical to someone, indicative of a higher meaning, or just a possibly cool thing to your average atheist; it's all in the interpreting) - all this "sensible" stuff tends to make our universe a rather drab place. No fairies, no elves, just numbers, yadda yadda yadda. (Atheists love to say: too freakin' bad; just Deal, already). Excuse me, just wondering: is there any place somewhere between hard, he-man atheist and glowey eyed new-age Ramtha guru queen for a person who is Not religulous, Not overly incredulous, but perhaps a bit ingenuous? (A real word!) Just wondering.

zenman said...

A person does not need a formal degree or certification to comment on behavior that is obvious to anyone that cares to look any more that one would need to be doctor to comment that Limbaugh is fat or need to be a priest to comment Sherri Shepherd did not speak to god.

Just as BA in English qualifies someone to be some great social prophet or ensure they will be funny, people are free to think for themselves/

Speaking of Limbaugh, it always comes back to him does it not? It must drive you insane that someone that you believe to be so mentally, emotionally, and physically flawed can have so many people that follow his thinking, something you have never been able to command.

You search for the source of your pain outside yourself and I tell you, it is not there: all pain in within you.

I remember I used to laugh at you Clinton/Lewinsky jokes, but it wasn’t until years later that I realized what that type of comedy was.

It was not about Clinton, it was about Bill Maher. It was about your feeling superior by degrading others.

Now you are that school yard bully, lashing out to prove your mental dominance of all.

I do not expect you to change, just to listen, look, and contemplate.

Red Skelton was a loved comedian; do you ever see him needing to degrade others to make people laugh?

Rebekah said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for raising the timely question, why some people are relentless in their pursuit to blow things up in this country, while at the same time they very much enjoy the material prosperity here.

I was wondering why and how are these people are here at the first place? Who let them in and who awarded such people with American citizenship? Since 9/11, more than 23 major attempts of terrorist attack have been foiled, thanks to intelligence tactics, and 693 terror suspects are prosecuted. Interestingly over 33% of them are American Citizens! Doesn’t it indicate something egregiously wrong in our immigration and citizenship process?

Isn’t it a commonsense that we keep the doors shut for untrusted people, and bring home only our trusted friends? Indiscriminately letting people in and then wondering why the robber burgled the house doesn’t seem like sensible approach – isn’t it?

A rational person in a buyer’s market would normally opt for the best option available. Why don’t we then either close our door altogether, or let only those people in who directly benefits our society and economy?

I think we are avoiding all these related issues in the name of “immigration reform”. Closing the holes of laws that are endangering the lives of the citizens doesn’t seem to be a matter of policy reform, but calls for an urgent fix. Or is that too much to ask for?

Cat Adams said...

On your 9/25 show, you asked Michael Moore about why people aren't marching in the streets about the atrocities in America. Crappy food is only one layer of the problem. Blogs, and the internet in general, provide an outlet for venting our frustration. A few minutes of searching would uncover myriad underground movements and collectives. So while the internet has been great for organizing and gathering, it perhaps gives us the false illusion that we're making a difference, when we're actually sitting in a chair and staring at a bunch of illuminated pixels.

Unknown said...

TIP RE: Marion Barry makes overtly sexist and racist comments at DC City Council Hearing

An excellent Washington Post editorial on the subject is available here:

Watch on-demand at:

I promise that these comments are comedy gold, and I hope the media picks this up because they show Marion Barry as the sexist and racist that he is.

Anonymous said...


the process of becoming immature

by revisiting old posts we were able to witness the immaturation of the internet from a place of cordial dissent to whiny bickering.

Unknown said...

Mr. Maher, about your marriage tweet, you are so right. I don't understand why people get married. I myself, have never cheated on a boyfriend, or even had the desire to cheat, but it looks like I may be the only one. I think that humans in general weren't meant to be monogamous, and that's fine, but then that also means that they shouldn't marry or pretend to be in monogamous relationships. At least you're honest and I give you credit for that. I know that a lot of women push for marriage, and I just don't get that, it just proves that people aren't very evolved. Their brains don't have the ability to think ahead, all they're thinking is "wedding", and that means that they get to dress up and play princess for a day, how childish. Then children are brought into the picture which is the real tragedy because the child is then raised by idiots. Mr. Maher I wish more men thought like you, I'm sure you've broken many hearts in your day, but at least you didn't marry anyone and then break their heart. I will say this whole Letterman thing is quite intriguing, I have Letterman fever, and even though my heart does go out to his wife, if I was "dating" some guy for 20 years and it took him that long to propose, I'd start to think that he might not be the one, and I certainly wouldn't have a child with someone who wasn't willing to commit to me.

maher the queen said...

OK, I had some free time so I thought I would sign up on the King of stupidities web site and bash all of the stupid liberals. Here goes...I'm really upset at my ansestors for bringing the black over here. They have really screw this country up. I want to know why science can't figure out what makes a gay man gay. Lets start a fund to find a cure already. I want to start the United Caucasion College Fund,,,will you donate? Why does Bill Maher remided me of an old queen? He can't possibly be straight.

maher the queen said...

Michelle Obamas family were slaves...uh, what were the chances of that being the case? Lets seperate liberals and conservatives, liberals take the west coast and consvts. the east and watch the liberals die from aids, starvation, abortion, spreading the weath etc.

maher the queen said...

Real Time with Bill Maher. What a Dick! LOL

maher the queen said...

What's with the they want to teach my kindergarten kid what gay means and that its ok to wear womens clothing if your a man. Isn't that sick? am I old fashion or is it just that I can't stand getting my prostate checked and the thought of a man sticking his penis in my ass just really freaks me out?

maher the queen said...

OK, I'm done now. I have to go to work. For you liberals living in Detrot that's when you perform a service like digging a ditch and someone gives you money for it. It's like your welfare except it makes you tired. Have a nice day. Jesus loves you and so do I!

Unknown said...

Oh dear God, the water! I have a water story. I got one of those water purifier things so that I didn't have to keep getting bottled water, but the water here is so bad that the purifier was no match for it. I was so upset but at least I found a place where I can just refill my bottles instead of buying more. Yeah, I love reading the reports about the trace amounts of drugs in the water, it's real comforting to know that there's prozak in my bath water. Why the planet still puts up with us filthy beasts is a mystery to me.

Anonymous said...

Those water pruifiers don't work, you need something like this:

I can't vouch for this one specifically, but pressurized reverse osmosis filters like this can make water as pure as distilled water.

Anonymous said...

I see 'news programs' with 'researchers' claiming that industrialized countries have a lower birth rate because after a few generations our sperm is inferior to that of impoverished laborers.

What bullshit. Haven't these assholes ever heard of The Pill? Don't they know that breeders never think and thinkers think before breeding and have kids on demand, not by accident?

The Pill is really bad for womens health. Sure it allows guilt free sex, but it also takes away the natural desire for sex, then it kills by diminishing the natural hormonal cascade from the brain on down.

You can see with your eyes how bad The Pill is. See how the colors and designs in our world have diminished into homogenous corporate approved patterns of blues and greys, with required white and black borders and backgrounds. Look at the women: it has been proved that diminshed sex drives cause gold diggers!

For a lot of reasons, I miss the 60s & 70s.

Remember Christians, Jesus looked just like Tommy Chong in 1971, and Abraham looks just like Tommy Chong does now! Come to think of it, so do all those bible guys. Can you tell me why none of the rightwing christian warmongers do?

ForThePeople said...

Bill, NEVER HAVE Janeane Garofalo back on the show. Her only argument for anything is People that oppose Obama are Racist. He is taking our Country in a new direction, GOOD or BAD more people are going to have an opinion about it. Yes, there is racism in this Country but ON BOTH SIDES! Also, she brought up whites bringing guns to town hall meetings and if minorities did it then the city would shut down and it would be the height of violence (in the “whites” mind). Well, Google the AZ town hall meeting, you will only find photos of a Black man holding an AR 15 and a pistol. Janeane get a life.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to America.
You bringing any produce or livestock, other than your crop of young'uns?
You may pass. Be cool and oh, don't drink the water.

Anonymous said...

About Roman Polanski.

First before the narrow minded, inexperienced DAs even talked to him about this they should go interrogate Madam mommy dearest, who pushed her child in front of the party machine to make it pay in her direction. As I recall Roman did not know at the time that she was a minor, at an adult party and she looked pretty growed up.

Second I believe the judge lied to him and went back on the deal, with full intent from the getgo. How do I know all judges are lying cocksuckers? Because they all passed the bar.

Third, if they reel this 76 year old man in for nonconsensual sodomy, on a charge that was satisfied if the lying judge and treacherous careerist DAs has honored their word, then 85 year old Senator Ted Stevens needs to be convicted and do the whole dungeon time for his nonconsensual assrape of all living and next generation Americans impacted by his treasonous vorte selling.

Mr. Senator? Fuck you too.

Anonymous said...

I think what you meant is "Fuck you too, Mr. disgraced ex-senator, you felonious traitor". Yeah, that intent thing is real important.

Anonymous said...

For you birthers, here is Charles Manson's birth certificate:

See how important that is?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday Keith Olbermann made a well researched, pasionate statement about the state of healthcare. Its a must see. If you missed it, its online here:

Great stuff, if you can handle reality!

Anonymous said...


No hateful denegration from the coward section? Did Olbermann make you speechless?

You better claim he bewitched you, you selfish gamers. Your corporate masters are going to want their moneys worth, or their money back.

Righteo, Fodzilla.

Go, go Fodzilla!

Unknown said...

With a purposeful grin, anticorporate sound
He pulls the Fox assclowns allegations down

Big fat idiots carrying signs
Freeze doe-eyed as he shines reason on them

He picks on fat Rush and discredits his claims,
As he wades through false NWO constructs of Rupert the Lame
(and his secret governments)

Oh no, they say hes got to go
Go go Fodzilla, yeah
Oh no, there goes FoxNoise
Go go Fodzilla, yeah!


Oh no, they say hes got to go
Go go Fodzilla, yeah
Oh no, there go the right wing shows
Go go Fodzilla!

History shows again and again
The nature of some is the bane of all men

Unknown said...

It plays like this:

Unknown said...

The Nazis descend:

UN, can you bail us out, or are you 0wned?

Anonymous said...

Stev Cooley, at large:

Anonymous said...

Unknown said...

look at me, I am smart, I can say FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

I went to college to lean to say FUCK!


Unknown said...





Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Obama won the Nobel Popularity Prize?

Now Sarah's going to want one too. Considering what Obama has done so far she is just as eligible as him...

Whats really strange is that the candidate submission deadline was 2 weeks after the presidential election...

Anonymous said...

Didn't know MIT has a program for socially retarded hos, how altruistic of them.

EC Holmes said...

A Mormon artist has done it! The absolute most offensive piece of art in the history of humankind. jesus holding the constitution and sarah palin shown as a schoolteacher while satan looks at the evil college professors.
I am only saddened that Mr. Mahar did not make the cut to be in the painting.

Anonymous said...



A controversial process of extracting otherwise-secret information from a friend or co-worker by getting them drunk and thereby loosening their control on their tongue.

The guys at work took me out drinking last night. After quite a few beers and a lot of questions I finally let slip that I was going to be a father. What can I say? Beerboarding should be against the law.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I looked at the McNaughton crayola by numbers wit capshuns. But only because Bill mentioned it...

Bill Maher is too there, he's the sillouetted profile with the sniper rifle in the window of the Supreme Court behind Ronnie. I can't tell if he's aiming at Jesus or McNaughty.

Thats not the only artistic license McNaughty left open for interpretation by viewers. In the right wing of the capital bldg I see Bill & Monica going at it.

Purchase print? Most definitely, there's a spot in the wall where my satin Elvis used to be, before I traded it to the bank man for 3 mortgage payments and a gallon of shine.

Anonymous said...

Also there is more color in my phone book than this painting. He's a racist for sure.

Will the Nobel Prize exert undo influence on the President of the USA? Will Obama get messianic, or will Michelle keep him grounded? Will the hawks get their way? Who seeks this control over US?

Will Cheney take the fall for all the torture when the World Court subpeonas him, or is he such a cowardly nutjob that he'll let his commander & theif go down?

What did the religulous right need 4 tons of cocaine for?

Tune in next time for more speculation and ratfucking on Dynomite with Al Nobel!

Unknown said...

I like Bill Maher but sometimes he drives me nuts. For instance, he calls the American people stupid and then demonstrates his own brilliance by telling us that vaccinations, especially flu vaccinations, don't work and are just a conspiracy of drug companies designed to rip us off. Jeez Bill, if nothing else, read a little history.

Unknown said...

Well the teabaggers were out again today with their big signs, not as many as there were last weekend. It's a tad chilly here today, I guess that's why, the others were probably home roasting Lipitor over a nice open fire. Uhh!, is it November yet? I can't wait till you come to AC Mr. Maher, I am soooo looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill Maher,

I appreciated what you said about the whores in crony capitalism all wanting to be the pimp daddy, and what Michael Moore said: no fucking way, they're just whores.

I see in crony religion, the scammers who roam this prey ground, exploit the kindness & generosity of others. These scammers are intrinsic to the church, every last molesting one of them. Just like crony capitalism, The petty scammers hope to become pastors.

Just like crony politics, they redistribute other people's money to themselves & their friends without reason or restraint.

Just like crony capitalism blackmail, nepotism & soldiering is the ticket.

Speaking of Catholics, do you think Mel Gibson knew that William Wallace, Robert the Bruce and all the Scottish nationalists were excommunicated by the Pope? If he did, would he have celebrated them as heros? You're a sucker, Mel Gibson!

Anonymous said...

on Friday's show you gave the message that vaccines categorically do not work. Bill's voodoo faith-based medicine? What's next, someone walking on water and a demand for birth certificates? Provide supporting credible data or correct yourself.

Anonymous said...

The Ardipithecus Ramidus discovery reveals the meaning of life, why we are here and why we built all this techological civilization.

The meaning of everything for 4.5 million years and beyond is: to score!

We built all this to compete to for the mate. All this is 150,000 generations of one upsmanship.

Its so obvious. All the technology is to provide and decorate the ultimate nest... then maybe set up our offspring to do the same.

What an answer. The philosphers would be disappointed and of course the Republicans will denounce it,

as they diligently demonstrate it.

DKG said...

Bill, I haven't blogged before so hope this reaches you. Regarding the swine flu vaccine ... after reading an article in Scientific American, I realized what happened to me. In 1976, I was pregnant and working as office manager at a major university hospital. We were told we had to have a vaccine to show the public it was safe. I was 7 months pregnant. I didn't want the vaccine but to keep my job I was told to take it. How stupid and complaint was I??? Within a month, my stomach doubled in size. My water broke at my desk so I walked to the ER to deliver. My daughter was born but I never heard her cry. I was the 1st documented case where the 'virus' attached the fetus. My daughter didn't survive and I ended up in a mental facility for six weeks. After reading the article in SA, I realized it was the swine flu vaccine. Now realizing the government was sued for millions of dollars, I understand why. I'm not the suing kind of person, and have some regrets about that because of the hardship it caused on my health, future family, and my marriage (we eventually divorced). I now have one living child several pregnancies). Your show this week incented me to write about this. Until this point, I haven't vocalized this to the public. P.S. New rule -- if you force an employee to have a vaccine they don't want -- don't go to their room the day of a botched delivery and tell them you're going to deduct their pay for them leaving work early!!!!! Can you believe that crap? It actually happened!

DKG said...

Now reading my comments, I see that my punctuation and wording could have been better, but it's an emotional issue. While I'm here, let me say ... if you're looking for evidence against any person, place, or thing ... you'll find it (pro or against). I love your show as it presnets a state of inquiry.

Gabe Lanteigne said...

Anyone else find it funny how Bill defends his stand against vaccines just like his subjects in his poorly-made mocumentary defended their faith. They have no proof they just believe it. Bill you have no proof & it was hilarious to see you try to argue with a doctor, who is a conservative & he was the one was saying "look at the science" and you of all people shrug that off. You are a bigger hypocrite than the people you call Hippocrates. You loose your credibilty the more you are allowed to talk.

Le Roy Sanchez said...

More info. on the nasal spray for swine flu, The Doc. on your show said it was safe, that it somehow took care of the problem of mutation of the virus. I thought, "Oh God, what did they do now.

Anonymous said...

I saw the viddy of Rush Limbaugh stating that he does it for the money.

I do not understand why his nose did not fall off. His facial body language is interesting.

Anonymous said...

The correct url about H1N1 LeRoy mentioned is:

before you contards criticize Bill Maher's position about this and other vaccines you should study the subject. As you are reading this on the largest encyclopedia ever made, why don't you go check your facts before demonstrating how stupid you are?

Anonymous said...

Hey Ho

Did you take classes @ MIT with Ahmed Chalabi? Did you cheat off his tests? Apparently MIT does have a program for twits.

Unknown said...

bill, you need to understand more about vaccination. It's not an all or none phenomenon. Even if you still get infected, the severity can be decreased. Also, by vaccinating most, but not all people, everyone can actually benefit, even those not vaccinated. Read about Herd Immunity, eg, on Wiki.

If you want to pass on alternative advice from other doctors/researchers, I can agree with you providing that info. But you are not a researcher/doctor, you should not be giving medical advice to people, or at least (I hope) people do not see your opinions as valid medical advice.

Anonymous said...


Do you understand the nature of statistics? What you are arguing is in this domain. If the frog or the toad are killed by the cure, none or your peeps will care - thinking this makes them safer.

It doesn't. Ask DKG.

Sue the idiots, DKG! Its the only way you'll get their attention & you can use their money against them to do some good, at least for yourself & your family.

Unknown said...

I see people saying to Mr. Maher the same thing they say to me, "you're not an expert", "how can you think you're smarter than everyone else", and things like that. I hear the same shit when ever I say anything about food and medicine. The thing that scares me is that I'm not all! I did miserably in school, got terrible grades, at 32 years old, I still have to count on my fingers to do simple math problems, I don't know shit about politics, history, geography, etc.. but someone as dumb as me can figure out that eating ice cream, sodas, fast food and such causes disease, and I didn't have to read studies or listen to the few people like Mr. Maher who have the guts to speak up about it to understand it, all I had to do was pay attention to my own body. I just read some article about this kid who came down with swine flu then got a secondary infection and is now in intensive care, and I guess I am supposed to just be mortified at the big bad swine flu for being such a meanie, and I might of if I hadn't kept reading and read things like "one minute she was eating lucky charms...", and "even popcicles didn't help her". The tragedy isn't the swine flu, the tragedy is that people feed their kids lucky charms and popcicles and then wonder why their kids come down with diseases, diabetes, hyperactivity, etc... And the tragedy is that someone like me can figure this out, but "experts" can't. I've never had a doctor ever say anything to me about my diet, oh wait, that's not true, I did have a doctor tell me to stop eating vegetables. Yes I was in years ago complaining about stomach problems (that I still have and now understand that it's bad nerves caused by being surrounded by idiots) but she and her five chins told me to stop eating vegetables. But I guess I can't blame the "experts", because if we all took care of ourselves, they wouldn't be able to live in their fancy houses, and drive their fancy cars. So go ahead retards, eat your cakes, cookies, your apple jacks, and drink your precious Mountain Dew because if you didn't then these poor "experts" wouldn't be able to make a fortune of your stupidity. And Mr. Maher, if you're reading this which I'm sure your not, I'm so on your side, it probably doesn't mean anything, but I am, and I wish I had your strength.

Anonymous said...

I don't take Bill Maher's stand on the questions about vaccination at face value as truth. What I saw was Bill Maher raising a valid common minority opinion, as he often does, this one just being closer to his heart (literally) than some.

Recently the media has tagged the young uninsured as 'the immortals', 'the untouchables' or 'the ironmen' or whatever catchphrase because they don't pay the vig to Vlad the Impaler, who keeps Hypocrites under house arrest. They don't have insurance because their employers don't cover them for any number of reasons, or because they are too poor to eat, keep a roof and save anything to get ahead. Thats the havenots, insurance is much farther down the priority order of the starving college student, fucker. To get ahead? Must take great risks, like shovelling cocaine for the Paris Hilton set.

Oh poor Paris, her sellwee died wast week. I bet she can't check a light socket for a burned out fuse either.

When I was 'indestructable' translate: young and uneducated about these and many other things, I worked construction. My healthcare plan was - you guessed it - state disability! Fortunately I didn't need to use it. Its so common its even a joke now. I also worked bartending & waitering in a 5 star, paid about the same, minus the fantastic work out. The only things that paid better was high end prostitution or a life of crime, both of which I tried. I didn't pursue that because the lowlifes in both sets gave me the creeps and I am too busy looking forward to waste time accounting for my past deeds to adversaries who are right about my crimes. Its much more satisfying to have lived a clean life, I torch my accusers with the certainty of steel.

Thats whats wrong with the sellout governing creeps: they are all many times multiple felons! Too bad they don't have the shame to off themselves for the greater good, as you suggest is appropriate.

You know that our military troops get paid shit, and at best their career span is the same as pro football players? Thats fucked up. But if we authorize the government to allocate more money to the Power Elites that arose 60 years ago, the money will end up in the top 1% in a day or two, the troops will still be screwed.

And the anti-American lawbreaking cops get paid at least 4x more than spec ops. Was Kruschev right? Are the cops the watchdogs of the upper class and the skullcrushers of the other classes?

Looks that way. Obama is sniffing butt with China, Saudi princes, even Taliban while giving Israel a pass as they brutalize the Palestinians. He is siding with all the worst human rights violators.

That hurts the advancement of all mankind movements. Its a big negative.

What an asshole. What a fucking liar.

Where is the American muscle? If he doesn't know where it is I DO.

Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Even popcicles didn't help her? My God, call in the exorcist!

For a very long time it has been proposed that there are many more dimensions of intelligence than reading, writing and arithmatic. Its pretty obvious why this question was raise, as the '3 Rs' are only '3' due to 2 mispellings.

Or, were the bright lights of their day sending us a message? Such as 'We are fucked up with this Jesus cult, think for yourself and don't believe the hype?'

Probably not, more likely they were sellout whores looking for a soft job.

Way back then until 2030 - oops, wrong timeslip.

The IQ measurement is based on 2 indices, language and math. These are supposed to provide insight into your abilities to analyze and abstract phenomenal occurances (that means life experiences).

I can read and balance my checkbook? Thats not too much of a scaler, eh?

Why was this bar not raised? I don't know, ask John Boner.

Back in the Enlightenment - thats right, 11/23/1963-8/10/1974 - we raised this question.

Then they clobbered the funding for long range research.

But we got this far:
- The IQ test is and is still biased. Huckleberry Finn would fail, but Paris Hilton Ace it? Blame the tutor, not the system.

- There are multiple dimensions of intelligence. You might be a fantastic athlete, or a fantastic musician, or do well in math, or you might not be doing anything well at the moment, but this doesn't mean someone who did well on their test is better than you.

Especially if they don't have the class be nice or play fair.

Turns out, having class and playing fair are also valid dimensions of intelligence. So is athletic ability, musical ability, artistitic ability, and just about everything you ever saw anyone excel at it.

Have you ever seen all these and more in the same person, at the same person?

I have never seen any one person be all these things at the same time. So why do you measure yourself against so impossible a bar? I have been all these things at different stages of my life, and much more, but never all at the same time.

Laura, you have gifts to bring, its up to you if you choose to share what you are with those around you, when you are peaking in each of your accomplishments.

Who are you going to trust but yourself? The elected government just completely sold us out; I would not consider their schooling as relevant to one's capabilities.

Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but I just can't get behind PETA protesting Paris Hilton's potbellied pig. Come one, even if she neglects it, its going to live a better life than many humans.

When I think 'pig' I think 'dinner', not 'pet'. When I think 'pet' I think 'pussy'.

Hey wait a minute, is this a fundamentalist website?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe that after all these years of criticizing Creationists for not believing scientific research and clinging to their own beliefs instead, you're doing exactly the same thing regarding the flu vaccine. Nice job.

Unknown said...

How is it that Maher rejects the fact-free belief-based nature of religion but accepts the fact-free belief-based nature of anti-vaccination?

Bill, you're a public health hazard. You go in the Jenny McCarthy/Jim Carrey/antivaxeridiot boycott basket until you wise the fuck up .

Anonymous said...

Here are all the Real Time With Bill Maher shows plus Overtime plus some stuff:

Thanks Bill! Keep trying to reason with them, its too funny!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin has always reminded me of Ann Nicole Smith. The only difference is she doesn't slur, and she doesn't blame drugs for the crazy shit she says.

I think anyone who thinks she should be president is badly in need of mental healthcare. and education.

Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dean Jackson said...

In 2008 NORAD wrote, "Since the tragic events of 9/11, NORADs role which previously was outward-looking now includes monitoring airspace within North America."

In 2004 the Air Force said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

Now take a look at what the National Guard Association of the United States, Canada’s Department of National Defense, Syracuse University, NORAD, and the General Accountability Office said before September 11, 2001 about NORAD’s monitoring capabilities within the United States:

In 1997 the National Guard Association of the United States said NORAD insures, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day." – National Guard Association of the United States, 1997.

In 1998 Canada’s Department of National Defense said, "In 1998, Canada posses the ability to detect, identify, and if necessary intercept aircraft over Canadian territory. The "Canadianisation" of NORAD operations over Canada is complete. Though we still rely heavily on the Americans for the Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment and mutual defense, we have successfully transitioned on at least one of the three core functions of NORAD.” – Department of National Defense (Canada), 1998.

Before 1995, Syracuse University said, "The NORAD mission is threefold. NORAD's first responsibility is to provide SURVEILLANCE AND CONTROL of the airspace covering North America, specifically the airspace of Canada and the United States.” -- Northeast Parallel Architectures Center, Syracuse University, pre-1995.

In 1997, NORAD itself said, "The Air Operations Center (AOC) (also known as the Air Defense Operations Center – ADOC) maintains CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE OF NORTH AMERICAN AIRSPACE TO PREVENT OVERFLIGHT by hostile aircraft. It TRACKS over 2.5 million aircraft annually." – NORAD, 1997.

And lastly, in 1994 the General Accountability Office said, "NORAD defines air sovereignty as providing surveillance and control of the territorial airspace, which includes:

1. intercepting and destroying uncontrollable air objects;
2. tracking hijacked aircraft;
3. assisting aircraft in distress;
4. escorting Communist civil aircraft; and
5. intercepting suspect aircraft, including counterdrug operations and peacetime military intercepts." -- Government Accountability Office, 1994.

Now are you beginning to understand what George Orwell meant by “down the memory hole” in his novel 1984?

Pass this proof of the government/media lying about 9/11 to those who believe the 9/11 Truth Movement to be deluded or because they aren’t sure what to think about the 9/11 Truth Movement.

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Alan (Evil) Miller said...

Letter to Bill about his swine flu beliefs. A general scolding of his bad atheism.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


You have a spark of genius. You have & will find the world mostly supportive. Most who recognize it will assist you or get out of the way, some will try to exploit you for their profit, the rest don't see it.

Thats what it means to be a humorless fundamentalist.

Fodzilla! and Rachel have the spark too. I am sure their uber boss sees it. I have to come up with a nick for Rachel. I know she is great, that her confidence and creativity blend well with honest intimacy.

Shit not yet on my idea, posers. I can see Glen Beck dancing on a street corner in a chicken suit in one easy step, wouldn't even have to fire him. Match that!

Anonymous said...

It is done.


Thats a big shiteating trippy grin, for those of you who never wore one.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me if I take a shot,

but Biller Maher lives better than all of you who question his ideas.

Anonymous said...

Really recently added to the

Rachel Maddow is my Messiah.

Audience: "Show us the Messiah!"
The One True Dog: "Its a mess up here but there is no Messiah!"
Audience: "RACHEL! Show us Rachel!"
The One True Dog: "She's not the Messiah, she's a very naughty girl, now go away!"

Anonymous said...

I do so love the pink phosgene umbra she leaves on my retina. To hear her speak, is to hear reason - even when I disagree, such as her cliffnotes interpretation of that other apostle of sociologic Ayn.

Smart people turn me on. Dumb peephole drive me to break the law, they must be stopped at any cost.

Jesus: gg break the law, brb, don't worry its nothing.

Anonymous said...


You have a spark of genius. You have & will find the world mostly supportive. Most who recognize it will assist you or get out of the way, some will try to exploit you for their profit, the rest don't see it.

Thats what it means to be a humorless fundamentalist, everything is dictionary grey literal. Speech is the environ of Hominus Dawkins.

Fodzilla! and the Messiah have the spark too. I am sure their uber boss sees it.

Now you can take cheap shits, you knuckle heads, you rubes, you unfit inarticulate self centered screwtops.

Anonymous said...

Yup the diff between MSNBC & Fox Noise is that MSNBC tells you what the alleged government puppets did and Fox Noise tells you what you should think about it.

The Foxsuckers should be cancelled, Rupert Murdoch is too sinister to be allowed to brainwash those susceptible to suggestion. He is equally guilty of killing the good doctor who provided abortions as Charles Manson is of the murders his followers comitted.

I always enjoy the way K.O. packs an hour into 30 minutes - commercials. The tape is running at my speed, I don't wonder off.

This week Microsoft contracted with Family Guy to pimp Windows 7 and Apple Computer approached 10% market penetration. Apparently Balmy Steve has nothing and at least young Americans recognize quality over brand.

gg learn my Macbook Pro.

Anonymous said...

An interesting point is that Balmy Steve contracted with Fox Licensing and Marketing to pimp Windows 7. As the lefties are in the majority and revile Fox, wtf is this disconnected rich fucker thinking?

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Chinese scientists produce artificial black hole, could be perfect solar panel mat'l:

markogts said...

OT Bill, I really like your style, watched Religiolous first day it came here in Italy, but PLEASE, take a read to this open letter adressed to you. Please please please.

Unknown said...

The season finale? Oh dear, what's going to happen to blogga please, is it going on hiatus too? For my sake I hope so, I get myself so worked up on here sometimes. Mr. Maher thank you so much for saying the things you say, and sticking to your guns despite your critics. It helps me stick to my guns despite my critics, though mine are on a much smaller scale, it can seem big to me. Well I must away, no tea-baggers out here this weekend, it's too cold, we're having a nor-easter here, I guess they're skierd! I can't wait till you come out to my neck of the woods, I hope the weather's good for you then!

Little Voices said...

Hey Bill, why don't you bring up a new topic on your show that everyone else is scared to bring up? Gynecologists in the U.S. have removed the female reproductive sex organs of nearly half of the population of women, and most are unnecessary. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that 1 in 3 women will undergo a hysterectomy before age 60, but the number of living women without their uterus and ovaries are more near one-half the population. This is big business in the United States, which rolls in about $17 billion for doctors and hospitals every year. Doctors are luring women into surgery rooms on false pretenses, telling them that they might have cancer, or telling other falsities to get them into surgery. Visit for more information. Read "The H Word" and have Nora Coffey (President of the HERS Foundation) on your show to explain how this is being done. The medical community does not want this to get out because it is gynecologist's bread and butter to perform these surgeries. If these doctors were not allowed to do this to women, they would go broke. It's the perfect crime, and no one will do anything to stop it.

Little Voices said...

Bill, patients do not give themselves unnecessary surgeries, doctors do. Doctors tell their patients they "need" a surgery when in a lot of cases it is not true. This happens with all kinds of surgeries, but is the most heinous with gynecologists. The reason we rank so low in healthcare but spend so much is because people are being harmed by unnecessary surgeries and doctors are making a fortune.

dweebisis said...

Billy and Alexander,

Hi you two loveable Ass hats. Hi. How are you? Great! You know - not for nothing and not, or not that I love black people very much especially after working at the Gap...but uhm...I think the worst in American History is...oh I don't know, how about...SLA-VERY. Ding ding. ding..uh ding.

dweebisis said...

commenting from Overtime...or rather Overkill.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey Bill

Enjoy your road trip. Beware the alcohol lobby-asses binging bilious bullshit against the benign, beneficial herb,

That callous Alfred E. Neumann Bobby Bindal skin job and the other demented Disneyland denizens, yon demons, demigods and demagogues,

Frantically frenzied fools, rapt in desperate diabolical demented delusions, derelict of reason, their subhuman dumbness a denegration of dark frustrated savage brute impulse denied, fermented into foul fantasies and fears of failure, a foul fiction devoid of study, contemplation of truth, the dissertation of facts, finding fault everywhere except inside their erroneously inflated egos,

ecstatically empty headed exorcists endeavor to forever eradicate your effervescent, extratemporal and for a few months extracurricular existential eloquent elevated euphoria,

These fanatical followers of frauds & fools, not limited to foxtards, foxholes, foxoholics and foxsuckers: capitalizing hate-czar Rupert doesn't give equal propaganda time to non-white hatemongers, for instance Kill-Whitey himself, whiny fucking Farrakhan,

fake philathropy especially federally finance fiats falsely foisted as fair, fiendish FreddieMac, Fanny Mae & other punkass princessy phlebotomizing Palin-esque posers pimping the federal titty, or the psychotic phlegmatic politicians pandering cankerous sores for their own pleasure therein!

Cast a cautious eye on the guarantors of The Easy Money. Greed is as gangrenous as it is glutonous against the goofy gamed and aggregously gamey oggling goobers of the grass in your back yard, or as you'r a tv characature, on the other side of the lens.

Moreover, remember, that malicious maggot Maddof maligns the monumental myth that Jews might be more apt at handling money, or other mercantile mediums made from the sweat of honest men. A sucker working solely for someone else's pleasure is a slave, a socialist a stupider slave should said system support superiors squarely through their sacrifices. Jesus was a socialist, amen.

Have a happy hiatus!

As Iggy sees it said...
Thought of you when I found this
Glean Beck garbage...and new rule I am in favor of retroactive abortion

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

I have to disagree with you and your panel about negotiating with any baby eating strong man who happens to be oppressing the population of a region whose natural resources would be beneficial to our progress.

First this is inconsistent with the principles of American culture. Since these ideals are the justification for all our police actions around the world, we have to conform to them and neither support nor trade with oppressive human rights violating regimes, period. This is non-negotiable.

Second our history of compromising with such throwback mongoloid savages shows that when the tyrant is deposed, the newly freed people hate our guts for supporting their oppressors. The Shah of Iran, Iraq & El Salvador are cases where the MIRC used our politicians to militarilly protect their business with gangster governments. China, Viet Nam and Cuba are examples where we could have supported the freedom fighters and peacefully contributed to their economic growth & prosperity along economic lines more similar to our own.

The point is, our near sighted boneheaded leaders could have done better and fail to this day to learn from the mistakes they and other s have made. Either that or they are lying dirtbags fronting for criminal privateers who are engaged in stealing the natural resources of other nations and enslaving their people, in which case they have no integrity, even with their own citizens.

Anonymous said...

The Obama Administration has instructed the federal government to defer to state laws in the 14 states permitting medical marijuana.

Merry Christmas early from president Obama to you, Bill!

Oh, and I always smile for my driver license picture. I'm not a dangerous psycho, its just better diplomacy than flipping off the camera. Overtime is great, podcasts of complete episodes are even better. I'd like to see more 5-10 minute ones capturing significant rants, raves, arguments, points, great ideas and funny moments. You can still sell the archive, even use these for marketing...

Anonymous said...


Please ask more questions. I think Bill represents our most important questions, and if you start wondering what it means, you'll find your path. This is Bill's space, he can try to figure out wtf happened when he gets back.

I can't speak for him. I have a friend from Bosnia who can enlighten those who listen. He says that Bosnia was just like here, then the Rightwing nutters came into power and another WW was prevented. The Clintons were busy, which begs the question, why our leader Barack Hussein Obama got the same Nobly Bone prize as did Sick Willy.

I suspect that we are not privy to the details and that Bill C was truly the great President since JFK and that Barack has prevented a terrible human catastrophy that we won't know of for a while, if *under secrecy acts* ever.

I would prefer to know. Those who cant handle the truth should not breed. Those who wish to breed should know what their progeny will evolve from...

Bill takes a hiatus. He checked in last year, just don't expect so much. He needs you to stand on your own, not lean on him - or any other horny goats!


a horny goat

Anonymous said...

"Not if you get it near the plate we don't.

I didn't play it for food money, it was a game. I used to love travelling on the trains town to town.

It was a crowd, raising to their feet. Shoot, I'd play for nothing."

Kesey forever!


Anonymous said...

I am a fan of Bill Maher, but I think that he paints an incomplete picture of western medicine. He constantly goes on railing against western medical science, and yet this is a man who likes to call himself a rationalist. Yes Bill, having proper nutrition and exercise are effective preventative measures to ward off diseases and viruses, but it's no guarantee, and when people get sick, sometimes they need drugs to stay alive. My doctor always tells me to eat a balanced, healthy diet, but it's my responsibility to do so. So part of the issue is patient responsibility and the other part is a doctor's duty to their patients. Holistic medicine is a giant load of bullshit!

Katie Buie said...

Can I just say there is absolute truth in questioning "western science". The people creating these vaccines are not your friendly neighborhood doctors, but rather machines of money-making that have spent billions on lobbying efforts from our government to others, the WHO, and UN. Which is why vaccines have become a global status quo. While many think, as they have bought into the propaganda, that people who question the good of vaccines are to be found lying next to one another "on the floor of a cave"-- It is those that question what they don't understand that will always find the inherent truth. The truth that vaccines take dendritic cells (memory immune cells found in the skin and mucous membranes) necessary for proper immune function out of the equation. That infants exposed to vaccines use up over 60% of their store of pre-mature Thymus cells -that could and would eventually grow and divide into billions more mature Thymus cells granting immeasurably more immune potential, whereas the course of natural immunity would use upwards of 10% of the same cells. That the amount of aluminum found in a *single* normal childhood vaccine could be as high as 1500 mcg; 60 times higher than the FDA recommended daily parenteral (IV) dose for an ADULT. Besides all the other toxic junk, they also are cultered in animal (some human, some other animal) tissues. Many of these tissues early in vaccine cultivation carried provirus' within their genetic material. HIV and SIM 40 are types of provirus', which inserts its genetic material into host DNA and, upon enzymatic trigger, begins replicating itself using the host DNA/RNA synthesis as it's own cloning machine.
Look at the SCIENCE.
Bill has a point.

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying that we shouldn't question science, but promoting alternative/holistic medicine and painting an unfair picture of the relationship between doctors and patients is wrong.

Katie Buie said...

While you may think it wrong to tout holistic and alternative medicine, I find it wrong that people don't talk about it more. What studies can you show that prove alternative medicine is a farce, because I can show you numerous studies that prove many DO WORK. Alternative medicine is no longer relegated to the dark corner with the occult and battiness. True laboratory double blind placebo controlled studies are being done and PROVING that alternative medicine works, and better yet, is SAFE. In fact allopathic (western) doctors are beginning to incorporate alternative practices in their own in record numbers, because IT WORKS. It is irresponsible to define something as wrong that one has never researched for themselves and knows nothing about.
If western doctors are not researching safer, natural, and risky procedure-free alternatives, it is they whom are wrong. It is a physicians responsibility to do such, and more often than not many are ignorant as the inherent dangers of prescribed drugs and vaccines. I asked my son's pediatrician what the adverse reactions were to his 6 month scheduled immunizations and he couldn't answer me....THAT is wrong.

Anonymous said...

There's no such thing as alternative medicine. There's medicine that works and medicine that doesn't work. Once the medical profession finds that a substance works, they use it as a treatment.

Farrah Fawcett tried alternative medicine to try and cure her cancer. What happened to her?
Name one holistic medicine remedy that actually works? Laetrile definitely isn't one of them. I'm not talking about preventative herbs either. I'm talking about alternative medicines that CURE cancer and other diseases and viruses.

There are potential side effects to any drug, but that only proves that like everything else in existence, nothing is perfect.

Katie Buie said...

I am not a fan of the semantics game, it is purely used as a distraction and while I don't put up with it with my children and I certainly don't have to put up with it from someone whom hides behind a resoundingly negative pseudonym, for the sake of my argument and others that might be reading this, I'll bite.
Your statement regarding medical professionals utilizing a treatment proven to work is false. Most physicians utilize pharmeceuticals touted by representatives that have wined and dined them, that have a vested interest in seeing that drug used-good or bad, side effects or no. The adverse reactions are minimalized to make a buck, and most doctors won't remember them anyways, as they are having to turn and burn patients at an alarming and dispassionate rate to pay off their student loans as the *also* dispassionate insurers have lessened the rate at which doctors are compensated. Your statement to that effect is false. It does not behoove pharmeceutical companies to keep you well, as then they would not amass the enormous profit margin they have been accustomed. Pharmaceutical companies are the ones determining your treatment the majority of the time, not doctors.
Here are a few links that might interest some:
Not one of these safe, natural, and proven remedies has ever been prescribed or suggested to me by standard medical professionals. In fact, parents of children have been persecuted by the judicial system for not utilizing "standard medical care" and seeking alternatives. So, yes, by definition there is alternative medicine-that works- and is not use din mainstream medicine.
Farrah also used "standard medical care" for 2 years prior to her alternative treatment and subsequent tragic death. Her alternative treatment did not occur until late in the game, after being poisoned with chemo and radiation and her aggressive cancer had spread. And unless you were her treating physician and are intimately involved with the case, you have no way of knowing the circumstances surrounding her treatment as no one else does either. Not a great example.
I would rather avoid side effects like permanent brain damage, chronic pain, and death. There don't have to be severe adverse reactions utilizing alternative medicine. That is the point.

Anonymous said...

Right, Farrah Fawcett died from chemotherapy, not the cancer that was eating her body up. Come on with the lame excuses. My grandmother had breast cancer and radiation and chemotherapy got rid of the cancer and she survived for years. My cousin-in-law had rectal cancer and they removed it, but he also has a thyroid problem and they will have to remove that. Could you give me an alternative remedy to cure his malfunctioning thyroid?

You're not into semantics, well I'm not into conspiracy theories and paranoia. You don't have to be on pharmaceutical drugs if you don't want to be on them. Of course dying is always an option. My doctor doesn't have me on any drugs and hopefully I will never have to be.

Your hostility and paranoia is ever present in your comments. Get a grip and balance that fear with some reason.

And you still didn't name one alternative medicine remedy that cures diseases and viruses. Would you care to try again?

Anonymous said...

Every link you gave was for preventative treatments that haven't even been verified. My grandmother ate garlic all of the time and she caught cancer twice. Then you give me a link for a study on the effects of a type of silver on HIV. Do you know how many studies I've seen on HIV cures? They've gotten better results from other tests. You're obscuring the issue by using SOME actual facts and interpreting them in your own paranoid, hysterical way.

Katie Buie said...

Oh my.
I'm not paranoid nor hostile, I am a realist. YOU were the one that used the term "alternative medicine" to begin with, then distanced yourself from it claiming there was no such thing. Those are things that people without any supporting evidence do to distract with disingenuousness when they can offer no better argument, and I was only pointing out that I knew your game (my children have perfected it). Check my links out, there are your cures. I figured that I could spout off all I wanted, but if I gave supporting evidence, it might be better received, apparently I was wrong. You didn't even bother to read them.
I never said that Farrah died from her chemotherapy, but any controlled study would NEVER use as an example, a person that utilized both treatments within an almost overlapping timeframe as supporting evidence to their argument with the alternative used in late stage, especially one without detail to the case.
I am sorry for your family's unfortunate propensity for cancer, and I am genuinely glad to hear there is recovery on the horizon for them.
There are various thyroid disorders with varying treatment alternatives. Hypothyroidism treatment differs dramatically from hyperthyroidism. I am not in a position to dispense medical advice,especially to one so obviously hostile to my opinion and research, and it seems that the ONLY reson to throw that in there without any further information is from a very immature attempt at undermining my beliefs.
Glasshouses are great for growing... not so much for throwing.

Katie Buie said...

The reishi links were indeed "cured" cancer stats.
Doctor verified remission from megadoses of Reishi mushroom.
Garlic is an antibiotic/antiviral/antifungal
NOT a cancer treatment.

Katie Buie said...

Nanosilver particles that attach to the sulfur residing on the glyco-protein capsid of HIV rendering it unable to attach to T-cells. To be exact.
Would you be willing to show me your evidence?

M said...

The immunocompromised can't simply rely on good nutrition to protect themselves from flu and TB, they need to get vaccinated to protect themselves holmes.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between the US being in Afghanistan for a decade and the USSR being in Afghanistan for a decade?

Have our enemies assumed control of our government?

Anonymous said...

I am very happy to hear that the Vampires will lose their lawful monopoly. I am more afraid that they will gain much more from this butchered healthcare bill.

I would like to see the final item that will be voted on in the house and in the senate, and I would like to see a BI drilldown sponsored by the BI corps that shows people how their misrepresentors voted.

So they can focus their aggro mental toward the cause.

Do these rightards realize that they are shifting their investments from the nation run by a man who happens to be black, to investments controlled by the black definitely not democratic rulers of human rights violating nations? Ahaha Heaven does not await you dumb fucks.

Unknown said...

Can't GreenPeace legal counsels be paid by the UN to prosecute W & Dickhead? They are bad, their efforts were evil, no exception.

They can be patriotic by setting the example: that the al quida and taliban will follow, so lets do it right..

Anonymous said...

Clowns to the left of me,
Jokers to the right.

There it it is! There it is! Stuck in the middle again...

God made grass, kiss my ass, slaves.

Anonymous said...

Sideline fighter for healthcare:

Be aware, Bill Maher was only reinforcing the opinions of the many medical professionals who were ordered to receive H1N1 vaccines, when they have not yet completed the normal safety tests.

Why don't they speak out?
Ain't got no t-bone, got mash potato,
Ain't got no t-bone, got mash potato,
Ain't got no t-bone, got mash potato.

Any question?


a wee parody film @ YouTube.....
AmaZING Grace

Not your father’s “Amaaaaa. . .,” errrrr, well, I guess that would depend on your father.

Stay on groovin' safari,

Anonymous said...

Bill, Remember this hippy anthem?

Go ahead and hate your neighbour; go ahead and cheat a friend.
Do it in the name of heaven; you can justify it in the end.
There won't be any trumpets blowin' come the judgment day
On the bloody morning after, one tin soldier rides away


Btw Ayn Rand would wholy agree. The fools are recently misinterpreting her at their own peril, her philosophy was also consistent with that of the Founding Fathers.

Anonymous said...

Peace on Earth, no wonder Dick Cheney hates you.

This one is much better:
One Tin Soldier

Anonymous said...

Excellent discourse on reality from the Athiest perspective

Paul Creeden said...

Hey, Bill:

Like your work on HBO, BUT, I live in Boston and noticed that a mezzanine ticket for your show costs $72!!! This ain't Lefty pricing, comrade. Who're you tryig to convert? Those rich ticket holders aren't just laughing at your jokes.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant genius Atheist ripping on religion & W with a huge intellectual scalpel

Anonymous said...

Brilliant UK Atheist suggests that the best place for an illustrated leatherbound handwritten 12th century bibble is as far up George Bush's ass as it can possibly be forced, using power tools. Righteo, mate! Lets find out!

Anonymous said...

Ok blue devil,

That song is everywhere, tattoeing our beliefs. I like yours alot but this one a little better:

Today I would like to see the Bush administration in Guantanamo as residents, not human rights violators. Any chance of that? In a free world it would have been done already.

Anonymous said...

Peace on Earth.

Anonymous said...

I hear singing. Billy Jack. Wholly shit.

Since you ask

ki said...

about Obama - socialist:

-if college is not free - school should be not free
-if medical care not free - schools should be not free
= school free - medical care not free?
only police officers and mayors are qualified to receive taxpayers money - not doctors and teachers (hm.., some teachers are)

free country - not free lunch! (medical, etc)! - unless you in prison -if citizens can't have free medical care as prisoners have - it would be a socialism!

or free (government paid) doctors, teachers, etc - not as good as private... ?
or people even wouldn’t want to go to them?

Mahesh said...

Bill you should invite this guy for your show:

Anonymous said...

Saturday 21 November 2009 Universal Children’s Day and International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Anonymous said...

Hey kids,

See what happens if you Google this:


Aha, ha! Got a lens on you, go go lens!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is your world:


You mind how the perps are punished. Personally, I'd kill them, slow.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Sarah is going to Hell on Earth in, a pumpkin suit.


Levi doesn't want to talk about what the governor of Alaska did. Perhaps a subpeona will loosen his tongue. Otherwise its obvious that Dick Cheney needs something to keep him busy before he dies of oldage.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

'm listening to the mainstream media describe that Senator McCain has received massive campaign 'donations' from the telcos, and is now advocating privileged access tiers that will produce consequences like digital censorship. You know, stuff like when ATTCIA is sued by EFF you can't read the article online if you're an ATTCIA subscriber, or If you are a Chinese peasant you can't get to the content that describes the benefits Beijing hackers receive that you are denied, such as prescriptions against ringworm. Yea that stuff, the forms of censorship that permit a totalitarian empire to fuck up its citizens at will.

On the other hand I see that the telcos are moving their slave camps that require skilled laborers to Arizona.

So maybe it just looks like John is selling out America to the transnationals only if you are a sellout yourself, or at least a phoenician one.

Anonymous said...


Check out Pat Condell. He's got the dry wit of a Brit & the logic of an engineer.

Here are some of his brilliant youtube posts. I have taken obscene license summarizing them, they are much better.

Atheist proves the nonexistence of God by not dying, as prayed for by many angry Christian hypochrists. Pray to the King, baby!

Atheist explains how to break it to your superstitious rents that you're not superstitious, but in fact only gay - just like Jesus!

Death threats from Christians? Atheist Pat knows!

Wait, Atheism includes rational analysis. Pedophiles and palaces and Nazis, oh my!

Heironymous Bosch & the influence of psilocybin on Atheist thought

Atheist birther demands Jesus' birth certificate

The Atheist Pigmonkey Theory of Religiovolution

Atheist compares Scientology favorably to the other great megagenocidal works of fiction

Atheist takes analytic scalpel to the apparently too wealthy to get into Heaven schizoid conman Pat Robertson and intellectual terrorist org Fox Noise

Atheist embraces the virtues of Islam and its striking similarity to kkk and evangelical police states

Atheist proves Abraham never existed and Mohammed was a conman, by not dying as prayed for by many angry peace loving Muslem hypocrits. Infidel to stupidity? Sign me up!

Islamic insanity due to teeny penes and other Atheist tales of being nice to the mentally challenged

Atheist response to hist stories that are so offensive to the mentally challenged islamic nutters that the mentally challenged islamic nutters got it banned by the timid at YouTube, until the mentally fit at YouTube caught the error & unbanned it.

Atheist speaks sense against Islamic candyass PC politics. Islam is its followers, so take a bath Islam.

Atheist analysis of the crazy desert Gods and Republican business ethics

Gynephobia and other Islamic disorders

The Islamic Inquisition. Wtf good is faith?

Taking the piss - Saudi human rights coming to your neighborhood. My freedom is more important than your faith

The least offensive religion is the homicidal Jews, because they don't require involuntary acquiescence.

Racist Islam is disected by rational Atheist

Burka? Bwahahahahaha, Arab redneck klanwear. Atheist wanst Islamic suffrage, no exceptions

Islamic klansman seeking white women to brutalize...

Katie Buie said...

@ MarkTwain-The funny thing is that immunizations in the immunocompromised are contraindicated in many cases....

Immaherture said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Immaherture said...

George Richard Tiller, what's with the cut and paste? Are you trying to be a suck ass George. Man that is weak bro. Besides, ma her, which by the way, comes from he greek, madadlefmewheniwastwo, and translates to sissy boy or fag, doesn't even read this stuff man...I read these post and 98% of you act like he is reading this and your going to get job becasue you are all so progressivly witty! I mean what a joke! Shit...I'm laughing so hard at you pathetic people I just pissed myself. Anyway, BILL - FAG,BLACK FOLK, SHARE THE WEALTH (except for his), OBAMA-WIT-A-CHIN-STRAP, BAD TEETH RICHARD DAWKINS SUPPORTER, Shit...forget that. Maher has all of you stupid people wrapped around his finger and he is laughing at your pathetic suck up job. Keep watching his stupid boaring, old man, crying like a friggen 2 year old school girl, dick nose havin', "Hey I'm cool for and old ass hair loss ugly queen lickin home lovin show, he'll keep racking in the $$$ and you'll feel good that you are the apple of his weak ass eye.

Immaherture said...

I'm sorry...I spelled some words wrong in my haste to get my point across. Let me summarize. You folks have better things to do with your time than try to suck up to Bill Maher. Look at the man, listen to him. You have to just laugh your ass off. What is he 5 feet tall 150 pounds of weak, old, ugly. He is a classic inferiority complex. Perhaps he has a small penis. I don't know. He is a discrase to his race is all. I feel bad for the Jewish community to have such a looser in the gene pool. He just wines and baskes in the applause you all give him. What does he do but make fun of those folks less fortunate then himself. Yes folks he had the courage to have homosexual relations to make his way to the status of HBO talkshow cool old guy. What do you have? Nothing! You don't have a talk show, just a PHD or somehting and lots of time on your hands. Nothin' to do but pour praise on little bill corn hole! I'm finsished now. I hope we've all learned a lesson here from me. Immaherture, look for me and my new show. Me vs. little, old weak cry babies like Bill Ma her. Thank you...I love you all.

Anonymous said...

go fish.

Katie Buie said...

Wow. Go ahead get it all off of your chest. While I'm sure that Bill probably has better things to do than read this daily, I'm sure he has a member of his staff whose job is dedicated to managing this blog. That said, most of us aren't living in a surrealistic world where we believe we are friends and communicants of Bill himself, and that he will love us and make us his dear and close friend and personal advisor, but instead use this forum to agree with like-minded individuals, including Mr. Maher himself, that love "Real-Time" and the oft overlooked political and media spun stories of the day. That want to share their personal stories and research on the information brought to light on the show.
I think someone needs to find better and more positive things to do with their time, all that negativity can't be good for you.

Anonymous said...

It is perfectly obvious where we should get the money to finance healthcare reform and pay for these wars that George W Bush claims God told him to start.

We must revoke the tax exempt status of the churches operating in America as political entities.

The personal fortune of Pat Robertson is estimated between 200 million and one billion. I do hope he and Jerry Falwell are amongst the tax evaders to be outed soon by the new diplomatic relations between the USA and Switzerland.

I'm also thinking of several other mega-church crooks.

These manipulative, misogynist conmen are the factories that produce terrorist. They amass huge personal fortunes conning alms from the least educated and therefore less competent. Why would the government protect them and give these corporations privileged citizen status, most certainly at the expense of others?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Bloomberg: Ron Paul says Federal Reserve Policy Audit Legislation Gutted:

"Democrat" "Representative" Melvin Watt of North Carolina is obviously representing Skank of America, not the voters in his district. Fire and prosecute Melvin Watt for violating his public trust!

Some PACs Melvin Watt has received bribes from:

Apparently the whole gub is malfunctioning. Most of its operations are 'by products' - unplanned exploitation side effects of planned actions for which they were authorized and have not self-regulated or been checked by other governing branches and agencies.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

immature her,

I am quite pleased that you recognize my superior intellect. By doing so you just lost the game.

Your inability to reason and function except as a parasite does not obligate your betters to support you. In fact it makes you accountable for all your actions.

BTW youshitforbrainsloser, look at the next post!
Bwah, ha, hahaha hahaha haha

Laura G said...

Of course, we all knew you got it right. I urged all of my friends and family members not to get injected with that poison. Now everyone knows the truth about the money-hungry agenda of the WHO:

Anonymous said...

I recently watched "Religulous" and enjoyed parts of it and it did raise some questions I have about Christianity in a candid way, even though I would label myself Christian.
There is however hyposcrisy on Maher's part. If he really wants to attack hyposcrisy and pretense why does he not go after the recent "Kabbalah" fad in Hollywood? The answer is that he will mainly go after Christians because they are a safe standard Hollywood target. To some extent the same can be said of Muslims who are another target of his movie. He will not go after fad Hollywood religions (another example is Tom Cruise and Dianetics, also not targeted in the movie) because he does not want to bite the Hollywood hand that feeds him his celebrity status. It is easy for him to mock the belief system of others, he has the benefit of being a wealthy celebrity and does not have to deal with the struggles that lots of regular people have. If Christianity helps those people then who is Maher to judge and act superior? We are all mortal and someday all the goodies we get out of this life will be gone. There are many belief systems that people hold on to that can also be questioned besides religion. The reality is that Christianity is a belief system that can be the source of good and if abused or distorted can cause great harm. It is really not the belief system itself that is the problem it is the misuse or abuse of the belief that is the problem.

Unknown said...

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