Thursday, November 1, 2012

Treasonable People

By Bill Maher

Since President Obama took office, the banking industry has been regulated, the auto industry has been saved, the stock market has more than doubled and the unemployment rate has dropped from 10-something to 7-something, its lowest rate in over four years. Or, as Fox News is reporting it, "a dismal record of failed economic policies."

In the housing market, sales are climbing and burst-bubble home prices are beginning to inch back up. Last month, it was announced that existing home sales jumped to their highest level in over two years and residential construction is up 29% over 2011.

But all this is just numbers unless American consumers start to sense solid economic ground under their feet and get comfortable with the idea of spending again. The economy is fickle and fragile and that’s why consumer perception is so important. Which brings us to the latest news on an index called consumer sentiment: The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan survey of how consumers feel about the economy came in at a surprising 83.1, its highest in five years.

Also the independent Economic Cycle Research Institute, which measures future economic expansion, says our economy’s annualized growth rate has accelerated to its fastest pace in over a year.

America is back, baby! Well, yes, unless a full one-half of the American government makes it its mission to convince the public that America is not back and that our economy is free falling and will likely be decimated beyond repair if a certain someone is re-elected. I won't say whom, but I'll look at the guilty party and yell, "You lie" at his State of the Union address.

What you'll hear from Romney/Ryan or, for that matter, Boehner, Cantor or anyone on Fox News is, "as Scranton goes, so goes America." Which may help them politically, but it's a lie that does harm to America. When the economy's health hinges so much on consumer confidence and sentiment, doesn't it border on treason for a political party of presumably trusted leaders to claim everything is going to shit despite an ever-amassing mountain of evidence to the contrary?


Unknown said...

I agree. This constant slander from "liars" and news media alike, (including; I must say, some from NPR)is happening so frequently and without question, that I am beginning to feel as though American's are so used to a political arena of deception that they have either forgotten to ask this important question, or have just given up.

We can't even "Rock-The-Vote" anymore, let alone have people who read between the lines.

Shanice Boudoir said...

The republican party proudly calls itself the GRAND OLD PARTY. But the party's campaign of 2012 tells a different story - a party of:-
R abid racist rats
E gotistical emus
P artisan plunderers
U nrepentant usurpers
B latant bigots
L echerous liars
I gnorant idiots
C onscienceless crabs
A nal a-holes
N asty numbskulls.

Grand Old Party ? I think not ! Just a movement of


Romneypresident. said...

Bill are you kidding? If the unemployment was 10% its now 14%, you can't use different stats when comparing. The Stock Market doubling means nothing. It doesn't create jobs, it goes up when unemployment goes up. Obama saved the auto industry. The only company he didn't buy was Ford, the only one not moving to China. GM owes taxpayers $24 Billion dollars. Bad Save, Reconstruction would have been mush better. You can't lie and make Obama look good because Republicans unlike Democrats can't be fooled by lies, we know our shit. Oh if Obama wins we know who you are and where you are and we are going to get you too.

Romneypresident. said...

I love it Democrats want everybody else to pay their way while they sit on their asses and get stoned. But we're the greedy ones. Democrats are the stupid ones. Anybody who would vote for Obama twice is a moron. Obama is an Anti-American Communist, who knows nothing about economics, can't spell, got a free ride because he's black. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who killed four Americans so nobody would find out about him supporting Al Qaeda with arms.

Anonymous said...

Romneypresident said: "Obama is an Anti-American Communist... Obama is a Muslim sympathizer who killed four Americans..."

- One can't help but wonder 1) if they allow patients of mental help institutions Internet access nowadays
2) are all of romneycrazies mental-help-institution-ready

Anonymous said...

Obama may claim victory early to 'demoralize' GOP

What a bunch of amateurs!!!!!!

By the way, Shanice, eat shit.

Anonymous said...

However, when Gen. Carter Ham, head of Africom, received the same emails that Panetta, Clinton and Obama received, he assembled a rapid response unit and informed Panetta he was ready to go. Ham was ordered to stand down. He told Panetta to screw himself, telling the Secretary that he was sending his men in. Less than one minute later Lt. Gen. David Rodriquez told Ham—his boss—he had just been relieved of his command because he refused to obey a direct order from the Commander-in-Chief. Obama then appointed Rodriguez as the new head of Africom. Now you know precisely who gave the order to "stand down" that resulted in the sacrificial death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, IT Specialist Sean Smith and former Navy Seals Glenn Doherty and Tyrone Woods for "political points." (It is my personal opinion that any US citizen who votes for Barack Obama needs to forever refrain from ever again referring to themselves as someone who is even remotely patriotic.)

Fuck off all you blind libtards

Anonymous said...

Romney up 92K in OH early voting? Update: Gannett pulls link; Update: EV up 14% in 2008 McCain counties, down in Obama counties

this is the whole ballgame!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Oh Soros will fix Ohio votes for O to win-NFW you cock suckers

Anonymous said...

The treasonable person is your fucking President

Yet, president Obama’s Wahhabist family in Kenya sends recruits to the most virulent and extremist Wahhabi Sharia schools of theology in Saudi Arabia known to produce terrorists while illegally using president Obama’s name to raise the necessary funds from the United States, all under the false pretense that these funds go to help AIDS victims and other humanitarian efforts. This is an ironclad case, which includes the testimony of Musa Ismail Obama (Barack’s cousin), that the Obama Empire extended its influence all over Africa and Saudi Arabia, strictly to expand Islamic extremism across the globe.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I keep wondering how you manage to attract so many debils (German term for mentally challenged persons) to write here. They even learned grammar and learned how to use computers, that much they hate Obama and you, Bill. Amazing.

I am originally from one of the Northern European countries where we have all sorts of imbeciles like nazis and racists, and I thought that those guys were just terrible ... that is before I saw, read and heard so called "proud american white men" (the variety that comment here). Are they for real? Or is that some kind of perverted form of humor? These idiots sound like they still live in XVIII or XIX century, like a bunch of ignorant chronic retards, I just can't believe my eyes when I read those comments.

I am not an Obama's big fan (after his first term), but the other guy (the one from the planet Kolob) seems to be simply a congenital liar. How can people elect a man who never tells truth to be their President, it's beyond me. (Oh, right, he is white, sorry, I forgot).

BTW earlier today a German TV channel Deutsche Welle conducted a mock election among Berliners. Well, 85% for Obama, 5% for the Kolob inhabitant. And then they showed some of the voters and interviewed them - some older German white guys. I just thought how many older white guys in this country voted for Obama? I agree, that is none of their (Germans') business, I mean the Election, but it just illustrates how far behind these guys (morons leaving here obama-hate comments here) got intellectually, culturally and ethically.

I strongly believe that most of them morons don't give a shit about economy, Benghazi, jobs, health care etc. They just cannot swallow the fact that a black guy is their, "proud white americans'", President, period.

Anonymous said...

A mother fucking Allah worshipping communist who is disassembling America piece by piece.

America is Sodom and Gommorah

Wait for Sharia Law and the World of Mad Max

Anonymous said...

Just for Scholarly Reading for the Dumbed Down American Zombies

As we can see from the past four years, when you're a community organizer with no real corporate or senior level executive government management experience, and when your key advisers—including your Attorney General and Solicitor General—see no evil in your political sins, you will have the trappings of absolute power. The American people have forgotten a time-honored adage which they very seriously need to remember: the only difference between a rut in the road of progress and an economic mass grave is the size and shape of the hole. When you can no longer patch the economic hole with money, someone in a black shroud holding a large, sharp scythe will be speaking the eulogy over this nation.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Oblamer fans who are you going to blame when your electricity, gas, and food bill DOUBLES? George W. Bush? LMAO!!! Whatta' bunch of fucking atheist idiots!!

Anonymous said...

You zombies are still worrying about gay marriage and abortion, which will stop being a problem as soon as shariah is adopted.

Gays will be killed and women will have as many children as the husbands want.

You are asked for it and it is in the pipeline. God is not going to save us because we turned our back on him-eternity is forever. Think about that Bruce,Madunga, George, Fluke the Slut, Chris M., Rachel M.

Anonymous said...

Benghazi to Watergate is like Goliath on Steroids to David.

Watergate is pee-pee shit. Benghazi is treason.

Anonymous said...

Sherrod Brown is a very liberal US Senator from Ohio. And if his collectivist voting record is not enough: his daugher is the Organizing Director of SEIU 1199 which is a kissing cousin of ACORN. SEIU 1199 is a popular proving ground for liberal statists who have close ties with the upper echelons of Washington DC's elite. This is more than just concerning: it's downright alarming.

Here's the Senator drumming up emotional support from Health Care for America Now!(HCAN) which is nothing but an ACORN (Association of Community Organization for Reform Now!) front group.

Let's look at this revealing tidbit of Sherrod's struggle for "social justice", a yellow canary lapelpin that he wears instead of an American flag pin:

On his lapel, he wears not an American flag, but a pin of a yellow bird in a cage. On a Thursday morning in October, as we leave his office to walk to the Capitol for a committee meeting, Brown hands me a bookmark-sized slip of paper that explains: “The canary represents the struggle for economic and social justice.” It recounts how miners once took canaries into the mines so that when the birds died, they knew the air was too toxic to breathe. “Miners were forced to provide for their own protection. No mine safety laws. No trade unions able to help. No real support from their government. … It has been a 100-year battle between the privileged and the rest of us.”

I think he might be the most liberal senator in the country-- and to think he is a fairly conservative state like Ohio! If those of us on the libertarian and conservatives side in Ohio can get our acts together, there is no way this guy is going to be re-elected.

I mean, His shenanigans are endless!

Anonymous said...

How is your oldest daughter the Community Agitator doing-that kind of experience can you qualify you to be at least a Senator, who knows, even an empty suit President. I bet your daughter even prefers pant suits-a real power outfit.

yellow bird in a cage

Sherrod Brown-what the fuck does that stand for?

How is your lovely wife _ugggh Connie Schulz doing-the Frank Marshall Davis of her time?

Did you and Steve Gard hang out?
I saw him with Melody Stewart about 7 years ago at Tommy Castro concert.

We are still stuck with you in the Senate. Yalie Illuminati NWO puppet-you know you are.

Anonymous said...

SEIU donated to Sherrod Brown,D, Ohio, US Senate $1,268,836

Brown's daughter is employed by the SEIU.

Another daughter is Executive Director for Ohio Democratic Party.

It seems almost incestual. Maybe we can ask his stepdaughter if it in fact is.

M S said...

Is this Tom Aveni?

M S said...

Where is this Sodom & Gomorah? I have'nt gotten laid in a while.....

Anonymous said...

Hey MS-fuck off. Join the choir at Wright's satanist church.

Sherrod MF Brown

Ask your daddy's little girls how this is fraud is done. I am glad it didn't work for Betty Sutton.

We are going to dismantle your fucking machine

Colorado Counties
Gilpin County had a 61 percent voter turnout in the 2010 election, and Hinsdale County had an astounding 92 percent voter turnout. Those figures are far above the Colorado average turnout of 48 percent and the national average of 41 percent.

In Pennsylvania, where Obama was victorious, an Oct. 2 ruling by a Pennsylvania judge put a voter ID law on hold, decreeing that election officials can still ask voters for photo identification but cannot require it.

Anonymous said...

Women's Right-Sherrod Stop Abusing Ex-Wife You Numb Nuts

Sherrod Brown's ex-wife claimed he abused her
by Nick (aka Bytor) @ 12:55 PM
While Sherrod Brown has been playing politics with the Violence Against Women Act, it seems he has his own violence against women to answer for. Breitbart News has uncovered documents relating to Brown's 1986 divorce, and his then-wife Larke Ummel Brown made accusations that he assaulted her.

Divorce records from Brown’s first marriage, obtained by Breitbart News, show that during the contentious proceedings, his wife accused him of “extreme cruelty” and “harassment”; she said she was “in fear for the safety … of myself and our children,” and accused Sherrod of “physical violence.” In fact, she said, Brown had “struck and bullied me on several different occasions.”
Larke Brown was so afraid of Sherrod Brown, that she pleased the court for a restraining order against him to ensure her safety.

The motion asked the court to stop Sherrod from “harassing, including telephone harassment, annoying, interfering with or doing bodily harm to this Plaintiff at her residence or elsewhere.” The affidavit to the motion alleged that Larke believed that unless restrained, Sherrod would “harass” or “do bodily harm” to her; she further stated, “I am also intimidated by the Defendant and am in fear for the safety and well-being of myself and our children due to the Defendant’s physical violence and abusive nature.”
The court apparently saw enough evidence to agree and granted the restraining order against Sherrod Brown in May 1986. He wasn't allowed near her house, except when he came to pick up the children for his allowed visitation. However, she claimed that that wasn't enough to stop Brown from intimidating her. Later, in October, she asked the court to reduce his visitation because he was using those visits to continue to abuse her. She also asked for an order that he not allowed to come any closer than the curb when arriving for his visitation. She described an incident that showed he was still being abusive and had violated the previous restraining order.

“[Brown] refused to return to the car, pushed me up against the wall with his arms in order to pass and entered the house. He refused to leave and began to say insulting, derogatory things about me, my mothering of the children and my character in front of my friends and the children … [Brown] then cornered one of my friends … and again started on his tirade of character assassination. … [I] felt physically threatened because of [Brown’s] combative tone and his assault on [me] at the entrance to the house.”

Meanwhile, Brown has been trying to accuse Republicans, and Josh Mandel, of condicting a "war on women" and accusing Mandel of opposing the renewal of VAWA. Nothing could be further from the truth. The VAWA act was originally passed with wide bipartisan support and it's renewal as is is also supported by almost every Republican, including Josh Mandel.

The problem is, that Senate Democrats Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer and Pat Leahy are playing political games with the bill. They have added poison pills to the bill that they know will bring objections, so that they can paint Republicans as "anti-woman". Tina Korbe does an excellent job of explaining the poison pills here.

So when Sherrod Brown tweets that Josh Mandel doesn't support the VAWA act, remember two things.

One, Mandel has said that he completely supports the clean renewal of the Act as the law stands today. So when Sherrod claims that he doesn't, he is clearly lying.

Two, there is only one candidate in the race who has actually been accused of perpetrating violence against women. And that candidate is Sherrod Brown.

Anonymous said...

Sherrod Brown

You need to be bitch-slapped by Oprah

I will help her

M S said...

Good for PA, looks like Mitt didn't win there after all, eh Tom? Hahahahaha! The choir? I'm the pianist! Hahahaha!

Anonymous said...


Oh, oh, oh-you are just a bump in the road.

M S said...

It's going to be a bumpy ride, Tom! Hahahaha

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