Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hell on Earth

By Bill Maher

It's been said that there are two sides to every issue. And in between the two sides there's a lot of what's called nuance. But, in our Congress, there's one party that doesn't believe in nuance because the word "nuance" sounds French. What used to happen is that the parties on each side of an issue -- especially the critical issues that require action -- would reach a compromise. A compromise is usually a shitty solution but at least it's something and doing something is generally better than doing nothing. But now, we have one party that consistently opts for doing nothing.

The National Climatic Data Center recently announced that, in 2012, America experienced its hottest year ever, by far. Usually these records are set by a tenth of a degree, but this past year's average temperature was 55.32 degrees, an alarming full degree hotter than our hottest year ever and 3.2 full degrees hotter than our average for the 20th century. Crops and livestock were decimated, rivers and lakes dried up, wildfires consumed millions of acres and scientists, even after allowing for natural weather variations, say there is zero doubt -- zero -- that fossil-fuel-induced global warming is accelerating our climate change at a rate even faster than they had predicted. Plus, simple arithmetic bears out that global warming's resulting weather events are costing us way more than the suggested solutions.

We're frying the planet, we know it, we know how to arrest it and one side's solution is to privatize Medicare and close Planned Parenthood. In other words, do nothing.

It's just another case of not being able to craft a solution or even begin a discussion because one side is dealing in science and facts and reality and the other is stuck in a state of uninformed, ideologically-based paranoia. It's like a city council trying to debate whether or not to put up a stop sign at a certain intersection to keep the kids safe, when some of the council members deny the existence of cars.


wayner said...

Why hasn't a leader stood up at the United Nations and asked 'What the fuck is the plan for our planet over the next 1000 years?' Our focus on the near present will be our doom.

Anonymous said...

The corporations and oil companies actually want global warming even if they dont say it. They dont care about the planet they care about profits and keeping the northern shipping lanes open all year saves them billions of dollars.(for example its much cheaper than going all the way to the panama canal} I just wish someone/more people would talk about the shipping lane aspect.

Anna C said...

Namaste Mr. Maher - you ROCK!

Here in Canada, the Conservative government has recently taken action to UNPROTECT thousands of fresh water lakes and rivers (A 443-page omnibus bill, Bill C-45)

This demonstrates UNACCEPTABLE environmental leadership, providing a good example of when doing nothing is BETTER than doing something!!

GeeOh said...

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Anonymous said...

Here in Czech Republic, we have one of the most stupid president. He does not believe that mankind influence climate at all. Actually he believes that whole ecology is like religion - question of faith not fact. Fortunately, his mandate terminates on 7-Mar-2013. :-) Thinking of the Bill's movie Religulous, have you ever been to Czech Republic? We are probably the most atheistic democratic country in the world. Watching the interviews in Religulous...they seem to me like sci-fi :-) Any Czech politician that would suggest to write on our banknotes that we trust in God would finish in a mental hospital. We also do not swear on's just a book, nothing more.

May be the corporations and oil companies' leadrship and majority owners believe that after we totally destroy Earth, we will be given another planet by God to go on with our activities. :-) It will certainly not happen. Did God create Earth and then human to destroy it? Why he did not destroy it himself when he did not like it?

Petr Lochman

Zen Grouch said...

Now that the weather is warming up, maybe the 99%'ers will come back out and save us all!

Hey... we deserve what we get if all we do is piss and moan, while the same ass holes keep getting elected to keep the status quo...

...waitin' for Jebus to come and save the righteous and rape the shit out of Sarah Silverman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

Your "bullshit" 2nd Amendment protects your right to call the 2nd Amendment "bullshit". Your just the typical fake intellectual. Why don't you just go kill Animals in your PETA cult.

Denna said...


Would like to see you interview Guy McPherson on Real Time.


Anonymous said...

How about interviewing Guy McPherson on Bill Maher?