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Friday, May 15th, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, May 15th, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

Republicans keep changing their story on torture. First it was, "We didn't torture," then it became, "OK, we tortured, but it worked," now it's "Nancy Pelosi said we could."

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

Newt Gingrich yesterday was all over TV. He called Nancy Pelosi a frivolous politician. Pretty strong words from a guy who goes on CNN just to swipe food from the green room.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

Sarah Palin said the liberal onslaught of malicious attacks against Miss California is despicable. And then she said, “I feel like you are my own daughter.”

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

New Rule: Stop having the same discussion every year about whether the comedian at the Correspondents' Dinner went "too far." This week, conservatives were outraged that the president laughed - out loud - at a black, lesbian woman. You think you're pissed now? Wait'll he appoints her to the Supreme Court.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: Instead of killing 99.9% of germs, Lysol has to just go ahead and kill them all. Why spare the remaining .1%? So they can return to their villages and tell the other germs, "Dude, do not mess with Lysol."

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: Just because something isn't endangered anymore doesn't mean we have to go back to killing it. There are still only 6000 gray wolves. They're not a threat unless Pakistan sells them nukes. You want to hunt a species that's breeding out of control? How about that "Jon & Kate Plus 8."

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were Richard Brookhiser, Amy Holmes, Dan Savage, David Simon and Elizabeth Warren.


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Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed Elizabeth Warren. Wow, was that some nasty truth!

I hope she is a history teacher; it'll take 20 years to figure out where the 350 billion buckadingdongs went.

Unknown said...

I just have watched "religulous" and i loved it...
My Name is Alexandre and i'm from Brasil.

Anonymous said...

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. . . . corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed."
-- Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

Too bad Lt. Choi had to serve 2 tours in Iraq before he found out what kind of assholes he was working for. "Liberty and Justice For All"... yeah right.

Perhaps he can put his most adequate skills to work correcting this major problem.

Codackussell said...

Oh what a genius you are Bill. Well, you're just using common sense. But REAL common sense. It is unlike the typical, American "common sense" that runs this country, ie., teach kids don't have sex before marriage, its ok to sue someone for giving you hot coffee, and don't smoke pot; you have the REAL common sense. I look up to your sheer sense of wit, timing and self-accumulated wisdom as a soon-to-be 19-year-old, male, liberal, "stoner" trying to become a musician in California, during these... Strange times.

Anonymous said...

My name is Donald Gump and I'd like to thank all you chumps for the TARP freehand to clean you out, but I'm kind of busy stealing all the real estate in California, now that my Duke cohorts ahve cleaned out Wall Street.

Seeya, suckers!

Anonymous said...

When class ended, he checked his messages and found that George W. Bush had been trying to reach him.

Anonymous said...

Attention, wealthy Democrats & liberals!

Invest in real estate HERE to be a permanent reminder to doubleWide about whose country it was that he ran into the ground.

Cheers mate!

Anonymous said...


Ai! Ai! I got greenginch! Gimme the Lysol! Hurry hurry, hurry!

Anonymous said...

Got phear?

Unknown said...

Thank God Bill started telling the audience to settle down and stop clapping every time a liberal makes a solid BM. The show is a thousand times better without that incessant, feverish, blindly partisan soundtrack. Keep it up Bill.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

Here is my forecast.

The party formerly known as 'Republican' threw out the proposition that the Democrats should change their party name because they think changing their name & hair color and going into witless protection fixes everything.

So the underlying motivation is to 'adjust' the US federal political disaster into multiple parties.

Like the French have had for decades! Freedom Fries my ass, just another decoy.

Expect the introduction of the new parties: Commies, Sox, Liberals, Anal-Retents we already know, but they are about to 'blossom' into their own clubs!

Fuuuck! It is exactly like the division of the 'churches' - there is no one Christian - Jew - Muslim church, its all factions pitted aginast each other, infighting to the profit of their master's greeds, in all categories.


Anybody seen Dick? I'm worried about him. Apparently he just realized he's not God.

Unknown said...

Jesse Ventura is quoted on the Huffington Post today and I quote from the article:

"Ventura also says that Bill O'Reilly is afraid to have him on the show. "I always want to go on, I've got something, I'm going to blast him for something. I don't want to reveal what it is so he can't prepare. But he doesn't have the courage to have me on... I saw him once in the lobby at Fox and he tells me he'll have me on and then he never does. Bill Maher is the same way."I don't believe it for a second. Jesse would be an exellent panel member or guest for your show. Please have him on and prove him wrong! This request is from a longtime viewer and fan of your show on HBO.

Anonymous said...

Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC: "There's nothing wrong with Guatanamo, but there's an odor about it. It can't remain open..."

Yes Andrea, nothing wrong with kidnapping and torturing people. Nothing wrong with cisrcumventing the due process of the rule of law that these people are entitle to, which is the right to face their accusers. Nothing wrong with cultivating serial sadists. Be a good parrot & take that fat paycheck Andrea, nevermind that that you are a sell out, willfully misdirecting public attention from the 'wall street' banking fiasco, as the American people are betrayed.

Fortunately the Iran government has shown themselves to be more compassionate and rational than the US. Thank you, Iran.

Anonymous said...

I like Jesse Ventura. He doesn't pull his punches. He's up in the faces of the privileged MIRC lamers.

Crusader said...

Great show Bill! Even Savage, who I obviously am not politically aligned with, was amusing when he had to work a little harder for his laughter and claps. Your opponents often complain that all you get is clapping instead of laughter, with laughter of course being more genuine. You changed that pattern on this last episode. It was thus more entertaining. I don't believe in gay marriage and am especially against gay adoption, so Savage was referring to people like me as knuckle draggers. That's ok. I'm man enough to take a hit. You will find there's a lot of conservatives who love your style of wit and don't mind getting picked on by your liberal guests. As long as the show doesn't come across as one long intervention against us.

PS: if you wanna see an example of how gay adoption screws up the kids, watch Rosie's Gay Cruise. Those adopted kids were either turned into drag queens or hated themselves for being straight. Watch it. It's seriously eye-opening. And it was supposed to convince people like me to change my mind. Instead, it cemented my ideals. I do believe in civil unions for gays though. If you wanna screw a man's ugly ass instead of a sweet vagina, that's your problem. If you want your gay spouse to visit you in the hospital and give your inheritance to your gay lover, fine. As a conservative, I believe the government should not dictate who you can and can not love. You can not screw up an adopted child though and you can't infringe on people's religious beliefs, which is what gay marriage is all about. The truth is, no one should be married under the state's eyes. That should be only something a church can recognize, being that it's a religious concept. Everyone should get civil unions by the state and then married by their church. However, while I don't believe in Jesus, or Christianity, or any religion, I do recognize that Christianity is a western tradition and I feel gays who want to end marriage are like the dorks in the schoolyard who no one wants to play with so they go to the teacher and say "if I can't play, no one can." that's not the way to earn respect from your peers. Plus, the desire to demand gay marriage in the eyes of the state will set a precedent for gays to dictate what church's can teach concerning this issue, which is absolute totalitarianism. the church's can teach whatever they god damn please.

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was really Christian! When you pop your head out, Crusty, don't call me.

ZenGrouch said...

"...and you can't infringe on people's religious beliefs, which is what gay marriage is all about..."

I see that you're tweeking your dosages to find that *happy place*...

...but you're not quite there yet.

Anyway, how does Gay marriage infringe on anyone's rights, religious or other?

If you're against Gay marriage, then don't do it.

Simple as that.

Crusader said...

Lens, learn how to read! I said I wasn't Christian. God, you liberals need to stop jumping to conclusions that everyone who disagrees with you is a Christian. You show your lack of forethought and mental discipline. I'm not part of any religion. None whatsoever. If I was anything, I'd be closest to a Hindu, but I'm certainly not that either. Fucking morons! You libs are so fucking stupid. Braindead.

ZenGrouch said...


Maybe you should add some Valium to the pharmaceutical cocktail that keeps you on an *even keel* before you pop a vein in your head.

Sooo, do you plan on ignoring the question put to you, regarding your statement about Gay marriage infringing on the religious rights of others?

Probably best...

That was just too stupid to defend.

Bayard said...

This is a comment from someone who believes exactly as you do, regarding the inefficacy of organized religion. I just think that you might consider separating the idea of a "god" "creator" from what is written in any holy manuscript or preached by any religious organization. I think that the desire for the existence of a supreme being (entity) of some dimension is essentially hard wired into our human genome, even for atheists. It all has to do with reaching across the barrier between the finite (us) and the infinite (everything else), and finding in that stretch some element of meaning and truth. So we devise a trope to get us there, and define that in what we think is the most useful way. If anything, the adoption of external articles of faith (a specific doctrine set by others) to be that which is most expressive of our personal leap, if nothing else, defines us as either (a) lazy or (b) uncreative. So, what does this mean? We all worship at the feet of many Gods (external realities that we relate with), but too many of us make the mistake of allowing others to tell us what our truth is. And that has become a problem because there will always be a defacto disconnect between what someone else defines for us, and what is actual to us. This is the essential reason why, for instance, a religion such as Islam, which professes the Golden Rule (i.e do unto....) can practice Jihad. And that is because those in power (religious or otherwise) use institutional deception to fulfill their desire for control and continuity. And this will explain why so much evil has been visited on humanity in the name of institutional Gods.

I believe in God, but not a god of any of the world's religions. He is all mine and only mine, and does not believe in interfering in human affairs, either mine, or those of others, but does want me to be a kind, caring, loving, logical, intellectually probing, sharing human being. Just like Him. He has spent much time chuckling and joking with me about what my brothers and sisters portrayed as Him in the Old Testament. He thinks that She was God, because it seemed that She was overly emotional and prone to do things to impress us. He thinks that the flight out of Egypt by the Jews was probably pulled off during a godly fit of PMS, and that she felt that the Pharaoh was far to misogynistic. We have spent a lot of time together laughing at the foolishness of organized religion. And a lot of time crying.

ZenGrouch said...


...Come out and Plaaa-ee-aaaay!

**anyone else see The Warriors**

Anonymous said...


Is everybody you hate a Nazi?

Wondered where you went, was a little too intellectual over on Wash your hands blog? Thought so!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

If you want someone who will eat whatever you put in front of him and never say its not quite as good as his mother's
......then adopt Zenny.

If you want someone always willing to go out, at any hour, for as long and wherever you want ...
.....then adopt Zenny.

If you want someone who will always touch the remote, doesn't care about football, and can't sit next to you as you watch romantic movies
......then adopt Zenny.

If you want someone who is content to get on your bed just to smother your feet and whom you can push off if he snores
.....then adopt Zenny !

If you want someone who always criticizes what you do, cares if you are pretty or ugly, fat or thin, young or old, who acts as if every word you say is especially non-worthy of listening to, and hates you unconditionally, perpetually ..
.....then adopt Zenny.

BUT, on the other hand, if you want someone who will never come when you call, ignores you totally when you come home, leaves hair all over the place, walks all over you, runs around all night and only comes home to eat and sleep, and acts as if your entire existence is solely to ensure his happiness .,

Adopt Zenny!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were looking for something to wrap your legs around last night.

I understand why you are attracted to Zen. You want to bite his head off after you're done fucking him.

ZenGrouch said...

...kind of like a *Black Widow Stupid Cunt*

Hey Ya' all!

If you want something stupid and predictable...

I'm surprised the stupid cunt didn't erase *all* if it's dumb ass posts after sobering up.

mike m said...

I've been saying for a while, those two need a room!!!

mike m said...

Now, I'm beginning to believe they are an old married couple, each with their own computers, on opposite ends of the house.

Anonymous said...

Does no good to try and start a good debate with any of you so, I'm here to have fun!

Fun? You do know what that is don't you?

No sense of humor what-so-ever! Jeesh, how boring!

Even Maher is boring now!

Anonymous said...

mike m said...

Now, I'm beginning to believe they are an old married couple, each with their own computers, on opposite ends of the house.

Who says I'm not Zenny in disguise!

mike m said...

That would just be too weird.

mike m said...

Just in case you were scared away by the intellectualality of the other blog, you may have missed this :

There's little doubt in my mind that Obama is just another corporate pawn. The latest is the commercials GE has been running.They are going to make healthcare available to 10,000,000 Americans. They are going to "streamline" medical records and billing. They are also building the Midwestern power grid. Healthcare reform, energy reform - Obama's two major initiatives - all being run by GE Put that together with - during the campaign, when it looked like Obama was going to win, one of his top economic advisers, Warren Buffet, dumped a ton of money into GE. So, what has really changed? Instead of the country being run by Exxon/Mobile, it's being run by GE. We can all rest easy now!!!

mike m said...

If the presidency is just a puppet position, along with Congressional seats, then we should auction off all elected positions to the highest bidder. The money would then be split up and divided amongst the taxpayers in the form of a refund. If the corporations wish to compete for control, then they should be forced to submit sealed bids, with the taxpayer as the beneficiary.

mike m said...

Is everybody you hate a Nazi?

Not just the people he hates. Everybody. But then again, Zenny hates everybody.

mike m said...

Back to the rant...

If the money was given to small businesses, then large corporations would have to compete with small business rather than small businesses being forced to compete with large corporations. On second thought, maybe only half of the currently elected officials should be auctioned to the corporations, the other half could be donated to small business owners.

Somebody help, I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

ZenGrouch said...

"Just in case you were scared away by the intellectualality of the other blog, you may have missed this..."


OK, this pretty much illustrates my point, that there's a big difference in an intellectual, and a poser...

You guys are sad little birds of a feather, doing your best to muddy the waters.

Do you hoestly believe that anyone with half a brain would chase me around this board, repeating the tripe stated elsewhere, just in case I was *ascared* to read it the first time?

Anonymous said...


At least the one chasing can spell!

You are just too easy!

ZenGrouch said...

Stupid Cunt...

You're a quantity, not quality kind of person, aren't you?


There's a difference in misspelling, and making up words that don't exist, in an attempt to sound *smart*

***They misunderestimated me.***


Anonymous said...

What words have I made up?

Ugly, fat and hairy are legitimate words!

mike m said...

Are you accusing me of a Bushism? I can make up words if I want. I can also substitute (ph) for (f). Like in Philly Phatty. That's the beauty of the English language. It allows for one to make up words. Dumb cunt. That's a good one. If it wasn't for made up words you wouldn't have a vocabulary.

mike m said...

Sorry, stupid cunt. Same difference.

mike m said...


Rosie? She's a nasty cunt whether gay or straight. Her sexual orientation has very little to do with her nasty disposition.

But my question is - If gays shouldn't be allowed to adopt, should they be allowed to have children of their own? Are you suggesting that government start dictating who can and can't have children? And just how different is an adopted child to a conceived child?

Anonymous said...

Have a Safe and Happy Memorial Day to "all" on this board.

Remembering the ones who are not home and the ones who left us defending our right to be on this board!

Be Safe!

Crusader said...

An alcoholic can have a kid, but a professed alcoholic will be placed on the bottom of the list when adopting a child. The government can not dictate who can have sex and conceive, but they can dictate who takes care of others' children. Watch Rosie's gay cruise and see the disproportionate amount of kids turned into gays and/or drage queens, or having problem with their straightness. This proves that gayness is not genetic, but a mental disorder that like all disorders can be psychologically pushed upon the fragile mind of a child.

mike m said...


I wouldn't watch that Rosie thing if you paid me. Is that what you are basing you're conclusions and opinions on? Hollywood? Perhaps you derive you're opinions from people like Hannity and Limbaugh, and the latest Beck. Those people are nothing more than paid actors. Perhaps you should try listening to the real professionals. Like, the AMA, and the APA. I dont expect you to be able to understand what is printed in the New England Journal of Medicine, but maybe you should try listening to their conclusions. If you're sick, and you go to a doctor, and he tells you that you need a shot of Penicillin to cure you're gonorreah are you going to sit there and argue with him and say Shaun Hannity said... I don't think so. The problem with people like you is, you only hear and see what you want to. You don't care what the professionals have to say, if it doesn't fit into you're narrow little, rigid ideologies. You say you're not a Cristian, but it has obviously been burned into you're psyche. You are so transparent. You're afraid that that one little homosexual fantasy that you posses will one day expose itself, in a moment of weakness, and you'll end up sucking on a big, fat, hairy cock, or licking the twat of some nasty Diesel Dyke like Rosie, and liking it.

Vince said...

Hi Bill! I'm not really sure who this guy is but I thought he was you! (until I saw his topic on Marijuana)

it's funny! I think he/she got his material from you!

please-spread-the-word said...

Mr Maher:

Please tell the world about THC's effects on cancer and aging cells in general. Please tell the world about the work of Rick Simpson from Nova Scotia. Better yet: have Rick on your show SOON!!!! This is important news that's been known by a few for a loooong time. It touches on three of your favorite issues:

Optimum health,

the corrupt health INDU$TRY,

and Weed.

Tell the world about the Harvard study from 2007 in which human lung cancer tumors implanted in rats were injected with THC. The tumors shrank in half and the spread of the cancer was slowed down. Why doesn't western medicine simply inject peoples' tumors with a non toxic plant derivative instead of surgery and radiation and chemo? Isn't this crazy?!!!


Google: THC cancer cure

Youtube: Run From The Cure

Youtube: Melamede (very bright professor from Colorado who lays it all out for you! Have this guy on, too!!!!)

ZenGrouch said...

"Are you accusing me of a Bushism?..."

No, of course not.

I was accusing you of being a pseudo-intellectual poser, who is here only to drown out a messages you don't much care for, rather than to deal with them in a rational manner.

If you were half as smart as you believe yourself to be, you would have seen that immediately.

Now carry on with your little contest to see who can squeeze off the biggest turd in the public swimming pool, for shits 'n giggles.

Crusader said...

Mike M, I assure you I am far more intelligent than, and certainly far more researched. Rosie's gay cruise was just one bit of anecdotal evidence, from the leftist liberals mind you. I don't listen to Rush or Hannity, so stop falling into the pit that so many of you dumbass liberals do which is to assume everything about your opposition. I was never raised with any religion. I grow up in an intellectual household. So, don't assume that I get my opinions from any biased sources. You don't hear me accusing you of getting all your evidence from Faggy McButtfucker. You are a douchebag and I'm guessing a homo and all you fucking fags should stay the fuck away from adopted kids. If you want kids, why don't you try being straight! Fucking queer

Crusader said...

Being that this is an important day concerning the issue of faggotry, I wish to chime in more on this issue. Gays want to have their cake and eat it too. They want to say their form of love is so normal. Then, when their deviant lifestyle does not result in the production of children, they want to adopt the children of normal people, ie: straight people. That's my whole point. Being straight is better, more normal, the right way, because the whole point of sex is to bear children! Gays are a bunch of deviants who don't want to embrace the natural consequences of their deviant lifestyle. The harder these deviants push for their disgustingness, the more moderates shall start to embrace conservatives, and the more conservatives will become full-blown raging nationalists like myself. Nationalists like me have come to see that there's nothing wrong with judging by your gut, and my gut is absolutely repulsed when I look upon two men behaving like effeminate women and kissing like a married couple. It's fowl. Now, I still try to be fair, so right now I'm for civil unions. You push too hard, trying to say it's no different than the prejudice that made people outlaw interracial marriage, a lot of people might start reconsidering that. The truth is, one can find precedent to prove any point of law. If the leftists keep pushing every form of deviance upon us, more and more people will start to push back to the good ol', shoot from the hip traditionalism that says no more fags, no more blacks, no more assholes who have no respect for the white culture that founded this country - send them all to Africa. And that would be great, to see those who constitute the democratic party try to live together. Don't forget, the black community was the most pro-prop 8 of any community. They have no problem judging from the gut and being utterly disgusted by fags. The Mexicans hate them both too. Send all the illegals, black nationalists and fags to some country of their own, and let them fucking kill each other, fucking assholes. The white man's precedence of kindness and openness has been used against him for too long. What libs don't understand is that, just because the tide's gone your way for the past 150 years, that's not that long historically speaking, and your constant harrassment of our culture is going to result in a pushback the likes of which history has never seen. Remember, Hitler did not arise out of a conservative state. He arose as a backlash to the Weimar Republic, one of the most liberal states ever concieved. Keep pushing assholes. You'll find that conservatives know how to push back.

PS: that doesn't mean I would condone the white man engaging in mass killing. Hopefully, whatever nationalist takes power will be more balanced and merely deport the assholes. I don't mind the nice minorities and gays staying, the one's who show respect.

Double PS: Obama elected a minority to the supreme court just because she's a minority. I'm so fucking sick of this notion that we have to elect other races to our political seats. Mexico doesn't worry about how many gringos they have on their supreme court. The chinese don't worry about how many english they have in their cabinets. The Africans don't worry about how many whites they have in their legislature. No, only the white world, Europe and America and Canada have to do these things. Bullshit! other races are lucky just to fucking be here. They want power, they can go to their racial homelands. Leave, you fucking tormentors who piss on our beautiful civilizations. GET THE FUCK OUT PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

Threat Level Privacy, Crime and Security Online FCC’s Warrantless Household Searches Alarm Experts

...if you have a wireless router, a cordless phone, remote car-door opener, baby monitor or cellphone in your house, the FCC claims the right to enter your home without a warrant at any time of the day or night in order to inspect it.

Anonymous said...

...and yesterday Newt Gingrinch said on meet the Press that there were only 3 people tortured, on 3 occasions.

Apparently we are getting really bad propaganda; adjust your bullshit meters accordingly, and stock up your bomb shelters.

ZenGrouch said...

"Remember, Hitler did not arise out of a conservative state. He arose as a backlash to the Weimar Republic, one of the most liberal states ever concieved. Keep pushing assholes. You'll find that conservatives know how to push back...."

OK, you don't listen to Rush and you come from a non-religious background...

...But you sure as shit QUACK LIKE A DUCK!

How come you guys got to lie to get your point across?

Is deception so ingrained in your personality, you can't stop, and just be honest for a minute with people who aren't as *out there* as you are?

...I mark it up to fear. You seem to fear everything.

Look, if I see a couple guys swapping spit in public, I might retch and maybe vomit if I'm eating, but I don't dwell on that shit and get myself worked up into a froth.

If Gays want to marry, I don't see how that's taking anything away from anyone, as you stated earlier. Remember, you said it, I questioned it, you shut the fuck up...

Really, who gives a flying fuck if two guys want to do whatever it is they do in the privacy of their home, as long as they aren't sharing it with the world.

And you said something to the effect of, sex is just for having children.

What a load of shit!

You're a fucking idiot if you expect anyone to believe that.

How does that account for priests fucking the everliving shit out of alter boys, since the beginning of the Catholic church?

Come on! When I read about priests raping the hell out of little girls, I think to myself, "Oh... how refreshing for a change!"

So, are the priests trying to get those 11 year old girls pregnant?

You deny being a religious fuck stick, but you sure come off like one.

Crusader said...

How does your comments on priest perverts disprove that sex is not for procreation. If anything, you proved my point that, when sex loses its true meaning, deviance occurs. And I don't listen to Rush. He would never have the balls to express what I do. But, Hitler had some good points. He was just too violent. He should've stuck with just deporting the assholes, instead of lumping people together as one racial whole and murdering them. I will never condone murder in the name of white pride. Deportation of the jerks who don't respect our culture anyway, that I can get behind. Believe me, we are one step away from that if the libs keep trying to tear down our civilization, racially and culturally. All it takes is a spark...

ZenGrouch said...


Hitler was pretty much an all right guy, except for that one little quirk?

ZenGrouch said...

"How does your comments on priest perverts disprove that sex is not for procreation..."

Who said sex isn't for procreation?

Sure, some people have sex for the express purpose of knocking one out.

However, this is very different from the statement you made, which I took exception to, which was:

"...because the whole point of sex is to bear children!..."

The entire point of sex is not to have children.

Some people do it, and go way the heck out of their way to avoid having children.

Some people look at having children because of having sex as a *bad* thing.

So, this throws a monkey wrench in your argument regarding Gays.

And, how exactly do Gays take anything away from anyone by getting married?

ZenGrouch said...


A word or two of advice.

You might want to reconsider referring to Hitler as a guy with good ideas, and maybe one little shortcoming.

*Billy Hound Dog Clinton* had one little shortcoming, Hitler is a whole different animal.

However... if you do insist on bringing up Hitler in order to bolster your arguments, don't blow a gasket whenever someone, such as myself, calls you a Nazi, or something like that thar.

Anonymous said...

Missing me now Zenny!


Crusader said...

I'm not upset when you call me a Nazi, persay. Let it just be known that I don't believe in murder and would never condone it coming from my ideology, which is white pride, being that I heavily believe in karma. However, if we let all the assholes kill each other, that doesn't burden me karmically. Also, I don't believe harsh words burden me karmically. Sticks and stones, as they say.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does Dick Cheney look like a zealot who just tried and failed to start WW3 and is now trying to start it himself? Unless Dick is a pawn, he has lost his marbles.

The extent of the militarization can have only one outcome. #1 in drug use, dead loast in education. "No left child left alive" is more like it...

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in minorities. You are either a man or a woman and unless things have gotten really out of hand, we're always about even on that.

And you are either attractive or not. I measure this in beer goggle units. From what I see in the couples & kneebiters, men and women will fuck absolutely anything. Its the drive, not the looks.

Is it wrong to have a vote (prop 8) during finals week? I think so...

Supreme court justices are about the most political ornaments in the federal idiocracy. Of course its primarilly political. Thats a major reason I voted for BO. Can you imagine what kind of Limbaugh-esque bobble-head yesman the Church of the Republican Apocalypse, Sputtering Dolts would have saddled us with? They might just be envious that they didn't appoint her themselves...

Her use of church code words makes my skin crawl...

dkk said...

Dear Bill - I am shocked and extremely disappointed to see you hosting and providing an audience for MIA to promote her terrorist ideas. LTTE – who MIA supports – is the most ruthless terror organization - classified by FBI. They have killed 2 democratically elected presidents – the president of India and the president of Sri Lanka during 1980s. LTTE has massacred thousands of innocent civilians. They have eliminated entire Sinhalese villages in the north by hacking men, women and children. So who is carrying on genocide? Is it the Sri Lankan government or the LTTE that MIA is such a strong supporter of?

We are big fans of you and enjoy your show very much. MIA is a talented rapper as you correctly introduced. As a Sri Lankan I am proud of her achievements. But her views when it comes to LTTE are extremely displaced and completely fabricated. Obviously she has a hidden agenda or is under pressure or paid by the LTTE. Please do your research before you advocate views of extremists. Take some time to go and read on the atrocities conducted by the LTTE against the Tamils - the very people they claim to be fighting for.

Please don't make your wonderful show a platform for personal agendas. Don't make a mockery of the American public who places their trust in you to present intelligent views.

Thank you.

A peace loving Sri Lankan

Anonymous said...

By just his conduct toward Obama the last 6 months I can see that Cheney is not a gentleman and has no honor. Like all politicians he only gives a shit about his own delusions of grandeur.

He is 4F even in DC and he isn't alone. You can see how worthless these assholes are because they haven't thrown a net on him, illogically hoping to exploit this 'lame fool' offense. He is offensive. The fed is trying to paint him for all their crimes, so they can look innocent; it’s not working. They are painting him as a loner; he's a player, and a small one at that. He is not the timid little man behind the curtain. We haven't seen the wizard yet.

Darth Cheney totally looks like a puppet.

Dick's enemies are not yet yours or mine. He's one of a political subculture killing civilians and repulsing America's allies and failing to build ties with key future allies here and abroad. 4 decades of unrestrained cronyism has taken its toll. These guys have been rewarding "their own kind" and taking excessive short profits. Worst education system in the industrialized nations... people being turned out from hospitals and dying in front of them... bridges collapsing, killing dozens. These are unnatural disasters. FEMA? Hahahaha...

Cheney & company have no regard for anyone, anywhere. When they say 'we' and 'us', they don't mean you & me; they mean "their gang". Not Americans, not everyone, not "the future generations" and definitely not the best and brightest, as the results demonstrate.

They are afraid of everyone who is not "in the club", foreign and domestic. This is who they mean when they say "our enemies". Unless you are suckling at the same tit Dick is, this includes you.

How many of the 340 "terrorists" in federal prison do you think were convicted of terrorist acts because they threatened their politically connected spouse during an ugly divorce? Do you actually think what Sarah Palin did to her ex-brother in law and the chief of police were isolated events? The status quo needs a certain number on the books to justify the programs and as you should know by now - they are so sloppy about it - they will stoop to anything.

When we get to the the man behind the curtain we will probably find that the machine of state has been on autopilot since they started pretending pawns were kings.

ZenGrouch said...

Lens mentions that they haven't tried to throw a net over Cheney yet.

That concerns me, well that and the fact that Rush seems to be the new voice of the Republican't party.

Gotta admit, at first I enjoyed their comic antics, but now, I'm seriously worried for the two party system, as in the Repubs seem to be doing everything in their power to self destruct.

As shitty as the party is, it's a balancing force, evil as it is.

But at this rate, more and more Repubs are going to jump ship, with Limbaugh and Cheney yelling "Yeah, WHO NEEDS YOU!" When they know damned well THEY need those who will soon abandon the party.

What sense does it make for them to drive Colon Powell away? That's leftover logic from the Bush administration, where Cheney and Rummy were fighting for power.

OK, that was fine, I guess, since they had some power to fight over.

But now... they're just ripping apart what's left of their party and hording the biggest piece they can get their grubby little hands on, while doing NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, to help solve our country's problems which THEY are responsible for!

Hate to say it, but our country is going down the shitter, and the swirl has started.

I doubt that there's really anything anyone can do to prevent our country from changing into something that will barely be recognizable in the next 10 or 20 years.

Then when suitcase nukes start going off in the U.S. we won't be in a position to fully recover.

Imagine the chaos when cities go dark and people are once again dying in the streets, as they did in New Orleans, but this time not because of indifference but because we honestly can't cope even if we wanted to.

Buy guns, learn how to use them, keep your ammo dry and teach your kids how to speak Chinese.

Anonymous said...

I know!
I know!
I know!

I know the answer! Pick me! Pick me pick me pick me pick me! Pleeeeeease, pick me!

because there isn't enough room in the bomb shelter?

Anonymous said...

Or the aliens can only take one gross in the space arc?

Anonymous said...

Well, its apparent that Collin Powell isn't a pathological asshole.

Is that it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

I just learned that VW - the people's car company - also owns or pimps these brands:
wiki says
"Volkswagen Group China (VGC) is the subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group (Germany's largest automotive manufacturing group) in the People's Republic of China. Volkswagen Group enjoys sales of about 18% (2007) of the Chinese market,[3] and is the largest foreign carmaker."

I'm thinking, VW got the house, GM got the balls and we got the shaft. I wonder when VW will acquire GM, and with it at no cost, all our tax dollars for the the next 20 years.

Slavery is an economic condition that is remedied by intelligence.

I wonder who they'll give the banks to.

As Sir Stanford said, they are nationalizing our life's work and giving it to their cronies, to sell off.

At least they are smarter enough to know that they are too stupid to sustain profitability, in these shark infested times, with their tiny looter minds.

Timeline: W

Anonymous said...

By the way I didn't type the the in my posts.

Apparently the raptor has has some really big bugs in it.

Anonymous said...

I didn't type has 2 times either... lamerz!

mike m said...


You say you "grow up" in an intellectual household. I won't touch the mistaken grammar, could have just been a typo. But you were obviously raised in a piece of shit trailer filled with Bibles and AK47s. I know white trash neo-Nazis when I see them. I used to run meth for the Pagans MC, Gloucester City chapter, back in the 80s, when I was young and stupid (no disrespect to the Pagans). I was in prison. I had to pretend to be a part of that bullshit. Hell, I didn't have to pretend. But that's how whites survive in prison, isn't it? And if it works in prison, it must work on the outside, right? In fact, all of your opinions are based on prison mentality. "If only there were no niggers and spicks in this country, I'd be a king." I was there once, and I ain't going back. You, however, seem to be destined to end up in a federal SuperMax. You blame others for your own inadequacies.

Crusader said...

Mike, I don't want to argue with your assumptions anymore. If you wanna believe I grew up a certain way, you go for it. It ain't about me being king homeboy, it's about me protecting Western civilization, which I think is worthy of protection and is under attack by assholes who probably don't deserve to be here, not just because they're of a different race or creed, but because it seems that on the whole people of different races show no respect for white culture. They don't have to have respect either. They can stay in Africa or Mexico and have respect for their own. However, don't come knocking on our door always looking for handouts from a more advanced and thus pleasurable society, then bite the hand that feeds you. For instance, if I see a black person drowning, I will run in and save them. If a black man pisses on my house, I'll beat his ass. Does that make me racist? America was built by the white man. The slaves were nothing more than mules and oxen, meaning we put them to labor on things they did not and could not do on their own. We certainly could've picked our own cotton and we should've. My point is, America is the white man's land and if you don't want to be here, leave. If you want to be here, then stop coomplaining, stop intimidating, stop attacking everything about us and our culture. Be appreciative of your lot. Blacks were lucky to be enslaved and brought of Africa. Maybe the slaves weren't better off (though one could argue that) but certainly the descendents of slaves were. If it were so heinous here, blacks would've gone back to their homeland. But, they don't, because Africa sucks, just like it did before whitey got there. Because the Africans on the whole are intellectually inferior. They are the most incapable people, speaking broadly, of creating a civilization that provides basic necessities such as food, water and viable shelter. But, still, there are many amongst them that are the exception to this norm. They are the ones who belong here. The ones who are most disrespectful also tend to be the stupidest. Whites are, on the whole, more advanced in every way, even physically. White people need to take more pride in their bodies and stop sacrificing their physiques to be workoholic investment bankers, fat and miserable, paying into a system that gives welfare to blacks and mexicans who do nothing but work out and play basketball. The best thing the white man could do right now is just stop working and all concentrate on looking hot. We could suck the government dry of welfare and thus it wouldn't go to all the asshole minorities. We could concentrate on being athletic, hot, good at fighting and dancing. That's what chicks want. That's why when the obese and boring businessman's at work the wife fucks the poolboy. The white man should be the poolboy, the pro athlete, the street dancer, the guy who rolls around in a phat car he can't afford but brings home countless women to his apartment. What the fuck are we working so hard for, to pay for blacks and Mexicans on welfare? Fuck that. Needless to say, I am a happy man, because I've followed my own advice. I live on my own time, by my own rules, and the rich bitches love to saddle me up, slum it with a bad boy. I'm basically being a nig, and I'm happy as a clam.

PS: I just watched Religulous Bill, and it rocked. My friends have watched it three days in a row. You won't wanna admit this, but me and you are two peas in a pod, assholes who love to stir shit up right in the face of our opponents, whom we consider to be nuts. No matter how much I disagree with you on some things, and no matter how much I'm sure you would hate me for some of the things I say, I'll take your show over Rush anyday. Peace out

Anonymous said...

Richard III
SCENE I. Washington, DC. An alley.

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of cheery smiles;
And all the clouds that lower'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the pentagon buried.
Now are our brows bound with victorious wreaths;
Our bruised arms hung up for monuments;
Our stern alarums changed to merry meetings,
Our dreadful marches to delightful measures.
Grim-visaged war hath smooth'd his wrinkled front;
And now, instead of mounting Abrams tanks
To fright the souls of fearful adversaries,
He capers nimbly in a lady's chamber
To the lascivious pleasing of his flute.
But I, too feeble for sportive tricks,
Nor made to court an amorous looking-glass;
I, that am rudely stamp'd, and want love's majesty
To strut before a wanton lustful nymph;
I, that am curtail'd of this tock tock heart,
Cheated of feature by corticosterol nature,
Deformed, damaged, sent before my time
Into this mocking world, breatheless to half stand up,
Listing so lamely and unfashionable
That dogs pee on me as I halt by them;
Why, I, in this joyful time of peace,
Have no delight to pass away the time,
To only check the battery in my ticker.
And descant on mine own deformity!
Therefore, since my heart cannot a lover bear,
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,
I am determined to be a villain
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.
Plots have I laid, inductions dangerous,
By drunken prophecies, libels and dreams,
To set my fellow klansmen and the king
In deadly hate the one against the other:
And if King Ameoba be as true and just
As I am subtle, false and treacherous,
This day should George imprisoned be,
Accord the prophecy, which says that 'W'
Of America's heirs the murderer shall be.
Die thoughts, my heart is cold: here
George comes.

M said...

This blog blows. It used to be somewhat interesting when Bill would email two sentences over to his assistant to post on here.

mike m said...

Do really think you are protecting Western Society? That is so laughable. Delusions of Grandeur. You actually believe that a group of minorities are going to destroy your little slice of heaven. You are missing the big picture. Why are these "people" coming to this country? Most are coming here to work. And I'll tell you, those mother fuckers work. Not too bright, but they show up for work every day, on time, and work their asses off, and don't complain. Do you know what you have to do to get a white guy to do that? It's impossible. I don't even try to hire white guys anymore. I go to the temporary employment agency, and use guys that are on parole. They are much easier to control. White guys are lazy, drunk or stoned crack heads or dope addicts, or have a gambling problem. None of them have DLs, and most owe back child support or have warrants. If I wanted one good white guy, I'd have to hire at least five. Usually, by the end of the week, I'd be down to one or two, if I was lucky. The problem isn't with the minorities, it's with the whites. If whites were half as good as you think they are, we wouldn't need Mexicans. Sure, there are a few, that have a girlfriend that they knock up 2 or 3 times, so they can get a place to live for free, and go out and sell drugs on the corner. But the most of the ones here just want to work.

My point is, that everything I've just said here is well known by the big corporations. The same ones that ship our good manufacturing jobs oversees to China and Singapore. Don't blame the people for coming here, blame the corporations that give them the work and lures them here. If you really want to make a difference, fight to change lobbying and campaign finance. That's how these big corporations get all of their influence over the government.

Stop being sucked into all those bullshit issues like gay marriage, abortion and stem cell. They are just meant to keep people from seeing the real issues. Corporations are sucking up this country's resources, not handful of minorities.

ZenGrouch said...

"Do you know what you have to do to get a white guy to do that? It's impossible. I don't even try to hire white guys anymore. I go to the temporary employment agency, and use guys that are on parole. They are much easier to control. White guys are lazy, drunk or stoned crack heads or dope addicts, or have a gambling problem. None of them have DLs, and most owe back child support or have warrants...."

Let me guess, you're paying below minimum wage under the table?

Or if you are paying minimum wage, is that enough for a person to actually live on, where ever this shit hole is, where all the whites are stumbling drug addicted bums?

"Don't blame the people for coming here, blame the corporations that give them the work and lures them here. If you really want to make a difference, fight to change lobbying and campaign finance. That's how these big corporations get all of their influence over the government...."

OK, you just went on and on about how you can't find any white U.S. citizens willing to work for peanuts, so you go with the illegals. Right, right... as far as YOU know, they're here legally, wink, wink, nudge, nudge...

BUT, it's faceless corporate America that's responsible for illegals flocking here to take the jobs, paying wages that an honest American can't even begin to support a family on.

Corporate America is responsible for sending our jobs out of the country.

People like you are responsible for illegals coming here to make slave wages, while they and their families drain the life out of our hospitals, schools and social service systems.

People like you, or what you claim to be, profit on our country going down the tubes.

mike m said...

Fuck you, asshole. I pay $15/hour. I could raise that to $20 and still not get any white guys that will last. And I don't ask them to do anything that I don't do. When i get guys from Manpower, it costs me $17 flat rate.

mike m said...

I wish I could get dependable guys that knew what the fuck they were doing. I'd have no problem paying a responsible foreman $25-30/hr. Then maybe I wouldn't be out busting my ass on the job site, I could actually be doing what an owner is supposed to do. Running the God damned company. Instead, it looks like I'm going to have to hire people to run the company while I'm out doing the work.

ZenGrouch said...

Forgive me, but as I've said before, I believe you to be dishonest.

YOU can't find a white guy, willing to work for $15 an hour, with the economy as bad as it is?

You see my point don't you?

mike m said...

I didn't say I couldn't find a white guy that will work for that. I said I couldn't find any white guys that will hang around for that. I could put an ad in the paper and have 20 guys at the door. By the end of the week, or should I say, after their first pay, they're nowhere to be found. And the ones that are, don't know what the fuck they are doing. So, I'd have to run another ad. And go through another 20 guys. I'm not talking about right now. It's so slow right now I'm having trouble keeping myself busy. I'm talking about on average. I've been in business for myself for 6 years, and I've been doing this work for 30 (my grandfather taught me the trade when I was 13). And this is the way it has been for at least the past 12. Nobody wants to work anymore. They want to sit around on their fat, hairy asses, stuff their faces wit twinkies and sit at their computers and call other people childish names.

But see, that's the problem with this country. I'm trying to give you some real insider information about the industry. But you only hear what you want to hear. You call me a liar. I'm not even going to waste my time with you anymore. You are an ignorant fuck. And always will be.

ZenGrouch said...

"I'm not talking about right now. It's so slow right now I'm having trouble keeping myself busy..."

Well pardon me for believing that you were talking in present tense about the situation as it is when you stated:

"Fuck you, asshole. I pay $15/hour. I could raise that to $20 and still not get any white guys that will last. And I don't ask them to do anything that I don't do. When i get guys from Manpower, it costs me $17 flat rate..."


"I wish I could get dependable guys that knew what the fuck they were doing. I'd have no problem paying a responsible foreman $25-30/hr. Then maybe I wouldn't be out busting my ass on the job site, I could actually be doing what an owner is supposed to do..."

So I'm an ignorant fuck, and you're not a bit loose with the truth.

But if you're not a liar, there seems to be a bit of conflict in what you are now claiming, and what you stated a short time earlier.

And once again...

...You see my point don't you?

Crusader said...

Dude, Mike, are you kidding. You can't find white guys who are disciplined to work for thirty bucks an hour. Right (sarcasm). Methinks you lie. I tell you what, me and my homeboys will come work for ya. that's some damn good money.

mike m said...

Look you dumb fucks, stop fucking with me. You know what the fuck I'm talking about. First, I don't pay 30/hr. Read the fucking post. That's what I would pay a foreman if I could find one, with the necessary experience. Those guys are normally few and far between. I pay 15/hr and might be willing to go as high as 20. The fact remains, what happened last year is the same today, which was the same 10 years ago. Right now, with the economy the way it is, I might get lucky. But as soon as the economy picks up again, those guys are gone. White guys don't want to work. Most of them, as soon as you pay them, it's Crack Street or Dope Alley. Or maybe the race track. In fact, most contractors don't pay the guys until 4:30 on Friday afternoon. And then, by the time Monday rolls around, they don't have money for the bus, or cigarettes,or gas, or lunch, whatever. And they don't bother calling. Half of them owe back child support, which I had to deduct from their paychecks and send to the court. None of them have driver's licenses. They get their girlfriends to drop them off at the job site, and pick them up. White guys are a mess. I stopped hiring white guys from the paper. I don't hire illegals or legals. I call Manpower or Labor Ready and get them to send out a couple of ex-cons on parole, for $17/ hr. But, that's not what they get. By the time those temp agencies take out all of their fees, those guys are lucky to get $40/day. They get min. wage. If they need a ride to the job, there's a fee. If they want a check the same day, there's a fee. If they want to use the ATM at the office to get cash, there's another fee. That's why I always tip those guys $75-100 at the end of the week. But, the agency handles all of the insurance and payroll taxes. I just pay a single bill at the end of the month. The one time I did hire a white guy permanently from the agency, he was gone after a week. His parole ended. And I paid him 12.50/hr cash. That's $500/week, clear. Asshole. White people are their own worst enemy. Not illegals. At least they show up for work everyday. Not only that, but there are a ton of contractors that do hire illegals for $8-10/hr, and paay them as hourly sub contractors, and not only don't they pay payroll taxes on them, they get a tax deduction. Those are usually the contractors that work for the large corporate builders like Ryan Homes. Illegals can knock $20,000-30,000 off the final price of a new home. Think about that if you decide you want to buy a new home from a corporate builder. See you guys just don't get it. We want them here. Don't blame them for answering the call.

Anonymous said...


I understand what you are saying and I disagree.

I know a lot of white guys in the trades - and not one who will work for 15.

They are so good at what they do because they have decades experience. They can do the same amount of work of 3 stooges in 1/6 the time it takes the stooges to crap out a half ass hack, right the first time and so tight that its built to last.

You get what you pay for. Also if you fuck over your employees, they fuck you back in any way they can.

Here is an excellent example:

Maryland's Millionaires go MissingYes!! Getsome!

ZenGrouch said...

"They want to sit around on their fat, hairy asses, stuff their faces wit twinkies and sit at their computers and call other people childish names."


"Look you dumb fucks, stop fucking with me. You know what the fuck I'm talking about

ZenGrouch said...

"Illegals can knock $20,000-30,000 off the final price of a new home..."

You get what you pay for.

I'm not big on unions, however, I am a big fan of trade unions that keep quality up.

Do a Google search on *Chinese Drywall* to get the latest on the nightmare that has become tens of thousand's of new home owner's living nightmare.

Yep, the contractors saved a few bucks on drywall.

And I'm Sooooo, sure they passed those savings on to the homeowners, who are now Royally Fucked!

mike m said...


Those guys you are talking about, are around. But they are either in business for themselves, or in a construction union. But even the union guys are fucked up. I was doing a small job on a union job, (in Delaware), and I overheard one of the contractors complaining that he had just bought an entire case of hand cleaner, and it was gone in one day. HAHAHAHA. He should have known better.

But see, that's part of the problem, everyone wants their own business. In fact, a few times I had to hire a (sub), and pay him $25/hr. I was jammed up and the job had to get done fast, right.

I can't find any young guys that are willing to learn a trade. They just don't want to work. I guess I am part of the problem. I expect guys to do the work the way I do. That seems to be too much to ask. I'm not a slave driver, but I am extremely meticulous. That's what my clients expect of me.

But I guess the larger point I'm trying to make, is that there seems to be an "entitlement mentality". Everybody is entitled to something. Whether it's a Wall Street investor that's "entitled" to $20,000/month, or a CEO that's entitled to a $28 million/year pension, or an electricians apprentice that's "entitled" to not have to dig a ditch in the hot sun. This is the kind of shit that is going to be our own demise. We shouldn't blame the illegals for coming in and picking up the slack for the greedy and lazy.

mike m said...

Sorry I missed you're point about 15. Those guys are highly skilled, and approaching foreman status. I'm talking about finding guys with some experience. 3-5 years. Those guys think they are entitled to make the money of those high skilled workers. And they are just not worth it. They're just not that good. I charge $30-35/man/hour, and I'm getting out bid. A lot! Unless it's a government prevailing wage job, then I can charge between 50-60, but I have to pay 25-30. I'll tell you what, that seems to be the way to go right now.

mike m said...


I don't know about those Chinese drywall guys. I've seen Chinese bamboo scaffolding and wouldn't set foot on it. But, I will tell you I've seen Mexican drywall crews that do some beautiful work. And the new home market is very competitive, at least it was, in my area, andd builders try to get the base price down as far as they can. It's like everything else though, they nail you on the extras.

Crusader said...

Mike M, we may pay 20 to 30 thousand dollars less on the home with illegals, but we pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over our lifetime in taxes paying for their welfare, because asshole's like you underpaid them. And you do hire them I'm sure. I don't buy your "convicts are better workers than white people" bit. You are prejudiced against white people. I'm not going to dis on you for being prejudiced, because I am in the reverse of your beliefs. However, you are prejudiced, like so many people are against whites. So, admit it. You are what the libs would call a bigot, if I took what you said, right or wrong, and said it about a minority. Thank you for being so obvious about it, so that my point is proven that whites face a lot of prejudice. Such is what infuriates me and causes me to be so venomous. You're full of shit on all your assertions that whites won't work for a decent paycheck. Nuf said.

Anonymous said...


I have watched your last show 4x and I am still blown away by the awesome panel. You could have given any of these guys an hour long 1 on 1, they all can educate & entertain Americans.

Yea I know, due to American education & the rapid rate of decay of the nuclear family, everyone knows that a Ceylon is a AI Terminator from another galaxy. What can we do? Maybe put a few facts on TV?

Including unbiased birth control technique commercials & ads for how to get to the nearest battered womens shelter that can get monkey boy off your ass, during daytime TV?

Anonymous said...

Irony: The more the Repo men condemn Sotomayor, the more I hope she slams the door on their bullshit.

Still, she is so far right of me that her appointment isn't going to help me.

I was asked here what I think of Dennis Miller's entertaining the troops. This is the same issue. Dennis is doing a great thing, hanging his ass out for some young kids old morons have put in mortal peril, but I would rather he poisoned the old morons when he close enough to do it, so we could start bringing people together again, instead of scaring the shit out of everyone in order to get them to do what the impotent old fucks want, or provoking them to fight a superior military force - our evil empire.

I don't think she is activist enough. There will be 2 seats to fill: I would accept Bobby Seal first, to balance the current plaster white old morons, and Tom Hayden for the 2nd.

Lets not fuck around with this. Our lives and our prosperity depend on the choices our 'leaders' make today, and the direction it takes us.

W insulated us from the wars he waged by borrowing to cover the cash expense - not the blood. If we had to pay for it up front we would have smoked him in 2004, but not enough people were sufficiently stung to react.

Payback is a bitch.

ZenGrouch said...

"In his largest domestic speech since leaving the White House in January, Bush told an audience in southwestern Michigan that after the September 11 attacks, "I vowed to take whatever steps that were necessary to protect you"..."

Too bad that piece of shit, mother fucker couldn't be bothered with protecting us BEFORE 9-11!

The dog fucker was warned and did NOTHING!


Anonymous said...


You have a "training gap" problem.

You want apprentices. The federal government destroyed domestic businesses apprentice programs in 1956, when they created the minimum wage.

Wait, it gets worse...

2 years ago psycho Nancy proposed tax funded training programs that would essentially replace the prior private apprenticeships.

At tax payer expense.

Today you say the Nancy programs and the layers of government education that you pay for under compulsory force vis IRS, do not deliver the trained journeymen apprentices you need.

Think about that.

Anonymous said...

That said, I would consider probates as 1st time losers.

Instead I would find the most industrial colleges in your area and get your business into their work study program. As a teacher, you can get some really smart kids who are making grades + rent working for you.

You will have to jump social hoops for this, but its worth it.

Anonymous said...

I failed to state that the Nancy programs lack the oversight for performance goals that the private apprentices had to meet.

But they do meet the warm fuzzy "enslave John Galt for the greatest good" ones.

I am John Galt.

I quit.

MBSinNYC said...

Re: torture, I can understand why Bush & Co. don't get it. Millions of Americans and Christians around the world walk around everyday with the symbol of a torture device hanging around their necks - the crucifix. They sit in churches with their torture device as the primary object of worship. The raise the symbol of their torture device atop their buildings. So is it surprising that they feel nothing about this issue, or are even defending it? MB Smalley, NYC

Anonymous said...

Here is how to end the recession: legalize pot, the #1 cash crop in the USA!

ZenGrouch said...

"WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, says former Vice President Dick Cheney's claims -- that classified CIA memos show enhanced interrogation techniques like waterboarding worked -- are wrong.
Former VP Dick Cheney has been a vocal defender of Bush-era interrogation techniques.

Levin, speaking at the Foreign Policy Association's annual dinner in New York on Wednesday, said an investigation by his committee into detainee abuse charges over the use of the techniques -- now deemed torture by the Obama administration -- "gives the lie to Mr. Cheney's claims."

The Michigan Democrat told the crowd that the two CIA documents that Cheney wants released "say nothing about numbers of lives saved, nor do the documents connect acquisition of valuable intelligence to the use of abusive techniques"

Cheney's a big fat lying sack of shit?!

Who could have seen THAT one coming?

Next thing ya' know, they'll start questioning Limbaugh's honesty...

Anonymous said...

Not his honesty, his sanity. He is definitely not as committed to his story as O,Really.

The Fox Sanitorium for the Criminally Stupid is seeking Osama bin Laden to add to their cast of permanent residents. Reward for material information leading to his contractual commitment.

Osama bin Laden is not a political adversary of the USA, he's a Charlie Manson wackaloon, times 300. Which isn't that bad actually; Ted Bundy was a quadruple Charlie and the Green River Killer was a Charlie times 30. We can treat Osama bin Laden, we treated these guys.

The thing is the murder-prison system leeches tax coffers and doesn't have to show a profit. Its like the military, which by definition can't turn a profit, as they destroy shit and kill potential markets. But a few mindless pricks profit, and grease the political gears to keep it so. Like for instance, Dick Cheney, who among others owned stock in the companies to whom he threw our money.

Can you imagine how much less than 22 trillion USD it would cost to feed every hungry person in the in the world, and to provide shelter for all the destitute?

I would call this a crime against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Click here to score some Clarity

or follow this link if you are a noid:

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, I find the law very explicit on murdering your fellow man, but there's nothing here about killing a Chinaman. Case dismissed.
Judge Roy Bean

Hang 'em first, try 'em later.
Judge Roy Bean

I know the law... I am it's greatest transgressor.
Judge Roy Bean

Anonymous said...

"If only we had a government as good as the people... but we do."

"Only Americans could create comfort food for someone who is already eating off a tit."

Bill Maher, 5/29/2009

Anonymous said...

So people are conditioned to eat junk food and prefer it to poi long after their metabolism can't digest it.

Perhaps the corporate food should be color coded. You know, like the 4 age oriented formuli of Alpom only color coded for the dweebs who need this level of instruction: don't eat the brown twinkies?

Anonymous said...

makes sense: we can put all the anti-Alsheimer & anti-arthritic chemicals (code for 'pharma') into the dogfood for old dogs.

Only problem is, the stuff old people need to just get out of bed, makes young people bounce off the ceiling.

I would whoever, love to do away with the unconstitutional DEA appendage. Its a pharmaceutical industry gland and its killing us.

Its not the food Bill, its the politicians.

Anonymous said...

Allow me one more rant in this tirade:

Beginning in the 60s, Dirk Pearson & Sandy Shaw AND the alcohol industry proposed to put vitamins into the liquor products, for the health benefit of the 15-22% of the populus who ever drink alcohol. Alcohol is a perfect sterile medium for vitamins.

The DEA shot down this proposal. They would rather see us all dead than allow children to see happy, silly adults.

Fuck the DEA! They don't give a shit about us, cancel their funding!

Anonymous said...

See, if you put the water soluble vitamins C & B complex into alcohol, they counteract the negative effect - the hangover - of the alcohol molecules being oxidized in the bloodstream and on the neural receptor sites.

The DEA - your government - has known this for decades, they just don't want any old smart people, just lots of naive youngsters to volunteers for their profitable crusades.

Fuck these assholes, grow your own food.

you might recall that in 1996 or so the DEA placed Tryptophan on their banned substance list.

Tryptophan is an amino acid, that is to say a protien. When ingested in concentrations ~250mg it enables the body to produce Serotonin. Srotonin is a neurochemical that induces a calming effect and helps one sleep.

It counteracts too much coffee & a stressful lifestyle. Eat 2-3 bananas & you'll get about that much tryptophan.

But, the DEA banned tryptophan on the grounds that 'someone died from a bad batch of tryptophan imported from Japan'.

This was a lie. What really happened was some med students filed patent for synthesizing LSD from Tryptophan in 3 steps using a cyclotron.

It takes a growing season + 21 steps to synthesize LSD from ergot fungus, as Dr. Hofmann did. Dr. Hofmann is now a centenarian, having out lived Dr. Linus Pauling: Go Dr. Hofmann!

It takes 9 steps to synthesize LSD from ergonovine. Ergonovine is an ergotamine derivative used to assist pregnancy.

3 steps in a cyclotron takes a few hours.

You can verify all this in the US patent records.

Anonymous said...

To simplify, LSD = acid. My point is that if you ever manufacture anything, each step may fail. The less steps, the more efficient your process is and the more likely that you will succeed.

I have manufactured & resynthesized many things. My hero & role model is that most famous hashish user, Benjamin Franklin. He smoked dope that George Washington grew... somewhere, we lost the path.

I blame the 1830 - 1850s religulous revile.

Mostly what I blueprint is motive engines. I can get any drugs I'll ever need from France.

Crusader said...

The DEA and FDA both are run by big pharma. If you're healthy and feeling good on vitamins, you won't crave their petroleum byproducts, aka: pharamceuticals. All disease, physical or psychological, revolves around nutrition deficiency (unless of course you've been poisoned by something.) But, you can't patent vitamins. Thus, you can't make money off of them. Thus, big pharma doesn't want you using them. That's why that bastard judge and hospital forced the Hausers to bring their kid in to undergo chemo, which could take years and probably will cure him of his hodgekins cancer, but very well could destroy his body and leave him vulnerable to other diseases later in life. Meanwhile, alternative cures, such as vitamins, sleep, cutting out certain foods, and prayer (yes, prayer has even been proven by scientific experiments to help cure people; no one knows why yet), these cures are made to look quaint and even dangerous by Big Pharma and those they pay off. Big Pharma is one of the largest demonic industries known to mankind, second only to the slaughter industry. It all will end soon. Three things can not remain long hidden - the sun, the moon, and the truth.


Is this pretty much and angry liberal blog? Can normal people jump in? I just have a question...Is Bill Maher compansating for something? Was he abused as a child? It seems to me he works very hard toward being accepted. Also I'm not very worldly and would like to know why the Democratic party thinks sodomy is good? In support of homosexuality that is? Also it appears that democrats spend a great deal of time looking down their noses at us stupid people. Isn't it wrong to be born gifted and make fun of those who weren't? The last question I have is how many of you are in support of Barack Obama and why?

Jackie-O said...


This film made you look like such an asshole. Interrupting people
not taking their pasts/educational background into consideration. The fact that you were basically making fun of their religions will never urge them take a step back to think, hmmm maybe he's right, maybe just maybe my beliefs are outlandish. It makes them hate you and love their fucked up higher power even more.

Religion is the opiate of the masses...says Karl Marx
Which I believe is true. The majority of people that are religious extremist are highly uneducated. Talking to ignorant
people means you have to speak on fundamental terms Bill. What are you retarded? You could've done so much with this film and I was very excited to see what you had in store. All I have to say is "You Bill- are just as bad as them." It portrayed you
as anti-arab, what about doubt right? You didn't have one mention of Zionists in you god DAMN film-you have not a god damn clue what happens in the holy land. You tried to make all muslims look like murderers. You are one sick bastard! Not one mention of the good that stems from some religions. I know that's not what you were going for in this particular script but how strong your manipulation was. I thought I would finish your movie with a new wrinkle in my brain but all I took from it was disappointment. The editing especially to twist people's words was wrong.

Here me out, I'm one of the most laid back women you'll ever meet. I thought I liked you. Do some more research before you make such drastic decisions. You've lost a hell of a lot of fans and it made you look like such a dumb shit.

Look at people as people you privileged white man.

Gypsy said...

I haven't seen you around since Politically Incorrect, I'm glad to see you again, I picked up Religulous last month. Really like it. So I started to pick up some clips online. havent turned on a tv in years. You still telling it like it is. Thanks, We all need an infusion of intelligence and laughter once in a while. Gypsy

Crusader said...

Hcuargnez, you should read my comments earlier concerning homos. They're at the top of the page.

ZenGrouch said...

"Also it appears that democrats spend a great deal of time looking down their noses at us stupid people..."

I don't believe the Democrats are looking down their noses at you.

They probably just feel bad about the way the Republicunts seek you guys out, then exploit the shit out of your ignorance and fear, counting on your votes, like they depend on the Sun coming up in the morning and going down at night.

The Republican'ts know they got the *Dumb Fuck* vote locked up tight! poor abused sheep

Gypsy said...

Zengrouch.. you have half the name right. When do you zen. Just making fun. I like the way you express yourself..

ZenGrouch said...

"This film made you look like such an asshole. Interrupting people not taking their pasts/educational background into consideration...."

Is anyone else sensing an emerging pattern here.

This poster and the previous Republicunt shill, have a new tone.

A tone to soothe and appease, those who realize they aren't the sharpest pencils in the box, while pointing out the real threat.

The Left Wing Liberals, who aren't as tolerant of the willfully ignorant sheep the Republicunts have been shearing for decades now.

The Left Wing Commies want to squash the rights of the ignorant, by telling them to *SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! WE HEAR YOU! YOU GOT NOTHING GOING ON WORTH SHARING!*

Damn those *Hoidy Toidy* pricks with their big brains!


ZenGrouch said...

Thanks Gypsy!

I'm all Zen on the inside...

...covered with a crunchy prick bastard shell.

Gypsy said...

Now you know what a bitch is made of...

ZenGrouch said...


Sugar n' Spice n' Everything Nice!

Until you turn one inside out to see that they're nothing but Pure Evil on the inside. 'n EVIL I tells ya'!

Gypsy said...

you got it easy then if you only faced the ones with pink insides. You should try one who's insides are black. and I don't mean the chocolate colored race black. I mean the pure color black.

ZenGrouch said...

People, and that includes bitches from hell, are only as evil towards you, as you allow them to be.

Knew a guy who was all "Women are EVIL!" after his wife ran away with his brother after fuckin' him for several years...


Gypsy said...

great bitches are made of women who have taken all they are ever going to take from anyone. We are no more evil than men who are covered with a crunchy prick bastard shell. but the rules for women are different. We grow up being told that we are not as good as men. Society, ruled by men and unfortunately too many women accept it, states that unless a 100 pound woman can lift as much as a 200 pound man she is not equal. Bitches black to the core have simply found a way to lift that weight and still function as a woman. We are demonized by men, by women by society. and we simply don't take crap.

So when you say"People, and that includes bitches from hell, are only as evil towards you, as you allow them to be." THIS PLANET IS HELL, SO WE ALL COME FROM HELL, but we conquer it. and we don't need permission to be allowed anything. Gypsy

ZenGrouch said...

Ever notice that it's usually the bitches who are all *I am woman, hear me bitch!* that can't do their jobs as well as a guy?

Sorry Sweet Cakes, but there are some jobs where lifting 200 pounds is required. And most women don't have the upper body strength to cut the mustard.

There are some jobs where men don't need the distraction of a woman being around them. Especially when they can get into a world of shit for what they say in the presence of some stupid cunt that wants it *both* ways.

Women don't belong everywhere, and men don't belong everywhere.

ZenGrouch said...

OK, all that said about women not belonging in certain jobs/situations...

I don't mind the bitches that much.

I mean, if they don't bitch, nobody's going to give 'em anything for nothin', right?

Kind of like the illegal that was at my front door not 4 minutes ago.

OK, L.A. is in the desert. Water is a precious commodity. I don't water my lawn. If it rains that's cool, if not, my yard is brown.

So, this unbonded illegal wants to give me an estimate to clean the dead grass out of my front yard.

I was game, so I said, "How much?! He said, "$200" I almost said "FUCK YOU! 200 bucks for a 45 minute job! Fuckin' BLOW ME PACO!"

But I didn't say any of that, and just said, "That's too much!" and closed the door.

Tell me a white boy wouldn't rake my dirt for better than $200 an hour, tax free?

We really need to round up the illegals and send 'em back to wherever they came from.

Hmmm... never hear bitches bragging about being able to do the work of a wet back, now do ya'?

ZenGrouch said...

Just read 3 articles on the downing of an Air France plane in the Atlantic.

It sent out an automatic signal indicating a loss of cabin pressure and an electrical failure.

Sounds like **BOMB!** to me!

But not a single mention of that possibility in ANY of the articles.

Is the word "Bomb" taking the place of the word "Nigger" in the 21st Century?

Anonymous said...

Do you call your wife a "bitch" and a "Stupid Cunt"?

If so, I hope a frying pan graces the side of your head!

Cyd said...

Say, I was curious to hear the opinion of people regarding the Hypocrite in Chief and his little sexcapade into NYC with three planes, a fleet of cars, two planes filled with support staff and reporters while he continues to castigate everyone who does not "tighten their belts"? this idiot truly so brain dead that he is unaware of the image he projects or is he so arrogant that he just does not give a fuck?

One last point...before the local ball licker here spouts off, I can provide quotes from the Kenyan where he states just how inappropriate it is for a public servant to waste tax payer's money, if necessary.

ZenGrouch said...

No, Stupid Cunt...

There will be no other than you.

Anonymous said...

yeah right!


ZenGrouch said...

Syd the Shid...

I didn't hear anything about 5 planes as you said.

Got anything to back up that number?

Besides, a fleet of 5 or 6 planes would probably be cheaper than using Air Force 1, to fly a load of his friends to Texas, then shoot one of 'em in the face and lie to the police about being drunk.

Anonymous said...

If I'm the only one then, adjust your prior post moron!

Also, cyd...agree with you!!

"We" have to sacrifice our lives to pay off this huge debt but the Almighty does not!

Hell, Zenny can't even afford a haircut or Jenny Craig!

ZenGrouch said...

Bush set the all time record for the number of presidential vacation days with all or part of 879 days spent on the ranch in Texas or at Camp David.

I'm guessing he didn't take the bus to Texas.

How's it going Shid?

Having trouble coming up with a source to support your claim that Obama used 5 planes for a night on the town?

ZenGrouch said...

"If I'm the only one then, adjust your prior post moron!..."

Not only are you a Stupid Cunt...'re a Jealous Stupid Cunt!

You really need another hobby, than stalking.

Anonymous said...

Bush "owns" the Ranch in Texas idiot and Yes, they had to fly there with Secret Service...duh!

Plus, compare his Ranch cost of operation compared to Gore's Tennessee home....Who's the Moron!

Going Home to your own property "is not a Vacation"! It's getting away from moronic idiots like you!

Anonymous said...

Jealous my ass! I can only imagine what your wife looks like by looking at you!

ZenGrouch said...

You're way too drunk for this time of day, no matter which coast you're on...

...ya' Stupid Cunt

Anonymous said...

Never drunk with you.....

You are just too easy!

ZenGrouch said...

If you aren't drunk, then get to a hospital right now, cuz you're havin' a stroke.

Either that or you've been huffin' whatever it is underneath the kitchen sink.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Dr. Zenny!

You just need to quit being so much fun!

Cyd said...

Ball Licker chimes in right on cue. This one isn't about Bush, stupid. It is about HYPOCRISY, which the Kenyan has a whole lot of.

Any other non-points you want to make?

IT, your patience with the psychodelic psycho puts Job to shame. :)

Cyd said...

The Obama's remind me of the Jeffersons on that TV show. Remember? We got George and Weezie movin' on up to the big leagues! LOL!

How pathetic. It would be hilarious if it weren't so serious and he wasn't bankrupting this nation, nationalizing banks and companies in order to take Weezie on "dates". Catching the Bulls game, taking her to Chicago for Valentines, taking her to NYC for fuck-all and all the while castigating people for being frivolous with money and maintaining all must make sacrifices. Apparently "all" did not include the King.

Anonymous said...

Cyd the Kid said...

IT, your patience with the psychodelic psycho puts Job to shame. :)

Cyd, the difference between myself and Zenny?

I'm not an "angry" person! I don't hate anyone except for the terrorist who killed over 3000 of my fellow Americans and the ones who want me dead along with society as we know it. Unlike our counterparts, they hate Bush more than the terrorist otherwise, they wouldn't have an issue on pouring water on the bad guys face to save American lives.

I don't need to feel that everyone "loves" me, I only care that I am a loyal American that loves life, family and friends.

If I had as much hate in me as Zenny, I "would be" a drunk living on the street without a care!

That's why I am patient - along with having some fun!

10-1 odds Zenny says I live on the street! :)

Cyd said...

With the White House simply refusing to say how much taxpayer money it spent, here's a helpful way to calculate the cost of the trip:

First, the First Couple (and entourage) flew from the White House to Andrews Air Force Base — three choppers (two decoys), if the Marines stuck to standard operating procedure (and they are sticklers for SOP). That means dozens of men and women — radar, communications, mechanics, crews, everyone, perhaps 100, who knows? — were involved. (A batch of tagalongs must've taken a taxpayer pool of vehicles out from the White House to AAFB, since it took three jets to get the gang to NYC).

Second, the president moving on a Saturday takes a full operation at and around the White House, dozens and dozens of people. Maybe they're all on salary, so that didn't likely cost much. But all the cops involved — D.C. police, uniformed Secret Service officers, Capitol police — were probably paid overtime, even double time. Probably, again, 100 personnel or so.

Then there were the jets — at least $24,000 for the three aircraft used to ferry the Obamas, aides and reporters to New York. The Obamas' jet, a Gulfstream 500, served as Air Force One.

Third, a C-17 had to fly to NYC to put in place a full motorcade (at least a dozen vehicles, maybe more). The military cargo plane may have taken up at least two, but maybe three, more choppers to fly the whole party from JFK to a Wall Street landing zone, where the motorcade was waiting. If not, the choppers flew there solo (White House veteran reporter Mark Knoller of CBS Radio wrote recently that "The VH-3D that serves as Marine One consumes about 1,200 pounds of fuel per hour." Ouch.

Fourth, driving through Manhattan is an expensive exercise. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of NYPD have to be stationed all along the way, shutting down roads, holding back pedestrians. There were police cars involved, dozens of motorcycles, and the ever-present NYC ambulance (oh, don't forget that the White House doctor also probably went — with all his gear). The city likely gets reimbursed by the White House for the cost (they usually do). And they were all probably getting time and a half (the NYPD overtime budget is extraordinary).

Fifth, the United States Secret Service (USSS) had to scope out the whole thing, then station agents all over — sharpshooters, undercover agents, etc. — at a huge cost. Who knows if they were on overtime. And if you think they went up Saturday morning, think again. They were likely in NYC upwards of a week before, planning the whole evening, every second of every movement. They had to map out five movements — from JFK to the Wall Street LZ, then a motorcade to the restaurant, then another motorcade to the play, then a final motorcade back to the LZ, then a chopper flight to JFK, before the First Couple and crew jetted back to AAFB for another chopper to the White House.

One thing is known — The Obamas picked up the cost of dinner costs and their orchestra seat tickets, which cost $96.50 a piece. So if the whole thing cost $250,000, the Obamas offset that by at least a few hundred bucks. Phew.


This little sexcapade by The Kenyan and "Arms" cost over a million dollars...easy. I always good to be da King!!

Cyd said...


I'm glad you are enjoying yourself at Zen's expense. I find it enjoyable how he blusters on for a few comments with me then just disappears. He's a one trick pony regarding his diatribes which amount to Bush...republicunts...fuck, in varying order for "freshness".

ZenGrouch said...

"into NYC with three planes, a fleet of cars, two planes filled with support staff and reporters while he continues to castigate everyone who does not "tighten their belts"?..."

According to your post there were 5 planes involved.

The article only mentioned 3 planes.

Three small planes that would cost much less to use, and burn way less fuel than the 747.

So, you're a liar and stupid.

The one thing I would be pissed off about, but don't really have the facts on, is if our tax dollars went towards paying for the plane full of reporters.

I would think their respective publications/broascast companies would pay for that tab.

So, that would make the grand total of planes, 2 private jets.

Again, even less of a footprint on the environment and tax deficit Bush ran up into record amounts, without batting an eye, while burning fuel in that 747 to take record breaking vacations half way across the country.

You Republicunts are so fuckin' CUTE when you're grabbing at slippery straws, that won't save your drowning asses!

I'm surprised the media still pays any attention to your whinings.

Gypsy said...

You missed the point. Women have been at a disadvantage, the laws of the land are unfair. You are right when you say that there are some jobs best suited for men and others best suited for women, But the men making the rules, don't respect that. try raising a child on $5/hr. Try living in a world that says YOU MUST BE DEPENDANT ON A MAN. Try living a life where they say women's clothing, hair cuts, shoes must cost more than a mans. then having men take up women's work, getting paid more and doing it not as good. This is the reality still of living on this planet for women. Life is a bitch then you become one. Gypsy.

ZenGrouch said...

"I find it enjoyable how he blusters on for a few comments with me then just disappears...."

Well, sometimes I actually step away from my computer and go on about living my life.

However, when it comes to dealing with your bull shit, have I ever left you wanting for an ass kicking?

Are there any issues I haven't addressed, then rubbed your nose in your bull shit like a bad little doggie?

You are a desperate, frightened little tardbot, bending over for Rush, unable to come up with an original thought.

Such as... Obama is the President, if he wants to go to NYC for a play, that's tough shit!

So, suck on it.


I thought you dumb fucks would have learned SOMETHING after 8 years of that father fucker Bush... knowing when you're beat, and when to keep your stupid mouths shut.

Name a place or issue where the Dems haven't whipped the dog piss out of the Republicunts?

The people have spoken.

You lose.

Gypsy said...

I've worked waitressing jobs, 10 hrs shifts, no time for a break. that's hard physical labor. I often thought about a job on my back.,.. still thinking about it, lol

Anonymous said...

You dumb butt.....

Name "one" vacation other than his own property in Texas that Bush took! He "had" to take Air Force Once...he was President you idiot!

Name the date and time he took Laura on an expensive "date" on taxpayers money. I don't think going home is considered a date!

I think it's time to use those shears you bought from Fry's to maybe give your brain some oxygen.

Zenny said:
Are there any issues I haven't addressed, then rubbed your nose in your bull shit like a bad little doggie?

What issues? You only do the latter!

Zenny also said:
Name a place or issue where the Dems haven't whipped the dog piss out of the Republicunts?

They whipped our ass when they let Fannie and Freddie be the death of us!

ZenGrouch said...

"Life is a bitch then you become one..."

Had a lady friend who had a shirt that said, "Zero to Bitch in 7.4 seconds" ...true shit that.

I also liked the old saying, "Life's a Bitch... Then You Marry One."

I hear what you're saying.

Assholes come in both forms, and the balances have been weighed heavily in favor of men.

But that's changing, and I honestly believe that women have much less to bitch about today, than they did in the past.

I think the women who will get ahead are the ones who can, "Take it like a Man."

Granted, that statement is probably enough to work half the female of the species into a froth...

...but that's the way it is.

ZenGrouch said...

"They whipped our ass when they let Fannie and Freddie be the death of us!..."

This is why the name Stupid Cunt is so fitting.

Yeah, the Dems were behind the deregulation that made risky loans so gosh darned profitable.

Anonymous said...

You know Zenny, Research is a remarkable trait!

You might try it sometime!

Oh and:

I'm "Super Cunt"!!!

Even have a cape!

ZenGrouch said...

"I think it's time to use those shears you bought from Fry's to maybe give your brain some oxygen..."

Why do you throw this shit in here, rather than commenting on it, where it originated?

Afraid of having to come up with another stalker identity, that I won't turn into *Stupid Cunt* in a matter of minutes?

Wow! You have mastered the art of Google!

You must be like some sort of genius, on the Stupid Cunt scale.

***I'm sorry Mrs. Cunt... this here line is "normal" ...and this is where Stupid is at***

ZenGrouch said...

Listening to the likes of Rush Limbaugh, or that dried, up walking heart attack "Dick" aren't exactly what I'd consider "research"...

...ya' Stupid Cunt

Gypsy said...

Obama bankrupting the nation, did everyone get bush amnesia already?

Anonymous said...

Origination of shear content:

search Zengrouch


Duh..I don't know where else to look! There's no place to get information out in the real world.

Can you help me Zenny?

Gypsy said...

Obama bankrupting the nation, did everyone get bush amnesia already?

GDP under Bush: 3%

GDP under Obama: 13% and growing

RESEARCH people!
(oh and, that stands for Gross Domestic Product)

ZenGrouch said...

It took 8 years for Bush to fuck things up this bad.

THEN he didn't even admit that he drove us into a recession until right before handing things over to Obama.

NOW the Stupid Cunts on the right, are of the belief that Obama should have fixed everything in his first 100 days.

Those bastards care more about their miserable party of hate, than they do for OUR COUNTRY!

They'd rather crash this country like a dynamite truck into a train, rather than actually work with those who want to ACTUALLY FIX THINGS!

Republicunts are like a fucking back seat driving mother in law, that should be put on the side of the road, then backed over a couple of dozen times, to make sure that fucking bitch is really dead and in hell, so that you can get on with doing what is right, to correct a situation that is fucked up on a historic level.

If we don't find some more Statesmen like Obama, who want to put our country before themselves, we are at a tipping point where we can lose America and Freedom as we have grown to love it, get use to it, then get apathetic about it, waiting for someone to contact the divorce lawyer.

We deserve what we get.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you deserve what you get...

and you got it!

Zenny like a dumbass said:
If we don't find some more Statesmen like Obama, who want to put our country before themselves, we are at a tipping point where we can lose America and Freedom as we have grown to love it, get use to it, then get apathetic about it, waiting for someone to contact the divorce lawyer.

Now that is funny!

ZenGrouch said...

"Can you help me Zenny?..."

Sorry Stupid Cunt, I'm sure there are people out there that would gladly take your money with promises of making you *normal* some day...

...but you're beyond help Honey Hole.

Anonymous said...

ZenGrouch said...

"Can you help me Zenny?..."

Sorry Stupid Cunt, I'm sure there are people out there that would gladly take your money with promises of making you *normal* some day...

...but you're beyond help Honey Hole.

Awe Pooh Bear! Why you have to be so mean?


ZenGrouch said...

OK, I can see you need to be put down for a nap, cuz you're all tuckered out...

...nighty-night, ya' Stupid Cunt

Anonymous said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again:

Zenny...You really need to lighten up! You know, a smile is not hard to do....just spread your cheeks!

Gypsy said...

TAKE IT LIKE A MAN...and that's the way it is.. Must be nice for you to comfortable in your male dominated world.. As long as men hold to that behavior, women will become bitches, cause men are too happy doing less than half the work and taking all the credit. Gypsy.

Gypsy said...

When someone takes office for the first time they inherit the trend set by the previous government. Don't forget that the one sitting there for 8 years knows everyone is going to blame the one following. So they hide their tracks till the last minute. Then they let the shit hit the fan. Obama couldn't stop what Bush set in motion, Bush Sr did a lot of screwing up economically as well, and let Clinton take the fall. If you need further evidence. Bush failed at business. he got bailed out by his father, How someone that bad at business could be elected and entrusted with such a huge economy is beyond me. Foolish Foolish people.

These con artists know they got 2 months or so to set up an opposing government. What a fucked up system.


ZenGrouch said...

My name's not Ignatz...

...Krazy Kunt

ZenGrouch said...

"Must be nice for you to comfortable in your male dominated world..."

Cry me a river...

...then tell it to Oprah

ZenGrouch said...

Obama must be doing something right, if he's making those bastards who are bought and paid for by the pro-Israel lobby, earn their bribes, and show their true colors when it comes to backing an unjust rogue nation...

"As President Barack Obama prepares to depart for his first trip to the Arab world, the administration’s escalating pressure on Israel to freeze all growth of its settlements on Palestinian land has begun to stir concern among Israel’s numerous allies in both parties on Capitol Hill...."

Anonymous said...

I guess he is!

The Obama flip-flops you don't know

Since winning the election, President Barack Obama has famously flip-flopped on many of the major issues that he championed on the campaign trail. But did you know he’s also flip-flopped on a myriad of less publicized issues?

This much everybody knows: Even before taking office, Obama broke his promise to not appoint lobbyists to his administration. Since then, he’s abandoned his promises to pay for every dollar of new government spending and bring home all combat troops from Iraq within 18 months. And in recent days, he’s outraged his political base by reversing his earlier commitments to eliminate military tribunals and release photos depicting prisoner abuse.

ZenGrouch said...

Unsubstantiated lies, from a Republicunt shill...

...about the author of your bull shit article:
"Alex Conant is a communications consultant who served as the Republican National Committee’s national press secretary during the 2008 presidential campaign. Previously, he was a spokesman at the White House and in the U.S. Senate..."

...ya' Stupid *Gullible* Cunt

Cyd said...

Learn to read, Ball Licker. Got no time for your psychosis right now.

Anonymous said...

OK so Fiat buys Chrysler in bankruptcy; I was close. Does this mean that the Italians will now be making our tanks, or just taking all the profits?

If the 50% tardeded out
leeches kill all 10% of their phd holding betters for making judgement calls the moronic could not make and obviously didn't research before jumping to homicidal conclusions, soon there will be no doctors - and no abortions. And soon no electricity, cars, colleges or fertilizer = food. When the maternity fatalities rise and infant mortality returns to 30% - above prior 25% due to the weakened gene pool mutations, if the starving mobs don't kill you, it'll be back to the cave of theocracy for the whiny victims & their masters.

But not for long - smart people are better hunters.

Anonymous said...

"the Wikipedia supreme court has banned contributions from all IP addresses owned or operated by the Church of Scientology and its associates."

- The Register - biting the hand that feeds IT.

"Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity."

Where does the government come up with these really fucking stupid ideas? If they "furlough" employees to cut costs, they reduce spending in the open market, indirectly curtailing tax and hidden excise tax revenues and also directly proportionally cut their tax + 'insurance' revenues.

Keep in mind, since Kang & Kodos possessed Clinton & Senator Viagra in 96, the number of government employees is greater than the number of private sector employees.

The only winners here are the lawyers & foriegn interests. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as they are also the biggest lobbyists.

Print mo' money! You all bein' too stoopit to work in any other dusty ol' nation!

ZenGrouch said...

"Learn to read, Ball Licker. Got no time for your psychosis right now...."

translation: I'll be running away from my indefensible, idiotic lies right now, thank you very much.

Cyd said...

No stupid. I do not need your "translation" for my statements as I write clearly and state exactly what I want stated. You have psychological issues as is clear to all who read your disgusting and embarrassing tirades. Anyone who refers to a woman as a "cunt" simply because he disagrees with them is a worthless slug. Clear enough for you?

Now, you also have serious reading comprehension problems and as if that is not enough, you have avoidance issues. So, either STFU as you have long ago expended your jester usefulness or address the issues at hand. The issue is why is the Kenyan a hypocrite?

ZenGrouch said...

"Say, I was curious to hear the opinion of people regarding the Hypocrite in Chief and his little sexcapade into NYC with three planes, a fleet of cars, two planes filled with support staff and reporters while he continues to castigate everyone who does not "tighten their belts"?..."

Once again, your statement claims 5 planes. I've seen nothing from you to back up this ridiculous LIE! You paranoid fuck.

As far at the Stupid Cunt goes.

She brought all that on herself when she, and others, chose to bring my family members into the conversation, then allowed the situation to escalate, creating a vile stew.

If it's too hot, stay out of the kitchen, you lying Republicunt shill.

ZenGrouch said...

"So, either STFU as you have long ago expended your jester usefulness or address the issues at hand. The issue is why is the Kenyan a hypocrite?..."

Typical Republicunt...

Stripped of all power and dignity, yet proclaiming himself the moderator!

Single handedly determining what should and should not be *debated* here!

Right Wingnuts are cute when they're cornered.

Especially after they've been neutered and declawed!

***If you don't stop it, I'm gonna take home my football...'s not your football ASSHOLE!***

Anonymous said...

"Learn to read, Ball Licker. Got no time for your psychosis right now...."

translation: You pick a fine time to leave me Lucille, with 9 hungry kids and a crop in the fields

Anonymous said...

Didn't Dennis tell you? When you slay the head vampire, all the minions go up in flames too. Look! There goes GM!

I don't feel a lack of hope. It's just disappointment that after all these years we're still fighting meaningless wars for a handful of people.
Geezer Butler

It doesn't matter who you vote for. It's still the same billionaires that run the world.
Geezer Butler

Without a doubt, Ozzy is the craziest person I've ever met. Son of Sam is a close second.
Geezer Butler

Anonymous said...

ZenGrouch said...
As far at the Stupid Cunt goes.

She brought all that on herself when she, and others, chose to bring my family members into the conversation, then allowed the situation to escalate, creating a vile stew.

Now, now Zenny! Don't lie!

You may check under:

Saturday, May 9, 2009
Americans, please wash hands before criticizing Obama

Dating May 13 and before I do believe you gave me that wonderful name! And "my" mother was brought into it first.....

ZenGrouch said...

"Dating May 13 and before I do believe you gave me that wonderful name! And "my" mother was brought into it first..."

Show me the exact quotes backing up your *belief* that I brought your mother into this first, and I'll stand corrected and stop calling you Stupid Cunt...

...ya' stupid lying cunt

Anonymous said...

Did I say "you said it"? No, I didn't. My quotes with the "mommy" word:

independent_thinker said...
come on zenny.....spew those famous words only a mother like yours could teach you!
May 19, 2009 9:22 PM

independent_thinker said...
Oh come on, is fuck the best you can do? Call mommy and she'll coach you thru this!
May 19, 2009 9:26 PM

Wow, that bad! Now, let's see what Zenny said:

ZenGrouch said...
Please tell me you don't do what the voices in your head tell you to do, like maybe fuck your mother up the ass, or anything like that.

She might like it, then you're stuck fucking your mom up the ass whenever you see her for family holidays.

**Yo' dude that's just wrong! Fucking the old lady before we had a chance to say grace!**
May 19, 2009 9:39 PM

ZenGrouch said...

My cat shits in your mother's mouth, then teabags the bitch.

***you started it Jocko***
May 19, 2009 9:43 PM

ZenGrouch said...


Big deal...

So you strap one on before you fuck your mom up the ass.
May 19, 2009 9:47 PM

I rest my case!

ZenGrouch said...

Thanks for saving me the time of proving you wrong, you Stupid Cunt.

According to the time stamps provided by you, YOU were the one who started it all by bringing family members into the mix.

Look, if the Stupid Cunt thing really bothers you, I'll cut it out.

Just say the word...

...ya' dumb fuck

Cyd said...

Once again, your statement claims 5 planes. I've seen nothing from you to back up this ridiculous LIE! You paranoid fuck...


3 planes, idiot. 2 of those planes has staff and reporters, idiot. The other plane, i.e., the third one, had the Kenyan and Arms.

Anything else, remedial reading ball licker?

ZenGrouch said...

Sorry dumb fuck, as you quoted it, there were 5 planes.

Ya' see, when you read off a list, separating the items by commas, that's like a tally.

Unless you would have said, something like, "two of the three planes were for..."

But you didn't.

Once again I rub your nose in your brown ignorance.

And what about the plane full of reporters?

Did tax or private dollars pay for that one?

And do you not agree that 2 or even 3 private jets would cost much less to use than a 747?

...ahh, pretty much all moot, since I'm not all that interested in what you have to say.

I just barely pay attention so that I can make you look the stupid fool you are, and rub your nose in it like a bad little puppy that made a brown mess on the carpet.

...Cyd the Shid, how appropriate!

Cyd said...

Yeah right, Ball Licker. Tally, schmally when in reality, a psycho who went BERZERK when the Kenyan was pressed on his hypocrisy. That about sums up your defecatory sashay across this forum.

Game, set, and if it was ever in doubt. LOL!

Say, let's forget about the Kenyan's hypocrisy, and focus on his Muslim roots. This Kenyan version of George Jefferson is a real lying sack of crap. What else is he lying about, aside his country of birth...of course.

Cyd said...

Oh my! Look at the confidence the Kenyan inspires when he selects an inexperienced newbie~ as the disassembler of GM. What can go wrong with that???

A bit laconic and looking every bit the just-out-of-graduate-school student adjusting to life in the West Wing — “he’s got this beard that appears and disappears,” says Steven Rattner, one of the leaders of President Obama’s automotive task force — Mr. Deese was thrown into the auto industry’s maelstrom as soon the election-night parties ended.

“There was a time between Nov. 4 and mid-February when I was the only full-time member of the auto task force,” Mr. Deese, a special assistant to the president for economic policy, acknowledged recently as he hurried between his desk at the White House and the Treasury building next door. “It was a little scary.”

But now, according to those who joined him in the middle of his crash course about the automakers’ downward spiral, he has emerged as one of the most influential voices in what may become President Obama’s biggest experiment yet in federal economic intervention.

While far more prominent members of the administration are making the big decisions about Detroit, it is Mr. Deese who is often narrowing their options.

ZenGrouch said...

"Yeah right, Ball Licker. Tally, schmally when in reality, a psycho who went BERZERK when the Kenyan was pressed on his hypocrisy. That about sums up your defecatory sashay across this forum..."

You once again embarrass yourself by opening a very small window on the depths of your ignorance...

...then you pull the old *bait n' switch-o-roo!*

Such an ignorant fuck you are...

Speaking of ignorant fucks, where did you hear the term "The Kenyan!"?

Limpballs... Bill O'LIEly? Or one of your many other gods I've never taken the time to learn about?

Even though Obama isn't technically a Kenyan, I do like the moniker you've given him.

Sounds like an early 1960's gunslinger from TV, like Maverick or Bat Masterson!

The Kenyon, coming to DC to fuck up some ignorant, rich folk, white trash, bible thumpin' pieces of Republicunt shit!

Lock up Da' White Women Mother Fuckas! The Kenyon be in town and things is gonna change!

Then Obama comes ridin' into town on the back of an opiated lion, wearin a dead chicken on his head, spear in hand and lookin for a little trouble and a WHOLE LOT O' WHITE WOMEN!

Bring on de' Ho's with a hankerin for some dark meat.

Where dem Bush bitches at!?

While you're all, "Oh Lordy Momma! De Africans be at the door lookin' for po lil sista Sally! Whaaa we gwan do Momma?



...fearful little Republicunt, piece of lying shit.

Besides, Lil Sally been doin the Black man downtown for months now, long before *The Kenyon* came to town!

Now we just need a theme song and words for *The Kenyon*

***He Big an He Black
An he sell yo' sista Smack!
He de Kenyon!

He tell lie afta lie
Just to hear yo white momma cry.
He be de Kenyon.

He give yo' sista an abortion.
Even if she ain't got the notion.
He Am De Kenyon!***

Cyd said...

Whoa! WHoa! WHOA!

No one wants to hear or see you trans-warp into psychoville...your secret home world. Stay on topic Ball Licker.

*Lying sack of crap
*Kenyan birthright NOT American
*Secret Muslim now come to surface

You know, REAL issues not your lunacy that is on display nightly.

ZenGrouch said...

Poor stupid fuck...

Are you saying Obama was BORN IN KENYA and therefore not eligible to be our President?!

And *I* reside in Psychoville?!

Said it before, gotta say it again...

You Republicunts are cute when cornered and beat all to shit!

I had no idea you were THIS stupid!!

Thanks for the laugh dumb fuck.

Cyd said...

Well, I have no problem allowing my comments to stand next to yours and see which are judged as "psychotic", "cornered", and "beat all to shit".

You see, I have this confidence because I know that whatever comes out of your hole rarely ever matches reality.

Anonymous said...

At least Obama is behaving like an intelligent man AND a Head of State.

Not like that adulterous alcoholic cokehead redneck cracker asshole frat boy. Whatsis name? President Spicolli?

“I know for a fact George H. Bush and Kissinger have attended Black Masses at the Vatican.”

OZZY'S WHITE HOUSE -- "Bush's Headbanger's Ball"

Sync up with your deluded bros & get your stories straight. Do you hate the white people, the black people, or just everyone who isn't a bitter, miserable asshole?

ZenGrouch said...

"Well, I have no problem allowing my comments to stand next to yours..."

I not only have no problems with our comments standing side by side...

...I'm enjoying the shit out of it, you poor deluded fool!

"You see, I have this confidence because I know that whatever comes out of your hole rarely ever matches reality...."


I'm all about telling huge lies, because I can't deal with the reality of **The Kenyon** puttin' his greasy, fried chicken, fingerprints all over the White House, gettin' watermelon juice all over the drapes and walls, doin' Lord knows what kind of Muslim Voo-Doo down in the sub-basement dungeon, with WHITE WOMEN FOR CHRIST SAKE!

So, you lying sack of dingo shit...

...are you, or are you not saying that Obama was born outside of the U.S. of fuckin' A.?

Come on bitch! Stand up for what you believe in... tell us what's going on in your tiny, yet incredibly fucked up brain.

Anonymous said...

Well, this whole problem could be solved if the Actual Birth Certificate would appear!

Miss me Zenny?


ZenGrouch said...

"Well, this whole problem could be solved if the Actual Birth Certificate would appear!..."

So, you whack jobs are saying that because you were basically told to go fuck yourselves, when you demanded private documents that you aren't entitled to, Obama is obviously from Africa or quite possibly Mars?

You fuck wads are making the claim.

It's not up to Obmam to defend himself. It's up to you crazy assholes to provide evidence backing up your ridiculous claims.

Typical Republicunts.

Throw some shit against the wall, and half of 'em will see an image of Jesus or Reagan in it...

Anonymous said...

Zenny, Zenny my boy,

It shouldn't be up to us to ask for Proof!

Since when did a Birth Certificate become Private....unless you're avoiding Child Support!

If you want to run the Free World (which is going down fast) why hide anything?

If Obama would have defended himself properly from the beginning?

This wouldn't even be in question!


ZenGrouch said...

"If you want to run the Free World (which is going down fast) why hide anything?..."

Oh, you mean like which energy companies were present when our energy policies were made in secret?

Or, like the military records of a president who went AWOL during wartime?

Or, like the lies concocted by the administration, responsible for the deaths of thousands of our military personnel?

If the president's birth certificate is something that the Republicunts are entitled to, then why aren't the cocksuckers fighting for it in court.

Because they're HUGE PUSSIES PERHAPS!!!

Fucking weak little bitches who can't get their hands on something they think they're entitled to!

Fucking Punks!

Obama has made you his Bitches!

Probably got the Birth Certificate from Kenya hanging in the room off the Oval Office where Clinton use to get his knob sucked by fat pigs!

But the Republicunts are too whipped to do ANYTHING about it!

That's right motherfuckers!



...fuckin' leaky douche bags

Anonymous said...

Why don't you get of Bush and answer the questions posed to you.

You only seem to answer with insults, Bush bashing or whatever else comes to those little pea-brain balls of yours.

Are insults the best you can do? You always make us back up our call them lies but, not once have you "ever" posted anything close to a rebuttle!

You would have flunked Debate Classes on the first day as soon as you called the Judges Cunts and Bitches!

ZenGrouch said...

Sweet Jesus...

How I love the Internet!

ZenGrouch said...

"Why don't you get of Bush and answer the questions posed to you..."

Flustered much?

Anyway, I did answer the question.

Look, I personally was in the storage room/office off the Oval Office in the White House, and took several photographs of Obama's Birth Certificate, showing that he, as you rightfully so believe, was born in Kenya. He even bragged to me, while we were banging the shit out of some White Women back there, that he NEVER even bothered to become a U.S. citizen!

Ain't that a fuckin' Hoot Chester!

And the Republicunts are such whipped puppies, they can't do shit about it!

Not a fuckin' thing!

For once you idiots are right about something, but such pussies, you can't do a fucking thing about it!

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