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Friday, April 30, 2010


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, April 30th, 2010. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

This is the worst thing to happen to beaches since the Speedo.

- Bill Maher, in his opening monologue regarding the oil spill on the Gulf of Mexico

This is the plan is to contain the oil slick with fire-retardant beams, and then set fire to the oil that pools on the surface. They say if it works there in the Gulf, they’re going to try it on the cast of Jersey Shore.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

It was just a crappy week for America. The oil spill making a huge mess, and Arizona deporting all the people who mop up.

- Bill Maher, in his opening monologue

And finally New Rule: Although America likes to think it’s #1, we have to admit we’re behind the developing world in at least one thing: Their religious wackos are a lot more wacko than ours. When “South Park” got threatened last week by Islamists incensed at their depiction of Mohammed, it served—or should—as a reminder to all of us that our culture isn’t just different than one that makes death threats to cartoonists. It’s better.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

And unlike the Koran, no one here seriously considers following the bible literally – guys don’t look over their fence on Sunday morning and see a neighbor mowing the lawn and think, “Working on a Sunday? I really should kill him.”

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

For centuries, you either joined the church or you were killed. Nowadays when a Jehovah’s Witness comes to the door, you turn the garden hose on them.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were Chris Matthews, Laura Tyson, Ross Douthat, Congressman Anthony Weiner and John Bolton.


Anonymous said...

Bill, there are a lot more high speed rail projects in the works for across the country, not just the Las Vegas one. This was announced earlier this year by President Obama and VP Biden. You can find out more information on the FRA's website. Major areas involved are DC, Chicago, Tampa, Kansas City, California, Ohio, and Seattle.

saluti said...

Bill ... With respect to your comments on the Koran and your New Rule - neither of us or any other North Americans see any Taliban roaming our streets with guns and trying to impose their values onto us - as we are doing in Afghanistan to them ... Girls are hurt all over the world , by all kinds of individuals , including Americans & American soldiers ... Why focus on only those hurt in Afghanistan and by the Taliban ? ... We are decidedly not in Afghanistan to educate girls ... The mission has lasted too long , made too many mistakes , did too little nation-building and became too militaristic, killing too many civilians, displacing too many people, detaining too many innocents with little or no cause violating too many local & cultural norms and causing sooo much resentment and anger that the democratic values we are preaching to them will be regarded as sham and shiboleth for decades to come ...

Jack Roberts, Northport AL said...

Bill -- how about putting a little "sting" operation together to test that BS Arizona law for your show? Find a lilly-white European with no papers and have them wander past a AZ cop chattering away loudly in German or Finnish or something. Then, a moment or two later, have a Hispanic-American citizen dressed really shabby and dirty (like they've been slaving away cutting somebody's yard or picking their fruit) come by acting nervous and speaking Spanish. I'll be willing to bet a pretty big wad of cash the "illegal" German doesn't get hassled and the legal American does!

ZenGrouch said...

...neither of us or any other North Americans see any Taliban roaming our streets with guns and trying to impose their values onto us - as we are doing in Afghanistan to them...

What, we're fucked up for trying to impose our values of *DON'T CRASH PLANES INTO OUR BUILDINGS YOU FATHERFUCKING PIG FELCHERS!*?

Besides, who said anything about changing their values? I thought we were there to kill them like the vermin they are.

ZenGrouch said...

And yes saluti, I realize there is a difference in the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

However, when the Taliban give sanctuary to those who attacked us and are sympathetic to 'em, I say, kill 'em all and let Mohamed sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bill,
you are funny but what do you need a comment from me how about a comment from you about me? Sense you are already on TV and very famous. Check out my artwork on facebook I just get ignored by the public maybe you will give me a break Lori Wakefield on facebook photo page. You are very good though and I like what you have to say
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Anonymous said...

I haven't been watching your show, as I've been in the Middle East for over a year now. But, I've been reading the comments on here and I just have to say the general public has no fucking idea what is happening over here. The people that need to be stopped are terrorists. NOT civilian Muslims. As a proud American, I can say there are a lot more extremists in America than there are over here. Everyone BUT the terrorists want peace. I read an article on the website that pretty much said it all. Something about sheep in wolves clothing. You should read it. It's a good representation of what the people here are really like. We, as a nation, are going about this the wrong way. We need to get more Middle Eastern citizen support and we won't do that without understanding them better.

Unknown said...

I really enjoy your show. It makes me laugh about the shitty things in life. I do have to say you have some great points, but I have to disagree with you on some of your stances. Unfortunately there are really fucked up people in this world, but we cannot lump everyone up in one box and say there are all like this. I do believe that the dark ages for the christians/europeans are now upon the people in the middle-east. If there were tvs, media, etc. back then we would be saying the same things about them. Christianity has a long record of oppression, war, devastation. The inquisition, the crusades, slavery, almost wiping out native peoples of many countries b/c they were “savages” for not sharing their “values”, our presidents waging war b/c it was god’s will, the idea that we must support israel in its acquisition of land in the near east b/c it will bring back christ. But I do not look to every Christian/Jew/Muslim/etc. as an extremist for the actions of a few ignorant individuals. History does repeat itself. I do not condone repeating it, nor the ideals of these individuals. They give every good human being a bad name. Domestic violence, poverty, hatred, war is not limited to a race, culture, religion, or social stratus. All humans are capable of atrocities. And if you believe that we have freedom of speech in this country you are mistaken. For some privileged few, yes, but not for all. Religion is here and has been for thousands of years. It will not go away b/c humans inherently need a sense of purpose and that's what it gives them. We all have the right to choose religion, spirituality, or not no matter where we live. But by perverting it a few have spread a cancer that needs to be cut out. In order to do so humanity must understand the causes of their actions, for if we do not we are only helping spread the cancer.

WorldMarketsForecast said...

Bill, with regards to your comments about Islam and Muslims, I think you are watching too much Rush Limbaugh and it’s affecting your views :)
Stigmatizing 1.5B Muslims for what a group of radicals have done is similar to someone looking at the KKK and thinking that All American or Christians hate blacks or they want their dogs to get a piece of the black man:) Let me give you a secret, not all the Muslims are Arabs or Afghanis, same as not all Christians are Americans or English. I do not see any Bosnians, Bulgarians, Senegalians or Indonesians, who are all Muslims, coming after your cartoonists or giving "rats ass" about it.
If you are considering disrespecting religious sensitivities as expression of freedom of speech, I think you should also condone, the crazy right-wingers burning flags at the soldiers funerals.
You indicated that radicalism existed in Christianity but that time was called Dark Age. If I am not mistaken Missisipi/Alabama incidents DID NOT happen in Dark Ages. And just 5-6 years ago President Bush invaded Iraq and killed hundreds and thousands with the orders he recieved from God. Israeli Jews just killed 1500 Palestinians children and women with the warplanes and phosphor bombs in January 2009 and that was not even news in the USA.
Shortly your comments about Islam was pitifully unintelligent at best and bigotry at worst :)

ZenGrouch said...

"Israeli Jews just killed 1500 Palestinians children and women with the warplanes and phosphor bombs in January 2009 and that was not even news in the USA."...

Do you have any online sources to back up this statement...

Surely this is an outrage, unless it never really happened.

Anonymous said...

Check out Al-Jazeera. I was right across the border during part of that struggle. It did happen.
Don't get me wrong. Palestine is far from innocent in this war. But Israel is taking a lot of innocent lives for land. They feel they are justified in doing this, as Israel is the promised land....I'm gonna stop there cuz it just leads to the Armageddon crap.

ZenGrouch said...


1500 innocent people killed, the U.S. press covered it up, and when I ask for a link to back up your claim... tell me to look it up myself.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few links. The first is a series of interviews.
The second is just one story out of MANY school bombings.
There are many more. Look around page 380 on up in the archives and you can see for yourself. If you are that motivated.

Anonymous said...

These are all more examples. Since the conflict ended the death toll has just kept rising. There's a lot of information out there if you look for it. The BBC has it as well.

ZenGrouch said...

The links you supplied are far from news accounts with stuff like facts. The first was little more than interviews from the "witnesses."

One witness was listed as a being a journalist, yet when I did a Google search using his name and the word "phosphorous" since the claim of the article is that this was used to kill over a thousand people.

Now, why do you suppose this "journalist" eyewitness to phosphorous bombings didn't bother to write an actual news article on this incident?

Yeah, right I know, the U.S. and Israel blocked actual news stories, and confiscated hour after hour of videos backing up the story...

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe it that's fine. I have no problem with that. But, like I said, I was right across the border. There were little kids being smuggled out through tunnels underneath the border...lots of them were injured from school bombings. When I personally see bloodied up, filthy children with their lips literally hanging off of their faces from bomb blasts, it's pretty hard not to believe it. I understand that there are civilian casualties in every war, but there were way too many schools full of kids targeted for it not to be deliberate. There are also hundreds more stories online. I don't really think the news was blocked either. I just don't think Americans give a shit about what happens there. Why would they? It's half a world away. Out of sight, out of mind.

ZenGrouch said...

I don't know if you're stupid, a liar or both.

To say that 1500 innocent civilians were killed by Israel on Palestinian land and that America doesn't care, is a shit stupid thing to say.

It's this kind of ignorance that fosters hatred towards Americans.

Look, Israel does enough bad shit in the real world, so that you don't have to make crap up that never happened, then claim we don't give a shit.

OK, maybe you aren't a full of shit liar, just trying to stir up the shit, and are merely ignorant of the facts...

If you think yourself neither than you're the latter, and can prove this to yourself by asking where are the videos, documentation, residual phosphorous, etc., etc...

Even Israel with God Almighty in their cheering section can't zap a kid with a rock in his hand without the entire world seeing it.

How in the fuck can they snuff 1,500 with nobody taking a photograph, then snatch up all the bodies and make them vanish off the face of the planet before some international doo-fuckin-gooders poke their big fat snouts into Israel's business of stealing land and killing it's neighbors?

Anonymous said...

Listen, I've been over here dealing with this shit in Egypt since November of 2008. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. I don't need to lie to make things look worse. It's bad enough on it's own. My God, you're talking to someone that was there in December and January and saw the results. What is your problem? You're as bad as the Holocaust deniers. Go talk to a refuge. New York is full of them. And if you don't believe them, then fuck yourself. No body owes you proof of anything.
If you want to see pictures and video, take the initiative to look it up. It's not my job or my concern that you can't look it up on your own. I've seen enough video and pictures and real life horror to make my fucking head explode.
If you want to see what Gaza looks like now and see the phosphorus burns, then GO THERE. There are plenty of little kids running around with scars all over their bodies from it. There are reporters there from America all the time taking pictures and video. I'm sure if you look, you will find the evidence. Hell, you could probably even meet the reporters that were there in person. If you went there on a mission to help people in need, you would learn a lot about what happens over here. There are plenty of English speakers and missionaries there working right along with me to try to help these people.

Anonymous said...

And furthermore, phosphorus isn't the only weapon Israel has. There were missile attacks and all kinds of other weapons as well. IDK everything they used because I'm not a weapons expert, nor am I in the military. I just clean up the injured, hand out meds and food.

ZenGrouch said...

"If you want to see pictures and video, take the initiative to look it up"...

OK, so, I explain why I believe your claim to be horse shit.

You tell me to look it up.

I point out the stupidity of this request.

You then give me some links, supposedly to prove yourself to not one who spreads horse shit.

I then show you exactly why these links prove NOTHING.

You then get all indignant, claiming to be a witness, then suggesting that I go to the Palestinian territory if I want proof.

Right, I've been to the Middle East once, and found it to be a bigger shit hole than Mexico, so no thanks on that invite.

Then once again, you tell me to look it up for myself...

Can you understand why I think you're full of crap now?

...oh yeah, and *stupid* too

Radical Muslim said...

Bill, although i agree with most of what you said in you last "new rule",,, about muslims and freedom of speech,, i have to say that you missed several important points... I grew up as a muslim, but I don't believe in it anymore, yes happy to be cured from religion but Bill,,, hear me out

1- you talk about civilized societies,, it was only 50 yrs ago that the US ended racial segregation ,,,, it was only little over 60 yrs that mob lynching was rampant in the US,,,, it was only 60 yrs ago that the US bombed the Japs with nuclear bombs .... so dont give me that shit about civilization... yes, crazy shit happens in developing countries,,, but whats the difference between the Taliban murdering school girls and the US killing an entire tribe during a wedding "by mistake" !! I mean "fair and balanced" , just like FOX NEWS.. ;-)

2- we seem to have forgotten the murder of Dr. Tiller all too quickly, he was murdered in the name of GOD - AKA "Allah" by a christian fanatic

3- dont give me that shit about the vast majority of muslims subjugating their women ,,, women are abused and assaulted everywhere and including here in the US... yes, violence against women in the middle east is a serious problem,,, but it doesnt seem to bother the US at all when its in a very close ally country: SAUDI ARABIA !!

4- "and finally", dont give that BS about freedom of speech... I DARE YOU,, to say anything when a massacre or injustice against the Palestinians or Arabs is committed by ISREAL ... freedom of speech stops at the slightest mention of ISREAL... I am not religious, I dont hate JEWS, there nothing i want more than for death and misery to end NOW .."keep dreaming" ,,, but spare me the hypocrisy

I watch your show because i am big fan and i think you call it like you see it,, and i understand that your were pissed off by the threats to the writers of South Park, I was too, and yes muslims take religion too seriously, but you missed the ball this time

Realist said...


for you information, during the GAZA war, ISREAL did not let any western journalists into Gaza because they didn't want any "credible" journalism to report on the war,,, CAN YOU GUESS WHY??

ALJazeera was the only channel reporting live from Gaza

RH said...

Dear Bill,
I just saw your 'new rules' segment characterizing Islam as a violent religion that oppresses women, and I was surprised that you seemed to let violent christians off the hook. Although I am not a muslim, I am a fan of the show, and I also am one of the 7 people who enjoyed 'religulous.' (I haven't met any of the others) You tried to make the case that muslim extremists are somehow more whacked-out than extremists in other religions, and I thought you'd bring it around to things like the IRA, South Africa, the KKK, those weird cult people who gassed the subway in Japan, and any number of other whackos who tried to kill other people for not believing in whatever. W could be said to have launched 2 wars in the name of spreading christianity. I wouldn't agree, but there are those ideas out there. Hello, nazi germany. . . Isn't a swaztika a christian cross made of axes? I thought that you were a small step above piling onto islam with the rest of the media. You didn't bring it around, and seemed to earnestly want to make the point that so many of your toothless fans in the tea party movement want to make - 'them muslims over there are just plain crazy.'

Singling out islam as a religion that somehow subjugates women more than other religions also surprised me, partly because it's a cultural and educational thing, and also because I haven't noticed any female popes in my casual glancing at the internet to see how well women do on the catholic scene. Extensive research to be sure, but I also think there's a bunch of women out there (like Hillary) who might not think we have reached the epitome of equality. And, living in the ghetto like I do, there are plenty of women who 'fall down the stairs' on a regular basis, and I'm pretty sure they ain't all muslims.

You of all people,
(well ok, the HBO version of you, because I'm not stupid enough to believe that I know you) don't seem like the person who would turn a blind eye to the terrors that christianity is still raining down on the world, alongside, of course, all the other stupid religions. It was a funny segment, and I enjoyed it, but you said some things that were wrong, maybe on purpose, maybe to see if you could piss off some muslims. The next time someone plants a burning cross in your front yard, or blows up a federal building, or shoots a doctor for performing a disagreeable procedure, let me know how much saner christian extremists are than muslim extremists.

Realist said...



ZenGrouch said...

"ALJazeera was the only channel reporting live from Gaza"...

Well did the "AlJazeera" reporters forget to bring batteries for their cameras or what?

Where do they provide any reliable stories that are purported to be fact and not third hand information that is impossible to verify?

Sure, I'm not saying Israel didn't kill more than it's fair share, whatever they consider their fair share to be...

...but come on now, 1,500 innocent civilians killed, then some shit for brains tells us that that's a fact, but the American's don't care!

It's these kind of irresponsible lies that help fuel the fire of hatred, and gives crazy assholes the justification to strap a bomb to their pathetic virgin cocks, and take as many of "us" with 'em when they leave their miserable lives behind 'em.

Realist said...


the number is not the point,, the point is that there is no freedom of speech when it comes to calling Isreal out on its crimes

and yes ,,, close to 1500 people were killed by Isreal,,,, if you want facts to back it up... how about the United Nations report on the war

look at page 106 ,,, or is the UN another anti-isreal organization??

are you fuckin telling me that you watched Al Jazeera channel and you know for a fact that they didnt have any video reports from GAZA??

The media in the US considers AL Jazeera the "spokesperson" arm of Al Qaida,,, do u think anybody would dare show "graphic" "propaganda" video from Al Jazeera? unless of course its one of the Al Qaida nut jobs trying to scaaaare americans !! that,,, they show...

Listen , if you r interested in serious discussion, u r welcomed, but if u r some 14 yr old teenager jerking off on some porn videos in another window while writing your blog... spare me the goo/ disgusting talk

Realist said...

Robert said...

@RH: None of those groups you compared the Taliban to do what they do because of religion per se. The IRA fought for independence from Great Britain. Apartheid was a racist regime. The KKK is a racist regime. Yes there are Christian elements to their philosophy, but they aren't violent in the name of their religion. And they certainly didn't have a state policy of subjugating and repressing women in the name of religion.

Also, no, Nazi Germany was not Christian. Hitler actually set out to destroy orthodox Christianity and replace it with his own racist interpretation. And no, the swastika has zero relationship to the Christian cross (or axes.)

Anonymous said...



Why do you think GAZZA War was not news story in US on CNN or HBO?

Go ahead and keep on denying the facts :)

Anonymous said...

Bill, with regards to your comments about Islam and radicals, Here is a BBC article covering the Gazza War and how Israeli jews killed the Palestinian children and women.

To my knowledge this did not happen in Dark Ages :)
You and your kinds in American media just turned a blind eye because it is easier to stigmatize the whole religion of Islam because of some idiot fanatics and play to the fears and ignorance of the American Public.
I guess when it comes to spreading informed opinions, you are not much better than Sarah Palin:)

ZenGrouch said...


Thanks for the link. Now if you would have read page 106 you would have noted that the statistics weren't verified or gathered by the U.N.:

"The Mission received statistics on the fatalities of the military operations from the Gaza
authorities, specifically from the Central Commission for Documentation and Pursuit of Israeli
War Criminals (TAWTHEQ),214 as well as from PCHR,215 Al Mezan216 and B’Tselem"

..."The Mission has not
cross-checked the three lists."

So, if you believe this link to be unbiased proof of anything, especially proof provided by the U.N... well, I guess, no I don't care to debate with you, since you seem to be lacking some pretty basic comprehension/logic skills.

And, no, I haven't scoured some Arab news media to search for a negative.

If the videos are out there and easily found, I'm thinking, "Hey go for it, rip me a new one, like you did with this last link to Nowheresville!"

Robert said...

If you know anything about Bill Maher you know he doesn't play favorites with Israel and that he doesn't deny that what they're doing is wrong. The point is that Israelis and other religions don't kill people for mocking them. They don't accept beating women as ok. They don't send suicide bombers into crowded marketplaces full of women and children. There aren't other religions whose wackjobs have perpetrated anything close to 9/11.

Israel and Palestine are at war, there is no doubt. And there will always be civilian deaths, or "collateral damage" as it's so often put. But let's say for argument's sake that Israel and Palestine cancel each other out. You don't have to agree it's equal, I'm just playing devil's advocate. If you remove those two countries, there is a huge disparity as to which religion's wackjobs are propagating violence in the world. If I'm not mistaken, this is what Mr. Maher is talking about.

ZenGrouch said...


Yeah, I think I understand why the author of both of these articles, Christian Fraser, is stationed in Gaza by the BBC.

His reporting, if you can call it reporting, sucks.

He provides few statistics, but doesn't say where the statistics came from?

True he did say "One of the most alarming features of the conflict in Gaza is the number of child casualties. More than 400 were killed."

But he didn't bother to say where he got this figure. That's shit reporting by any standard.

Try again, you might actually find something to prove your claim.

Realist said...

Zen Grouch: Roberts:

First,, you forgot to mention that according to the same UN report the Israeli defense ministry admitted to killing over 1100 people, of which it claims over 700 were "combatants"... of course Israel did not provide any evidence that they were in fact combatants.. (of course that doesn't bother you !!)

Second: all the reports you quoted are from NGO's (not Hamas) and the UN report has detailed incidents where 229 people were killed, over half of them were children and women !! I guess thats not too bad,,, do you know how many Isrealis were killed by Hamas during the war... 45,,,, Its not about the numbers,,, DID ISREAL commit war crimes in Gaza? according to that report...YES

you cherry pick what you want to believe in,,,

I will email you some links for some bloody videos from that war except that you wont believe that they are authentic...

I regret the loss of human life on both sides over this insane conflict


you are wrong, war is between two somewhat equal rivals, the Palestinians are on the other hand are a bunch of geographically, politically and economically isolated bunch of people trying to fight a gigantic enemy, reminds of a certain Biblical story?

of course, its quite obvious i am not very fond of Israel,,, call me biased if you want,,, but i also know that some Palestinians committed crimes , but its disproportionate

If Israel and the palestenians wipe each other out, moderates can start a reform movement in the islamic world but as long as this hot issue is in the everyday life of muslims, any sound of moderation and sanity is sadly silenced.

Bill might have been "more" outspoken against Israel compared to others,,, my point is about freedom of speech in the US

Thank you

Robert said...

@Realist: We're talking about two completely different things then.

Your definition of "war" is too strict. America's Revolutionary War couldn't be a "war" by your standards; England's military was far superior to that of the Colonies. You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who wouldn't call that a war.

But I agree with you to a degree. Palestinians really got shafted with the creation of Israel and have been marginalized by the US ever since. I do have some degree of faith/hope that this will change soon. Israel is becoming more and more aggressive and disrespectful towards Palestinians and the US can't possibly continue to support Israel if they hope to have any chance of long-term "success" in Afghanistan and Iraq, let alone maintain positive relations with the rest of the Islamic world.

I disagree that there is no freedom of speech regarding Israel's crimes. I think it's more likely that, to a degree, the Israel-Palestine conflict was sidelined by the American media just as the occupation of Iraq has -- after a while people just get tired of hearing about it. Recently there has been a much larger interest in the happenings in the Near East, largely due to what's going on in the Middle East, especially with our dealings with Iran.

ZenGrouch said...

Sorry realist I didn't to read the entire report.

Was that figure of 1,100 & 700 given by Israel on the page you directed me to?

No matter, the claim I refuted was that Israel killed 1,500 women and children.

And my thing here, isn't to defend the murderous State of Israel, it's to get those who are being victimized to keep it realistic and the lies to a minimum.

I trust Israel as far as I can piss into a tornado.

The other side has truth going for it.

Once they give that up, well, they're playing the same game then.

I believe Israel illegally invaded Palestinian territory and murdered civilians, apparently because starving them isn't working fast enough.

But I don't believe the number thrown out there, with the caveat that American's don't care.

I'm sorry America gives military and financial support to Israel to do with as it pleases, to the tune of $3 billion a year.

If I had my way, we'd pull all support and let you guys fight it out on a more even playing field.

Also, I've studied time lines of the 1967 war, where we applaud Israel for defending itself, and clearly saw that Israel was the aggressor, who pulled a Jap style sneak attack on it's neighbors, for the purpose of stealing their land.

But no matter what side, when I'm fed shit, I'll ask that that shit be backed up.

THEN when I'm told that I don't care, and prefer to live in ignorance, well then, you can go fuck yourselves.

Realist said...


We could disagree on the definition of war and whether it applies to whats going on in Israel,, but to give u an example: the Afghani fighters defeated the Soviet Union, they were small militia groups BUT they were supported logistically, financially and politically by the west or allies of the west (Saudi Arabia). that i consider a war.. Vietnam war, same thing, ,,, revolutionary war not a valid comparison different times and different military,,, but i see your point,,, my definition is narrow

now.... what is happening in Israel and Palestine is not even close to that, the Palestinians have none of that political or military support from anybody, not even from arab countries.

freedom of speech : I just think that major media outlets would avoid being critical of Israel in the name of fairness and balance!! mind you i have a jewish american friend who believe that exact opposite :-))

I appreciate your thoughtful comments

Realist said...

Zen Grouch:

I understand ur suspicion of any claim made ... I respect it ... unfortunately we live in a very distorted world, facts are easily mutilated... we try our best

listen man,,, i grew up as a muslim, and at some point i really believed in it ,,, but thats because they (parents, society, state) feed u religion like its fuckin baby cereal,,, but to my fellow muslims who read this i tell you: how can u believe that a just and merciful God would give men the right to hit their wives ?????? I don't care how modern fancy Islamic scholars interpret those teachings to make them look more civil and less disgusting and not common and limited to very rare circumstances !! I dont care, it doesn't matter ,,, cant be justfied , so to fellow muslims, think about that and confront your doubts, can the fair and loving GOD - Allah be ok with that

I am not a marxist but Marx was right when he said: religion is the opium of people

Anonymous said...

Realist- Reformed Muslim friend. Please read the following:

Old Testament passages describing women in negative terms

**Deuteronomy 22:13-21: A bride who had been presented as a virgin, and who could not be proven to be one, was to be stoned to death by the men of her village. Verse 21 says: "Then they shall bring out the damsel to the door of her father's house, and the men of her city shall stone her with stones that she die: because she hath wrought folly in Israel, to play the whore in her father's house: so shalt thou put evil away from among you." The woman would be allowed to live if her previous owner --her husband -- could produce evidence in the form of blood caused by her hymen breaking when her husband first engaged in sexual intercourse with her. Of course, this would not be much of a defense if she happened to have been born without a hymen or if it broken broken because of heavy exercise.**

I agree with you that Organized religion is somewhat similar to organized crime as it corrupts and divides people. However it is bigotry to single out Islam when both old testament and the new testament have similar negative tone against women.
Either all three are written by the same power in different times or God just does not have a very favorable view of woman : )
In any case, singling out Islam for all the sins of the religion is plain stupid.

Liberal Muslim

Anonymous said...


This link gives you the history of the oil platform problems. Based on these incidents I think your critic of the Presidents policy on off shore drilling is unfounded. He is a politician and as you have said before there are no perfect politicians. Compared to the rest of the blood sucking politicians he is a Saint.


Unknown said...


On THIS WEEK you stated that Brazil has ended it's oil consumption. How could you be so stupid. They consume over 2 million barrels/day. See this website-

Why don't you stick to your filthy "comedy" and stay off news shows.

You also said that if someone is a racist, then they are a Republican. You said this while sitting at the table with the rasict Al Sharpton ( of Tawanna Brawley fame).

Crawl back in your hole and stop representing yourself as having valid opinions about important issues.

Realist said...

Liberal muslim:

I agree, Islam is not the only religion that oppresses women ... but because i still identify with muslims,, it saddens me to see how muslims are not willing to confront some of the most stark contradictions in the islamic faith,,, not willing to adapt the teachings to our current time

and YES... religion was invented/ written / hallucinated by the same people ... men living thousands of years ago!! and living in the same region --- the middle east , so they were all influenced by the older teachings

Anonymous said...

From one Anonymous to another, I wish what you say is true. The only high speed rail we have is the Ascela, and that is slow - barely reaches 65 mph. Officals at the rail admin - FRA are astonished to hear that the rail is slow. The rail program Bill refers to is a maglev Lv to LA. It does not have any traction for many reasons. It is all a hoax, we have no money, no plan, only frieght rail lines put together by the super rich of the 1890's who made twice as much as Gates and did not build for the future - only for profit. Who can blame them. Those that know better today do the same. California is the closest to a plan which is unfinanced and poorly integrated.
So as usual Bill is right Mathews is right and Tysons has a sexy tell all smirk. What can I say she is cute but not forth right.

ZenGrouch said...

Lighten up Donnie!

Maher did ask for a fact check on that statement, and admitted that maybe he dreamed "that."

BFD, Did you see his eyes, obviously not firing on all 8 cylinders, probably because they shoot that show at some ungodly hour when anyone with an ounce of sense is still sleeping on a Sunday morning.

Besides, I found it impossible to take seriously any of the guest participating in that "round table."

Yeah Bill, we get it, you're unhappy with the Democrats and the Republicans.

...and you accuse Obama of backpedaling.

A.Friend said...

This border problem seems very simple to me. End the wars, place the troops on the border, hire people to speed up the entry of our "new citizens", legalize marijuana, get rid of income tax and begin the "fair tax".These changes will help our country. People will stop dying, new industries will be formed and we will have new citizens.

Marhya said...

Hey Bill,

Love your brain...see my new blog. Let me know if you want to use my brain :).


Anonymous said...

Honestly I didn't read all the back and forth commenting and wasting time. However, I'm gonna try to give you something about a particular bank, I hope you get it somehow and put it on air, if not , well I tried.
Plutocracy and Plutonomy fall, fall into the black hole of the Milky way!!!!

Unknown said...


The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would not have occured if every cell tower had a windmill for energy. This country has adopted the military mentality of the more one spends, the more it can be passed on to the consumer.

Anonymous said...

Brazil is the eighth largest consumer of oil in the world. Bawhahahhahahhaahahah

Anonymous said...


You got OWNED by George Will on the "Brazil got off oil in the 1970's"!

"Can we fact check...."

Please do. Dopey.

Editorial said...


If you see the usually ultra-accurate Katrina, could you please ask her to check up on an NRDC person she is quoting - that "Enhanced Oil recovery" - EOR - can take care of our current oil needs.

Only less use of oil will cure our oil needs, ASAP. EOR is only good for a little bit, and not a lot, of our country's oil fix.


ZenGrouch said...

"The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico would not have occured if every cell tower had a windmill for energy"...

If every tower had a windmill, that windmill would be hard pressed to meed the power needs of that single tower...

...oh yeah, and your cell phone bill would be $300 a month.

Harnessing wind and solar power with our current technology is like jacking off into a silk handkerchief, then flushing it down the shitter.

Feels good, costs a lot, but you still have a hand full of jizz.

We're gonna be sucking on the oil tit for a long time to come.

PGHarvey said...

Rupert Murdoch is poisoning this country with his tabloid TV (Fox/Glen Beck) which makes money from winding up the 30% of morons who are always the same (Nixon era: "My President right or wrong" "Better dead than Red")
"Better Dead than Red"?...get over it, 'cos the Reds are so incompetent their system will eventually fail...wait it out.

David Hicks said...

Hey Maher -
Your deer-in-the-headlights look when George Will challenged your asinine statement Sunday about Brazil not using fossil fuels any longer was unforgettable. Thanks for helping conservatives make their case that you lefties are uninformed lightweights. PLEASE make more Sunday morning appearances. You wouldn't know about it, but laughter is contagious.

ZenGrouch said...

Way to pile on Dave!

Geeze, so Maher fucked up, BFD, he was dealing with a time change and asked to appear on a early morning show. So what if he was tired and maybe a little bit stoned.

Tell me, if someone woke you up at 3 in the morning to curb stomp a fagot, it might not take you 4 or 5 stomps to knock all his teeth out.

Where's your Christian compassion son?


some dood said...

grayson just accused geitner

Unknown said...

Bill, I just watched Religulous for the 3rd time. The interviews with the "preachers" was particularly amusing. I have come up with the title of your next movie....PULPITEERS. A movie about the snake oil salesmen the try to spread the word of salvation. I hereby give you my title, free and clear. My only reward is watching the new movie.

dale said...

Bill, I want to talk to you about your views on health. I was an organic vegetarian(40 years) and vegan (last 10 years), living in the redwoods, and got prostate cancer. (removed; fine now)

I am afraid your ideas on health and sickness are going to let you down....we need you here a long time.

Like you, I am a pot head. Even that did not protect me. After a year of every anti-cancer supplement in the book, Oriental acupuncture and herbs, pure water, and was just getting worse. It took a urologist with a robot the size of a VW to remove my prostate.

I am afraid you are in a belief system about health and illness and I want to warn you to get regular checkups and not discard conventional medicine totally. Your life may depend on it, as mine did. I lost my religion, am still a vegan, and have no prostate and so no cancer. I really miss my prostate!

Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

I watch your show all the time and think you are great!

With all the brilliant minds working on stopping the oil leak in the Gulf Coast, I don't understand why no one has come up with the "stint" configuration to shove down the pipe to stop the leak. If engineers could design a stint-like device, much like the one put into arteries, that would expand when shoved down into the pipe, wouldn't that stop the leak? They could send several of these devices down the pipe...each one designed to expand when it gets to the correct depth. Eventually, if they shove enough down there, the leak should stop enough for them to seal it correctly.

Why haven't engineers thought of something like this?

Just wondering...seems simple enough to me.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know has anyone ever looked into the background of Robert Gates? It strange to me that this man has been running two wars and has only had 3 years of experience in the military. I don't know how much experience in actual combat. He is linked to selling arms to Iraq to fight against Iran. Now the United States is in China dealing with North Korea. Gates is connected to Bush and is a Republican. This countries biggest export is our military. I feel like this country is becoming controlled by the Military. I see no difference between this administration and the former administration. Just a different person doing the talking. This country should really look into Gates and ask more questions. It seems we have been strangely distracted by other events. I think people in this country should become more aware of it.

Anonymous said...

come on guys! this bong is too big to fail! - california might be onto something other than they expected.

Anonymous said...

this bong is too big to fail! california might catch a surprise.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Maher,
What is all the obsession with the middle east I was married to an Iranian and they are nice people.
I know you don't like God maybe because God is infinite and is a part of everyone more powerful than even you. Our souls are the only things we can take with us and God Created EVERYTHING. Except the Churchs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lori Wakefield Artist at Large!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Maher,

What is the obsession with the Middle East I was married to an Iranian and they are people exactly like everyone else God Created them like everyone else. By the way I don't know what you have against God except maybe God is infinite and CREATED EVERYTHING except churches. The only thing you can take with yourself is your soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lori Wakefield Artist at Large

Jasa Penerjemah said...

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