Wednesday, October 17, 2012

HBO Overtime Sept. 12, 2012

 Bill and his roundtable guests (Ann Coulter, Ben Affleck, Sheila Bair, Brian Schweitzer and Darrell Issa) answer fan questions from last weeks show October 12, 2012.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Maher - this doesn't have to do with the clip but with a documentary of yours that I saw recently.

While a lot of "Christians" give my faith a bad name by imposing their views and often self serving doctrine on other people, we're not all like that. You made some very valid points - but unfortunately the people you interviewed were of religion.

Christianity is about 2 things - belief in Christ and love. Anything that isn't love - isn't Christianity.

In the bible, it talks about speaking with wisdom and how our path is straight and narrow. When Christianity is seen as dominating - the bible speaks of the path of righteous being narrow. In laymen terms, what you see is not really Christianity - it's religion. Christianity is purer, full of love and understanding not what we see or hear during Presidential debates, abortion debates, gay rights and other issues.

Speaking about homosexuals and abortion have roots in the bible - so does lying, cheating, adultery as well.

For Instance - "He who is without sin cast the first stone." It couldn't have been any clearer. You throw a stone to harm not to help and not out of love. When you tell a child "Time out" or in most us Black's cases "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you!" lol - it's a rebuke out of love. By the time our parent's are comfortable chastising us - they've show years and months of love starting with our mom carrying us. But we didn't come out the womb with them spanking us for what we did wrong. They showed love and guided us first.

It's the same in Christianity. "Religious Christians" are spanking the public out the womb and haven't shown any love to gain such a position. What could have been words of wisdom turn into words of hate. What could have been a brother or sister - turn into a enemy.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" - there is no condition placed on this and that is what true Christianity is about.

I'm sorry to write so long on your blog, but I wanted you to know that there are some of us Christians who understand and are not religious in the commonly accepted sense of the word. Thanks for reading.

SteeZ said...

Bill please check this out. Our very own piece of rural Alabama right here in CA...

Anonymous said...

Do you know about alice miller work on childhood and violence:

"Child Mistreatment, Child Abuse
What is it?

Humiliations, spankings and beatings, slaps in the face, betrayal, sexual exploitation, derision, neglect, etc. are all forms of mistreatment, because they injure the integrity and dignity of a child, even if their consequences are not visible right away. However, as adults, most abused children will suffer, and let others suffer, from these injuries. This dynamic of violence can deform some victims into hangmen who take revenge even on whole nations and become willing executors to dictators as unutterably appalling as Hitler and other cruel leaders. Beaten children very early on assimilate the violence they endured, which they may glorify and apply later as parents, in believing that they deserved the punishment and were beaten out of love. They don't know that the only reason for the punishments they have ( or in retrospect, had) to endure is the fact that their parents themselves endured and learned violence without being able to question it. Later, the adults, once abused children, beat their own children and often feel grateful to their parents who mistreated them when they were small and defenseless.

This is why society's ignorance remains so immovable and parents continue to produce severe pain and destructivity - in all "good will", in every generation. Most people tolerate this blindly because the origins of human violence in childhood have been and are still being ignored worldwide. Almost all small children are smacked during the first three years of life when they begin to walk and to touch objects which may not be touched. This happens at exactly the time when the human brain builds up its structure and should thus learn kindness, truthfulness, and love but never, never cruelty and lies. Fortunately, there are many mistreated children who find "helping witnesses" and can feel loved by them."

Anonymous said...


I am always late to the party, but after seeing Ann coulter on your show I just had to comment. I am a little disappointed in her quality as a guest, while yes she is hot , there is no fucking way she wrote that book on her own. She is far to stupid, she could barely put togethr a whole sentence. please expose her.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I am watching you excellent show right now. I really love your show. I sincerely enjoy your humor and say it as it is. However, If you do not stop having those ignorant asshole republicans and tea bagger nazis on your panels. I am afraid I will have to refrain from watching your show. It's bad enough that I have to walk among these ignorant assholes everyday.
Vote President Obama!!! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Tuned in late for October 19 late-night showing of your as-usual brave, provocative, and funny program - didn't get the names of the guests, though am familiar with and thanks for including Matt Tiabee. Thanks a lot for standing up strongly against the Republicans in their Bubble. I was in tune with you, yet shaking my program controller and yelling, like never before, almost as out of control as they were, at the brunette Republican, to include his blond friend: "Shut up you Asshole!" They both, and sadly you did too, talk right over the woman on the panel continuously, not allowing her to complete or for the audience to hear even one of her complete sentences. I wanted to hear what she had to say; to say nothing about me being inflamed as a woman. I wish, Bill Maher, that you'd made time and space for her!

Anonymous said...

Need to get Chrystia Freeland back on your show. I just saw an interview with Bill Moyers discussing her new book. Matt Taibbi was on as well. Need to differentiate the fear on the right from the fear on the left. The fear on the right is fear of the dark while the fear on the left is like the fear of a grizzly bear. The dark can't hurt you, but fear of the grizzly is justified because it means survival. IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Maher, I wish someone would call out these nutjobs like Darrell Issa on their hypocrisy.

Mr. Issa came on your show and tried to act serious about how he was investigating the "Fast & Furious" fiasco that they've tried to gin up and pin on the President. What they're stating that is SOOOOOOO upsetting to them is that there was a program that sold guns to drug runners, and one of those guns ended up killing a U.S. Boarder Patrol Agent.

Wait...don't the Rethugs always say, "Guns don't kill people...PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!"

Anonymous said...

How can Ann Coulter say there is no more racism in the US when stuff like this is happening?

This was on Huffington Post at the same time as an article regarding a tweet she wrote, calling the President of the United States "the retard" at the third debate. Would she have called a white president "the retard," or does her complete lack of respect for the Commander in Chief possibly stem from the fact that he's black, so she can say whatever she wants about him?

I'd love for you to call her out on this. She's a little too comfortable on her high horse.

Alexandra said...

Bill, here is a very moving piece written to Ann Coulter by man with Down Syndrome. Please check it out.
As someone who works with children who have special needs, I found this to be a message to everyone, especially Ms. Coulter.

Anonymous said...

Hey douchebag Bill,

I am sure there is some minority who be a better host than you.

You are a racist, violin-playing liberal.

Too bad abortion was not legal when you were born, or maybe it was-that is how we ended up with you.

Anonymous said...

HEY BILL could you get Darell Issa to come clean about his crusade to Privatize the Postal Service to put middle class Americans out of work, by mis reporting the causes of the Postal Services decline? You practically kissed his ass?

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