Thursday, October 11, 2012

Paul Ryan Is Not An Economist

By Bill Maher

Paul Ryan couldn't explain his tax plan to Chris Wallace because "It would take me too long to go through all of the math." It's not the first time Ryan has had trouble trying to explain his plans and it raises an important question: is Paul Ryan a policy wonk, or does he just play one on TV?

The record suggests he just plays one on TV. He has a bachelor's degree in political science and economics. That's all. He's not a trained economist and wouldn't be qualified to teach a graduate level economics course. Most economists take him about as seriously as they do his idol, Ayn Rand.

The only people who have tagged him as a brilliant economist are journalists who aren't economists themselves and other Republicans. Why does everyone take it as a given that he's a wonk? How would they even know? He lies about everything else; doesn't it make sense that he’s lying about that, too?

I notice any time Ryan gets into trouble explaining economic issues, he starts using the word "baseline" a lot. It's not really that complicated of a word, but I think it's meant to scare people off, like, "Don’t mess with me, I'll start talking about baselines." To me, it just smacks of a guy who's trying too hard. And it's meant to end the conversation before someone who does know what they're talking about discovers he has no idea.

Ryan once told The Weekly Standard that meeting with budget actuaries was "the highlight of my day." Again, trying too hard. The reporter bought that. I don't. And is someone who enjoys talking to actuaries that much really qualified to be vice president?

Romney's awfulness as a candidate is obscuring how awful Ryan is. Look at that footage of him being booed at the AARP -- seniors don't just dislike his plan, they think he's a condescending little prick. If you thought Al Gore talked down to people, listen to Paul Ryan for five minutes. The difference is, Gore wasn't pretending -- he really did know shit.

The polls also suggest that the real disaster on the Romney/Ryan ticket might be Ryan. Around the time Ryan was picked for VP, Romney was up among seniors in Florida and Ohio; now Obama has the edge. Along with Democrats solidifying their support, the improvement with seniors is the biggest reason Obama has risen. Don't you think Ryan has something to do with that?


Anonymous said...

Bill Maher, you are my hero.

Paul Ryan is a worm.

Sand said...


You are a complete idiot. You are bad for America and split the country in half like your friend "who wants nothing to do with you" Obama. You and Michael Moore are two of the most America hating people this country has ever known. You do so much more harm than good. Let us all know what the temperature is when you get to hell!!!

Ryan said...

Neither of the 4 are. Only RP was!

Brad said...

Hey Bill, So last night we had the comment 1st time we have 2 devout catholic VP's candidates & then some chat about that. Not seeing allot of talk about Romney 1st Mormon Presidential candidate (where's the discussion on that) - Should this not be discussed or too sensitive a subject - Scares me..

BoxCar said...

Did not Romney introduce his VP pick as "Next President of the USA"? Was that a Freudian slip- CLUE that its already planned out- Let Obama win, then pull the plug on stk mkt since NO ONE speaks of 1937 Uptick Rule, a "Glaring Misteak" that TRIGGERED The Great Recession when Bush SEC had it removed on 7/7/7 & w/in 2wks Bear Stearns 2 hedge funds collapsed to begin an unraveling of entire USA financial system leading to stk mkt in FREE FALL 2008- Since the Uptick Rule is still MISSING, we are waiting for 2008 5yr ARMs to be reset on HALF of USA com'cl property to PEAK on Jan2013 when bank appraisers find NO VALUE to reset to- too many vacancies and it'll be Fall'08 all over again-
only this time its NO BAIL OUTS and we'll see a HUMONGOUS 20th century Head n'Shoulders develop with stk mkt plunging back to the shoulder of 1963-1985 at 1000-
The Kicker is the IMF has already set a date 2016 to remove U$D as the World's Reserve Currency, the ONLY thing sustaining its value
Thats when Paul Ryan will ride in on a white horse to save the day-

So folks, the Game is RIGGED, the Fight is Fixed & Dice R Loaded
Get used to GDII, it ends 2025 when last postwar baby boomer retires to make room 4rest of US
Get used to Corporate AMERICA, Land of Plutocracy where the RICH are the RULERS (since mid-90s when 51%of USA was owned by Corp.USA
Sorry about that-

Oxperlang said...

Sand, your hateful rhetoric is why religion is gaining a momentum in gaining disdain from non believers and even some followers.

It must hurt you so badly to find out people are taking on such taboo treated subjects of this country. When someone says they are tired of hearing American expectationalism or how often this country "going to war with (insert country)" (invading) quickly gets under people's skin. Heck even talking about how divided of a nation we are garners such riot like behaviors amongst ourselves.

It seems only those who praise and think very highly are the true Americans and love their country. Where as pointing out problems with in our country also with our foreign policies, those are the anti Americans; treasonists; communists, Hitler blah blah and so on.

Anonymous said...

This is brilliance:

Anonymous said...

Bill, I have been an avid fan for many years now and I would thank you for the tireless work you have committed to over these years. The work I refer to is revealing to the American public and the world the evil that lurks in the shadows of politics and religion in America. We live in very perilous times. The world stands on the brink of economic collapse. Innocent people die daily worldwide from the result of American political policies. President Obama seems reluctant to change this course of destruction to the dismay of many. His reluctance is justified as witnessed by history and the fates of Lincoln and Kennedy. The media is a whore that can be bought by the highest bidder and has left the American people lost and confused. There is only one voice I hear calling for truth in the wilderness (please forgive my reference to to scripture) and that is yours. Through your wit and humor many eyes are opened and a voice is given to the voiceless. If the conservative right is allowed to gain power again at this precarious time in history, I believe it will mean the end of life as we know it. I am begging you to do everything in your power to continue to fight for truth and justice.

Mark M

Anonymous said...

Forward-Communist term for I promise it won't hurt like the last time because I will use more KY

Change-I am going to fuck you up your mind so much you will not remember that you in fact did build it

PBO-Affirmative Action Saudi Plant who is not sure who his daddy is

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