Wednesday, November 7, 2012

California: Leading the (Wrong) Way

By Bill Maher

In California, we passed a "term limits" bill in 1990. The idea was that people, once elected, get too entrenched and become a part of the "system" whatever that is, and that the Founders never envisioned a professional politician who stays in office 30 years. So, to avoid this, we capped the amount of time state legislators can serve. Nice idea. In theory.

But here's a fun fact: 60% of the politicians who are "termed out" run for another office. It doesn't even matter if it's a lower profile job, like city council or small town mayor. They just have to do it. This is who they are.

And a good number of the remaining 40% become lobbyists and never leave Sacramento.

I mention this because Arlen Specter died recently. And who didn't like Arlen Specter? (Other than lots of voters in Pennsylvania.)

But Arlen was one of these people, like Joe Lieberman, and Mitt Romney, who absolutely needed to be in public office. When the Republican voters said to Arlen Specter, "Actually, no you don't," Arlen switched parties and became a Democrat. Which is how he started. Before he became a Republican. For 44 years. Because the party wasn't important. Being in office is what's important.

This is one of the reasons Mitt Romney creeps me out. According to people who know him, he's been running for president for decades. He's always wanted to be president. And his entire political career has been conducted with that goal in mind.

Now, to be sure, Obama is also an extremely ambitious man. But watching that first debate you thought, "Well, he's not that ambitious." It seemed like he'd love to be president for another four years, but if he wasn't? "Eh, no big deal. I'll go back to Hawaii and hang out with my old friends from the Choom Gang."

Such naked ambition, the kind that allows you to become the type of person who will take both sides of every issue in order to pander to every voter possible and maximize your Q rating, is a bit frightening. Because then it's not about the job. It's not about the people you're representing. It's really about you.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous, wtf are you on about now?

As to BloggaPlease's subject: Rick Perry was also a Democrat at one point. While there are some Issues politicians, these guys switch hats to stay in the game because it's about getting paid and telling people what to do. If you're not a big money guy and can't find the power or money to stay in office you become a lobbyist or go on the speaker circuit.

But I'm sure Mitt will be just like Meg Whitman and find some dumb corporation that will give him a giant check while he extracts the wealth from it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if becoming president is still on Romneys bucket list? He must be having fits right about now. So close yet so far. better luck nrxt time around.

FibraOptika said...

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A perfect example of uneducated-average-Jerry Springer-American. America has a big problem, which is EDUCATION. If it inst fix, it will breed more of this kinda guy(first poster). Like cloning dumb-sheep unable to do critical thinking and read.

Ohh the horror!.... AMERICAS dumb and dumbers are outgrowing the educated smart people, this time was very scary close.

Good luck with the cesspool of retards Obama! LOL

jonathon1960 said...

towingxi978ocipacedgepstheysurelinDear Bill, I watch your program every Friday nightand I love it very much and so do my elder friends. I am a young 78 yrs old , married and democrat. I voted for Obama in2008 and now. I also volunteer for the campaign. Please don't say that young women are the ones voting for Obama. Romney gave the late night comedians plenty of material and I love to watch them all. Colbert show CNN and MSNBC.

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lotusgdess said...

I remember reading somewhere that in the early days of the Republic it was just considered SO socially unacceptable to show naked ambition and run for office by touting how great you were. Others were supposed to see your wonderful qualities and take up your cause promoting you so that you as the office seeker didn't have to lower yourself. I guess this attitude went out of style kind of like duels. Bill has said more than once, Romney's goal was to prove that Mormons are normal and mainstream. I think he may be right about that. It certainly doesn't appear to have been for the cause of any higher ideals.