Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Liberal Agenda

HBO Real Time will Return January 18, 2013


Anonymous said...

dear bill love your show just saw a movie that may find interesting to you and viewers its called the man from earth 2007 by director Richard schenkman if you or your staff have time you should see it I would love your comment on it or better yet a interview with the writer. thanks have happy holidays for you and your staff

Political Prisoner 2012 said...

Who starts the national petition to have News Corp shut down?

The misinformation campaigns Murdoch companies wage neagtively influence public information, public opinion and our national well-being.

With this base disinformation voters and public officials build policies and laws on bogus data, which must eventually fail the American people.

This in turn threatens our national well-being, our society and ultimately our national security.

This threat MUST be addressed quickly before any further damage is done.

So, I ask you, who will launch this petition drive and nuture the effort in defensive of our nation's survival?

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Anonymous said...

Bill, in WA we have "vote by mail" we don't even have to get off the couch to legalize pot. Florida could take a hint.....

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