Friday, August 7, 2009

New Rule: Smart President ≠ Smart Country

New Rule: Just because a country elects a smart president doesn't make it a smart country. A few weeks ago I was asked by Wolf Blitzer if I thought Sarah Palin could get elected president, and I said I hope not, but I wouldn't put anything past this stupid country. It was amazing - in the minute or so between my calling America stupid and the end of the Cialis commercial, CNN was flooded with furious emails and the twits hit the fan. And you could tell that these people were really mad because they wrote entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS!!! It's how they get the blood circulating when the Cialis wears off. Worst of all, Bill O'Reilly refuted my contention that this is a stupid country by calling me a pinhead, which A) proves my point, and B) is really funny coming from a doody-face like him.

Now, the hate mail all seemed to have a running theme: that I may live in a stupid country, but they lived in the greatest country on earth, and that perhaps I should move to another country, like Somalia. Well, the joke's on them because I happen to have a summer home in Somalia... and no I can't show you an original copy of my birth certificate because Woody Harrelson spilled bong water on it.

And before I go about demonstrating how, sadly, easy it is to prove the dumbness dragging down our country, let me just say that ignorance has life and death consequences. On the eve of the Iraq War, 69% of Americans thought Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11. Four years later, 34% still did. Or take the health care debate we're presently having: members of Congress have recessed now so they can go home and "listen to their constituents." An urge they should resist because their constituents don't know anything. At a recent town-hall meeting in South Carolina, a man stood up and told his Congressman to "keep your government hands off my Medicare," which is kind of like driving cross country to protest highways.

I'm the bad guy for saying it's a stupid country, yet polls show that a majority of Americans cannot name a single branch of government, or explain what the Bill of Rights is. 24% could not name the country America fought in the Revolutionary War. More than two-thirds of Americans don't know what's in Roe v. Wade. Two-thirds don't know what the Food and Drug Administration does. Some of this stuff you should be able to pick up simply by being alive. You know, like the way the Slumdog kid knew about cricket.

Not here. Nearly half of Americans don't know that states have two senators and more than half can't name their congressman. And among Republican governors, only 30% got their wife's name right on the first try.

Sarah Palin says she would never apologize for America. Even though a Gallup poll says 18% of Americans think the sun revolves around the earth. No, they're not stupid. They're interplanetary mavericks. A third of Republicans believe Obama is not a citizen, and a third of Democrats believe that George Bush had prior knowledge of the 9/11 attacks, which is an absurd sentence because it contains the words "Bush" and "knowledge."

People bitch and moan about taxes and spending, but they have no idea what their government spends money on. The average voter thinks foreign aid consumes 24% of our federal budget. It's actually less than 1%. And don't even ask about cabinet members: seven in ten think Napolitano is a kind of three-flavored ice cream. And last election, a full one-third of voters forgot why they were in the booth, handed out their pants, and asked, "Do you have these in a relaxed-fit?"

And I haven't even brought up America's religious beliefs. But here's one fun fact you can take away: did you know only about half of Americans are aware that Judaism is an older religion than Christianity? That's right, half of America looks at books called the Old Testament and the New Testament and cannot figure out which one came first.

And these are the idiots we want to weigh in on the minutia of health care policy? Please, this country is like a college chick after two Long Island Iced Teas: we can be talked into anything, like wars, and we can be talked out of anything, like health care. We should forget town halls, and replace them with study halls. There's a lot of populist anger directed towards Washington, but you know who concerned citizens should be most angry at? Their fellow citizens. "Inside the beltway" thinking may be wrong, but at least it's thinking, which is more than you can say for what's going on outside the beltway.

And if you want to call me an elitist for this, I say thank you. Yes, I want decisions made by an elite group of people who know what they're talking about. That means Obama budget director Peter Orszag, not Sarah Palin.

Which is the way our founding fathers wanted it. James Madison wrote that "pure democracy" doesn't work because "there is nothing to check... an obnoxious individual." Then, in the margins, he doodled a picture of Joe the Plumber.

Until we admit there are things we don't know, we can't even start asking the questions to find out. Until we admit that America can make a mistake, we can't stop the next one. A smart guy named Chesterton once said: "My country, right or wrong is a thing no patriot would ever think of saying... It is like saying 'My mother, drunk or sober.'" To which most Americans would respond: "Are you calling my mother a drunk?"


pacden said...

You have truly disappointed me to the point I can no longer be a part of your following. You used to be a bit open minded and would question even your socialist friend like Ms. Huffington but now you seem to only follow party line This I find to be a pity. Please Bill find your own mind again. Do niot be a follower be a leader. I want to come back.


Leona said...

It was an expected reaction from the US anyway.
For the sake of all, I'll be wishing them a soon smarting up.

Thank goodness Bill won´t shut up.
Best wishes from Spain

What the funk said...

I was not a fan until you started talking like this. Keep up your vigilance you are a true steward of the country. I think you and The Daily Show should team up and put a wake up call to the media not calling bullshit when they see it. Also you have inspired me to also blog my dissatisfaction. I have been trying to call bullshit to the tea bag crowd no to post my complaints it is the next logical step.

Michael Henry said...

How prescient....

Alex Berger said...

Well said. When I saw the clip I let out a sigh of relief. It needs to be said, and all the idiots that retort, "It's the greatest nation in the World" need to be asked and held to account for WHY it's the greatest nation in the world. Jefferson, Madison, Franklin and the greats that have followed them were not the Sarah Palins of the world. They were the intellectual elite.

The most agitating thing about social policy in the US isn't medical. It's intellectual welfare line. An unspoken system that drives the US forward despite the best efforts of the average, god-loving American.

Ed said...

I generally agree with the arguments you made in this article, but I was a little confused because you did not argue that Obama is smart and that elitists can run things better. Yes, many people are stupid (thank you government schools and the teachers union....). Robert L. Bartley said "In general, 'the market' is smarter than the smartest of its individual participants." He is right. When you displace the knowledge to make decisions into the hands of third parties (as was tried to the extreme in the former USSR), you get far less efficiency and in effect, greater misery.

"Richard Epstein, who taught with Obama at the University of Chicago, rejects the suggestion that obama is an intellectual, arguing that he merely mimics an intellectuals mannerisms."
-From a Boston Globe reporters article talking to Richard Epstein. He went on to say that Obama has never written a scholarly article even when he was President of the Harvard Law review.

"He [Obama] thinks that the creation of private wealth is something that government cannot influence or destroy."
-Richard Epstein - Head of the University of Chicago Law and Economics Department

Mr. Bill Maher, I suggest you read "The Vision of the Anointed: Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy" by Thomas Sowell and "The Myth of the Rational Voter: Why Democracies Choose Bad Policies" by Bryan Caplan. They are both written by professional economists.

Also, I take offense to you occasionally calling yourself libertarian. You are a bloody liberal. You worship at the alter of the state. You buy into class warfare and fail to understand economics.

T.I.M. said...

While (sadly) I agree with your estimation of our collective intelligence, I would ask which group of voters in the last election demonstrated more of it (ie, how many cast their ballots based not on issues and qualifications, but rather on the chance to "be a part of history" or the chance to "make a statement"). Based on your article, our president was chosen by the larger group of stupid people.

Unknown said...

Wow, Bill. Where do I catch that show again? I kid, of course. Thank you for decrying the elevation of the base, the heartless, and the stupid in our society.

Let's invite Woody over to spill some bong water. I am the guy from Humboldt State University who covered Julia Butterfly Hill, a friend of his.

In short, I will bring the weed, though I doubt you need it. Preach on, good sir.

Warm regards,
Francis Stanley Pruett

steveprutz said...

God, I miss seeing Bill's speeches on TV. I am getting cable as soon as I can!

Peter said...

If you haven't read it already, see: Susan also has an excellent book "The Age of American Unreason"

Keep up the good work Bill.

BC said...


We can't let the government provide health care because we will loose our ability to choose? Are people serious? Employers, insurance companies, drug companies, and yes or government decide who carries our health coverage, how much we pay for it, and how much it does not cover. If people want to get kids off of drugs like adderal but students that have to ask the same question more that once to understand it in special ed. "America has become a pussy whipped brady bunch version of itself".

awryly said...

Perhaps you should survey your countrymen on which countries fought in the American Civil war?

I doubt the answers would be less dumb.

jo said...

Oh I am so thankful for YOU! You're my new God. :-) (btw. loved "Religulous")
You are keeping me sane during this incredible meltdown right now. Is there any chance you'd move to regular cable???

Yodels442 said...

If we are such a Stupid Country then the rest of the World must be completely idiotic, no matter how you size it up, ours is probably on the whole, the Smartest Country on the planet....or at least the most enlightened.

That being said, how we can be Smarter and how in our being Smarter we can make the rest of the world Smarter.

I'm all about sending a message to the entire World population that says "Wake up Stupid and start taking responsibility for your own personal actions on this Planet!

What are you doing Dummy to make things better? No I'm not talking about making more money or buying more stuff and making your own existence on this planet better.

I'm talking about taking a good look around you and assessing what you do on a daily basis that makes the world a better place for everyone.

Do you have any actual added-value? Or are you simply taking up space and adding nothing of value to the world?

Are you a good citizen of the world?

Oh what's the problem? Do you have something that's preventing you from making the world a better place?

What is your problem? And who is the cause of your problem? Not you? Is someone else to blame?

Perhaps you can trace your problem back to your ancestry?

Were your ancestors killed by Hilter? Were they Slaves brought to America from Africa? Were they Japanese immigrants locked up during WWII by the US Government? Were they Irish immigrants who treated poorly by the Boston Brahmins? Were they English Colonists who fought for their freedom from British rule? Were they native to the continent of North America and nearly wiped out by White settlers? Were they Italian immigrants escaping the tyranny of Mussolini? Were they Armenians driven from their homeland by the Turks?

Well boo hoo......guess what...not one single person on this Earth can look back into their genealogy without finding that their ancestors were at onetime the oppressed and at onetime the oppressors.....

It is the conflict of Human nature that has been repeating itself since the beginning of time.

We've all got someone in our history to blame for our problems....maybe it was your mother and maybe it was her father and maybe it was his aunt and maybe it was her grandmother and maybe it was her great-grandfather….

Maybe it was the conflict of the Vietnam War or maybe it was the fact that your ancestor killed innocent women and children during the Crusades or your ancestor was a POW during King Phillips War and was tortured and while suffering from post traumatic stress disorder he took his life while his son, your ancestor was only 7 months old……

Maybe your genetic Karma leads straight back to the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ…..or perhaps your ancestors were the Saints themselves…

For some of only goes back a generation or two or maybe it goes back a century or two and for others it goes back to ancient history....

The point? We have all been there at one time or another.....and there is nothing we can do now to change history....

What we can do, is educate ourselves on the history of the human race and not make the same mistakes our ancestors have made.....or realize how blessed we are to have had the genetic Karma to lead us to live in this great Country of ours…..

What we can do is GET SMART....and begin to understand that the one thing that every single human being has ever truly craved on this Earth is to LOVE and be LOVED....

Once we can truly look around at ourselves and our community and start making a difference, not for our own personal greed, but to spread love through caring....then maybe we'll truly be smart and the world will be a better place....cuz isn't that what we all truly want?

At least, those of us who are smart?

Love will lead to less poverty, less greed, less hunger, less fear, less pollution, less addiction, less crime, less hate, less injustice, less discord, less apathy, less terrorism, less tyranny, less war....

Love will lead to freedom from oppression for future generations....

Yodels442 said...


The fact that people don't get your humor Bill is just more proof of how dumb we are as a Country.

Keep up the good work.....

Camille said...

Love it!

Laura said...

Whatever!!!!!!! The initial comment I wrote was, if I do say so myself, pretty cool. However, it was deleted when I had to sign up for the Google account in order to post the damn comment...what the fuck?! Anyway, Bill, I don't know if you even read any of these, but if you do happen to see this let me just say that your wit, charisma and intelligence absoulutely tickle me! You're alot of fun...take me to lunch!
XOXO, Laura

Brent said...

Hey Bill, I don't know what Libertarian or Independent told you that you were either of these things, but I thing you been HAD! I'm sorry for you, man, those door to door guys are a tricky bunch. You're far from an independent thinker and I think you've just let that Hollywood mindset sink in. Its a lot different for us guys that make less than 50 grand a year despite what you tools up there think. I'd sooner let Ringo Starr work on the my car than let you tell me how you can fix my life. I mean that's pretty silly if you really think about it.

Sometimes you make jokes about farts though. I like those!

Unknown said...

I appreciate your commentary and I am a fan of your program. I am also employed and educated in the health coverage industry. The commentary by your guests on 08/07/09 is completely inaccurate regarding the health policy offered to GROUP policies offered to persons in Congress. Specifically regarding the costs associated with those subsidized GROUP plans offered to those certain individuals. These GROUP policies which are blanket policies which increase based on policy utilization. These Group policies are blanket policies and have no have no pre-existing limitations and are subsidized by the employer are basically bulletproof coverage. The cost associated with these plans are minimal to these individuals but astronomical compared to individual plans. These guests are suggesting these same group plans would be available to the masses. This is completely inaccurate, unsustainable, and incomprehensive to be able to offer this type of coverage to the uninsured. The cost of subsidized GROUP plans and the cost of these particular GROUP plans offered to these members of Congress and government officials are at a bare minimum of 40% to 800% more than the cost of individual plans.

Which can and do exclude coverage based on pre-existing conditions to individuals unlike GROUP coverage. The level of coverage can also be tremendously limited based on the particular company. Statistics show that over 60% of bankruptcies this country are due to medical expenses. And of that 60%, 75% of the are insured. Those 75% fall into two categories. Those that do not understand the coverage they have, and those who never take into consideration the income loss associated with a Major medical catastrophe. I hope you can address the situation and educate people on this reality.

Unknown said...

Hi Mr Maher.

I thought your article was very entertaining and makes a good point. However, I have a problem with the title. I'm studying logic, and I can tell you that what you wrote:

Smart President ≠ Smart Country

means that a smart president is not identical to a smart country. It means that a smart president is not one and the same thing as a smart country. This is pretty obvious. What I suspect you meant to say instead was that you cannot infer from the intelligence of a country's president that it's people are also smart. I think a clearer way to symbolize this would be:

~(Smart President -> Smart Country)

Or, better yet:

S(x)=x is smart

~(S(a) -> S(b))

Unknown said...

I watched your interview with Wolf Blitzer and chuckled to myself watching Wolk sputter in disbelief when you agreed with Obama calling the police handling of Prof. Gates as stupid. I couldn't agree more. A senior citizen, using a cane, inside his own home was not a threat to anyone. I also agree that it wasn't a racist situation, just an upset cop who felt like flexing his power.

You are right on point, and yes, our country is is full of stupid. Sarah Palin is now calling Obama's health care a 'death panel'. That 'stupid' woman, whose children are on a government healthcare plan.

I am far from religious, but thank GOD that woman is no where near the White House.

Keep on keeping on Bill!!!

Chris said...

Keep going Mr. Bill. The Nature Chaplain blesses you!

Emporia said...


I saw the show last night and I am on board with your recent discussions.

I have recieved healthcare in France. I was surprised about how cheap it was for office visits and prescriptions there.

My office visit cost 22 euros and my prescription was less than 10 euros (8 euros for two prescriptions). At the same time I had a prescription for 8 messages for a pinched nerve. The cost was 20 euros per visit. In total the cost came to 190 euros ($262).

I was not even a citizen of the country and I was impressed with the healthcare provided to me and the doctor also discussed prevention methods.

I did not even bother to get reimbursement from my insurance carrier because it was so cheap.

Living there, I discovered some things that might have an effect on why their healthcare is so cheap; 1) The people are much more healthier than Americans 2) The country has minimum pollution which greatly attributes to American'es illnesses in the US 3)The French have very good diets and how they eat is very important to them and their disgestive system (they don't eat alot of fast foods and they don't eat all day long) 4) Their food system produces clean food (no or very little preservatives or additives and no genetically modified foods, especially meats) 5) Nurses are allowed to have their own practice and offices for nursing medical procedures (this reduces costs for simple procedures and an overload of patients at doctor's offices and 6) They use prevention practices as the first defense against illnesses. And all the above is a natural part of their culture.

And go figure this one....they rarely exercise. They are not having fertility problems, the women tend to bear children in their twentys and they rarely use birth control contraceptives. Also, they don't use a lot of harmful chemicals for things such as cleaning or cooking.

Thanks to the time that I spent with the French, I have learned how to take care of my body. I get all my required nutrition from food not supplemental vitamins. I am thin like the French women and look ten years younger than my true age.

Unfortunately, since I have returned to America this year, I have to shop at whole foods or organic stores for my food and diet. And I have to detox regularly because of all the pollution inhaled daily.

But I am healthy and do not take any required prescription drugs which seems to be the case for most Americans. Just about 3 out of ten Americans are on some kind of presribed medication for one problem or another.

I have been reading the HR 3200 and for the most part, it is a workable plan. However, perhaps to President Obama's disappointment, all working Americans will probably have to pay for this healthcare refore plan. It will not be too expensive if they consider a flat tax between .5% to 2% assigned to the medicare/medicaid which all working Americans are already paying from payroll taxes(I am a financial manager so I just did some quick math without all the data to get an estimate).

On your next show maybe you should tell those that are opposing the healthcare bill 3 things; 1) Read the bill before opposing it and acting stupidly (but you know some Americans would rather be ignorant than informed) 2) American women would be thinner and not fat or obese if they consider the French way related to their prevention methods and healthcare system and 3) Aging American men may be able to perform sexually without being impotent if they adapt to the French way or just be aware of just what may be causing their impotency ( mostly likely causes are diet, pollution, and prescription drugs).

I am willing to wager a bet that if you say the above things, those opposing the healthcare would certainly become supporters.

Can I get tickets to your show?


Scarlett Ohara said...

Point One: American educators are not entirely responsible for the ignorance in America. All of the facts discussed on this website are TAUGHT in American schools. American children (and their parents) CHOOSE not to learn these things. My 5 children know what years the WW's were fought and a great many other things pertaining to history, but they HEARD these things at home as well as school. This doesn't happen much anymore in the US!
Which leads me to point 2: Comparing France and America. It may be true that the French can tought many of the advantages that Marsha speaks of, but France doesn't have the large number of ill-bred, uneducated, government fed and clothed masses that the good ole US of A holds inside its borders! The "few" cannot continue to support the "many".
Point 3: If we plan to create a national healthcare plan that would base medical procedures on a person's age and length of life qualifications, I suggest that we carry this one step further and let the panel base access to medical coverage on the applicants contribution to society. Never worked? No medical care. Drug addict or convicted felon? DENIED! Didn't finish high school and cannot identify the 3 branches of government? Too bad so sad. Voted Republican? LOL!
Point 4: Brent, I agree with you.

Brad Manzenberger said...

Although you and your ilk think you are intellectually superior, you are simply full of yourself. Only elitists like yourself go around telling everyone they are too stupid to know what is good for them. But it's interesting that you should say something like this. Shows the true colors of the Left. Despots throughout history have claimed to be doing what they were doing for the "good of the people" who were too stupid to do anything for themselves. Of course, it is never the truth. Any time someone tells you they are going to take care of you and make everything better, run like hell. They care nothing about you, only their power.

You like to claim you are a Libertarian, but nothing you espouse is Libertarian at all. You are just another pompous windbag from Hollywood who wouldn't know liberty if it bit your ungrateful ass. You are a Commie like your demi-god Obammie.

Since I am so stupid I wont be watching anything you are involved in. You probably think we are all too stupid to turn on the TV. I will be contacting your sponsors and tell them I am boycotting their product because you say I'm too stupid to know what's best for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Billy,

I agree with your quote. I'm an American college senior which isn't saying much. I feel that one of the biggest problems facing this country is the failed education system. They still follow a model set from the 1800's, just like the Senate. Why is school only 6 hours a day and not 10? Why is there still summer vacation? Chinese kids go for like 10 hours a day, they don't have summers. I guess because if we took summer away from kids, we'd have to take it away from the senate too.

Scarlett Ohara said...

dyingb4autumn:PLEASE! I am a product of the current educational system and I am extremely well-educated. In education as well as life; you get out of it what you put into it!!! You have a brain: use it. If the school/class/teacher is not giving you what you need to be successful, then dig in there and get it for yourself!

Unknown said...

You are right. It is a function of what Durkheim and other social theorists like Marx refer to as "false consciousness." In short, the more we become a sound-bitten nation, we draw closer to the vision presented in the motion picture, "Idiocracy." There are lots of smart people-- we have some of the best educational institutions in the world-- we even export education (many foreigners come here to be educated, and then abscond to their "socialist" countries like France, and the UK). We desperately need a readjustment away from socialized ignorance, and towards "elitism". I'm tryin. Let's bring "smart" back. Forget about sexy. That is so last season.

Unknown said...

Thank God for you Bill Maher! Most of the time, I cannot believe how blind our country has become... how trusting... How scary. For too long, we stood by while the people we trusted to run our government ran all over us, into the ground and left us to dig our way out. Yes we are still struggling because so many continue to be weak-minded. But now is the time for change. Time for a new game plan. There still too many who are foolishly putting their faith in the very same people who deceived us the first time. Come on... Shouldn't it be so obvious now. Yes, our country is stupid. And so Bill Maher, I said all that to say THANK YOU for continuing tell the country what it needs to hear most. The cold and very harsh truth.

Unknown said...

We are running out of toilet paper here in Cuba as you know from reading GrudgeReport (I know you read it, Bill. Just 'fess up.)

Please send me tickets to your show.

JamieTwelve said...

Oh Bill Maher.....I don't know what America would do without your superior wit and sarcasm. What it means when 69 percent of Americans think something and four years later only 34 percent feel that way is that 35 percent of Americans changed their mind in a four year period.

I mean I agree with you, to an extent, that many Americans are stupid, as you so intelligently prove by spouting statistical poll numbers....but this point was easily reinforced by simply stating that Obama won the Presidential election.

And speaking of your statistics...where did you come up with the idea that the majority of Americans think 24 percent of our budget is for foreign aid? From what I understand the majority of Americans have no clue how much we spend on foreign aid and neither did you. That is before you looked it up so you could write a blog to back up the fact that you called America stupid on national television. Way to get ratings. Were you trying to be funny, Bill Maher? Oh nevermind.....that's an absurd sentence because it contains "Bill Maher" and "funny".

In closing....I'd just like to ask how exactly you know better than we that Obama was born in America. Do you have some kind of liberal media insider special access pass to his birth record? He's the one that won't show it, and history tells us that when the white house tries to prevent paperwork from making it to the public domain, that there's a coverup. Seems to me....unless you have some kind of secret access to the truth, that you are the stupid one.

Unknown said...

One of the hazards of being a truth teller is that lots of people think you're evil. Not just wrong, but evil.

The truth is never accepted easily, but I'm glad that Bill tries anyway!


Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Anonymous said...

Thought you might find this interesting.
Religiosity is negatively correlated with intelligence.

Intelligence, Volume 37, Issue 1, Pages 1-120 (January-February 2009)

Evidence is reviewed pointing to a negative relationship between intelligence and religious belief in the United States and Europe. It is shown that intelligence measured as psychometric g is negatively related to religious belief. We also examine whether this negative relationship between intelligence and religious belief is present between nations. We find that in a sample of 137 countries the correlation between national IQ and disbelief in God is 0.60.
Article Outline

1. Introduction
2. Intelligence and religious belief within nations

2.1. (1) Negative correlations between intelligence and religious belief
2.2. (2) Lower percentages holding religious beliefs among intelligence elites compared with the general population
2.3. (3) Decline of religious belief with age among children and adolescents
2.4. (4) Decline of religious belief during the course of the twentieth century as the intelligence of the population has increased

3. Religious belief and psychometric g
4. Intelligence and religious belief between nations
5. Discussion
Appendix A

Edward Fernandes, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology

Emporia said...


I am sorry that you feel that the remarks that Bill made are directed towards you. I never heard him say your name but it appears that you feel that way about yourself. You seem to have low self confidence.

The latter is one of the many reasons for ignorance in our country. Of course everyone is entitled to their opinion but ask yourself this you look like those people that have been protesting at the townhall meetings......think about it.

Most of those people are old or middle aged and out of touch with the real world and how we need to move forward.

I hope that you feel better about yourself in the future.


Emporia said...

Brent and Scarlett,

I gave you an example before I gave my opinion on Bill's comments. It was well founded. But when I read your comments, it appears that you are frustrated with the American government system. Those people you mentioned Scarlet that are supported by welfare exists everywhere in every developed country. If welfare did not exists for those people where do you think they would get the food and clothes from? Answer: They would probably break into your place and take it from you. My point: Everyone is different and thinks differently, some are weak and some are strong. We need some forms of socialized systems within the Mega Capitalist system that we as Americans function under.

After experiencing many years of socialism, I prefer Capitalism over all. But we still need some socialism for certain specific areas such as healthcare.


your comments are not supported so I don't have any comments for you other than please explain why do you feel that way about Bill.


Emporia said...


What is Bill's own mind? If you disagree with his comments then say why you disagree so we can debate accordingly.


Emporia said...


Now really, isn't this hearsay and another opinion?

"Richard Epstein, who taught with Obama at the University of Chicago, rejects the suggestion that obama is an intellectual, arguing that he merely mimics an intellectuals mannerisms."
-From a Boston Globe reporters article talking to Richard Epstein. He went on to say that Obama has never written a scholarly article even when he was President of the Harvard Law review".

We want to hear what you think and your own experience with being intellectual. Have you ever attended Harvard? Speak from your own experiences not what someone else's experience or opinion.

This is basically the point that Bill is making about American's being ignorant.


Emporia said...


Well explained and said.


Emporia said...


Weed? Come, I and Bill maybe able to handle it but you know that the average person who indulges usually thinks very slowly if at all.


Emporia said...


I hope you are not a teacher!

If you are a teacher, do you approach every student with the same teaching method?

You say you are well educated and educated in does not seem like your life education has been a pleasant experience!

You seem very bitter! The same as Scarlett was in gone with the wind.

Why did you choose the name Scarlett O'hara"?


"dyingb4autumn:PLEASE! I am a product of the current educational system and I am extremely well-educated. In education as well as life; you get out of it what you put into it!!! You have a brain: use it. If the school/class/teacher is not giving you what you need to be successful, then dig in there and get it for yourself"!

Drew Davis said...

Bill Maher is an obnoxious dolt, but there is a grain of truth in what he says. There are far too many Americans who have no interest in specifics and details when it comes to anything beyond our immediate self-interest. I can't count how many times I've heard an acquaintance say: "You think too much!" when it comes to a simple discussion about politics, or foreign affairs, or science, or any abstract subject at all.

We need to encourage average American citizens to pursue learning full-time, whether in an academic setting or auto-didactically. Most of the other industrialized nations have a strong commitment to knowledge and education. Too many Americans are content to label educated, thoughtful folks as "nerds", "dorks", "elitists", and "dweebs". And it's hurting our country very much.

Americans need to pursue learning, knowledge, and intelligent discourse consistently. The party crowd and the slackers won't keep this country as great as it has always been. A widespread, American pursuit of knowledge is the way we'll remain competitive with the rest of the world.

jagman said...

Bill, during a recent show you, as well guest, were lauging at Palin's use of the word apologetics,to your point you stated "find that in the dictionary". I did, see below!
BTW I agree that the majority of Americans are less than informed, not necessarily stupid. I wanted to pass on this definition so you would fall under the better informed not your word stupid, which we know YOU are not!!
Definitions of 'apologetics' (ə-pŏĺə-jĕt́ĭks) · The American Heritage® Dictionary - (6 definitions)

The branch of theology that is concerned with defending or proving the truth of Christian doctrines.
Formal argumentation in defense of something, such as a position or system.
Definitions of 'apologetic' (-ĭ-kəl) · The American Heritage® Dictionary

[Middle English, formal defense, from Latin apologēticus, from Greek apologētikos, suitable for defense, from apologeisthai, to defend oneself verbally, from apologos, apology, story; see apologue.]

Offering or expressing an apology or excuse: an apologetic note; an apologetic smile.
Self-deprecating; humble: an apologetic manner.
Serving as or containing a formal justification or defense: an apologetic treatise on church doctrine.

Unknown said...

Well, Emporia I am nt much of one to use it myself. Well, not for quite some time. However I doubt it would do much to harm me, Bill or Woody or our thought velocities.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Emporia, You know nothing of me, but I am about to change that.I AM a teacher. And everyday I greet the day and my students with the thought that today I will make a differnce in the life of at least child. I even pray that God will help me to reach EVERY child in that class. Then I deal with 75 7th graders reading on an average of 3rd grade. They do not read and have little desire to learn. They do not need an education. They will either be famous athletes, hip-hop stars,or live off of my tax dollars and they TELL me so on a regular basis. These same students know the words to every vulgar song on the radio, all of the cheat codes for their expensive video games, and can text their buddies without looking at the screen, but "can't" learn their multiplication tables because they have "learning disabilities". I am surrounded by a wonderful, caring, supportive group of teachers and administrators who do this EVERY day, year after year, for less than $50,000 a year. We don't do it for the money. I am betting that Bill Maher makes more than that per show!! FYI, many students are on medication for various ailments and learning disabilties beacuse it qualifies them for SSI benefits. They even have a name for it: "crazy checks". I could not make this stuff up.
Now about my life experiences: I am the product of 2 intelligent parents that never finished high school. I have 5 children. I lost one child to cancer and have a teenage daughter in remission of Ewings Sarcoma. My older children are all married with children and are not only school educated, but also educated in common sense. They run the family business and do quite well, or at least they will if the government doesn't eventually tax them out of business or force them to sell it to pay inheritance taxes.I am and have always been active in local politics. I give generously to a variety of local charities. I have, on occassion, taken in foster children that needed a safe place to stay. I am an award winning teacher with several advanced degrees. This from the grand-child of dirt poor share croppers and parents who worked in southern cotton mills to provide a better life for their children. I am active in the local theatre and have "starred' in several productions. I am the co-sponsor of a school organization created to teach young girls about manners, and education, and making good personal choices in regard to sexual activities. Things that really should be taught at home. but unfortuantely are not. At my school we are working hard to stop this cycle of pregnancy and government dependancy. That's just a few things about me and my life experiences.
I own a gun. And will use it if necessary to keep those very people you mentioned from "stealing" the things my family has worked to own. I attend church regularly and believe in a higher power. You don't need to judge me.
I believe in less government and lower taxes. I believe we walked on the moon and that 9/11 was not a conspiracy. I believe Elvis is dead and I don't care how Michael Jackson died. AND I don't give a rat's a$$ about President Obama's birth certificate. To paraphrase a song from The Steve Miller band: Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am: stuck in the middle (but obviously not with you).

AH! and finally your question about dear Scarlett. Scarlett WASN't bitter in GWTW!! Did we watch the same movie? She said, "As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again".She did not say. "Well, I will just wait on Mr. Lincoln and the tax payers to send me something to eat." She got down in the dirt and planted her family some food. Then she married a man she did not love to provide for that same ungrateful bunch. Then she made his lumber business the most successful in town. AGAIN, she did not wait on a government bailout nor did she expect Uncle Sam to provide for HER family! In addition, she took what she had (curtains) and made clothes for herself. She didn't STEAL new clothes. Should I go on or do you get the idea?

Elysium Commish said...

Perhaps, the reason for our collective intelligence dropping is that everyone has a voice due to the advance of technology. While many praise this, it is clear that technology, 24 hour news, and the internet in particular, is filled with inaccuracies for anyone with a blog, tweet, or post can fill our minds with misinformation and drivel(this includes all of us posting now). Where in the past the village idiot could only reach the towns people, very few had a voice that could reach thousands or millions. Now the village idiot with their phone or computer can be seen by all and more often than not, is not questioned.

Perhaps the better question is, why do we put so much faith in what we hear or read? We wait for the likes of Bill and other commentators to tell us things and we instantly believe it to be true. Open your eyes, believe what you see, believe what you live, and use that to question our leaders and our "elite" intellectuals.

Remember the great elite founding fathers chose a man who did not go to a college, did not finish high school, yet was determined to be the greatest. Gen. George Washington.

Unknown said...

Freedom is not an excuse for ignorannce and irresponsibility.

Emporia said...


I'm sorry for your loss, I understand that well. I did not mean to upset you. But you may not be aware of the fact that your situation could be much worse than what you have described.

I feel that you are still bitter and you have explained very well why.

But when things are out of your control like what happened with your loss, then you just keep going and appreciate what you have in life.

Just think you could have been born in Africa. I have been there and things are much worse than you can ever imagine. Fighting for basic needs is the daily life there. You have a lot to be thankful for.

America is, at this moment, is one of the greatest countries to live in.

Although you may be frustrated with you situation at school, thank god that it is all you are dealing with. Those things that you cannot control, don't hate or speak ill about it, just do your best. That is all you can do.


Emporia said...


I Understand!


Scarlett Ohara said...

Emporia, I am neither bitter nor unappreciative. Those are all charateristics you have assigned to me. A bitter person would not spend thier life in service to others as I have. I have not spoken ill nor have I hated. Me thinks you doth protest too much, but I will stop short of projecting those attributes to you.
In the words of a former student suffering with a severe skin disease: "anytime I feel down about life and my disease, I remember it could be worse, I could be eaten by a bear!' I have gotten a chuckle from this memory on more than one occassion.
I have spent the better part of 15 years at Egleston Children's Hospital and I can assure you that I am way beyond aware of the fact that my life could be a great deal worse!
I reread my post to see what I could have said to make you believe that I am cynical, self-absorbed, and ungrateful. I did not "get" it. It appears to me that nothing that I "say" will change your opinion.
Do you think that in the "ignorant" south we don't see the news or read books (like in Alaska)? Do you really believe that you have to remind me to be thankful that I was born an American and that I don't have to struggle every day for basic needs?
Your Quote:
"But when things are out of your control like what happened with your loss, then you just keep going and appreciate what you have in life."
HOW DARE YOU! How dare you imply that is not what I am doing EVERY day of my life? How dare you PREACH to me about life and its blessings. Again you have made grossly inaccurate assumptions about me and my life.

Emporia said...


Now that we have that out the way, how do you really feel about what Bill said?


BrotherShoe said...

Bill, you're right about one thing, G. K. Chesterton was a very smart man. According to Chesterton, "Men are ruled, at this minute by the clock, by liars who refuse them news, and by fools who cannot govern." A very smart man indeed. (Spoken in 1917, during the second term of President Dr. Woodrow Wilson, an elitist, Progressive Democrat who gave us the draft, the modern income tax system, and who segregated the Federal government.)

BrotherShoe said...

The United States of America is my birthplace, my homeland, my country. When she is right, I will follow her with vigor and pride. I will shout her praises and stand ready for her call. When she is wrong I will work to correct her course from within the democratic processes provided to me. I will resist those from any direction who seek to steer her too quickly; and instead rely carefully on the charts of those who first envisioned her. If summoned to help lead her I will do so with deep thought and great courage. I will treat my fellow citizens with respect and dignity, even if we disagree. Right or wrong I will defend her, pray for her, fly her flag with reverence, and never, ever betray her. So yes, Mr. Maher—this is my country . . . right or wrong.

LANE said...

Great episode. Thanks for making me a fan!

Cactusclef said...

Stupid maybe. Ignorant most likely.

Because of the way our monetary system is set up, it's difficult to recognize that all of our politicians, regardless of the administration in power, pursue the interests of the financial oligarchy rather than the people.

Instead of increasing federal debt via the military industrial complex, we are now doing it via the socio industrial complex.

Either way, more money borrowed by the government means more deposits in member banks and more new money created via the fractional reserve lending process.

All this while the common man has to run faster and faster to keep up as the treadmills of inflation and taxes are continually raised and while the media (that's you Mr. Maher) turns a blind eye to the atrocities committed by the syndicated financial institution that is governed by the privately owned cartel known as the Federal Reserve.

Welcome to the new world of slavery and serfdom.

Unknown said...

This is a really stupid idea..(or is it?). The growing divide between conservative and liberal Americans will continue to fracture this nation based on ideologies. Perhaps this nation one day will not be able to settle somewhere in the middle on issues, and we may divide into two countries with two distinct individual govenments. One country for conservatives and one for liberals. Then they both can have their way as they choose. The only time our country ever unites is when we have some horrific event like a world war or 9/11 come along. And, then the national solidarity is only temporary. As we continue to struggle with all our differences within our border, other countries of the world are coming up, they are focused on economic growth, education, militant power, etc. We have the time to change to help ourselves before we lose our nation, but what are the solutions that will solve the growing problems our nation faces? This is a question...and the true answers needed to cover such a wide spectrum of issues that concern Americans, that a one-paragraph commentary on this blog will not sufficiently address them all. What is the common thread or "core" set of principles we can go back to, which we all agree on? Perhaps, a "set point" if you will, and then move forward from there. What family values and social issues, can we all agree on to live together? Or is it not possible to find that balance in America any longer without it morphing into something none of us will recognize. I am encouraged there are answered, however balance can not be except. Too much "right" of "left" creates problems. I believe we are seeing the scales tipped too far to one side now, and people are reacting publicly. We need a renewal of our nation- one which serves the interests of all, not just some- then we all grow together, work together, and grow as a nation together. Is this too perfect of an idea for our nation...or is there hope it could..for ALL of us?

Emporia said...

Hello Cactusclef,

I read your comment and agree with some of what you have said.

Some of your way of thinking is reflected in "Karl Marx's" book titled "Capital". Although most economists and analysts refer to the Keynesian economic model, Karl Marx made some valid points in Capital.

Believe it or not those financial institution "cartels" are also there to insure that the economy runs smoothly through applying good monetary policies.

If you had just become president of the United States and you were briefed that you have inherited a budget deficit from the outgoing president of over $900 billion, you would still have to decide what programs to allocated funds to regardless of increasing the current budget deficit. There is absolutely no way you would be able to avoid adding to the budget deficit. The only choice you have is to make prudent decisions about what programs to increase or decrease.

In this case, the current president is spending more on social programs which is a good thing for the American people. In some cases when it comes to spending, you don't have choices and you must work with what you have to minimize your impact on the issue (in this case, the budget deficit).

best regards,


Wells said...

Shockingly, I totally agree! The country is filled with underachieving robatrons who are unfortunately perpetually misinformed by the media in addition to being intellectually lazy and/or stupid. This fact is proven out as the majority of them actually voted for Obama in the first place - without the slightest clue as to what that would mean for our country.

Cactusclef said...


Good monetary policies for who? I suggest the book "Web of Debt" by Ellen Brown.

Follow the money and see who is really behind these initiatives.

Emporia said...

Hello William,

I admire your desire for a nation that will grow together. I have hope that it will but there is always a struggle to achieve something worthwhile.

The current ongoing healthcare reform debate is good and healthy for Americans. Without violence, healthy discussions and disagreements are good for the nation to head in the right direction. I have faith that we will get there.

best regards,


Emporia said...

Hello Wells,

What did it mean for our country when these people elected our current president?



Emporia said...


These groups who are priviledged have existed from the beginning of time. They are not going away.

The best is to focus on how you can make your own impact and not of those that you cannot control.

Unless....if I may ask, do you have some beneficial suggestions on how to resolve the issue?



Scott Mckenzie said...

Of course, America is full of stupid people, the examples could be presented ad nauseum. However, why are many Americans stupid is the valid question?
Follow the money, being a material determinst leads me to believe that money, power and status are the roots of the problem. Meaning that there has been a systematic effort to maintain a status quo of the have brains and the have not brains. Our caste system is dependent upon the stupid to keep the have brains, usually with money, into the positions they occupy.
If people took the time to think, be educated and exhibit any minute form of empathy, then the caste system could topple. Income mobility is dead if it ever existed and Horatio Alger was a myth created to perpetuate the caste system in America.
With the stupid people following the lead of their masters, so fearful of any change, we will never universal health care but we will get a war in Iraq that has bled this country dry-makes sense to me.

Cactusclef said...


Yes, I have many suggestions. To many to list in this forum. But all these ideas have their roots in the rule of law that existed when we (the US) were still a constitutional republic, not what we have become today.

Our constitution was an attempt at safeguarding liberty. But the ingenuity of the human mind has found ways around it.

I'm afraid that the house of cards won't last much longer, however. We narrowly dodged the bullet last October. But this re-inflation of the currency will only cause yet another bubble, this one much worse than the last.

Nothing the current administration is doing will have any affect or be of any lasting consequence after that happens.

Mojo Chuck said...

A bit unrelated, but not entirely... Bill, I want to thank you for putting into words something I've felt throughout the last campaign, but was unable to articulate. Every time someone trotted out "Joe the Plumber" or Palin started that schmaltzy "I'm just an average mom" talk, I wanted to scream. I know average people, I'm mostly one of them, and I absolutely, positively do not want average people running the country.

I want extraordinary people running my country, I want people that are far smarter than the average in charge of things. That would make me sleep a little easier at night because I've seen what average (Bush Jr.) accomplishes and it's a clusterf$&#.

Keep up the good work!
- Chuck

Emporia said...


Wow! You are very special and very perceptive.



Scarlett Ohara said...

Emporia, I agreed with almost all of what Bill Maher had to say. I believe we are an extremely uninformed nation about every thing from history to economics to world affairs, but I don't believe the majority of us are stupid. Many are just complacent, arrogant, and lazy. But that is not to say there are not stupid people in this world. Many intelligent people can be pretty stupid!
Many years ago, I was on a cruise ship and struck up a conversation with a man from Israel. He said to me (and I have never forgotten it) that Americans are self-centered. Few read the newspapers (this before we got most of news from the internet) or follow what is happening in the world. He said to me that if it doesn't affect Americans directly, if it doesn't happen in our neighborhoods, then we are uninterested. I believe, to a large to degree, he was right. He then explained to me, that it was vital in Israel to ALWAYS know what was going on in the world. He certainly gave me pause to consider many things after our conversation.
I am new to this blog, but I am enjoying it. Best to all. Scarlett

Scarlett Ohara said...

I agree that we certainly want our leaders to be our best and brightest, but I don't think that is what we have.

Emporia said...

Hello Scarlett,

I have had similar experiences with many of my friends who are located in various parts of the world.

They use to always complain that I spent too much money and that Americans in general spend spend spend too much rather than save.

Now guest what they are telling me? Since Americans are not spending and prefer to save during the recession, they realize that American consumers, the world's largest consumers, were the root cause of job creation in their countries.

Now that we are not spending, jobs are being lost in the US, throughout Europe and various parts of the world.

The israeli gentleman that you spoke with probably comes from israel, an area that is strife with war and terror. The same is for the Palestanians. So their point of view can be bias about any country since they live in an environment that is filled with violence.

So maybe we are arrogant and self-centered, but we certainly have positive effects on international affairs, especially with the amount of foreign aid provided to developing and underdeveloped countries.

Honestly, I don't think there are too many countries that would give the United States an A or B based on who we are as a nation because we are certainly unique.

best regards,


Unknown said...

Bill, you have it right. This country is getting dumb and dumber...and that's just what our government's that kind of following you can easily lead off a cliff.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Emporia, our experiences appear to be similar in this regard. You are so right about much of the world badmouthing us but depending upon us for financial, governmental and civil rights stability.
As for my cruise ship friend, I believe that was part of the point he was trying to make: that as Americans (as opposed to Israelis and Palestinians) we can enjoy a certain amount of ignorant bliss.

Unknown said...

57 States, Special Olympic bowling, 'Tim' Lauer, and the times the teleprompter went down; oh yeah, Dear Leader is truly a genius, kind of like Rain Man.

Elitist, what a hilarious term. I wonder how elite you will be after we lose power after an EMP. What exactly have you done to get calloused hands Bill (besides the one that smells kind of funny)? What 'real world' experience have you hoisted upon your skinny shoulders?

Your (drooling with envy) degree from Cornell isn't going to provide you with food or drinkable water. What exactly are you going to do when all the 5 stars restaurants are closed? What about the grocery stores? What will you do??? Call for delivery? Oops, that won’t work either.

It must make you proud to have sucked so much Jewish cock that you have your own show. No wonder you don’t dig religion. Just joshing you! Keep up the fine work. I’m just an average hater spewing some of my slanted, idiotic VRW venom. It might be fun for you to spend a week walking around as a person who is not cacooned in LA or NYC. Come spend a week in Texas. Talk about things the way you do on TV. Find out what us ignorant rednecks think about you, pathetic little fuck. And you think Estrada punches hard?

Unknown said...

Wow, chris. You sure do know how to hammer the point home, don't you, you reprobate. caveman. lone-star. scarlet-necked big-talker?

You prove his point admirably. Keep praying for the big one from your lonely trailer in Plano. We'll be glad when the EMP hits, because you'll likely lose your internet connection.

But don't worry. While Texas slides into Roadwarrior-cum-Wild West mode, we in the civilized world will spend a few weeks replacing transformers and rebuilding our apparently hand-softening society while quietly building some fences around Texas' resources.

You make it seem as if Texans would be happier shooting each other for that last packet of chewing tobacco than being a part of a society that cares for its folks. I am sure they can build reservations for your type in your much-vaunted end times.

Have a nice life!

Seeking Truth said...

You were RIGHT ON with this Rule! You were SO ON with these rules!!! Thank you for showcasing that the "other" side is intelligent and patriotic; and the honesty you generously shared hopefully will reach others. Thank you again for an excellent piece and keep it coming from a very grateful American....

omar.zahir said...

after watching religulous i thought you are loosing track of your thoughts and ideas...not because i agree or disagree with your views, yet because that the movie was sloppy..i expected a lot more and got (blows raspberries)......but than i read this and my dick got hard with excitement!......keep pissing them off bill...

Guy Wiggins said...

Dear Bill, please keep telling the unvarnished truth - and maybe instead of spending hundreds of billions of dollars in Iraq, we can invest more in education and get a little less stupid as a nation.

Kristine Burke said...

If Americans are stupid, it's because we have been filled with ridiculous "information" for a long time. For example, we are being told that the rich should foot the bill for healthcare (and every other ill) in this country whether they have anything to do with promoting our unhealthy behaviors or not. In other words, our politicians and media have been teaching people that there is no relationship between our choices/actions and consequences. We have become systematically disempowered.

I wrote an article on, "The Truth About Who Should Pay For America's Healthcare Crisis," suggesting that those responsible for promoting the "polluting" of our bodies also be held responsible for cleaning up their mess - funding national healthcare. The story received over 1,000 hits in less than a day. Obviously, people were forwarding it through their networks. It must have struck a chord.

I consider it positive evidence that people are eager to see some logical reasoning return to our country. Personally, I am counting on people like you to foster that movement.

ZenGrouch said...

These are the good old days...

This country is twisting on down the shitter of ignorance, and the Republicunts are holding down the handle.

If it weren't for stupidity and fear, they wouldn't have very much going for 'em, so they have to use whatever works in their magic bag 'o tricks.

Our country isn't stupid, it's just that most of the people living here are dumb.

I mean, look at how bad Bush fucked up the place, before we could get Democrats in charge again.

Now after less than a year in office, they're howling at the Moon, wondering why Obama hasn't fixed the mess.

OK, now that's just plain dumb. This is a group of people who obviously don't understand the problems around them, and vote Republican, because they can feel good about themselves, without actually using 1/100th of their mental capacity. They just have to learn a few phrases, like my parrot, and they're off and running, thinking they're vital parts of society, and not just a cog in the machinery, that is destine to take over.

Face it, intelligence in this country has seen it's day, and the Sun is setting.

For an example of how easily lead the sheep in this country are, turn on the news, on a reliable source, and watch the wind up robomouths shouting down a health care program that is for their own good. Nobody wants to take doctors away from old people, but imply that on a paid for by the machine commercial, and you'll have the idiots shitting their pants with anger.

The black clouds of ignorance are building and the storm is coming, but if you point this out the sheep will call you Chicken Little with a Swastika.

I never address anything directly to Maher in this blog, but please, no matter how difficult it becomes, don't follow the money, but follow something else, and become the lighting rod in the shit storm of stupidity, to draw attention to the fence sitters, and those of us, who are ready to accept the inevitable, and give up the good fight.

But then, maybe it's already too late. Because, how do you respond to an right wing army, who are as dumb as a cold turd, but are quite vocal, producing a noise that is doing a very good job of drowning out pure and simple logic?

ZenGrouch said...

Speaking of "smart" any chance of Eleanor Clift being a guest on RT any time soon?

Edward said...

Bill, check this out if you havent already...

conspiracies, oohhh

Quenby Wilcox said...

Believe me Americans do not have a monopoly on stupidity. I have lived and travelled around the world, speak 3 languages, been on a "walkabout" for the past 20 years and can assure you that stupidity is alive and well everywhere.

My favorite joking example was with the French always telling me that American's are stupid because some kid from Iowa didn't know where the Atlantic ocean was. Well on a French game show some guy when asked "Where is Italy." He responded "in Spain." Then he was asked what letter of the alphabet is the same as a women's errogenous zone? He responded "Q" (queue - rear-end in French.)

You tell me what is worse not knowing world geography or your way around a woman's body?!?!

But, seriously the stupidity and ignorance in this world is not just annoying, it is dangerous. For the past 2 years I have been fighting an on-going international custody battle against a violent, psychopathic ex-husband in Spain and the stupidity, apathy and arrogance that I have come up against is disgusting. But, no one cares (least of all the american Consulate) because we are only talking about a bunch of kids,who have no economic or political power. Besides everyone is having too much fun embezzling, defrauding and torturing an American to think about the welfare of a bunch of kids.

Pls. visit my blog and send a ltr. to Washington, because what happened to me is going on in the USA as well, and if people do not start caring about the kids of this world then start passing out all the drug (legal, illegal, and prescription) for free because WE WILL DESTROY OURSELVES AND THIS PLANET.

And, as to the people inside the beltway being an intellectual elite? I have returned to DC after 20 years, having left saying "I'm not working with these crooks," and I can promise nothing has changed. Obama will never be able to instil any change in DC and the USA as long as DC remains politics as usual.

My God, if this is an intellectual elite, we are up a creek without a paddle!!!!! Someone pass me the bong, quick!!!!!

Quenby Wilcox

Quenby Wilcox

Steve Monroe said...

I thinks Bill Maher is hilarious when he calls America "stupid." I tune in every night because I have been naturally selected to repeatedly touch a hot stove, repeatedly bite the hand that feeds me, and achieve massive wealth in a stupid nation under God that gives me the freedom to be cynical, arrogant, religulous, ungrateful, and stoopid!

Ed said...

Mr. Maher,

When people say "keep your government hands off my medicare," they are protesting the fact that government wants to cut medicare. They know where it comes from you stuck up buffoon. I agree that medicare should be cut. It has all the benefits of socialized medicine, but none of the downturns. If Americans want to keep their precious (and unconstitutional) entitlement programs, we're going to have to pay a lot more in payroll taxes and receive a lot less in benefits.

Why don't you do an empirical study around the world. How many Chinese atheists know their ass from a hole in the ground? How many French know what the term "monetary policy" means? et cetera.

conservative_kevin said...

Bill, for such a "smart" person you claim to be, I don't see how you are helping yourself any.
Here are some words of wisdom for you. You don't know how stupid or smart every individual in America is, so why assume that we are stupid. You are for destroying a country's core foundation of prosperity, called capitalism, which has worked for over 230 years, yet you want to go socialism, which has proven to limit growth, and inventive thinking. It seems to me that the conservatives are as dumb as it seems.

steve said...

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Unknown said...







Rod in Texas said...

Watch Blazing Saddles again. Since Obama became president it's the script almost word for word. Obama is the smart guy in town and can't get any respect from the Johnson's. Any approval comes in the back window with a pie and a thank you n......

Jacob said...

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Unknown said...

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