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Friday, July 31st, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, July 31st, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

I know why you’re happy: racism is over and we did it with a beer
-Bill Maher in his opening monologue

There was one little awkward moment. When he arrived at the White House,he got out of the car,and he threw Obama his keys.
-Bill Maher in his opening monologue about Sergeant Crowley

You can take your old gas-guzzling clunker to your GM dealer and trade it in on a new gas-guzzling clunker.
-Bill Maher in his opening monologue about “cash for clunkers”

I think its great that we have a President who we can see having a beer cause he isn’t a dry drunk.
-Bill Maher

My great fear is that Congress is gonna get power over the Fed. That’s the nightmare scenario. We have those crazy people on the hill starting to control American policy. Then I really will go back to Britain.
-Harvard Professor Niall Ferguson who is British

He is Michael Jordan playing on a bad team. There’s nobody to pass the ball to.
-Bill Maher about President Obama and Congress

I think we should airlift all the women out of Afghanistan for 40 years so that the Taliban can’t reproduce and then bring them back and start from scratch.
-Joe Queenan

It’s funny for me to be asked to speak on behalf of women.
-Rachel Maddow


New Rule: From now on, to save valuable airtime, news outlets must only report when a ballplayer is discovered to be not on steroids.

-Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: Never underestimate the ability of a tiny fringe group of losers to ruin everything. For the past couple of weeks we’ve all been laughing heartily at the wacky antics of the “birthers”—the far-right goofballs who claim Obama wasn’t really born in Hawaii and therefore the job of president goes to the runner-up, Miss California Carrie Prejean. And there’s nothing you can do to convince these people—you could hand them, in person, the original birth certificate, with the placenta, and have a video of Obama emerging from the womb with Don Ho singing in the background and they still wouldn’t believe it.

-Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were Rachel Maddow, Niall Ferguson, Joe Queenan, Michael Ware and Jeff Sharlet.


Unknown said...


I've been a long time fan of the show. Good stuff. I just wanted to comment regarding the small piece discussed regarding the Federal Reserve. I must say that I was suprised at how little you and your panel seem to know about this most insideous boil on the ass of America and the world for that matter that this corrupt system is. It is the largest FOR PROFIT bank in the world. They answer to NO ONE and I feel strongly that they should be audited. Please do some research. The American public really needs to know more about how this one entity is responsible for nearly every world wide corrupt scheme there is and will be. Please, please research and talk about it. This country needs to wake up! Thank you.


Unknown said...

I agree with justpat, you and the public really need to get ahold of this one-fast! This could truly be the biggest news around and it's being downplayed all throughout the media! We have been sold-out-due to insatiable greed and power, which has placed this country in grave jeopardy! I urge all readers to start looking into it because we will all be affected-soon!Youtube and Ron Paul would be a great place to start, so PLEASE, start now! Thanks America

Unknown said...

Please Bill,

ask Ron Paul to come on the show and explain how the Federal Reserve works to you and your audience, this is more important than any issue that you have ever covered.

Anonymous said...


I am ashamed to admit that I've only gotten to know you a month ago, when I saw Religulous. Ever since then I've been watching Real Time and got past month's shows also. Your definitely on my list of favorites. Everyone who ridicules religion (yeah, it ridicules itself)is THE man.

On your last show:

Religion is getting out of hand. Really, really out of hand.
I was seriously pissed of when I heard Jeff Sharlet's story. I can't believe that senator you interviewed in Religulous is a part of that "organization". That fact that people like him can even become senators is unbelievable.

Religion has to die.

Unknown said...


How did your ratings end for the month.....pretty much in the toilet again.....

It has got to feel like your almost talking to yourself.....(you are your greatest, strongest supporter (oh...and I guess close family)

I laugh...every time I look up your ratings...that is of course the biggest chuckle ( a belly laugh).....You are just one sponsor away from being pushed off the probverbial cliff.....

Unknown said...

You forgot one quote from your show...

"There was one little awkward momemnt where he (Crowley) arrived at the White House, got out of the car and threw Obama the keys."

Compare these pictures.

Obama, heedless of the infirmities of his friend and fellow victim of self-defined racial profiling, chuck's-n-jive's ahead on his own, while Sergeant Crowley, the sole class act in this trio, helps the handicapped Professor Gates.

Who is compassionate in the picture? Who is so shamlessly self-involved and arrogant that he is oblivious?

It doesn't matter where Obama was born, he deserves to be on the back of the bus!

Anonymous said...

What is your problem with the word "apologetics"?

Unknown said...

Isn't the plural of apology, apologies? What is aplogetics? I am so apologetics? Aplogetic is not pluralized as apologetICS Goober!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

I really liked this week's show; way better than the one you had with 3 individual celebrity guests talking about themselves – please don’t ever have a show like that again. I completely agree about TV "news" hasn’t been news in a long time. Five years ago, I really enjoyed CNN but there is so much entertainment "news" it just isn't news anymore. I don’t care about Michael freaking Jackson, that IS NOT NEWS. People die every day, move on.

Janie Massie said...

Dear Bill,

I am a fan of the show. I think you are funny, witty, intelligent, and bring a much needed perspective to broadcast news. I am also a Christian and a Democrat. I am just as offended and appalled by the far right as you. That is why I would love to see you bring in some Christian Democrats such as Jim Wallis, the editor of Sojourners Magazine and author of God's Politics. You need to debate with some intelligent and liberal-minded Christians who can talk to your issues. Trust me, they're out there!


Janie Massie

Roberta said...

I would like to write about my experience with health care. I am Italian, and I lived in Italy for almost 26 years of my life. I grew up with a free health care system, not having to worry about going bankrupt if something happened to my family or me. I only went to the doctor's when I felt it was necessary (rather, the doctor in my hometown still makes house calls if you are in bed with 104 fever). I am now 35 years old ,living in the U.S. for 9 years, and checking my bank account to see if I can afford to go the doctor's. I did not mention that I AM insured. I am one of the lucky ones. However, my insurance company does everything it can to deny payment of even a simple yearly check up. So, I wonder, why am I insured?
Also, the American health system is NOT the best system in the world! Sure, in hospitals you have your own room, with your own phone, with cable tv, while in ITaly you share a room with five other people (if you are rich you can opt for the single room), and you have to bring your tv from home. The waiting time in the E.R. is not as different. I happened to wait 45 minutes to an hour in the U.S. as well as in Italy. the care is the same. My husband had a surgical procedure in Italy, and in no time he was back on his feet. Cost for the procedure? €0.
The great thing is that my health is great, my American doctor said that I don't bring him any money because I don't take more meds than I need (i won't be specific here...), and my health is great. Should I be sad about it?
Also, talking about old people, my great-grandmother lived to be 92, my two living grandmothers are 90 (even with alzheimer's, but physically she is strong as an ox) and 84 years old. And, yes, all of this in Italy, where health care is still free.
One last thing. I work in the tourism industry, and recently a client of mine was taken to the e.r. in Rome, and all he could say was: "they were sao fast, and so kind, and so good. They do care about their patients".
This is what is like in Europe. Our doctors don't practice some sort of "woodoo" rituals, they do go to school, university and go through all the requirements the American doctors go through. Why don't I move back to Italy? two words: Silvio Berlusconi!

Ps=Sorry for writing such a long comment.

Da Rat Bastid said...

Do us all a favor and run for congress!

Unknown said...

speaking of have got to see what a NATIONAL spokesperson for the Association of Realtors is touting......follow this link...HOW ABSURD...I am a Realtor and I am ashamed...I might leave the organization....see page 9 on the attached article of a large Southern Calif Assoc of Realtors...

once again it is on page 9.

signed, a concerned and violated Realtor

Mobile Billboards said...


I think you will love this site! It's not enough that we had Advertising Everywhere now apparently everyone can sell advertising space.

Who knows... maybe Obama can sell ad space on his Presidential Limo or AirForce One...

I can just see it! Bud Light presents AirForce One.

the site is



Anonymous said...

What the lizard people are up to:

Why property values are declining in (Houston) USA: the face of the enemy

What we have that they don't is the sense to not advertise to the NSA:

Well Bill, if its Hilary or Darth Cheney going to decide who lives & dies, we're VSF.

Crusader said...

JustPat, you hit the nail right on the fucking head! Perfectly said

michael301 said...

Methinks Mr. Maher has been gelded. (I'm a long time fan- honest!) But it seems the only defense the 'anti-birthers' have is callow name-calling… which speaks volumes of course. & to ‘ trust but verify’ means I’m a racist idiot… a lizard?? Gawd!
"Take the rope off from around your neck and the blindfold from your eyes & you'll never be surprised that they tell you… that they love you- when they're eating you alive." -The Killdares/Celtic Rock Band
(Usually my favorite quote regarding institutionalized religion.)

just for grins Mr. Maher- read:

It’s a report commissioned by a retired CIA officer.

Then maybe…just maybe… but probably not.
I do hope the birthers are wrong.

Jeff said...

Last I heard Africans came from Africa. There are no, "Banana eating jungle monkeys," there because Africa is a dessert and plains. Misconception. South America there are jungles.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the CIA fired employee must be worth following without furthur scrotinization.

"You want more fish hooks in your scrotum?" asked Dirk Cheney, swishing what must be human blood in his custom neoprene Batman sado-suit.

The ass plug drew your eye at 1st but it was his pale face, his eagerness, his almost youthful energy, the sweat beading on his brow, that caught my eye.

His totally pegged pupils.

FUuucck! Another meth hed seeking control! Again? Look at his followers!

Bill, the difference between the SEALs executing a political target and Dick Cheney's Brown Shirts having a night of phun is that the congress has oversight of the SEALs, not just Herr Cheney.

Anonymous said...

Peanut butter! Peanut butter you motherfucker! Don't you dare claim you forgot the fucking secret word! Again!

Aussie said...

Bill, The British have never need to apologise to Oz for using convicts to help settle it, just as they have not needed to apologise for settling the USA.

I would have like more discussion regarding the Federal Reserve especially from Niall Ferguson. He is right that it should not be made to report to the 'bad team' in congress but it should be held more accountable and its board members should be a wider selection of people than just bankers. Get Ron Paul on to talk about the Federal Reverse.

Great to see an international guest list.

Aussie said...

Regarding military spending - for years the USA has spent a fortune on high tech hardware that will never work, but sounds like a great concept. Get some of the USA's allies on and have them talk about all the hardware they buy that does not work. Also who do we need this stuff to fight with? The enermy is a bunch of guys in caves.

Aussie said...

The guy you had on a couple of months ago to talk about food, these are my comments;

* Frozen vegetables are as good as fresh vegetables, they are both just vegetables.

* The range/selection of food we have available to us today is far broader than 12,000 years ago when we were hunters and gathers.

* People who eat a poor diet will be more likely to die from Swine Flu N1H1 because their immune system will be weaker. Also people who have largely been living on genetically modified food will have a weak immune system as well.

michael301 said...

..."Yes, the CIA fired employee" I didn't know that- he claims retired.(perhaps he asked too many questions,or took the rope off from around his neck.)
In the linked report- near the end, a guy who had been investigating stolen government passport info. was found fatally shot in his car- what's that about? & there's sooo much more Obama won't release- i.e., college transcripts & thesis. & why won’t anyone step up & collect the 100k for witnessing Obama’s birth- doctors, nurses or the freaging janitor?

Aussie said...

USA healthcare a couple of points

*If Americans spent more time looking outside of the USA they would realize they have been getting ripped off for years. Most OECD countries have a better health care system than the USA.

* The people who are dying of Swine Flu have a weak immune system.

* People who cost the health care system the most are very sick people in their last 6 months of life - see above note regarding Swine Flu.

Robert J. Boatwright said...

Country Politics
At this juncture

Korea & Iran
We need a chess player, not a warrior.

We need a warrior, not a chess player

Financial institutions
We need regulators, not dependents

We need scientist not corporate executives

To choose the right people
We need facts, not political rhetoric

And if we need to change course
We need pragmatic thinking, not religious views

Robert J. Boatwright said...

Country Politics
At this juncture

Korea & Iran
We need a chess player, not a warrior.

We need a warrior, not a chess player

Financial institutions
We need regulators, not dependents

We need scientist not corporate executives

To choose the right people
We need facts, not political rhetoric

And if we need to change course
We need pragmatic thinking, not religious views

John P. said...


My wife and I loved the program last night. The reporter who was taken hostage was just amazing.

The Federal Reserve controls liquidity (money in circulation) by setting a reserve rate. Basically, if a bank has $100, the FED says they need to keep a certain amount (reserve rate) in their bank at all times. So say the reserve rate is 5%, that means that they can lend out $95 and have to keep $5 in the bank. If the FED lowers the reserve rate to say 3%, that means they can lend out more money which adds more money into circulation. The lower the FED set the rate, the more money banks can lend out and thus they add money “liquidity” to the economy.

The reason why trickle down economics didn't work has to do with the Pyramid of Liquidity. Google image it. You can see that 75% of wealth is in "Derivatives". Derivatives kept capitalism's brakes from working. For example, if a college pizza place charged too much for pizza they would have fewer sales because the college kids wouldn't have the cash available to pay for it. This would force the pizza place to LOWER prices. This is natural capitalism. If, however, the college kids got credit cards, they might act irresponsibly and buy pizzas no matter what the price. So, prices remained high and the responsible kids paid more, while the parents of the irresponsible kids bailed them out.

In the politics of bailouts, think about NYC in the 1970's. They were completely corrupt and irresponsible. They asked the Federal Government for a Bailout and Gerry Ford said it is not the Federal Government's responsibility to bail out an irresponsible city. NYC took it as the Republicans "turning their back on NYC" and since, has been devout Democrats.

Obama has to decide between bailing out California and keeping Blue Dog areas like Virginia. Gov. Schwartz. Talked about trying to get a spending cap set at 5%. He said that Calif. can't sustain the 13% year over year spending increases. When inflation is approx. 3% and 0% this year, why is a State growing at 13%? Of course they will go bankrupt. Is it the responsibility of responsible States to bail them out?

While Obama is trying to balance the Democratic Front, Ben Bernake is trying to balance another front, borrowers and lenders. Borrowers want inflation and lenders want a stable economy so they can assess risk. If I buy a house for $300k and my salary is $100k, I want inflation because I’ll end up getting a $150k salary and my mortgage is still only $300k, so instead of it being 3 times my salary, it is now 1.5 times my salary and I have more buying power. The lender doesn’t want this because the buying power of the money they get back from the borrower is worth less than what it was when they lent it out. This is called the inflation premium.

Check out Wikipedia for the M3 or Money Supply. You can see how the supply of money skyrocketed in the past decade. This of course has to do with derivatives in that if a person has a $50k line of credit, they don’t really have $50k, but they have the ability to spend $50k. Because people were living off their credit cards just to pay their bills, including States like California, and quite frankly the United States Government, we don’t really know what a pure capitalistic reality looks like because the brakes of capitalism never got a chance to work. Bernanke is trying to balance a short term need for capital with the borrowers long term need for stability in the US Dollar so they can assess the risk of the future value of their money.

John P. said...

Obama's economic philosophy is based on wealth redistribution given that wealth has been acquired by the wealthiest. The flaw with this theory is based on globalization. The union employee in Detroit wants to benchmark themselves against the Jones, when their direct competition is the Wongs in China who work for the price of rice and ride their bikes to work. People with 3rd World skills living in a 1st World Nation ought to be thankful as their counterparts don't do as well. The wealthiest 1% can INVEST in emerging nations, while the middle class has to COMPETE with emerging nations. This shear in wealth is based more on global forces and not national greed.

Cap and Trade make it more difficult for US manufacturing companies to compete, as the cost advantage will go to those in polluter nations. Unless we regulate CONSUMPTION of products made in polluter nations, we're just encouraging the growth in the polluter nations.

Bottom line is that our nation is a balance of capitalistic and democratic forces. We are experiencing the worst of both. We have a pendulum swing from bad capitalistic forces to bad democratic forces. A bad democracy is one where you have two wolves and one sheep voting on what to have for dinner, and a bad capitalistic nation is one where competition is stifled.

A good democracy is one where people have strong industrious value structure, where their constitution is bedrock and steel and not rotted wood. A good capitalistic society is where competition and capital are managed in a way where we have a healthy balance of competition to prevent price bubbles, progress technical and innovative advancements, and rewards hard work, honesty, and dedication.

Putting these into play with Health Care would look like this:

Equipment: The Government lays out specifications for equipment and then administers a register for private companies to post their best price for their equipment that meets specs. This way, the companies with the most aggressive pricing gets rewarded. The government also administers a R&D Register for innovative companies to compete at competitive rates.

Cost of Medical School:

We make it cheaper for talented students to go to MED School.

Cost of Malpractice Insurance:

We can't force doctors to see more patients or interfere with their practice if we also intend to allow malpractice suits with huge awards.

Cost of medicine:

We also administer a Register of Prescription Drugs and other medications. We have companies compete for the sale of these drugs and we negotiate with the companies who develop these drugs in such a way where they can maintain reasonable profits and keep moving development forward rapidly. We also drill down to find out what their costs are and how we can help them do R&D more cheaply.

Nylon and Neon said...

There will be no follow up on the Federal reserve comments! Too Big of a sacred cow.

They allways trot out a Judsa goat Like Ferguson to lie and say How wonderful The Federal reserve is! DONT BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nylon and Neon said...

Niall Ferguson-Judas Goat!

What a total ass,just because you have a British accent does not mean you are more intelligent than True American Patriots! ABOLISH THE FEDERAL RESERVE NOW!!

John P. said...

The Democrat's problem is that they don't trust capitalism.

For example, when college tuitions got too expensive, Democrats pushed for more student loans. Instead of colleges feeling the capitalistic forces to lower prices, the Democrats extended credit in the derivatives world and the greedy colleges just raised and raised their prices. As tuitions went up, Democrats just extended credit. Republicans believe that if you cut credit, it forces colleges to have more realistic tutitions.

Look at the Democrat's policy on housing with the Community Reinvestment Act. As they tried to make housing "affordable" by extending credit and leverage to those that couldn't afford it, prices skyrocketted and made housing even more unaffordable.

Democrats need to trust capitalism because after the price squeeze comes the dawn of the new more lean and mean company that can deliver and withit all the strong, smart, and hard working individuals that need to be empowered in our society. By extending credit we just feed the fat cats and not force competition and arrest price bubbles.

Anonymous said...

Kim Jong Il has pardoned the 2 journalists! Now, if we can only get our politicians to behave so rationally and honorably...

Justin Case said...

Health Care--

Think about this for a minute. Seriously. We pay into a system that earns profits from the one segment of our society who are statistical the least likely to ever need health care... able-bodied workers from age 18 to 65.

And when we retire, when we're old and actually do need major health care assistance, the system we paid into for years isn’t there for us. When you retire, you leave your employer. We say "bye-bye health care plan" and Hello Medicare" (which is nationalized helath care, FYI).

So how about we stop feeding the employer-based monster.

I have never really heard anyone point out this simply flawed logic of our current system: We are over insuring those who don’t need it, and under insuring those who do.

And we allow an entire industry to profit from that? That’s just nuts.


Anonymous said...

JC - have you ever examined the insurance industry? Ahaha hhahaha hhahahahaha...

What I'm enjoying most is watching the thin veneer of shit hosed off to reveal the sparkling possibilities of autonomous self-actualization.

I really, really like watching the crusty bits flake off, intact. I know that thats the old school BuShit. I smile at the thought that all these old fuckers will be dead soon, worm food or ashes, because they are afraid of the animals they ate.


Unknown said...

Regarding the FEDERAL RESERVE and the whole concept of CENTRAL BANKING, the online movie Zeitgeist and its follow up address this practice in a very scary way.

As a big fan of yours, "Real Time," and Religulous, I can only assume that you've seen this movie as it shreds Christianity, 911, Bush, and monetary corruption. It is a MUST SEE for all!
Whoever monitors this website, please make Bill aware of this film. Trust me, its right up his alley.

Crusader said...

Lens, Lil Korean Kim is about as rational and honorable as Charles Manson. He would've just as easily put a bullet between those two ladies' eyes if it served his political desires. Nylon and Neon, You're damn fucking right that the Fed is the Great Satan. Maher will show his true colors in how he chooses to stand concerning this traitorous international Jew mechanism for Gentile destruction. Is he a good Jew, the type that is most feared by the Nazi Jews, for the good ones are most capable of going after the evil in their flock. Or, is Bill part of the whole facade, pretending to be a liberal but in fact being a tool serving the evil Reptile financiers. I would default to the prior. But, he needs to wake the fuck up. Mitch McDad, you're right that Bill needs to watch Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum.

Crusader said...

Lens, Lil Korean Kim is about as rational and honorable as Charles Manson. He would've just as easily put a bullet between those two ladies' eyes if it served his political desires. Nylon and Neon, You're damn fucking right that the Fed is the Great Satan. Maher will show his true colors in how he chooses to stand concerning this traitorous international Jew mechanism for Gentile destruction. Is he a good Jew, the type that is most feared by the Nazi Jews, for the good ones are most capable of going after the evil in their flock. Or, is Bill part of the whole facade, pretending to be a liberal but in fact being a tool serving the evil Reptile financiers. I would default to the prior. But, he needs to wake the fuck up. Mitch McDad, you're right that Bill needs to watch Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist Addendum.

Anonymous said...

OK scooter.

Little Kim just freed 2 young women, total pawns of fools like you, free of charge. He did this in the Wrong universe Wyou made; What balls.

What do you have?

Can you possibly imagine that this world would be better for everyone if the machiavellian criminals were brought to justice? I DO.

I will stand naked in the light of justice, and I will thrive. You? no way.

Do your homework Tex. Charlie was never charged with killing anyone, or rape, or torture. The whole case is based on a guy named Tex from Texass who did murder and rape, who blame Charlie to this day.

Oh, my. W and Darth guilty of far worse violations, and they are free? See you later, fool.

Unknown said...

bill, is bill clinton so hard up for ugly chicks that he has to go to north korea to get them? i kidd the former president but why are the republicans making a big deal about his trip to north korea. how can it make us look weak? if we sent a former president and in less than a day he got what he wanted and a bad case of crabs.

Anonymous said...


I am so totally conservative that I am a Libetarian; wiki that.

Republicans suck. Democrats suck. Socialists suck. You suck, you shallow opinion poll-monkey.

So what you do is this: get busy creating America in your own image. Really. This is what Ben Franklin did, that emerging nations aspire to. We together need to reach again for the best within us, and support and encourage each other.

This is what I believe.

You are up to it or not. We win together... or not.

Anonymous said...

I have had a picture over my desk of Laura Ling and Euna Lee. From the day were taken I judged politivcians on this: How they abused it, or served by right action.

The report card is thin.

Crusader said...

God bless you Bill, I totally amend my previous statement. I gotta stop jumping on you without watching the entire show. I caught part of the show the other day and just got Mr. Ferguson's last part of the conversation concerning the Fed. He is dead wrong on his assessment. Elliot Spitzer is absolutely right. He's one of those good Jews I was speaking of. I mean that in the sense that he's a Jewish person that is knowledgable of the inner workings of the Nazi Jews and is fighting against it. Obviously there are plenty of good Jews broadly speaking. I can tell you are telling the truth when you say you have no idea about the Fed. But, you are about to become one of the "good Jews," a proactive voice in the fight against this tyranny. I've now watched the full show on demand and I have the utmost respect for you. I can disagree with someone as long as I know their intent is true. You might be too liberal for my liking sometimes, but if I think you are pitying the minorities because you actually do, well fine. If you're pretending to pity them to destroy white culture, well there's the problem. You are obviously a true person. And there's one thing that any knowledgable and patriotic American can agree on, whether liberal or conservative, white or any other race... it's that the Fed's gotta go. You Rock Bill. There's a lot of so-called conservatives out there like myself who love ya man.

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in my story... I had an MBNA credit card at 5.9% interest since 2000 and about 5 years ago Bank of America bought it out. At that time, each year in May, BOA has sent me an "opt out" form to maintain that interest rate. You know... just in case I was interested in having a higher interest rate, they wanted me to have that opportunity! : ) Well, of course, each year by the dead line I have opted out of that increased rate and continued to use my card.
So this May, I went through the same process, but my rate increased to 10.9% in June. So I called the company in July, and they said they would adjust it on the next bill. Then July statement came in and the rate was still 10.9% so I called again. This time, I was told that the new "opt out" agreement, in fine print (of course), stated that I had to stop using my card. Please take into consideration Bill, I have had this card for five years, renewed this interest rate for 5 years, and used this card for all five years with out a problem. SO, this is obviously something they added this year!
As you can imagine, I am very upset. My tax dollars have helped to pay billions of dollars to their company, and yet they want to take a customer in good standing and increase the interest rate on the credit card so I will remain indebted to them forever! It is something that I will not stand for. I have already begun to fight it, but I did thought you might be interested in hearing some of the little ways that Bank of America has earned that name ... "Skank of America"

Unknown said...


Have you had Jim Kunstler on your show? If so. I hear a lot of your guests talk of switching from oil to coal/wind/etc., which are fine...but the reality of our contracting economies is that we're going to need to localize our economies. No one articulates this like Mr. Kunstler and I've yet to hear a guest of yours mention it. Thanks.

Unknown said...

The Truth About Amsterdam, RE: Bill O'Reilly loves Amsterdam

Unknown said...

Dear Bill,

I think you are the greatest person alive. I wish I could listen to you every day....

Actually, you make me sick. Everything that comes out of your mouth sounds like you hate this country. Well, you, Nancy, and Harry should just move to some country that you think is so great instead of destroying ours.

Anonymous said...

Wow Batman, I'm really impressed to meet a real Atlantean descendant... there are so few left. I too must apologize, for my ancestors being dragged here by those who enslaved us, ultimately displacing your people.

My apology: I regret my ancestors did not act more aggressively in defense of their homeland.

So excuse me while I go attend to not allowing that mistake reoccur. I believe that the solution to this problem will be found by fucking, fucking alot.

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher, you are so full of shit that it "is" funny!

okay Zenny...let's have it!

Unknown said...

thank you for this piece. i am of iranian ethnicity (not there right now), and want you to know that tolerating these little fringe groups who can mess up everything is one of the reasons why iran is where it is. it is so important to nip these things in the bud before they get control of the military and police.

Inner Gypsy said...

Hi Bill,

Thought you and your listeners might find this funny.

It's a YouTube video we were inspired to make by the recent news fiasco involving Henry Lewis Gates, Sergeant Crowly of the Cambridge MA police force, and our own President Obama... and beer.

We hope you'll enjoy it!

Have fun, and don't drink too much beer while you're watching it.

Mario & Tiffany
Inner Gypsy

Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Anonymous said...

Whether she thinks so or not Rachel Maddow is quite feminine.

Women are lucky to have a spokesperson of obvious intellect, effective negotiating skills. Intelligence is sexy!

Unknown said...

The remark that you made on last nights show about people "being armed to the teeth, but they have no teeth." was really cruel. People with dental problems are an easy mark. Like a lot of others you seem to think dental care is a choice, not something that a lot of people simply can not afford. If you or a loved one has ever had an abscessed tooth you know the pain a person can go through, and hopefully you or your loved one, were able to get treatment before the infection spread to the jaw bone. Many can not afford to have a root canal and an extraction - if they can afford it - is what they are left with. I fail to see the humor in using people who have probably already suffered enough pain and humiliation - as the punch line to a joke.

Here is a pretty good article on what it's like not to be able to afford dental care.

Suze said...

Dear Bill -
I really love the show, even though I am older than you are!
My question:
Q: Have you ever considered Pat Wiggins -- a Senator from the Northern part of your state -- to be a guest on your show? She is lady who called out "bullshit" from the Sacramento Senate floor while a Rev. Robert Jones, senior pastor of the Oak Park United Methodist Church, was giving testimony. She apologized later, and the press gave some 'tourettes-like' explanation, but the cause of the out spoken retort was glossed over.
In 2008, having the Legislature pass more of her bills than anyone else's (24) , seventeen of which the Governor signed, and passed into law she was legendary. But today, not so much, and as she will be challanged in next year's primary for the 2nd District seat, words of her 'sickness' are being repeated !
So is this lady eccentric, angry, or crazy?
Does the 'dissing' mainly stem from the anti-pastor outburst?
Your 'biggest fan' (at my house),

Unknown said...

Dear Bill,
I love your show. I have a simple idea about the overcrowding in the prisons. Why cann't we send all the worst criminals, who are on death row, anyway, and send them to afghanistan instead of our young military men... and then our taxes would not have to pay for them... food, place to sleep and the basic necessities.. This is pretty good deal considering their are so many homeless educated good people in the world who are definitely more deserving !

Agoodwin123 said...

Bill, I have been trying to get you to answer this question for a long time by asking it on overtime every week. I have not recieved a response yet. You have always been critical of the eating habits and lifestyles of Americans and believe that a lot of the time it is peoples own fault when they run into obesity and health problems down the road-which i agree with. However, you even go as far as to criticize most "healthy" foods in the supermarkets. I saw an episode of Real Time when you made a list of items and you asked the guy from the FDA if he thought they were bad for you or not. You thought all of them were. Even down to the things that most Americans would usually assume were healthy and okay like tuna and oranges. My question is, what is your daily diet consist of and what are foods that you consider to be healthy?

Anonymous said...

Okay fine staff...check out August 21st post so I don't have to re-post!

But again, Bill....You're losing your blog fan base!

Bring back the Open Minded Bill! The one that I liked and agreed with 85% of the time...not the one I want that should be tossed out of the Playboy Mansion!

Ahahahahaha...come on Zenny! Where you at?

Freedom Journal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Freedom Journal said...

What does Bill Maher have in common with neo nazis? Hate speech. The constitution protects Christians rights to freedom of Religion. Homosexuals and Christians both have civil rights. Bill Maher wants to take the civil rights of Christians away. Hate speech should not be tolerated in America.

Unknown said...

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