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Friday, August 14th, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, August 14th, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

Even after Obama took time out to painstakingly explain that there were no death panels, Sarah Palin fired back with a resounding ‘nut uh.’

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

It does seem to me a tad ironic that she’s [Sarah Palin] so against killing old people considering she’s the one who smothered the life out of the McCain campaign.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

One way to tell your party is a bunch of pussies is when you are bullied by a chick on Facebook.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue regarding the Democrats and Sarah Palin

We ought to change our motto from E Pluribus Unum to I Am Sam.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue regarding the intelligence of the American people

Michael Vick is back in the NFL. He said today he never killed any dogs. He was merely counseling them on end of life issues.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue regarding the Democrats and Sarah Palin

You have to be either brave or stupid.

- Brad Pitt on why guests appear on “Real Time with Bill Maher”

Don’t you think that having the experience the Clintons went through and understanding that this was going to be controversial, they should have initiated an information campaign upfront so they could have pre-empted many of these arguments, these stories and these falsehoods?

- Anthony Zinni on Obama’s ill-prepared roll out of the new Health Care Bill

Nobody was calling the UK and Canada, who both have free health care or public health care; we weren’t calling them socialists when we were asking them to come help fight a war in Iraq and Afghanistan for freedom and democracy.

- Ashton Kutcher

We have reached a point where the Republican Party is down to such a core that the special interest groups aren’t actually that interested in the Republican Party anymore.

- Ross Douthat

Declaring war on terrorism would have been like Woodrow Wilson declaring war on U-boat attacks. It is a tactic and is ridiculous and so we were chasing the symptom of a greater problem.

- Anthony Zinni

New Rule: Stop acting shocked that a guy who made his living selling chemicals died of a drug overdose. He sold a white powder that solves all your problems really, really fast. The only difference between cocaine and Oxyclean is cocaine worked.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: If you’re stuck on a plane that’s not moving for more than five hours, you get to punch a baby.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were General Anthony Zinni, Ashton Kutcher, Ross Douthat, Dana Gould and Brad Pitt.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This message is for Bill Maher this is Gothic Dyslogy also known as Rachelle Kalman would you please read my post and tell me where I can actually get loud and get heard I don't know who else to turn to besides you or Michael Moore so I have contacted you both.I know I Blogged allot on twitter but I didn't know what I was doing completely so I look like a psychopath that had gone insanely obsessed at Blogging to you and you only lol because it wouldn't allow me to actually write the paragraph I had naturally intended on writing you. The kind of morbid funny side of the story is that I am loosing my mind over the mental health care programs and have joined NAMI as an advocate but I want to have a voice some how and I dont know that I would know how to go about pulling that off, seeing as I am just another SSD lowlife according to the republicans just having the time of my life being ill with diseases that are so intense I have to have ECT shock therapy but yea you shouldn't have to help us Americans that struggle like me because we just want a free handout so we can enjoy that precious horrifying life we have and go off our meds that keep us sane because they cost as much as the SSD check I receive. Yea I have the government wrapped around my finger Bill and what a fucking party. lol Fucking Bastard assholes. lol. So I want to stand up for the mentally ill that are to sick to stand up and make their voices heard about this extremely sensitive issue where we are going missed diagnosed and treated with the wrong meds because the doctors dont want to take the actual time to listen to you and really break down the complicated structures of each illness that would then give them chance to properly diagnose and treat us the first time instead of wasting 30 years of our lives rediagnosing us when something doesnt work or just refuse to treat you completely because if what these arogant doctors treated us wasnt the write mixture and instead of taking again the time needed to figure this out they tell you you have treatment resistent depression or whatever diagnosis fits in there and send you on your way left with nobody to help you wishing you would just die because you feel so mentally screwed that the doctors cant even help you so whats the point. Sometimes they will even say you must not be being honest about your symptoms. That is another mind fuck from hell to put on someone with a mental problem. do people know whats going on with this system because I rarely hear this subject mentioned and feel as if we have gone back to the days where they could just lock you up in a dungeon and bid you farewell because thats practically the care were getting anyways. Well this is just scraping the surface of the problems wrapped up in this field if you would like to hear more of the facts and experiences please email or text me and I will get back to you if you have any ideas on how I can actually do something positive with my life and help others that cant help themselves please email me any ideas you may have because although I am doing well at this time I never know day to day how long I have until the remission from my ECT decides to retreat back to its sickness. I should have a good 4 to 6 more months to move on this topic and I will try and figure someway out to make this an issue that is needed to be helped immediately if not sooner. Thanks for hearing me out and Thank you for Real Time I look forward every week and even get a little crazy on some of the guests that come on your show. My husband and I both our very much educated and interested in politics and our Earth unlike the ignorant beasts who have ravaged our world and destroyed selfishly the nature that was so serenely protecting not only its wildlife but our oxygen as well. Sorry I just keep going. My email is

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


I'm like you. Noone bitches enough about when the bill of rights is constrained, but to expand it? Well that pisses off the masters, for sure.

Human rights are always good!

Anonymous said...

The best cards to have are master's card & american excess.

Anonymous said...

Best movie ever: Blade Runner

Idea by my hero Philip K. Dick, movie by the masters Stealgurge & Lucas; I think mostly Stealgurge, but the vision was all Phil's. To get your skull around it read the short story 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?'. Phil wrote over 200 short stories. Ths alone makes him the most prolific scifi author of the 20th century; he also wrote over 60 published novels... there are a few unpublished in box 10 at CSUF special collections ;)

PKD rocks and you haven't even taken him inside you yet!

SarahLee said...

We really need the segment with Dana Gould in a video we can share. HB) took the clips posted to YouTube down. HELP us share this please.

~An Uninsured in America

Unknown said...

About the Health Care Reform~
If people are informed by their doctor during prenatal care that their fetus's brain has not and never will develope into anything close to normal human function, and the people elect to become the lifetime caretakers of the vegetable, will the new health care system help pay for this lifetime of special care, even though the people made an elective choice?
The answer, I hope, would be "YES."
I keep hearing people complain about what they don't want their tax dollars paying for other people.
"I don't want my tax money paying for a woman who needs an abortion!"
"I don't want my tax money paying for an overweight person's triple bypass, after he's spent his life stuffing his face with burgers and fries!"
If it were YOUR retarded little sister, or YOUR fat little brother, would you want it to be covered then? If it were you might not be so quick to judge.
Then if your doctor tells you that carrying a pregnancy to term could be devastating to your health, make your own decision about abortion, but don't scream about paying for another woman's choice.
After all, she'll be paying for your retarded child.

Dan said...

Kutcher and Pitt are mostly just pretty faces.

Kutcher's brilliant moment of saying that, he's all for socialized medicine, but that he doesn't want to pay for medicine for certain people, unwittingly, as seems to be his way, made the case against socialized medicine, which would be communal standards and rationing; the very things that Democrats say won't happen with this plan.

As for Brad... nice guy, I've always thought so... but his statement of, "I've been to a socialist country. Don't worry, America's fine." is a bit naive. Really Brad? And what would be your Litmus test? Wouldn't a proper Litmus for Communism/Socialism be Marx's own guidelines? Then according to those guidelines, America is a socialist country.

Those fellas were both kind of silly to me; well intentioned, but silly.

As for Gould's piece, I thought it was misleading. He even admitted to it when he was called out on the show that the posters of Obama as Hitler weren't right wing but in fact, a bizarro left wing extremist. After a re-edit, it would have some value.

Unknown said...

Mr. Maher, you are so great. I just recently started following your website, I commented the other day that I don't have cable or watch much TV, so I didn't know what you were about, but I sure do now. I read up on you a little, got one of your books, and got Religulous (I did watch it until the end and I'm very sorry for your loss). You said things (in Religulous)that I myself had said before, but learned the hard way to keep my mouth shut. I feel like you're the male version of me, I too was raised Catholic and found out recently that I have some Jew in me on my mothers side, though I am older than you where when I found out (32). I'm sorry that anyone would send you hate mail, it just proves there are a lot of morons out there, I get lots of weird/hate emails too because of my job. You are a ultra-intelligent, brave person with a big heart, and I am going to try to be brave enough to get a seat in the very back when you come to AC in the fall (I'll be the girl in the back hyperventilating into a paper bag, I HATE crowds, but I really want to see you!). Your newest adoring fan,

Just Another Normal Guy with Regular Thoughts said...

It looks like the broken health care system is going to have a good time ahead.
Both Democratic and Republican parties are sort of in need of doctor’s advice and prescription. The Democrats are in the need of Cialis and Republicans to get over the Cialis overhang. The Democrats has this genetic disorder of not having “erectile pressure” or what we can call “electoral pressure”. The Republicans are over the line for the warning of erection lasting over 24 hours or 8 years of “one sided pleasure”.
When both major parties are struggling with their too less and too much stand up power and are in need of medical advice, the health care system need not worry about any change in general and any change in the prescription of Cialis in particular.

Matthew said...

It seems as though your war on religion has become a war on Christianity. The definition of a Christian is simply one who chooses to live his life based on the life and teachings of Jesus and there are many Christians in the world that believe religion organizations do not operate in a manner consistent with what we know about the life and teachings of Jesus.
From what I can ascertain from biblical mythology and other contemporary historical sources, Jesus only taught love and forgiveness…he taught no “theology”. That theology is used by organizations to seduce, manipulate and control their followers, because if the purpose of a Christian life was simply the individual quest to figure out what it means to love, organized religions would have no purpose to exist. There are Christians that believe a life spend passionately pursing a better understanding of what it means to love ourselves, our fellow humans, and God, is a life rich with all this existence has to offer and is a life well spent.
How can you and Brad Pitt have an objection to that?

brenda Ferrimani said...

I think all the issues around costs for health care reform could be solved by taxing the churches. There's a huge reserve of money there that can be used to help all the people.

aREALperson said...

One thing really bugs me about most all media...including Real Time. There is always talk about the "middle class" know, REAL people with REAL debt and health care issues and what would be best for US, etc., etc. Everyday we, the REAL middle and lower class, the other 98%, are never actually represented. Frankly, I am tired of hearing "exceptional" people talk about the rest of us as if they have any REAL insight into what it is like to lose your job and your home, face serious health care problems...while at the same time the whack jobs get all the attention simply because they are sensational. Why not have Real Time actually provide REAL people an opportunity to actually be heard by a mass audience along side the exceptional? It just might help put some of the rhetoric into perspective. Not being one of those 2% in no way diminishes an individual's value, or should suggest a limited intelligence, mediocre talent or capability...being part of the 2% is not everyone's obsession. One more thing, if I hear someone say "the fact of the matter is..." one more time, I am going to pull an Elvis on my TV...if I had a gun...I will throw my remote control instead.

Noblerebel said...

Bill, thank-you for being out and out "rude" by discussing religion, and politics. You had me with "Politically Incorrect", but I had no idea until "Religilous" that you were my voice. My parents are the kind of evangelicals that put the FUN in fundamentalism. In the twenty+ years since I made a conscious, researched, logical break from the church, I have yet to meet another person who was raised in it from birth and left. As the former Mormons you interviewed made clear, there is a high cost to leaving. I've been told that I should write a book, but I have no interest in being a "Rushdie". I have so many points, arguments, facts, and references swirling around in my brain, but no outlet (at least not since I could vent at Jerry Falwell on the TV screen!). You certainly don't need my help to rattle the caged minds, but I have always been able to give additional support, or another angle to your commentary, so if you want to bounce some ideas around...find me! I don't want to see you as a "Rushdie" either, but I did love the flyer the WBC put out with you in your "snuggie." You gotta love it when they prove your point for ya! Keep on doing what you do so well Bill!!

Steven Greer said...


I heard on one of the news outlets today that you made a comment about how "stupid" people are in America. I agree with you 100%. Take it from me, a native North Carolinian, former republican, now turned democrat living in the liberal hotbed of Cleveland, Ohio. Why the transformation? I got educated, plain and simple. I went to medical school and residency training took me and my wife to Cleveland. My God, if only all dumb ass white southerners took a furlough from the trailer park infested southeast corner of this country, maybe there would be a new age of enlightenment. However, that is wishful thinking. I admit, I was a dumb ass redneck from NC that thought Jesse Helms was the best thing since sliced bread! But God showed me favor and released me from my ignorant, ideological, and simple minded past. You hit the nail on the head in making the comment about how stupid Americans are....they really are. I can't stand this shit! You got a winking ex-governor of Alaska whose foreign policy credentials are that she can "see Russia from her backyard" that has over 700,000 followers on Facebook. These idiots love her! How else can you explain the stupidity when seniors are all up in arms over the impending government takeover of health care, but who will vote your ass out of office if you take any Medicare entitlements from them or talk about Medicare reform (uh, hey seniors, you stupid ass morons, Medicare is a GOVERNMENT RUN HEALTH PROGRAM). We live in an ass backward country that has somehow deluded ourselves into thinking we are more sophisticated and intelligent than other countries in this world. Yet, the dire truth is that we are surrounded by idiots. Europe is looking better and better by the day and in all seriousness, if the extreme factions and ideologues are successful in gaining traction in this country, their will be an exodus and America will become the refuse of the world and a hotbed of stupidity, ignorance, intolerance, and hatred! The most comical thing is these right wing radicals believe that God and Jesus is on their side! Wouldn't Jesus want everyone to have basic health care? But I shouldn't be surprised by these idiots, because if they had any intelligence and read any part of the new testament, they would know and understand that Jesus was the most radical and socialist person of his time.

Steven Greer

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill,

In the news: the state of Texas has passed a law requiring bible study in public schools

"by state law, Texas is requiring all K-12 schools in the state to amend their curriculums to include "the history and literature of the Old and New Testaments eras"

This might actually be meaningful. If a law in the state of Texas supercedes the constitution regarding education (1st ammendment), does this not also mean that the California medical marijuana laws supercedes the jurisdiction of federal law? At least Califormia is in compliance with the constitution.

If federal justice is dispensed equally, soon the storm troopers will be raiding grades schools in Texas, burning bibles breaking teacher's arms and smacking the kids around. Go get those christians, Ram!

Anonymous said...

If one takes the Texas version, Jesus Christ was a Republican arms manufacturing warmongering white guy who beats his wife, cheats on his taxes through elaborate shell corporations and pays PACs to wipe his ass.

Speak of the devil! Whats W been up to lately anyway?

Scarlett Ohara said...

"by state law, Texas is requiring all K-12 schools in the state to amend their curriculums to include "the history and literature of the Old and New Testaments eras"
I must have missed the part where the schools will be required to teach religion, I realize that I may not be as edukatd as most on this here blog, but the way I read it, it only included the HISTORY and LITERATURE of the O&N testament eras.Nothing about prosthelitizing.

Scarlett Ohara said...

My dear Steven, "I GOT EDUCATED???" It is so obviously clear that you did. And I am soooooooooo glad that you managed to "escape" from us ignorant, white, trailor trash southerners. Praise Jesus!

ZenGrouch said...

"And I am soooooooooo glad that you managed to "escape" from us ignorant, white, trailor trash southerners. Praise Jesus!"...

Give the guy a break.

He's bragging about moving to Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

In light of the democrats caving without any competion I have to conclude that the democrats and the republicans must all be the same people and share the same interests, which are not mine.

If anyone else is as fed up as I am, the Federalists, Democratic-Republicans, Libertarians, Anarchists, Socialists, Communists and Fascists all now have a good shot.

Anonymous said...

HB 1287: Mandating a bible course in high schools
"SECTION 3: A school district shall offer a course in the history and literature of the Old Testament era and a course in the history and literature of the New Testament era that comply with Section 28.011, Education Code, as added by this Act, beginning with the 2007-2008 school year."

The Texas state congress passed this law requiring teaching of a Judeo-Christian religious text in public schools.

The C A1: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"

So there you go.

I would much prefer democrats who try to run a rational government than crazies who use the government to kill nations of people a vloice in their head told them are out to get them.

Scarlett Ohara said...

ZenGrouch, you gave me my best guffaw of the day!!!Thanks!!!

Scarlett Ohara said...

The C A1: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion"
I still don't get your point. Teaching a LITERATURE/HISTORY course does not "constitute" establishing a religion! Why do you not object to passages of the Koran or Buddhism or other religious preachings being taught in classes everyday? I could teach a class on Psalms and never mention religion. The prose itself is some of the most beautiful poetry ever written. Give it a break.

ZenGrouch said...


I was in Cleveland last week, and kept telling myself to calm down, "you're in Cleveland" where everyone thinks they're some kind of hot shit because they live in Cleveland?!

OK, then I moved to Lorain, which is about 20 miles west of Cleveburg.

My neighbor, who knew the wife and I lived in New Orleans for about 15 years, confided in me one day, "Danny, you know, I don't like people from the South..."

I asked the freak who tried to molest me when I was about 12, what his problem was with people from the South, since he never set his freakish feet down there.

He said he didn't like people from the South, despite the fact that he never went there, and doesn't really know anyone from there, except for the wife and I, "Because they're prejudice."

If that doesn't shoot milk out your nose, you ain't with it, eh Darlin'?

ZenGrouch said...


I read my post and it wasn't clear that I now live in LA, and last lived in Lorain about 14 years back...

Anonymous said...

The point you fool is that literature is a word that means 'books' and the one book being referred to is that greatest epic of savage pornography, ignorance and denial, the bible.

That the subject is not being taught in a historical sense, and no scientce and other fiction of the religulious genre are being covered.

That you are willfully dishonest in your allegeation to not get it means I have the right to kick your ass out of the boat, you unevolved, toxic waste of resources.


1. This actions seeks declaratory and injunctive relief persuant to 42 USC 1983 agaiast the Defendants, who have officially authorized and are now teaching in ECISD public high schools a course of instruction on the Bible ("The Bibke Course") that is not presented objectively, but instead actively promotes a particular religulious viewpoint to public school students in a manner prohibited by the Establishment Clause of the First Ammendment. The Defendants adopted The Bible Class with the primary purpose of advancing religion generally and a specific religulious interpretation of the bible particularly, and the Course has the primary effect of promoting, advancing and endorsing religion generally and a particular set of religulious beliefs specifically. The Bible Course does not adhere to the constitutional standard of objectivity, but ibstead presents the bible from from a singular religulious point of view that might be appropriate for Sunday schools but has no place in public schools.

Anonymous said...

What I find absurd is that the repo men (and I mean men, and their boy-girl submissives) are postulating to the country that no health care benefits that they can afford is better than some health care benefits that they can.

These guys should be publically humiliated & pillaried in the stocks.

Jim said...

On Rachel Maddow last night, you said something derogatory about "Senators from tiny states that represent 1 or 2% of the population." In a nation with 50 states, those with 2% of the population should be called "average."

Noblerebel said...

@Lies,lies,damned lies
If Texas is going to require that
the Bible be taught as literature and history,so be it! I agree with Bill that there are alot of stupid people out there, but I think many of them are actually just ignorant. They've never been given facts and information, or had the opportunity to ask questions. The Bible has very little (and I'm being generous) corroborated history in it, to start. In studying the history of the Bible itself,and how it came together, alot of questions come up. Questions are not good for faith, so that is why the Bible is not studied this way in Sunday school. Sixty-six books, by various authors, written over many centuries, in different languages were chosen for the equivalent of a coffee table book. Not all books that were considered sacred were chosen (the apocrypha +). It was a nice mix of "history", poetry, advice etc. Who decided that this was THE word of god, holy, complete, inspired by god (verbally-inspired according to the church I was raised in), to be taken literally, and without error? King James who commissioned the work? The men who chose what was in or out? One begins to realize that their faith is in god to have guided these men, and their faith in god is through the bible is faith in faith. Let's study the Bible and the Koran as literature, without the dogma and theology attached, and see what questions arise. Isn't that what "Religilous" was about? Asking questions, facts vs faith. I don't think we're going to see any rise in the faithful, maybe the opposite,and if you do, then you must be crediting it with some power. You didn't sound like the faithful or fearful type to me.

ZenGrouch said...

"and the one book being referred to is that greatest epic of savage pornography"...

I keep hearing idiots parroting this like the Republicunts yack "Tax 'n Spend"

Give us your most pornographic chapter and verse from the bible, so we can see what your standard is when it comes to "greatest epic."

The bible is fucked up enough on it's own without exaggerating the extent of it's fucked upidness.

Anonymous said...

Without cracking the binder I recall a scene when the 2 daughters get their dad drunk and fuck him; thats pretty hard core.

That was in the city where everyone wants to fuck the visitors to the city... remember that one? What was that city called? Tijuana?

But the point is that this one book is being studied exclusively and as the district court discovered, in a sunday school manner: as dogma.

And as Scarlette pointed out, the other 'judeo-christian books' - the Jewish and Islamic texts - are not being studied. not to mention the other primitive religulous systems of behavior control the world over.

About La Raza

cmon over here and cry on my biracial nuts baby

nobama - bring back the lame white guy!

Anonymous said...

A 2% majority? Republican statistics at their finest!

Anonymous said...

btw the newt estimate is morally decent except for all the brutal beatings. The only problem is the only people making an effort to following it are the Amish. They really do make a solid effort too.

So there is noone reading this web page who I could possibly offend unintentionally.

Scott123 said...

Feel free to use this:
How much money do you think IBM paid for health care last year? or Ford? Boeing? Sony? I can go on..
So don't you think these companies have any political influence? I can assure they do!
The grandaddy of corporations GM is in bankruptcy! When they went under this whole thing went from rhetoric to reality. GM folded for two reasons: a dip in sales (a big one), and the cost of doing business. The biggest part of that was health care for the unions.
Apparently, these crazies at the town hall meetings think health care is the only industry in this country. Well, if you're a CEO, you're looking at GM and wondering if you're next. Yes, private health care is THAT expensive!
I can assure you, before another corporation goes under, there will be a Federal health care program with a public option.


Scarlett Ohara said...

Dear Mr. Noblerebel, You said and I quote:

"The Bible has very little (and I'm being generous) corroborated history in it, to start."

Now, I realize that am just a little dumbdy- headed southern girl but I am going to have to take issue with that statement. I also realize that you are probably not accustomed to being challenged. But it must make your life so much easier to live if you BELIEVE the hogwash that you esspout. Please check out these links and you will see that many much brainer folks than I have substantiated (that means proven) that the vast majority of the Bible is HISTORICALLY accurate.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Mr. Damned Lies, you are mistaken. What I said was that you did not object when these "books" WERE being taught in class. I did not say they were not being taught.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Said Mr. Damned Lies, "So there is noone reading this web page who I could possibly offend unintentionally."

So you are offensive INTENTIONALLY?

Peter Jackson said...

The shenanigans that is going in Health Care is all a scheme carefully constructed by Health Insurance.

Cyprus Health Care system, this article about a system that offers a public option and is ranked #24 worldwide, compared to the US that it is #37. Every citizen in Cyprus is covered, most people prefer the public option and there is a healthy private sector as well. Lets take some lessons from Cyprus

Petros Michaelides

Anonymous said...

So this is the first time I have taken the time to watch this show. I am a right wing conservative and was enjoying the show thoroughly until that news reporter for the show got on and everything seemed to go down hill, interest in the show went down, and I have changed the channel. Does anyone else feel that the Mayer News Reporter brings down the quality and interest of the show?

Anonymous said...

Come to Jesus and we'll give you a samich.

That is the best summary of 2000+ years of bullshit I ever heard.

Anonymous said...

The reason Obama looks like W is because he sold us out too.

As far as I'm concerned we can flip coins over whether we prosecute the peckerwoods or the bloods first; just fucking do it!

Fools are doomed to repeat their mistakes. The period to study is the French Revolution.

Noblerebel said...

@ Scarlett O'Hara

First, it is Ms. not Mr. darlun' :)
Obviously we have never met, so you made an assumption, and it was not the only one. I have in fact, been "challenged" many times. As far as believing the "hogwash that I espouse" making my "life so much easier to live," absolutely not. The cost for me has been high. I make sure and certain exactly what the "hogwash" is before believing anything anymore.
The statement you quoted from my previous blog, was the only one I made about the historical content of the Bible. It wasn't the main issue, but if that's the one you want to address...Thank-you for providing the links. I found them interesting. Have YOU read them? The NT is mostly biographical, philisophical, letters of advice, and prophecy. The historical content is well corroborated, there just isn't much of it. It wouldn't provide sufficient information about the time period, for study in a history course. The OT does have a great deal of history, but little of it is corroborated, and certainly not the "vast majority" as you stated. The sites you referred me to said that the archeological evidence "does not contradict" the Biblical accounts. Evidence that a king, city, or race existed, does corroborate the Bible, and the possibility that, the events recorded in relation to that evidence actually took place,is left open. It in no way proves that the events took place. Millenia from now, an archeologist, Sherlock Holmes book in hand may excavate London. He may find a Baker St. sign, and evidence that there was a Queen Victoria. This would corroborate the book as historically accurate to that time. It would not prove the existance of Holmes, Watson, or Moriarty, or any of the events recorded in the book. It would leave open the possibility.
My main issue with the Bible is not the history, but the faith, religions, and dogmas based on it. The point I was making in my previous blog, was that I see no problem in studying the Bible as history or literature in school. In fact studying it as one would any other book without the dogma, can be eye opening to those who have been previously taught to look at it as "holy".

Scarlett Ohara said...

My deepest apologies MS. Noblerebel. It seems we agree. I did misunderstand your post obviously because we do agree that the bible should only be studied in school as a text (historical or literary) and not as a religious vehicle. On that we agree. And I do follow your logic in regard to the Baker Street/Sherlock Holmes example, but I disagree that most historical findings have proven that the information (if not actual people) has not been proven accurate. I do believe you said that only about 5% of the bible was historically accurate and that MY DEAR just ain't so. I am Christian, and I know that the Bible was written by MEN and that men are fallible. I do not believe that religion of any kind should be PREACHED in public schools. But it seems we have gone way too far when you can not mention Christmas (although it is the holiday we are celebrating) but Kwanza and Ramadan are both acceptable to discuss and honor in schools.

And finally whether you belive the bible to be 100% accurate or not, if you believe that Jesus Christ lived and died, then the book is "holy".

Anonymous said...

Scarlett Ohara said...

Dear Mr. Noblerebel, You said and I quote:

"The Bible has very little (and I'm being generous) corroborated history in it, to start."

Does "any" book have any Corroborating evidence to it? Only our grandfathers/grandmothers/great and foretold by them know the truth. We rely on History written by others for the past so why is the Bible so different? Because Grandpa said it wasn't so!

If we can't rely on written history then what is left of us?

Unknown said...

Thank you for some rational thoughts. I am so often underwhelmed with the lack of intelligent commentary on TV. The people that show up at these town hall meetings, know that if they show up with a visible firearm or a picture depicting President Obama as Hitler, know that they will be on TV. I really think that he needs to unleash the energy of his supporters. I attended the Health Care Now! Rally in Washington DC. There are those of us that can gather peacefully and express ourselves reasonably. Then there is the segment of the population, who has lost their capacity to have rational thoughts, and the the media covers it, as if their was some merit to the delusional thought process. I have to hold out hope that this process will not be completely hijacked death panel believing birthers. Unlike President Bush, President Obama is not trying to make the country better just for the wealthy, but for all of us.

Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Unknown said...

ARE WE IN A WAR! i really want to know if our sevicemen and women have to get permision to shoot someone thats about to blow their head off.then we capture some high risk bomb throughing bastard that won;t talk should we gi them a lollie pop and stand them in the corner and hope they will talk! war is war weather a fucked up bush stated it or not if its kill or be killed you all have my bessing to shoot first. if the mutherfucker won't talk fuck him up till he does. if they get one of ours its not pleasent. keep the meadia out.when is the last time usa won a war1 fuck the war on drugs we need war on street gangs! if were in war treat it like war. i just hate to see our troops charged for war crimes that bush should be charged with!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


just put a cap on big gov,big drug,big lawers sueing doctors,big insurance and soforth costs will go down!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

one otherthing don;t try to rewrite th constitution to fit your selfish mutherfuckin needs it been good this far you just have to use some common sence,but if you have non to use i guess were FUCKED

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