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Friday, August 7th, 2009


Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, August 7th, 2009. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

Have you seen what’s going on with these Town Halls? I don’t want to say they’re out of control. But they’re starting to show them on ESPN.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

I hate what’s happening in this country when I look at this. White people in Town Halls acting like black people in movie theaters.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

He’s [Obama] getting testy about these protesters. The other day he said if I want to hear endless hours of babbling from the aged I’ll ask Joe Biden a yes or no question.

- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

New Rule: Stop trying to make Radio Shack cool. Radio Shack, the shopping destination for people too socially awkward for Best Buy, is changing its name to The Shack. Maybe they’ll be like Abercrombie & Fitch, and have a shirtless guy standing in the doorway holding a surge protector. Admit it, Radio Shack: you’re not even a store, you’re just where immigrants go to learn English before getting a real job at 7-11.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

New Rule: Don’t hit on women at your wife’s funeral. Especially if you’re their dad. Vanity Fair reports that Ryan O’Neal accidentally tried to pick up his daughter Tatum at Farrah Fawcett’s funeral, giving a whole new meaning to the line: “Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?” When you see family at a funeral, think: “bury the hatchet.” Not “hide the salami.”

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

And finally New Rule: Just because a country elects a smart president doesn’t make it a smart country. Now, a couple of weeks ago I was asked on CNN if I thought Sarah Palin could get elected president, and I said I hope not, but I wouldn’t put anything past this stupid country. Well, the station was flooded with emails and the twits hit the fan. And you could tell that these people were really mad because they wrote entirely in CAPITAL LETTERS!!! Worst of all, Bill O’Reilly refuted my contention that this is a stupid country by calling me a pinhead, which A) proves my point, and B) is really funny coming from a doody-face like him.

- Bill Maher in his “New Rules” segment

This week's guests were Congressman Jack Kingston, Congressman Darrell Issa, Dr. David Scheiner and Arianna Huffington.


Andrew said...

I'm not all that disturbed by Bill's comments regarding how stupid this country is. The fact is, even smart people do stupid things (fairly frequently) and they often aggregate into negative consequences for us all. If Bill's guilty of a little hyperbole to make a point then whoopdedoo, take a cold shower, the show isn't called Real Patience with Dr. Bill Kissnhugs.

Jerry said...

Please prepare when you have a "Conservative" on to yell his position. THe So Calif Republican lied about Medicare Part D stats. $440,Bill costs are wrong. When the OMB acctant wanted to tell Congress it was $600 Bill Bush fired him. Part D is a privatization of medicare. A recipient must join and HMO to get medication. the HMO receives $500 per head to authorize [at its discretion without legal consequence] prescribed meds. Further the HMO hires a PCP to procide care pays a salary and bills medicare for payment. The HMO achieves immmense profit here. Then HMO contracts hospitals and specialists at discounted Medicare rates (80% of med) and pockets the difference when care is authorized. Of course anything that comes out of the "head charge" is vigorously opposed on the theory "you don't really need it" justified by the contractual provision allowing the recepient to refuse treatment. So where is the increase in medicare costs......"The middleman" WHY? Becuase the republicans wanted to funnel money to HMO Ins Corps. If you want a real lesson in this come to HIALEAH

Jenn said...

First off I love the show and have been an avid watcher for years. But lately it seams that everytime there are republican panelist on the show there is no one else on the panel to argue or dispute any of the conservative rhetoric. The two Congressman basically had a free podium in which to spread their crap. Because they were not disputed it seemed to me that they had the audience and even Bill at times confused and even agreeing with them. And I love Arianna Huffington but she is not the aggessive in your face type debater that is needed to shut these guys up. Bill get tough on these guys I know you most likely have to make some sort of deal with any republicans or conservatives just to get them on the show. But to bow down and give them an arena without much dispute is ridiculous there is no excuse what so ever for everyone not having heathcare.I dont care if it costs ten trillion dollars. If we can spend it on war we can spend it on our own people. Maybe you and your producer need to take some of your own medicine and Grow a set.

Scott said...

Maher's right that Americans are stupid (well, most of them anyway). I went to college at the U of Iowa. It was a standing joke there that the University of Iowa is in Idaho City, Ohio, because so many dolts in other parts of the country didn't know where Iowa is. This country embarrasses the hell out of me what with all the "America is number 1" bull crap. What egos we have. And so many Americans are so stupid that they have to be baby-sat. We still have to tell pregnant women not to drink booze? We have to make laws that make it illegal to text while driving? Restaurants still have to "caution" people that coffee will be hot? Where is the common sense? How many other Americans like the woman who told McCain during the last election that Obama is an Arab still believe that? Or is common sense now uncommon sense? Americans need to not put so much importance into what they drive, where they shop for clothes and what their Zip Code is, because in the end, none of that matters. We are not "No. 1." We're too selfish, greedy and stupid to even be ranked.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Just recently bit the bullet and paid for HBO.(they wouldn't take my confederate dollars!!)As a result, I am fairly new to the show, but I was just wondering where Mr. Maher found his information to support his statement that most of the "birthers" were in the south?

lifeartist said...

I am a regular watcher and usually a fan of your show but was very disappointed with your August 8 program. Your performance in the face of your republican guests was deplorable. Your silence to their misinformation indicated to me how unprepared you were.

Furthermore, your comments on person who require oxygen reveals an ignorance as appalling as the ignorance you regularly lampoon. Oxygen is supplied to those with blood oxygen below 83%. Usually that indicates a person with congestive heart failure, COPD, and emphysema. These conditions a irreversible, progressive and fatal. There is no repairing the underlying causes. Do your homework. Your ignorance is showing.

Unknown said...

Mr. Bill Maher may think he is a lone voice crying in the wilderness; but sorry to disappoint so many silent types (not from this site probably), but he certainly is not. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Bill, for having the gonads to speak out on whatever subject (especially religion!) that strikes your funny fancy. Everyone should run, not walk, to watch "Religulous." If your fans think you are too soft on .... whatever.... they are completely wrong! Listening skills mixed with a healthy dose of skepticism, mixed with an enormous sense of humor, mixed with a sincere portion of humility, make you a voice for the people! Again, thank you, Bill. Keep doin' what you're doin'. PS: You're entirely sexy. Meow. Spoken from an ex-playboy bunny. Yes, ex. to ever season, turn, turn, turn...

Unknown said...

You are right Bill-this country has an over abundance of STUPID people and it scares the c--p out of me to think that they are all around me. I am very long in the tooth and I remember back in the day when we had a much smarter population.There were always some dummies but we didn't have to see them on TV daily.

David Bourne said...

I think Bill is suffering from tunnel vision on this week's show. He is assuming that the people demonstrating at Town Hall meetings demanding their country/freedom back only feel like they lost the freedom under Obama's watch. The truth is, these people, including myself have watch the loss of freedoms for a long time, no matter what party has control. The problems escalated under Bush, and we were all hoping the "change" Obama promised would improve this country. Thus far it has not, and it does not seem that it will anytime in the future. Some of the laws passed today restrict freedom. One example is the smoking ban in businesses several states. I am not a smoker but here is what I see. A person owns a business, we'll say a bar, he owns the building, and he has customers. If that owner chooses that he wants smokers to come to his place, and feels it's fine for smoking in there, then the government should let him. If nonsmokers want to go to a smoke free environment, they can find a smoke free bar. Several places have had to close their doors, driving up unemployment due to this law. There are several more laws I could go over but that is enough for today. Just remember, the government is supposed to work for us, not us working for them. My last comment is that it was nice for Bill to have Republicans on. The show is a issue debate show. It's hard to have a debate if everyone is on the same side.

David Bourne

Unknown said...

You guys talk about healthcare and the being of finanacial institutions but what about the "Golden Fleece" retirement plan. How many people have heard of that and how in the hell did it get passed. Thats something to talk about.

dweebisis said...

Why isn't this show discussing the fact that most Americans hardly know or care about the candidates who run for office as reps and senators.

This is one of the biggest political issues and misteps we've made since the emergence of the US. Even most Americans didn't know much about Andrew Jackson until he became president.

This guy I invited to the boat that I live on is yet another stupid twit who "refused" to vote or care about politics since, according to him, politicans why even vote he says. This guy represents many pathetic citizens all around this country.
And for that I say, they don't deserve liberty. At least..not much. So Bill, pay a little more attention to these issues and load up and start "shooting" some more good info.

LuisaStormchaser said...

Dear Bill,

Keep calling things as you see them. With respect to the concept of Stupidity and The USAmerican public, I must agree with you. I left teaching at the college level totally disillusioned with the lack of preparation and curiosity of too many of the incoming high school graduates. Our future can't be in good hands if left to people who won't even read the cliff notes on the subjects they're supposed to study. :-)

Dean Jackson said...

In 1997 NORAD said they insure, "Aircraft flying over our air space are monitored seven days a week, 24 hours a day."

In 2004 the Air Force contradictorily said, "Before 2001, 1st Air Force was charged with keeping an eye on the nation’s borders, usually looking for threats in the form of Russian aircraft skirting too close for comfort to the mainland. In those few hours, the command’s mission went from looking outward to looking inward."

See the 5 articles on NORAD at

Lisa Nanette Allender said...

Hi Bill, I would love to see a bit of follow-up on the over-medication of our society.
The incredibly savvy Arianna Huffington(I'm not sure who I find sexier--her or YOU!)is spot-on, as usual, in her observations on meds and kids. I don't have kids, and don't usually make them "my issue"(I'm busy with saving doggies, promoting recycling, etc.)but I think it is despicable that it is seen as a "necessary" thing to do, and even, as Ms. Huffington
pointed out--encouraged--by the schools.
I was surprised to hear Ms. Huffington's more moderate views on the bail-outs, and even more shocked to hear AGREEMENT amongst the lot of you. It was pleasantly refreshing to hear "agreement" and Republicans in the same sentence!
Peace to you, Bill, and you've still(like Bill Clinton, who you referenced in your opening mono)
"got it".
Any thoughts on women and their
"fluid sexuality" and the possibility of giving that some time on "Real Time"?
And yes--there are probably a hundred-would-be jokes in there, re: "fluid" and sex! Have fun with that!

Anonymous said...

Americans are not just stupid, but willingly ignorant. They believe that progress is evil, and we should hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil. Not just stupid, but deaf, dumb and blind as well. Why are people so fearful of knowledg? Because it learn anything we have to admit we do not know everything.

Anonymous said...

We can quantize the damage done by the corporate criminals as being directly proportional to the rate of increase in crime.

So prosecute these fuckers, Issa! What are you waiting for? 6 degrees of seperation from your friends?

All these issue being tagged as "not left-right issues" are class/caste issues. That phrase is lame and reflects the lack of forethought and insight by any politico who utters it.

Issa did a decent job reminding us that not all federal employees are rubes following their cocks around, but in fact many are skilled liars and corporate criminals. Skillfully blocking all arguments & criticizing the current optionjs, while exposing themselves to zero commitments.

The kids on tranqs? Obviously this is the response of parents who are easilly outsmarted by their kids, or are totally unfit to have them. Not my problem.

The kids on antidepressants? You'd be depressed too if your parents were so stupid, or if you were a humongous virgin. Goes for the adults on meds too. Try exercise? Try weed? Again, not my problem.

I have to watch this show again. Every show exceeds the one before.

allenjunior said...

I was watching your show and one of the Congressman stated that he was against Obama's healthcare plan. He said that a 25 year old should not be forced to pay for health care. Well, he is forced to pay for car insurance? what is more important, your car or your health? He is also forced to pay taxes. What is the problem with health care?

Scarlett Ohara said...

Emporia, You know nothing of me, but I am about to change that.I AM a teacher. And everyday I greet the day and my students with the thought that today I will make a differnce in the life of at least child. I even pray that God will help me to reach EVERY child in that class. Then I deal with 75 7th graders reading on an average of 3rd grade. They do not read and have little desire to learn. They do not need an education. They will either be famous athletes, hip-hop stars,or live off of my tax dollars and they TELL me so on a regular basis. These same students know the words to every vulgar song on the radio, all of the cheat codes for their expensive video games, and can text their buddies without looking at the screen, but "can't" learn their multiplication tables because they have "learning disabilities". I am surrounded by a wonderful, caring, supportive group of teachers and administrators who do this EVERY day, year after year, for less than $50,000 a year. We don't do it for the money. I am betting that Bill Maher makes more than that per show!! FYI, many students are on medication for various ailments and learning disabilties beacuse it qualifies them for SSI benefits. They even have a name for it: "crazy checks". I could not make this stuff up.
Now about my life experiences: I am the product of 2 intelligent parents that never finished high school. I have 5 children. I lost one child to cancer and have a teenage daughter in remission of Ewings Sarcoma. My older children are all married with children and are not only school educated, but also educated in common sense. They run the family business and do quite well, or at least they will if the government doesn't eventually tax them out of business or force them to sell it to pay inheritance taxes.I am and have always been active in local politics. I give generously to a variety of local charities. I have, on occassion, taken in foster children that needed a safe place to stay. I am an award winning teacher with several advanced degrees. This from the grand-child of dirt poor share croppers and parents who worked in southern cotton mills to provide a better life for their children. I am active in the local theatre and have "starred' in several productions. I am the co-sponsor of a school organization created to teach young girls about manners, and education, and making good personal choices in regard to sexual activities. Things that really should be taught at home. but unfortuantely are not. At my school we are working hard to stop this cycle of pregnancy and government dependancy. That's just a few things about me and my life experiences.
I own a gun. And will use it if necessary to keep those very people you mentioned from "stealing" the things my family has worked to own. I attend church regularly and believe in a higher power. You don't need to judge me.
I believe in less government and lower taxes. I believe we walked on the moon and that 9/11 was not a conspiracy. I believe Elvis is dead and I don't care how Michael Jackson died. AND I don't give a rat's a$$ about President Obama's birth certificate. To paraphrase a song from The Steve Miller band: Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right, Here I am: stuck in the middle (but obviously not with you).

AH! and finally your question about dear Scarlett. Scarlett WASN't bitter in GWTW!! Did we watch the same movie? She said, "As God is my witness, I will never be hungry again".She did not say. "Well, I will just wait on Mr. Lincoln and the tax payers to send me something to eat." She got down in the dirt and planted her family some food. Then she married a man she did not love to provide for that same ungrateful bunch. Then she made his lumber business the most successful in town. AGAIN, she did not wait on a government bailout nor did she expect Uncle Sam to provide for HER family! In addition, she took what she had (curtains) and made clothes for herself. She didn't STEAL new clothes. Should I go on or do you get the idea?

Scarlett Ohara said...

Sorry this response should have been posted on the other blog. I will post it there as well. Apologies!!!

mike m said...

No apologies necessary Miss Scarlett. But I'm not sure about what you said about children collecting SSI for so called learning disabilities. I only no of one "child" (teenager) who ever collected SSI, he was emancipated when his Mother died and lived with his sister. And when he turned 18, it ended.

But regardless, welfare is becoming more and more a way of life for some people. It was meant to be a safety net. But both sides have seen fit to make it anything but... Tell me, how many of those "students" sell drugs to supplement their incomes? Or work in a basement "bagging up"? Or will eventually? Illegal drug trade is the great equalizer. Someone can make a good living selling drugs, and since it's all under the table, the mothers of their children can collect welfare. That's part of the reason why I think drugs should be legal, to a degree. But no, we can't have any of that. We don't want our children on drugs!!! Well, guess what, they're already on drugs.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Mike it would amaze you how many children (and adults) receive SSI!

mike m said...


Well, everybody who doesn't work that's over 62.5 does (although that is changing). Even if they are a retired CEO with a 28 million dollar a year pension. And of course, the wage cap for FICA tax is $106,000. But that's OK. They are just as entitled to it as the people that it was designed to help. But unfortunately it doesn't really help anybody actually save for retirement, or continue to work if they are physically and mentally able. But didn't you say you were a teacher? I imagine you will be getting a pretty nice pension after what, 20, 25 years, at tax payer expense? Plus full medical coverage until death? Not trying to be a dick, but take a look at what you're getting compared to what others that work just as hard as you, if not harder, that don't get diddly, before passing judgment.

Dean Jackson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
geekygurl said...

Bill, I think you ought to have Dr. Andrew Weil on Real Time. He posts a provocative column at Huffington Post about the real problem with the health reform plan put forth by Congress and our President: it doesn't reform the fact that our health care system does not keep us healthy.

Read it here:



Dagito *-* said...

Sup man... im not probably comment about ur last post. Im from Perú and as much i have heared just a little bit about you i guess i feel a connection with ur ideas. Im 17 and u no... when u get through that age u start a new kind of life ur ideas change and so does your personality.. sadly sometimes we are too pridefull and haughty and we dont like to listen wut other person says coz we think we have the autoridy of decide what ever we want of your our life. I am latin so u no... im catolic... i just to be very fervent to the catolic church but in the last 3 years i was thinking about things that i dont agree with the catolic church ideas that they dont even agree with what Jesus says like if jesus said love your neighboard as you love yourself... why they hate so much the gay people... or if Jesus didnt criticize the two thief who he was crucifed with for wut they did... why the catolic church critics everyone i mean... they dont have the power that Jesus have to do that, right? so... i used to think u were the devil.. hehe sorry man.. but u no ur comments are very true at some point but maybe we need to be more empatic. Of course i know u aint the devil coz i share some ideas with urs so that doesnt make u or me a devil person. I guess to belive in Jesus it has to be faith factor coz is not easy to belive in some u havent seen face to face and catolic people have to be very empatic and shud respect people who dont maybe belive the way they do u no... and that's actually an action we all not catolic beliver have to imite coz we dont have to critize people who belive in him. So probably i have wrote a not connected ideas in this comment but all i have to say is that i just discovered your webpage and as a fan of your show and you i will keep reading your posts... so keep doing your thing and remember u have unless someone who dont speak english but unless tries to undestand your program.

Unknown said...

For the past two weeks, guests on your show have asserted that President Obama’s healthcare reform legislation must include tort reform. Two weeks ago, this statement went without a response by either you or your other guests. However, this week, when Congressman Issa called for tort reform, you sat there, looking lost and agreeing with him. It is imperative that you or at least some other guest rebuts this propaganda.

The Congressional Budget Office called evidence of defensive medicine “not conclusive,” and summarized “on the basis of existing studies and its own research, CBO believes that savings from reducing defensive medicine would be very small.” Researchers at Dartmouth College echoed these conclusions saying, “The fact that we see very little evidence of a widespread physician exodus or dramatic increase in the use of defensive medicine in response to increases in state malpractice premiums places the more dire predictions of malpractice alarmists in doubt.” To the extent that defensive medicine does exist, researchers found that the motivation behind it is not liability but rather a desire to simply help a patient or, in some cases, boost physician income.

In Florida, health authorities determined diagnostic-imaging centers and clinical labs were ordering additional tests because the majority were physician-owned and the test provided a lucrative stream of income.

The Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) seminal study of preventable medical errors estimated as many as 98,000 people die every year at a cost of $29 billion. If the Centers for Disease Control were to include preventable medical errors as a category, these conclusions would make it the sixth leading cause of death in America.

It is interesting that Congressman Issa would call for tort reform in that California has one of the most onerous tort reform statutes that has been in effect for more than thirty years. Most recently, the Hearst newspapers reported on fatal medical errors in California finding that since California passed a law requiring the reporting of preventable medical errors, more than a thousand such have been reported.

Further, a recent study by researchers at the University of Texas, Columbia University and the University of Illinois found little correlation between malpractice payouts and malpractice premiums. Researchers from the National Bureau of Economic Research came to the same conclusion, stating, “Increases in malpractice payments made on behalf of physicians do not seem to be the driving force behind an increase in premiums.”

Finally, we continue hearing the myth that physicians are fleeing states as a result of medical malpractice claims. A government accounting office investigation found that “Many of the reported provider actions taken in response to malpractice pressures were not substantiated or did not widely affect access to health care. In fact, data from the AMA shows that physician numbers have been increasing across the board for many years.”

It is time that you stand up and refute this baseless propaganda that is advanced by your conservative guests. In 2006, researchers at Harvard University announced the results of a study showing that most negligence claims involving medical error and serious injury and concluded “Portraits of a malpractice system that is stricken with frivolous litigation are overblown.” The researchers found that few claims were without merit, and those there generally did not receive any money. Most negligence claims were meritorious, with 97% of claims involving medical injury and 80% involving physical injuries resulting in major disability or death. Few claims where there was not error were ever paid. In fact, researchers found the reverse - nonpayment of claims where error was involved - was a bigger problem.

Unknown said...

At what point since the 1940's did it become 'de-classe' to invest in AMERICANS? We invest in all other country's citizens.
Since around the 70's we have reduced our government investment policies in education, our infrastructures, our military personnel who were required to take early retirement (or not allowed to re-enlist), causing many of ‘lifers’ to lose their pensions and 20 yr benefits. We've been robbing the Social Security fund and so, are no longer looking at a long term plan to invest in our elderly.
Can you name the number of socialized medical plans we currently have in our country? Let's see there is the V.A., Medicare, Medicaid and the governing staff's Group Medical Plans. Can you name some more?
Why do WE have to model OUR public/government medical benefit plans after another country? We already have 3 of our own primary models that we know are broken, and we have a pretty good handle on the cause and solution. If everyone would quit the name calling maybe we can move on to a solution, rather than accusing one party or the other for the fault or who has the dumbest idea. GOOD NIGHT NURSE!! I don’t think most of you in decision making positions (current or previous) would allow your kids/grandkids to behave that way. Lead by example and quit the simpering name calling, back stabbing and juvenile 'clique' behavior. It’s embarrassing to Americans who still have pride.
Now back to my point. If a condemned murderer or other guilty prisoner can get subsidized insurance, why can't I? Do I have to commit a crime to be able to get my epilepsy medicine, or treatment for my melanoma? I'm 50+yrs old and have been paying into the system since I was 16yrs old. I have a right to live (and work), as much as any one on death row who DOES have health insurance. BTW I DO have insurance. Well at least I pay for insurance. They have denied EVERY claim I've submitted this year, as, "PreExisting". Well YA - I'm sick! THAT IS why I’m going to the Dr.!! Helllooo... AND YOU can't cancel the insurance or stop paying them until 'annual enrollment'. THEY don't have to pay for me, but I have to pay for them. If that tic's me off and the fact that I want at least as much health care coverage as a condemned prisoner makes me a pinko- commy slut. Well then so be it. I'm in 3rd stage melanoma, and can't afford/get treatment so I won't be around much longer to offend your gentile sensitivities. Get over it! I have to. And so does my family.

Scarlett Ohara said...

Hey Mike, I was referring to the thousands of adults who are NOT 62 years old that receive SSI for "disabilities". I saw a man on tv last week that was 36 years old with 6 children and had been on SSI disability for 9 years. He fathered ALL 6 of his children while on DB. Those are the adults I was referring to and do you think for one minute that once a child had been accepted as "disabled" (for ADD/ADHD)that they will ever come off of the rolls of SSI?
As for my retirement benfits: I pay a significant portion of my salary into both social security and TRS (teacher retirement). So ALL of my retirement will not be at taxpayer expense, much of it will be at Scarlett's expense. At retirement, I can receive 2% of my salary for every year I work up to 30 years (or 60%). At $40-50,000 that comes to about $24-30,000/year: not a windfall by any estimate. I started teaching late (after attending to my sick children) and will have to work until I am about 75 to draw 30%. And insurance is not provided at retirement.
A person who has NEVER worked can draw approxiately $1,000.00/month or $12,000.00/year at age 65. At age 65, I can draw about $16,000.00. Ok, so I compared. And I can see the benefits of "working" for 25 years in education. (about $4,000.00/year)

Unknown said...

I just watched the most recent edition with the two republican Senators and am stunned by the amount of mindless discussion given to idea healtcare can be fixed by returning PE to school, spanking children, and promoting wellness.
I'm sure any healthcare insurer, medical device manufacturer or any other corporate executive is ticked pink by the lack of attention given to unfettered wild west profiteering that's been going on in healthcare in the last 20 plus years.
Bill wasted a great chance when one guest claimed young people should be able to not buy health insurance if they don't want to.
Do we let people not insure cars if they don't want to?
No, we don't because, just as in health care, someone gets left holding the bag if someone uninsured has a crash.
If an uninsured young person gets a major illness it can financially ruin them, and someone still has to pay for it.
Only single payer or a public option can put us all in the same pool and drive costs down.
Some of Bill's own statements were pretty stupid tonight and he WASTED a chance to have a real discussion about healh car and he let two Republicans off the hook.

Keeba Smith said...

"I hate what’s happening in this country when I look at this. White people in Town Halls acting like black people in movie theaters"

Okay...YES, I HAD to laugh!

Anonymous said...

I like your posts Scarlet, but I hope I die before I get old! Should have spent it all dear.

Bill, you missed a product: IRS brand expectorants & suppositories. The most effective way known to clean you out, and keep you that way. Caution: these products are fatal without proper political contacts. Will suck the life out of you. Will not give it to someone less fortunate; its what keeps Dick Cheney et al. rolling. More effective than bullets and prisons for controlling political dissidents.

And Radio Shack? They're just changing their name to roll over on their debt and hide the TARP money they munged... just like AIG.

Crusader said...

Jenn, are u fucking nuts?! Bill laid into those so-called conservatives like crazy. By the way, do not confuse republican with conservative. The two things are not inherently the same. And did u actually say that huffington is not a tough, in your face talker? Hah! Arianna's got bigger nuts than those congressmen. Bill, u gotta get off this kick that we conservatives only oppose minorities because of race. That's just the icing the shitcake. If the mexicans did not demand welfare, robbing our taxes, if they fucking assimilated, instead of demanding bilingual education and the like, and if they didn't have the nerve to come into white man's land with their Hispanic or black supremacy notions (a latina is wiser than a white male), we'd really have no problem. And I'm fucking sick of liberals arguing that minorities are allowed to say racist things because the proverbial white man has had their foot on the minorities' neck. I'm telling u, the more u libs tolerate racism from minorities, the more u lay precedent for "regular racists" like me to speak our mind publically. With every wise Latina comment, there will soon be a white man asserting why he might be wisest. And you'll try, but u won't be able to stop it, no matter how much u complain that the double standard was fair

Crusader said...

Jenn, are u fucking nuts?! Bill laid into those so-called conservatives like crazy. By the way, do not confuse republican with conservative. The two things are not inherently the same. And did u actually say that huffington is not a tough, in your face talker? Hah! Arianna's got bigger nuts than those congressmen. Bill, u gotta get off this kick that we conservatives only oppose minorities because of race. That's just the icing the shitcake. If the mexicans did not demand welfare, robbing our taxes, if they fucking assimilated, instead of demanding bilingual education and the like, and if they didn't have the nerve to come into white man's land with their Hispanic or black supremacy notions (a latina is wiser than a white male), we'd really have no problem. And I'm fucking sick of liberals arguing that minorities are allowed to say racist things because the proverbial white man has had their foot on the minorities' neck. I'm telling u, the more u libs tolerate racism from minorities, the more u lay precedent for "regular racists" like me to speak our mind publically. With every wise Latina comment, there will soon be a white man asserting why he might be wisest. And you'll try, but u won't be able to stop it, no matter how much u complain that the double standard was fair

Anonymous said...

Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD). ODD is described as an ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile, and defiant behavior by children toward authority figures.

Soon our tax dollars will spent to stockpile quinuclidinyl benzylate to treat all the ODD citizens. Oh wait, thats already been done. Worked great didn't it? Dr. W, he's the man!

“It is very much in the interest of the pharmaceutical industry to draw a line that includes as large a population as possible within the ‘ill’ category. The bigger this group is, the more drugs they can sell.”, Dr. Maureen Baker of the Royal College of General Practitioners

Shouldn’t parents just wait for their spawn to grow out of their rebellious phase? Don’t be ridiculous. Joe Biederman, MD, a leading pediatric psychopharmacologist at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, recommends “atypical antipsychotics,” like Risperdal, Clozaril, Abilify, and Seroquel.

...and here are some LEGAL drugs with really useful side effects.. except of course Advair, which has the side effect of killing you:

"Yeah that's the ticket!"

Jenn said...

Fuck you and your racism. You and your white conservative buddies just cant stand that the country isnt going to take your ignorance and stupidity anymore. You are to stupid to realize that this never was the white mans land. So people like you now have to hide behind a blog and talk this kind of shit because if did it in public some mexican or black would kick your pathetic ass. Your just mad because your no longer the majority. They take your jobs, your taxes....your women (sound about right). And your so wrong, for every "Wise Latina" or "Educated Black Man or Woman comment it just muffles the ignorant like you more and more everyday. But dont be mad, dont be afraid, you can change and we will accept you because we are forgiving and because we know where you are coming from being the minority....get a clue!!

Crusader said...

Jenn, I've fucked more minorities than I can count with my ignorant brain. And if you really think I'm afraid of the dumb as dirt niggers and nervy Mexicunts you must be one of them. Don't think of people like me as being afraid. Think of it as anger, the type of anger when some midget is talking shit to you, saying similar things as you just said, "Your just mad because your no longer the majority. They take your jobs, your taxes....your women (sound about right)." People like me look at this midget thinking, "do you have any idea how quickly we could snap your neck?" But mommy government tells us that's mean. So, we hold our fucking tongues while we take shit from these pissants. So, nigger Jenn, (I don't know you're race, but you're an honorary nigger to me. Only niggers have the audacity and lack of dignity to disrespect a man in his country, talking about taking the white man's women and the like, when the only thing that stops us from hanging their thin necks is our own compassion.) you go on to your nigger and Mexicunt heroes you fucking whore. You go on and degrade your genes, while those like me impregnate good nordics, using the minority women as concubines to satisfy whatever "slummin" cravings we desire.

Crusader said...

One final thing nigger Jenn, I and those I roll with beat nervy minority dudes all the time, and in completely fair fights, because unlike the cowardly niggers who gang up on people with guns and knives, my posse knows how to use their fists. We challenge audacious nigs everyday, and they back their blackasses down. It is the white man's legacy to be the best fighters, handed down to us by the Spartans, the Celts and the Germanic barbarians. Kicking ass is our forte. This feminized, faggot, liberal white man of the modern era is not going to inherit the earth. They don't have the balls to breed. Whereas, men like me have many children, as I already do, passing on my genes and my ways. You all keep talking shit, the white street army's rising.

Anonymous said...

You are both childlike, ignorant racists.

Bill I had the choice reading Glen Beck's reheated rant or HR3200. HR3200 is 1017 pages of doublespaced, crayola typeface with 6" inches of margins... its about an hour, with a highlighter to dog ear the 'authenticate American language' bits.

Anonymous said...

...and sexists. Have you considered antidepressants & sedatives? Dr. Pharma will hook you up good...

Anonymous said...

“You have a very severely harmed, injured consumer in terms of income slow down, job uncertainly, job loss, wealth loss, inadequate savings, high debt levels. The consumer, I don’t see powering us out of this recession.”

Laura Tyson, Obama advisor, former head of Council of Economic Advisors during the Clinton administration.

A 'jobless recovery' isn't a recovery, its a contraction.

Unknown said...

Speaking of Stupid Americans -- Let's not forget the ultimate display -- George Bush -- and I hand you this joke, Bill Maher.

Eunice Shriver spent her life helping the disabled. George and Barbara Bush spent their lives creating one!

Susanne Madden said...

Bill - I just need to comment about the discussion on preventive care. It was the for-profit inscos that killed preventive care in this country. Here at the Verden Group we track insurance company medical policies to see how they are changing, and consult primarily with pediatricians and family practitioners. For years insco have not reimbursed for such simple measures as smoking cessation counseling, nutritional counseling, weight management, and all the other 'thinking' components of medicine. Primary care docs went from taking care of patients to seeing as many patients as they can to keep their practices afloat due to reimbursement policies that reward procedures and not prevention. But no-one is talking about that. Now it's drug the kids, do bariatric surgery, hook up the oxygen tank and make it portable. Cost, profit, cost shifting. But how did we get here? Insurance companies. This is not a plug but space is limited here, so I ask that you please check out our white paper at o explain more on how that is accomplished (click the star burst). There is plenty of cost that can be saved in this system - it falls under doing away with the billions made in the profit for the for-profit corporations. . .

Unknown said...

Bill, I watched your show tonight and I have an answer to your question about how to fund the cost of health care. Every worker (part-time or full-time) 18 and older will pay $50 a month and their employer will match it. Let's say there are 400,000,000 workers in America 18 and older. Multiply $100 by 400,000,000 and you get $40,000,000,000 per month going toward national health care.

I know there will be grief about something like, "I am single, why do I have to pay the same as someone who has 5 kids and a wife." or "I only work part-time why do I have to pay the same as someone who works full time"...blah blah blah Look this is the bottom line: Those 5 kids will work one day and their contribution will contribute to YOUR whiny ass health care coverage when you that idiot that is going to complain about paying the same as a full-time employee...Hey DUMBASS, You are going to have the same coverage...why shouldn't you pay the same price. Anyway, it's a thought that I wanted to share with you.

Recovering Theologian said...

Hi, bill,
after hearing about your discussion about kids on medications, i was surprised to find a similar article/discussion titled "THX 2009" in The Michigan News at You and the author are correct, we are over-medicated and abusing the present health care needs to be over-hauled now...something is better than what we have!!

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion to cover the cost of healthcare, rebuilding the infrastructures and getting our schools back on track. It won't cost one cent more than we are already getting reamed.

Stop giving critical and surplus tax revenues to the military to blow up!!!

Thats simple enough, BillHilly can get it done between hummers.

Unknown said...

Dear Crusader - DUDE!! you CRACK me up!! Welcome to the 50's. Tell me, do you still wear a greasy ducktail and roll your camels in your white t-shirt sleave? LOL - your a dandy!! Indulge me though (I feel like i'm studying an alien species)did you come by these 'beleifs' inherently or did you go to college to study them? Do you just read the bible on a frequent basis? Next Question: Now how does your attitude and ranting differ from the 'holy-ones' and their Jihad? Oh ya. Geography. Well God bless you. I'm sorry that you were so hatefully mistreated that you have grown to be this person. (or you can't afford your meds).God speed and hopefully you won't find yourself in a firey car accident with only one lone nigger to pull you from the flames. That stuff happens ya know?

Jenn said...

Ah I guess I touched a nerve in that small brain of yours. But I guess you passed the 3rd grade cause you can say the N word wow!! But you need to go back to history class you idiot because the last time I checked The spartans, celts and germanics got their asses kick and were wiped off the face of the earth just like your type is headed for. And believe me you are scared very scared because you know it never was and never will be your country, its always been ours. We were just to scared to do anything about it, but those days are over. And you, your just a joke all you are is a punk that can type. Move out of your moms basement and get a life.

Anonymous said...

With all the medical industry kingpins foaming at the mouth & all the Blackwater killers on unemployment, anyone want to make book on how long president Bulworth will last?

Crusader said...

Jenn, what the fuck are you talking about?! You should read the history books you stupid bitch. The Spartans annilated armies time and time again and were finally only taken down by their fellow Greeks (whites) who studied and utilized the Spartan method of fighting. The Germanic tribes took over Rome and became all the modern European nations you fucking moron. And yes this country was founded and run by whites. Who the fuck do you think founded this nation, the spear-chucking blacks? You're the type of impudent whore who will bring about a white revolution, and then we can send all you bigs back to Africa to try to prove that you could actually create a civilization. And I will laugh as you all go back to your genetic status quo- chucking spears and getting raped by your beloved bigger males. Enjoy the white world why you can.

On to mombyrd. You libs are as anti-Christian as any bigoted person is anti-anything. I am not even remotely Christian. What's hilarious is that the same thing I don't like about Christianity is the same thing you should love. Christianity preaches compassion to a fault, a take it from your enemies mentality. White pride people like myself believe that Christianity had a horrible side effect of robbing the western world of it's manhood and created this mentality that allows inferior people to just walk all over us. No, I'm certainly no Christian, nor am I any religion.

I would like to address your remark concerning if I were saved by a black person. I may talk a lot of shit and I am certainly prejudiced against minorities on the whole because I feel that they on the whole are indecent. However I will never allow my prejudice to cloud my judgement of an individual who shows themselves to be the exception. I treat good people like good people. They say the sign of genius is the ability to balance two seemingly opposing thoughts in one's mind. I can hate the black community on the whole while loving good black individuals. That's why I specified that my posse and I fight asshole minority dudes. I would never beat someone just because of their race. I actually believe in karma and physically harming someone for no reason would not only be wrong, but would come back to bite me. If I saw a black person getting beat up for no reason, I would jump in to his defense. Unfortunately it's usually minorities harming white people in the streets. I've seen it countless times and they do it just because the victim was white. These things perpetually go unreported while nationwide media latches onto any "hate crime" against minorities. It's just like Rodney king and Reginald Denny.

Crusader said...

My god damned iphone changed nigger to bigger. Go ahead and have a laugh about dicks in that one. It is a humorous mistake

ZenGrouch said...

"...when the only thing that stops us from hanging their thin necks is our own compassion"...

I think you've outdone yourself with this one Crusader!

This is some funny shit!

Anonymous said...

Here is what will happen:

The medical bill will pass, with politicians on both sides making bank selling favors.

The insurance fucks will cry foul and jack up their rates & deny coverage all the more, sending all the less than fit to the government program, with politicians making bank selling favors.

The employers will clap their hands and in short time all cut medical benefits, claiming excessive costs, with politicians making bank selling favors.

Overwhelmed, the fed will need to make up the shortage. After wrestling Satan's Little Helpers at the Pentagram to show due diligence, with politicians making bank selling favors.. Up go taxes again!

Despite all these costs now shouldered by the workers and the greater profit to employers, pay does not increase. Politicians make bank maintaining the status quo.

Some people get angry, others die before their time. Right, Crusader? Before Biden can catch up, Issa makes another 250M as a public servant. To distract us Obama and friends pass a really fucked up Immigration Reform Act, then toss the Bill of Rights out the green window.

The survivors hemmorage rectally for a while until they adapt to the lower standards.

Crusader said...

I gotta say, I'm a loser for saying this, but I actually missed ya zenny.

Bill, I've attacked you a lot, but you're overall the bomb. Your stance on big pharma is spot on. Keep it up. Pharma is worse than crack dealers who peddle to children, because they fill kids with poison while lying that it's good. They are the most sinfully vile industry on the planet. Fucking bastards! God bless you Bill

Crusader said...

And props to Arianna. We could learn about health from her she looks great for her age. She's a GILF!

Crusader said...

Kingston and Issa were spot on concerning pharma and especially Kingston when it came to physical activity. Kids need to move! Not be locked indoors for hour

Crusader said...

And big props to Bill and the whole panel, especially Arianna, concerning the financiers! The financiers are the kings of the world holding the markets and all of us hostage

Unknown said...

I just smoked my last bowl.. for a while at least. for the first time in a long time i have no plans of purchasing another. Sure I may scrape the bong in a couple days but what creative attached person wouldn't. I feel superior believe it or not because i have smoked the pot for over a decade now. It has been a long foggy learning experience. I just wanna say, to all those upity fuckin repubs out there: uh no such thing as a man in the sky keeping tabs on you brotha, evolve. Quit living two lives. Deep down your perverted animal ass knows that shit is just insurance for the things man does not know yet. well, tell you what he knows alot, start taking advanage of that. First, if i had to boil it all down for you, to one thing...pussy, it makes the world go round. warm snugly noisy delicious warm ass pussy. Thats why the gays are hated, cuz its easy for them to get laid and cuz they dont like the ultimate drug. Look the animals rely on smell and fighting to yearn for and earn the thing. we got money, m5's, castles and oval offices to get that shit. e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g depends on that uncontrollable urge men have. Women you guys are out of this game, your the ref and owner of the league. its different for you maker of life. so this is your lesson for today, rehab off the pussy by marrying and dont loose the apitite, just focus it on something else, like bill does with religion. i think he may be closeted gay though.

Anonymous said...

After Tuesday I know what Oblama looks like when he's explaining stuff to his kids.

Here is some more lessons:

LuiNe said...

mmm.. I havent even read this article, I´m from Mexico.. i don´t have a good english (sorry..)

Loved your movie, Religulous!!!,
I´ve been thinkin that since a while.. and i´m 25

Mr. Maher.. you should interview Alejandro Jodorowsky.. I think he might answer you many questions..

cheers! and congratulations..!!
write me!

another thing.. your website is to pretencious..

Anonymous said...

How SS works:

Anonymous said...

The reverse Argentinian financial pickle China has created:

Mrs. PMac said...

It is interesting that politicians think changing the school lunch menu is going to help obesity. Yes, eating 175 to 350 healthy meals at school plus 730 fast food meals at home is really going to make a difference. Children are not obese from the school lunches, they are obese from what is going on at home.
I also agree that children need recess. However, recess and P.E. are 2 different things. They need both. It is scary listening to politicians talk about the simple things with no clue.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill Maher!!!

You won't see this but, on tonight's show:


But, you won't be!

Anonymous said...

Also, ask Ashton if he will be using it too!

Anonymous said...

Does "anybody" really know what's in this bill?

That includes you Bill and Kutcher!

Is there anything that has been truthful since January?

1st answer that is correct? I shut-up!

Anonymous said...


As you note what the health care bill does is restructure the payment for services, not the healthcare.

At least thats what it did before killer mutants like you.

You're serving gangsters you don't even know by name; you are too stupid to have an opinion.

Take your disinfo elsewhere. If you didn't notice, everthing you are writing is being recorded with your true identity; for the kids to look at later. You are so fucked...

Anonymous said...

I am not a "tool"...I am an American with a brain such as you!

Unknown said...

The biggest problem with the Medical Bill is the way it was presented to the people. If they had just said, "We're increasing the maximum allowable income,employment status and available benefits in the Medicaid/Medicare plans..." "IF you need new/or additional medical coverage, now you can access government medical insurance that is currantly available to jail/prison inmates,crack whores having crack babies, illegal aliens and people who are too damn lazy to find a Dr. in their neighborhood so they go to the ER for a snotty nose."
THEN the nay-sayers would say.. "well it's about damn time i start getting something for MY tax dollars"!!
Presentation is everything!!

Unknown said...

The biggest problem with the Medical Bill is the way it was presented to the people. If they had just said, "We're increasing the maximum allowable income,employment status and available benefits in the Medicaid/Medicare plans..." "IF you need new/or additional medical coverage, now you can access government medical insurance that is currantly available to jail/prison inmates,crack whores having crack babies, illegal aliens and people who are too damn lazy to find a Dr. in their neighborhood so they go to the ER for a snotty nose."
THEN the nay-sayers would say.. "well it's about damn time i start getting something for MY tax dollars"!!
Presentation is everything!!

heathio said...

Dear Bill, as a fellow atheist, please would you give me a comment on the following video;
This says that Muslims will be the only race left at the end of the day. They don't even need to be terrorists, just by sheer volume, they will take over for ever.

Bette said...

You are so wrong -- Van Jones got himself fired - and not just because he called Republicans a foul name. You skipped over the fact that he is an avowed Marxist, signed a 9/11 petition (he claims he didn't know what he signed - what an embarrassment to Yale Law School), revealed his agenda in speeches and books, called President Bush a crackhead, etc. Didn't President Obama admit to being a cokehead?
The worst is your making fun of Joe Wilson by saying he has Tourette's Syndrome. I know you are so perfect, but the rest of us are not. And Tourette's is a very serious illness - but you made a joke about it? By the way, did you see that on Thursday, day after obama's speech, Senator Max Baucus stated that they would add a clause to the House bill that would require people prove their citizenship if they were to receive access to gov't health care. I guess Joe Wilson was right! There are also 2 other loopholes that allow illegals to get coverage. Obama didn't read the House proposal and I guess you didn't either. You are an embarrassment to Cornell and to our country.

retsew said...

Hi Bill:
I enjoy your program. I am looking for a way to get a copy of my book, "Evolution of God, A Concept," into your hands. I believe it paralelles your book, "Religulous," closely. It would be enlightening to discuss our unconventional points of view about this religious stuff.

Bob West
1930 RR 4-1/2
Portales, NM 88130

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