Thursday, March 22, 2012

Please Stop Apologizing


THIS week, Robert De Niro made a joke about first ladies, and Newt Gingrich said it was “inexcusable and the president should apologize for him.” Of course, if something is “inexcusable,” an apology doesn’t make any difference, but then again, neither does Newt Gingrich.

Mr. De Niro was speaking at a fund-raiser with the first lady, Michelle Obama. Here’s the joke: “Callista Gingrich. Karen Santorum. Ann Romney. Now do you really think our country is ready for a white first lady?”

The first lady’s press secretary declared the joke “inappropriate,” and Mr. De Niro said his remarks were “not meant to offend.” So, as these things go, even if the terrible damage can never be undone, at least the healing can begin. And we can move on to the next time we choose sides and pretend to be outraged about nothing.

When did we get it in our heads that we have the right to never hear anything we don’t like? In the last year, we’ve been shocked and appalled by the unbelievable insensitivity of Nike shoes, the Fighting Sioux, Hank Williams Jr., Cee Lo Green, Ashton Kutcher, Tracy Morgan, Don Imus, Kirk Cameron, Gilbert Gottfried, the Super Bowl halftime show and the ESPN guys who used the wrong cliché for Jeremy Lin after everyone else used all the others. Who can keep up?

This week, President Obama’s chief political strategist, David Axelrod, described Mitt Romney’s constant advertising barrage in Illinois as a “Mittzkrieg,” and instantly the Republican Jewish Coalition was outraged and called out Mr. Axelrod’s “Holocaust and Nazi imagery” as “disturbing.” Because the message of “Mittzkrieg” was clear: Kill all the Jews. Then the coalition demanded not only that Mr. Axelrod apologize immediately but also that Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz “publicly rebuke” him. For a pun! For punning against humanity!

The right side of America is mad at President Obama because he hugged the late Derrick Bell, a law professor who believed we live in a racist country, 22 years ago; the left side of America is mad at Rush Limbaugh for seemingly proving him right.

If it weren’t for throwing conniption fits, we wouldn’t get any exercise at all.

I have a better idea. Let’s have an amnesty — from the left and the right — on every made-up, fake, totally insincere, playacted hurt, insult, slight and affront. Let’s make this Sunday the National Day of No Outrage. One day a year when you will not find some tiny thing someone did or said and pretend you can barely continue functioning until they apologize.

If that doesn’t work, what about this: If you see or hear something you don’t like in the media, just go on with your life. Turn the page or flip the dial or pick up your roll of quarters and leave the booth.

The answer to whenever another human being annoys you is not “make them go away forever.” We need to learn to coexist, and it’s actually pretty easy to do. For example, I find Rush Limbaugh obnoxious, but I’ve been able to coexist comfortably with him for 20 years by using this simple method: I never listen to his program. The only time I hear him is when I’m at a stoplight next to a pickup truck.

When the lady at Costco gives you a free sample of its new ham pudding and you don’t like it, you spit it into a napkin and keep shopping. You don’t declare a holy war on ham.

I don’t want to live in a country where no one ever says anything that offends anyone. That’s why we have Canada. That’s not us. If we sand down our rough edges and drain all the color, emotion and spontaneity out of our discourse, we’ll end up with political candidates who never say anything but the safest, blandest, emptiest, most unctuous focus-grouped platitudes and cant. In other words, we’ll get Mitt Romney.


8^))) said...

Great idea! The last Sunday of March happens to be open.

Taking magic mushrooms and experiencing seconds that feel like lifetimes of infinite love will definitely contribute to this national positive be-in. Works for all ages too.

If this offends you, get over it.

Anonymous said...

As usual you are spot on Bill, may you never get tired of showing us humans the madness we all hold on to !!!!

Rich Goldstein said...

Outrage is the most useful tool we have for determining idiocy. If people didn't go nuts over trivial issues, we might consider them rational, articulate, and thoughtful human beings.

Russ Cugno said...
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Ethereal; Ephemeral said...
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Russ Cugno said...

Comics can say anything, you know that. Actors are actors, what they say was usually written by somebody else. Why do they try to be cleaver... most aren't.
Like I always say 'everybody thinks they're a comedian'. They aren't. Just the comedians are comedians and a very few of us actually have a Comedic License.
That's why they issue those things. Hey Bob, leave the jokes to the professionals.

Ethereal; Ephemeral said...


Michael Symes said...

This article contains an unacceptable slur against Canada. I know many Canadians who are thoroughly offensive. I am almost one myself. I insist that Mr. Maher publicly apologize and strenuously rebuke himself. I will not be able to go on with life until he does so.

Steve Plevin said...

Pitch perfect column!!

Patti said...

Go Bill! I am very tired of everyone who wants an apology. It is up to each of us to forgive whether or not the offender asks for forgiveness. If we wait for fairness, be prepared to wait a long time. I'm a little tired, however, of the negative slams against, well, anything. Why do we have to go there to make a point? Are we lacking that much in creativity? Bill, Rush, Glenn, all of you -- please try to be more creative and attempt to keep negative references out of your vocab. Can ya just try it? If not, like I said, it's up to me to forgive and move on! I need my energy for more important things that feeling like someone owes me apology!

James Miller said...

When did righteous indignation become the default position for every response to everything? Why does everyone feel that wrath is their birthright? Dammit, I'm entitled to a response I feel comfortable with, and it's your responsibility to determine what will make me happy. The atmosphere of our culture has become far too close to resembling my first marriage.

Richard Booth said...


I agree that any slight is used as political fodder to shame others and manipulate opinion in todays environment. And I also agree that we should stop the fake outrage - it's manipulative and boring.

I disagree that offensive speech and/or insulting others be tolerated. It's takes little intellect to insult and it is cheap, easy humor. It also highlights the depth of the insultor -

For example - Rush Limbaugh - why did the bastion of knowledge and holder of republican power need to insult 12 year old Chelsea Clinton - really?

Another example - the church insults non-believers in order to shame them - manipulate weak minds. Preying on insecurity.

Intelligent humor is funny - insult humor - boring and easy.

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Maher

A proud Canadian

Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Maher

A proud Canadian

Brian Cartwright said...

I'm sorry but as a Canadian, I'm truly offended. I apologize if this coment offends you. I can't help myself. I'm Canadian. Sorry.

Jim Grupe said...

Mitt Romney is an empty etch-a-sketch, one of the defective ones that left the factory without any of the powder inside.

But that's where the mind-numbing effects of political correctness have gotten us: an electorate that generally prefers aerosol cheese-whiz to camembert, except for the extremists who accept nothing less than a strict diet of overripe limburger.

Anonymous said...

@all_canadians: Please look at this with some perspective. Why take it personal, as if he meant individual Canadians.

It's about idea's, not people.


Mark said...

Loved your ad lib on last week's show about your gas "I have enough gas to get to Pittsburgh." I immediately heard Dino and love you all the more for the subtle tribute!

cashmoneybrother said...

Forgot that! Send the word to the Republicans that once the supreme court overturns obamacare, then we can focus on SINGLE PAYER (NO INSURANCE COMPANIES) HEALTH CARE SYSTEM. This can only happen if the supreme court ends obamacare. I agree that universal health care for everyone is the best thing...sicne the republicans think ending obamacare will help them/let them be stupid. The low income masses and middle classes will vote for hiliary in 2016 and universal healthcare.

Dr. Detector said...

Bill, you and I are probably polar opposites when it comes to politics, religion and other issues of the day. However your OP-ED is spot on. I don't get HBO, but I do come to your site to see what you have to say, and much to the dismay of some of my friends, you often make a lot of sense. I have no doubt that you and I could discuss politics over dinner and drinks and have a good time doing it even though we don't agree. I can thing of nothing more boring than everyone agreeing. I personally need to hear things I don't often in order to keep my old brain going. And if you don't hear what everyone is saying, discuss it in a civil manner, how in the heck can one solve any problems?

cindy R said...

I agree with the Michael Symes the Canadian poster, we are (Canadians) a disgusting lot that Bill is maybe not aware of, eh Mike. Okay, now that I think about it Michael maybe we are just trying to fit in with Bill by saying how gross we are. Oh well, fuck it, psst Michael, just let them think what they want. I am glad we only have 30 million people. SSShhhh let's not tell them we can drink at 18 years old while they have to wait until they are 21. Everybody wins.

Anonymous said...

Hey you snow monkeys need to post that in french too.

Being regarded as civilized isn't an insult, its a compliment. Letting our bankers screw around with your bankers and your money is an insult - to you. You should fix this before its too late.

joe cole said...

I agree nobody should apologize for offending people's religion. I love to offend people's moral's. There is nothing more satisfying than to call a christan a jesus freak, a muslim a prophet freak, or my favorite calling hollywood liberals polar bear freaks.

joe cole said...

I agree nobody should apologize for offending people's religion. I love to offend people's moral's. There is nothing more satisfying than to call a christan a jesus freak, a muslim a prophet freak, or my favorite calling hollywood liberals polar bear freaks.

joe cole said...

I agree nobody should apologize for offending people's religion. I love to offend people's moral's. There is nothing more satisfying than to call a christan a jesus freak, a muslim a prophet freak, or my favorite calling hollywood liberals polar bear freaks.

joe cole said...

I agree nobody should apologize for offending people's religion. I love to offend people's moral's. There is nothing more satisfying than to call a christan a jesus freak, a muslim a prophet freak, or my favorite calling hollywood liberals polar bear freaks.

joe cole said...

I agree nobody should apologize for offending people's religion. I love to offend people's moral's. There is nothing more satisfying than to call a christan a jesus freak, a muslim a prophet freak, or my favorite calling hollywood liberals polar bear freaks.

Anonymous said...

Bill On you show 3/23/2012 you laugh
at Oklahoma for passing a bill that
denied food from having aborted
fetus cells. You might want to read
this article:

Also you said we should not worry
about the Rush Limbaugh, Glen Becks, Bill O'reillys, hate speech
I don't agree with you. How long do
we let some one rant that a George
Tiller should not exist on this planet or that slut should get what she deserves

cindy R said...

Hey Amonymous,
Canadian Banks are mostly American owed and are in bed with America and Britian we are controlled more than you guys realize. Most of the country is American, that is what people don't get. I think the Canadians are just joking (I know I was) by saying how dare you not call us disgusting. Settle down we are mocking ourselves and Bill for saying we are nice. That is like us saying all Americans are nice and boring. I've been to America and the people were nice as pie, so I really don't see what the dealio is, it is the individuals who are the jerks and the politicians.

cindy R said...

P.S. The French thing. I am not going to explain. That is a Quebec thing that the rest of the country has to abide by because they have allot of seats in parliament. Last census it said about only 180,000 spoke both French and English fluently. If you want to work for the Federal government you need French and English. Most people don't speak both. It is a dumb law we have to tolerate that came in during the 70's that French is also the official language as well as English. It was passed by a French Prime Minister and is a waste of money and discrimination as far as what I can see. It is a long story but I think the dual language law is bullshit and so would you if you were told you had to learn Spanish to work in certain higher paying jobs etc.

C.neal said...

Bill we had the pleasure of meeting you after the Nashville concert,what a great show. Why in a free America can we not laugh at ourselves anymore. It takes someone like you to point out how ridiculous we have become. What happened to freedom of religion or freedom of no religion? Why do we have to apologize for not agreeing? Why is it we are so uninformed that we don't make up our mind who to vote for until we get in the voting booth? Maybe if we wouldn't listen to the ridiculous tv ads we could take time to study each candidate and elect people that really care

anthony brian self said...

Have any of u morons heard of the bill of rights or FREEDOM OF SPEACH?Or r u trying to make all act like politcians and say what ever u must to please or get the support of those in front of u today or should we all lie to each other in the name of political correctness?Fucking bunch of retards its communism that u r asking for which by the way is y the jews r pissed or did u not get that when hitler was in office?Dont like what someone else says or the joke they told?Turn and walk away,turn the channel or just dont laugh cause when u dont laugh at a comidians jokes hes not telling jokes very long.
Next what is an apology worth that is demanded and then given out of political correctness?Its not worth a pinch of monkey shit dont u get it?To force an apology alters it into a script and takes any value that it does have.It becomes something i call politicing or what most people refer to as LIEING.
As for the annonimous canadian that calls himself a proud canadian.U cant b both stupid.Either say who u r or dont pretend to be proud.Do u no the definition to the word proud?
Now i appologise for my spelling it is a direct result of budget cuts to education.Now theres a good topic to discuss,that is when all the elected and appointed political government personel return from vacation if they feel up to it.
Now my disclaimer:If anything i have said here offends u please feel free to kiss my ass cause i honestly dont care,and if this is not good enough too bad cause i being an American do still have my freedom of speech same as u.I also have the right to bear arms.So say what ever u feel but dont violate my space.Thank u all for your time even yall morons.GoodDay
Anthony Brian Self resident of Lacey,Wa.98503

cindy R said...

Dam rights. Politcal correctness has gone too far, when there are much worthier causes to focus on never mind Robert De Nero or whatever. It is called brainwashing, and they do it well.

cindy R said...

Plus Bill is saying in way what every one else wants to say but doesn't have the platform. We can handle shit being said without wilting, it is not like we don't hear it in every day life anyway. Ban free speech is what they are aiming for or so it seems. Scum dog millionaires....Why don't they apologize for the genocide and GMO food and all the other hazards they cause, instead of this I want an apology cause you hurt my feelings. They just want attention.

Paul Eberth said...

I'm a Canadian and I thought your comment, - "that's what we have Canada for" on your March 23rd show was hilarious! I love your show!

Skylab said...

Absolutely. But once again here is where the media lets us all down. Corporate owned ratings hungry media outlets allow themselves to be drown in to this free publicity firestorm. This further divides us. You either have to LOATH someone or LOVE them. We can no longer be temporarily annoyed by someone. We can't agree but this part and disagree about that part. All or nothing and Americans eat it up. We are hungry to hate because our media told us to be that way.

Anonymous said...

Bill... Pick a day!

We seriously need this one...

Anonymous said...

Perfect Day by Lou Reed

Anonymous said...

Right on Bill.

Darnell J. said...

I usually agree with you on most issues Bill, but I have to break with you on this one. While I agree that there is a little too much apologizing for trivial comments, I think allowing real hate speech to go unchecked can be very dangerous and contribute to things like the Trayvon Martin shooting and the law that allowed his killer to go free without so much as an arrest.

tmblueus said...

Wow, Bill! You finally said something I agree with!

Maureen said...'re effin awesome! Love to hear some common sense, bull sh*$ free rants.

Anonymous said...

Feed your head!

Notes from the Psychedelic Salon

OccupyTVNY said...

Occupy The Courts - A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges

Mr. Inflation said...

You do a great job in raising political concerns. But at times you and your guests on both sides fail to identify how we got into this mess
Occupy Wall Street is one issue. This is what I think is the cause of unrest.
Ben Bernanke's duel mandate will never detect the drag inflation is causing in the economy. When oil hit 150.00 barrel in 2008, that killed small businesses and millions of jobs which explains why un-employment shot up to near 10%. (which is why nobody could borrow)
This ignited more Industrial Consolidation with Large Caps absorbing more market share doing minimal hiring which is the only way they can keep products more affordable to their customers which is making inflation invisible under the Fed Mandate..
Bernanke suggesting that high energy could be a drag on the economy is an understatement. It will only ignite more industrial consolidation and slower job growth (which hides inflation)making the Fed's inflation goals fall short which means Bernanke may never change.
Gov't debt will only increase with more inflation. Consider that inflation has increased Health Care cost and increased cost of benefit packages to City, State and Federal benefit packages and the burdens to the tax payers.
Many businesses can't afford the expense of Health Care benefits and raising inflation, so they just hire part-time help to avoid Health Care cost so they can compete in the market place which under Fed Mandate is unrecognized inflationary pressure of a weak dollar.
Obama's Health Plan can't work because Bernanke will never recognize that his Inflation Mandate is growing the Gov't. When Bernanke suggests that the Gov't needs to cut spending but embraces a weak dollar in a commodity driven economy (which includes the Gov't) is a contradiction, because his policies will only grow more debt.
Bernanke suggested that the Fed was not responsible for the housing bubble in the early 2000's is not exactly right. Didn't borrowing and speculative building dramatically increase when rates were ultra low in 2001? When the Banks accumulated so much inventory they got very reckless with toxic loans. A weak dollar and high demand in building material also put inflationary burdens on consumers, which stimulated the bubble in 2007.
Bernanke still believes inflation is low. If Inflation is as low as he thinks and with record low interest rates for the last 3 years, why do we still have a housing glut? Shouldn't we have a housing shortage and much higher home values?
Many Seniors are forced to work into retirement because rising inflation has made it harder for them (or anybody else) to save or they simply can't earn a decent yield in a CD from their life savings, meaning they will compete for the service jobs they should be creating.
Bernanke thinks low rates and a weak dollar is helping borrowers. Inflation has stagnetted the buying power of consumers making them financially short handed from saving for a down payment of a home purchase.
None of your guest on the Republican or Democratic side has made the argument of Gov't being the solution or has explained why it is better for the free market being the solution. It always ends up being a Social conversation and class warfare instead of Freedom, Liberty and the the thing that the Fed is destroying which is Free Market Capitalism, which is making the the working poor increase.
I would rather you focus your show on humor or focus your show on politics, doing both isn't funny or effective politically.
Personally I like Ron Paul because he believes in Freedom. he embraces States Rights. Socially we will always be incharge of ourselves. (which he acknowledges)He also is the only candidate that believes in a strong dollar. I'm tired of Conservatives and Liberals stuffing their social moralities down our throats.
Thank You
David M. Adams

XO Bad Ronald said...


The game is rigged, and noone seems to notice.

The best way to rob the customers of the bank coming & going is by owning a bank. No arrests, no convictions.

Mr. Inflation said...

Bad Ronald,

Great Blog site. I never even heard of Zero Hedge until today.

Bill Gross didn't appreciate it when Bernanke recently trivialized 4% yields on CD's, suggesting that equities is the way to go. Most Seniors aren't going to risk their life savings in stocks, instead they will work longer. (not good when jobs are scarce)

What I find even more distubing is our nation has lost a decade of 4% yields, which actually could've stimulated the economy while making us less enabled to the Gov't.

We also would have consumer price stability (including health care) if the Fed wasn't aggressively meddling with Fed Funds Rates, QE's and Twist.

Judging by the deficits, Social and Fiscal Politics can't co-exist.

When you see wealthy Social Liberal and Conservative TV and Radio personalities using personal assasinations to authenticate their Social existance, apologies may be too late. They fail in attempting to spin their way through their Social and Fiscal views creating a confused audience.

The best way to end Social Politics and narrow the budget gap, is if Washington stops rewarding behavior, whether it is good or bad behavior. And allow the Free Market do the rewarding. Washington is trying to regulate and instill their social value system with my tax dollars. Which is why States rights seem more attractive to me.

When Social Political Media icons like Bill and Rush use media to say mean or obscene things toward people with different social views they are only building a greater resolve and creating division among Americans, instead of tolerance.

I think for Maher or Limbaugh to be politically effective and entertaining they should watch Larry Kudlow and Robert Reich. They are 2 friends who have respectful disagreements even poking fun of their different views, without insulting each other.

I see both extreme Liberals and extreme Conservatives equally un-tolerant toward each other. Both want Social Politics to stay in Washington instead of relinquishing that right back to the states.
I think Bill and Rush are classic examples of Washington and Media Social intolerance.

XO Bad Ronald said...

Bill Maher is a comedian. Rush Limbaugh is a professional opinion manipulating raconteur. Considering the state of the 4rth estate, apparently there are hundreds like him under every rock.

Limbaugh is not free to prey on the vulnerable. The FCC should at least require announcements at every station break stating that the fake news broadcast is fake, as Orson Wells did. Not just Fox either; all of them.

Its TV. None of it is real, and most of it is garbage. You are critiquing dramatic personas as if they were real; they aren't. Its all just Days of our Lives. Go outside to look at the stars, thats just a box of wires that emits flashing lights & sounds. No one should take it seriously; obviously too dangerous.
Punk Economics

Mr. Inflation said...

Bad Ronald,

I can't disagree with Bill being a comedian. Rush is a Conservative Radio Shock Talker. Both are using their Professional access to media while combining their political views at the same time.
I don't think it is possible to critique anyone in Media. They have to do their own self-discovery through trial and error. I'm merely stating an observation that may not be similar to yours.
Maher's show is branching out and using guest with different political viewpoints and even using guest from the financial networks, which I applaud.
Whatever "Make Believe" professional title Limbaugh and Maher uses, they are still expressing their social political views in an attempt to socially endoctrinate their audiences.
Limbaugh and Maher's Profession is overshadowed by the way they use insulting ajectives of people they don't agree with in the social political arena.
Limbaugh has been saying mean things on the air waves a lot longer, than Maher. (we know how annoying Limbaugh is) Maher in my opinion is equally annoying practicing the same kind of garbage Limbaugh practices.
Both attempt combining humor and politics at the same time, which may not be so bad if they would choose to be less insulting and if both did their homework so they could exercise more tolerance.

XO Bad Ronald said...

"What I’m about to say is all true. But under this system, we are not allowed to speak the truth… Don’t think that we are living in a peaceful time now. Actually the media cannot report anything at all. Those of us who do TV shows are so miserable and frustrated, because we cannot do any programs. As long as something is related to the government, we cannot report about it." Professor of Finance Larry Lang, Chinese University of Hong Kong

The reason MacArthur wasn't allowed to liberate the Chinese people is because we were sold out long before he had the chance.

Don't expect to find heros in the media. Its tactical.

Anonymous said...

Here kids, here's our legacy to you: 10 trillion dollars in debt. Our elected representatives decided to give it all to our worst enemies and well, now you're totally fucked.

We're Sorry.

SoCalpath said...

I would guess that the reason for the 0-414 vote against the Obama budget is so that they won't have to explain and apologize for the garbage they are going to attempt to put over on us.

Anonymous said...

0-414 means someone found it cheaper to buy the entire government than to sponsor candidates in a free election.

We are so Fucked.

theTaxman said...

Considering the three mentioned, we are not. (Ready for a white first lady, that is.) We should stick with Mrs. Obama, a lady, smart, empathetic, a working mother, educated, and loved all over the world. Got a problem with that? I don't. No offense taken. No apology necessary.

Jim Davidson said...

Looking at the comments from your supporters on this blog it is obvious that you appeal to the below 50 I.Q. crowd. If your own IQ every rises to the size of your mouth you might be able to seriously compete on the "are you smarter than a fifth grader?" game show.

Pittsburgh Joe said...

It's time to find humor in life without being mean. Democrats don't benefit from being mean. You're hurting Obama's chances of re-election. He's already being characterized as the great divider......come on Bill you can do better.

Anonymous said...

For well you know that its

Jim Davidson

Who plays it cool,
by making his world a little colder.

If you so smart Jim, why don't you fix this mess? All us twits'll be ever so grateful. Why, we'll even make you the president.

NIXON 2012

Madmike said...

Most of the comments here I would guess the people are under 40. They want free this and free that with no answers as to accomplist their utopia. Grow up. Life is not fair. Its dog eat dog. If anyone is responsible for the 535 who got us into this mess, look in the mirror. The supreme court is appointed. You may not aggree with them but most of them adhere to follow the constitution. Most are well qualified. But Cagin, Ginsberg give me a break! Maher is no longer funny. He is so Left its not funny. And YOU support him! He wouldn't last 6 mns. On a reg. tv slot and forget Radio. Who would purchase an advertising spot? Name some. I would love to hear some examples.

Anonymous said...


If you think I'm going to help you steal from me while calling it my civic duty, you don't understand quid pro quo.

To name just a few likely advertisers:
Every cannabis club in the USA & along the borders
Comedy Central
Ron Paul
Rick Santorum
Mitt Romney
Newt Gingrich
Herman Cain
local politicians & PACs everywhere
Karl Rove
ambulance chasers
immigration liars
George Soros
Hillary Clinton
Barack Obama
Emanuel Goldstein
The US Armed Services
Private schools
matchbook & certified trade schools
Rosetta Stone
Chong's Bongs
Western Union
pizza & other delivery
contraception products
beauty products
movie studios
movie rental distributors
The Mormon Church
The mile high club, or whatever that cult Pat Robertson is into is called.
Carl's Jr

Most will vote for whatever piece of shit the banksters put out front. No choice, pal.

Dr. Lecter said...

The cognitive capacity of a person with an IQ of 50 is completely comprehensible to a person with an IQ of 100, should they choose to make the effort. Whereas the cognitive abstraction of a person with an IQ substantially higher than 100, starting around 120, is beyond the comprehension of what an IQ test describes as prime human breeding stock.

To put it simply Jim, breeders despise those they can control and fear those they can't predict, proportional to the viciousness of their own nature.

It was about physical power, now also social power. Bill Maher is not vicious, and you can't control him, so you fear him. You identify with the parade of fear mongering salesmen on talk radio, working for predators, as the ideal? LISTEN. VERIFY. LEARN. THINK. Its good for ya.

An IQ test such as the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Assessment only tests how well you conform to the specifications of our breeders. They aren't measuring intellect any more than a chicken farmer measures the intellect of his best hens by their laying capacity, otherwise the definition of genius would not correspond to the definition of insanity, as it does on their scale.

To be maladjusted is divine. All progress manifests from the maladjusted, we evolutionary sports are the progress of the DNA. You might stop me, to your own loss, but other optimized mutations will get through.

Anonymous said...

How to pass an IQ test, on <a href=
'">‪Politically Incorrect‬, 5/23/1996</a>
He is consistent.

Anonymous said...

How to pass an IQ test, on ‪Politically Incorrect‬, 5/23/1996
Consistent, isn't he?

Anonymous said...

Thats awesome! Thanks for sharing that! I didn't know Bill Maher had naked panels on Politically Incorrect! Michelle is so beautiful! Things were so much better back then.

Anonymous said...

It is one thing to through a fit, it is another to send the secret service to interogate you for expressing your beliefs. I did not see any defense for Ted Nugent.

Shovel Ready said...

OMG!!!...don't ask questions!!!

They'll just tell you you're too stupid to understand ;-)

Anonymous said...

I've met the SS. They are professional. I bet they got his autograph though, they are human and he's Ted Nugent. Probably sent on this fool's errand by a certain criminal republican electioneer, a political PR stunt to rattle the rubes & sell eyeballs. See how impressed they all are. Its all superficial bullshit.

Can't we all just get alonglonglongongongong said...

Veto, Darwin. Ted needs to buy Mel lunch and get the backstory, then you & Barry & Ted & Mel need to sit down and chug brewskis with the secret service agents. How's Friday @ 1900 sound?

Anonymous said...

The Thing That Ate The Constitution

Tony Sandy said...

Beauty is in the eye - ugliness in the ear. Pretentious people want to hide the truth about their past - honest ones want to reveal it. It is shame at their roots and wanting to forget where they came from. As the saying goes 'It isn't where you came from that matters but where you are going.'

Tony Sandy said...

The self-righteous are easily offended because they think they are in the right. This is because people hide behind the law as a God given right.

A Swedish study found that less accidents occurred on roads 'without' road markings, than on another notorious accident black spot, with markings. This is because it leads people to assume there is a right and a wrong way to do things that is clear cut and should be enforced.

Sensible people know that this isn't true and that life is at best arbitrary (A chosen direction that could have led somewhere else, if a different decision had been made).

There is no God given right to anything.

RTFB said...

The Law” published in 1850 by the great French economist Frédéric Bastiat, this is as clear a statement as has ever been made of the original American ideal of government, as proclaimed in the Declaration of Independence, that the main purpose of any government is the protection of the lives, liberties, and property of its citizens.
Bastiat believed that all human beings possessed the God-given, natural rights of “individuality, liberty, property.”
“This is man,” he wrote, these “three gifts from God precede all human legislation.” But even in his time, writing in the late 1840s, Bastiat was alarmed over how the law had been “perverted” into an instrument of what he called legal plunder. Far from protecting individual rights, the law was increasingly used to deprive one group of citizens of those rights for the benefit of another group, and especially for the benefit of the state itself. He condemned the legal plunder of protectionist tariffs, government subsidies of all kinds, progressive taxation, public schools, government “jobs” programs, minimum wage laws, welfare, usury laws, and more.
Bastiat’s warnings of the dire effects of legal plunder are as relevant today as they were the day he first issued them. The system of legal plunder (which many now celebrate as “democracy”) will erase from everyone’s conscience, he wrote, the distinction between justice and injustice. The plundered classes will eventually figure out how to enter the political game and plunder their fellow man. Legislation will never be guided by any principles of justice, but only by brute political force.
The first step to exploiting your fellow man, Tony, is to make him ignorant. Its frightfully easy to do; but its also easy to fix. Free your mind

Anonymous said...

POT SAVES. Really. Jesus, only as much as the placebo in the control group.

Rupert Murdoch bs 7/11 said...

We are sorry.

The News of the World was in the business of holding others to account.
It failed when it came to itself.

We are sorry for the serious wrongdoing that occurred.

We are deeply sorry for the hurt suffered by the individuals affected.

We regret not acting faster to sort things out.

I realize that simply apologizing is not enough.

Our business was founded on the idea that a free and open press should be a positive force in society. We need to live up to this.

In the coming days, as we take further concrete steps to resolves these issues and make amends for the damage they have caused you will hear more from us.

Rupert Murdoch

Oliver Cromwell 2012 said...

It is high time for me to put an end to your sitting in this place, which you have dishonored by your contempt of all virtue, and defiled by your practice of every vice.

Ye are a factious crew, and enemies to all good government.

Ye are a pack of mercenary wretches, and would like Esau sell your country for a mess of pottage, and like Judas betray your God for a few pieces of money.

Is there a single virtue now remaining amongst you? Is there one vice you do not possess?

Ye have no more religion than my horse. Gold is your God. Which of you have not bartered your conscience for bribes? Is there a man amongst you that has the least care for the good of the Commonwealth?

Ye sordid prostitutes have you not defiled this sacred place, and turned the Lord's temple into a den of thieves, by your immoral principles and wicked practices?

Ye are grown intolerably odious to the whole nation. You were deputed here by the people to get grievances redressed, are yourselves become the greatest grievance.

Your country therefore calls upon me to cleanse this Augean stable, by putting a final period to your iniquitous proceedings in this House; and which by God's help, and the strength he has given me, I am now come to do.

I command ye therefore, upon the peril of your lives, to depart immediately out of this place.

Go, get you out! Make haste! Ye venal slaves be gone! So! Take away that shining bauble there, and lock up the doors.

In the name of God, go!

BubbleAid said...

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Add cold alcoholic beverages.
At the tipping point, add 1/2c Mr. Bubble. Adjusting for the size of your jacuzzi and modesty factors, 1/2c gets you 14-18" of foam. More is better. The record is 6'.
When a fine sense of humor forms, gradually lose items of clothing.
Use your imagination.

When the music's over, turn off the jets. After you recover, turn on the jets, raise the water level of the jacuzzi to the top & sweep the bubbles off until Mr. Bubble is out of the jacuzzi. This prevents potentially clogging filters & damaging the jacuzzi; a cold jacuzzi is no fun.

For informational use only. Only you are responsible for what you do with this information. I am not responsible for any mental cruelty experienced by the dickish upon reading this. In either case, stories of positive outcomes are priceless.
Fuck responsibly. Unintended pregnancy is bad. Extremely bad.
Friends don't let friends parboil in the jacuzzi after they pass out.
Never go anywhere without your towel.
Use discretionary judgement. If its not your jacuzzi, befriend the staff or security guards beforehand and neutralize surveillance appliances prior to opBubble escapades. Clean up. Word gets around and They will crack down on you. Nothing frustrates Them more than responsible hedonists noone minds & everyone envies.
Polar bear nuts may be larger than they appear.
Mr. Bubble is biodegradable. Accept no substitutes.

Anonymous said...

Fuck. I meant to take the blue pill.

Anonymous said...

If tens of millions of illegal aliens can steal with impunity and even demand the right to more,

If a couple of thousand sheepskin carrying members of the killer elite can rob a nation with impunity,

How many troops have to go AWOL to end the banker's illegal wars of aggression, with no blowback?

Archer said...

Beware. There will be no mercy.

Major Chip Hazard said...

There will be no mercy.

Globotech CEO Gill Mahers said...

We've got to put advanced battlefield technology into consumer appliances. What could possibly go wrong?
Globotech: turning spy tech into handheld surveillance appliances.

Miss Keegle said...

What do soldiers need? Enemies sir. Alien freaks to hunt down and vaporize.

Prostetnic Vogon Rumpoy said...

There will be no mercy.

Anonymous said...

Soon the world will be owned by one big corporations. Then its good-bye microbreweries.

This is entirely unacceptable.

Hawkmeister said...

In a ruse in 1994, news broadcasts claim that the ozone layer is fading, and will be completely gone in a matter of months. By 2012, scientists discover that the ozone layer does in fact restore itself naturally as it always has, which means that the Carbon Tax is no longer needed. CEO of Carbon Exchange Al Namen is aware of this development, but has chosen to hide it from the general public, in order to maintain its main source of profit.

Beware. There will be no mercy.

Anonymous said...

Beware. There will be drug tests for all remaining natural born American employees Tuesday.
Beware. There will be no mercy.

Anonymous said...

Except for Hollywood. As Bollywood only produces 4x as many movies as Hollywood, all American employees in Hollywood will be let go Tuesday as a matter of principle.
Congratulations, you're all fired. Its what you voted for. Party on.

ravenmaven said...

This is why I so admire you, Bill. YOU MAKE SENSE!!! And you make me laugh so hard out loud. Thank you for that.

Tony Sandy said...

I saw a piece about the work of Jacob Liebman of Columbia University's Law School, on the Carlos DeLuna case.  The JonBenet Ramsey case comes to mind, where again lazy policing meant somebody probably innocent (the father) was accused and it took an outside party (Lou Smit, an ex-policeman) to cast doubt on the situation.  The enemies of the state are laziness and cowardice.  Cover ups and harassment  are the weapons used to put off the diligent.  Lying is also used to put people off the scent, in the same way criminals do.  In fact the execution of an innocent man is murder itself, by the state.  Facts should precede theory, not the other way round.  Science is not test tubes and measuring devices, it is an attitude of mind (doubt until evidence proves the truth of the situation - otherwise it is prejudice).  It is mental equipment, not external accoutrements in other words.  It is an exercised, courageous mind, determined to get to the truth.  Lou Smit is to be admired for his tenacity as the Boulder police are to be despised for their laziness and cowardly attitude of hiding facts and making up stories to get a conviction.  Science exposes the truth and civilization moves forward because of it.  Crime covers up the facts and buries it under a pack of lies and half truths (rumours / superstition), which means we stay stuck in the past.  Both you and people like Lou Smit are to be admired for your stand for the truth.  Keep up the good work!

All this lowering of the goalposts in education, in order to be fair is also ridiculous as is happening in the UK.  It encourages everyone to sink to the lowest common denominator and hide in the crowd, instead of encouraging sole effort (limbo dancing, until everyone is crawling on their bellies like snakes, instead of soaring to their individual heights, like eagles).  Is it any wonder interest in science has plummeted and the easy option of art is being pursued instead?  Who will manufacture the products and run the services of this country, if everyone wants the rewards but nobody is willing to put in the effort to provide them?  What are we breeding these people for, if not to work for the common good?  How can a society work when those going about their peaceful business are murdered by those who do nothing for it and much against it?  When good citizens are arrested and bunged in prison for defending themselves and the guilty are exonerated or put in plush hotels rather than jailed, how can this country do anything but go downhill?  We need to protect our citizens and encourage the best out of them, not have our police, nursing staff, ambulance drivers and fire service personnel, lost under a ton of paperwork, aimed at protecting their back or assaulted by those they are trying to help.  We don't need easy, self-indulgent options but tough love that works (No wonder the present generation think life is worthless - they put nothing in and expect everything back out - this is both lazy and cowardly, and that is what is killing this country).

Anonymous said...

Killer fracking @ 44.814°N, 11.079°E

Anonymous said...

The precautionary principle is typically defined as “if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific evidence that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.” In practice, the principle is utilized by government policy makers to ensure technological advances don’t pose too dire of an effect on the surrounding environment. This may appear a noble goal if one accepts the premise that the prime function of government is the protection of life and property. History proves otherwise as easily corruptible politicians have tended to grant exceptions to wealthy business interests which look to dump their waste in public-owned natural resources such as waterways. It is also clear judging by historical cases that socialization often results in environmental degradation.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Knuckles said...

Hey Bill I've been a big fan of yours for years now and have loved your show and you know what man... you pissed me off for the first time. You made a joke about health care and said I'm a free loader for not having health care. I'll tell you what man... Walk a day in my shoes. I was born with a birth defect on my hear that has been a preexisting condition since I was 28 (when I found out about it). I can't get insurance (I've tried) and either was canceled or told by - such cos- that I can have insurance but have to sign a waver to not have my surgery covered. I've lived in fear for this whole time because EVERY SINGLE HEART PALPITATION sends me into a FEAR OF DYING. I've blacked out, passed out, ECT and I cannot afford to pay 50-120k to fix my MOTHER FUCKING self and live normal life! I've watched when they all clapped and cheered saying "let em dye" and I'll tell you what... Walk a FN day in my shoes! It's ruined my life. There's nothing I can do at this point but wait for the inevitable. I'm a talented artist and have worked in the entertainment industry out west as an animator / designer 7 days a week 18 hours a day at times ect (you know what I'm talking about). Tell me how you would feel? This episode made me sick and you know what this country makes me sick! So next time you make a joke (or smirk) about this think about it... Something like 70%+ of the USA thinks this should be fixed and the REP propaganda has seemed to make its way onto FOX (no surprise) and steer the voters away from what's right through lies! So before you laugh and make a joke about ME sit back and think about how this country's run! You're not helping my situation. I still love you're show and you're what I consider the next George Carlin (one of my favorite entertainers of all time!) more of a maverick than a pure comedian. Please MAN show what's right not what is popular. I'm sick of feeling this way and living in fer 24/7. I want to live the life I was expecting since my early days of the arts! Believe me it is a NIGHTMARE! Like I said walk a day in my shoes! All of you need to IMO. It won't be the same if you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knuckles said...

excuse my grammar I know what was wrong with what I typed... I was just in the moment... I'm an educated man.

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed your show from the first time I viewed it. I too feel the same about god as you.How could a person of todays world believe in such a stupid idea from 5000 years ago.I would love a show that explains in detail the brainwashing techniques the bible could start the show with a example from one of the worst cults you can think of and then show where the idea came from. a parody I have less than a 6th grade education and I have understood how sombody with a higher education even a masters could believe in such crap there must be more to it than just words in a book nobody believes harry potter is real and those are better written {sometimes you do say some stupid shit though} the whole global warming thing you should drop you sound like a compleat idiot as oposed to just a half wit stop and think about it the earth was on fire at one time in history the planet can handel a few degres in tempature dont get me wrong global warming is real but we will be all right

Frank said...

Hey Bill, long time listener here.
Supreme court Chief Justice sent a clear message to tea-baggers: The dog is finally wagging the tail....and not the other way around.
keep up

Cyd Rosen-Herrmann said...

I just want to tell all about a great newsletter. It is right up Bill Maher's alley. It speaks to his comic sensibility and sense about the insanity that is now America...Jim Hightower's "Lowdown". In June's issue it talks about the richest contributer's to GOP SuperPacs, and there is a great piece on food: Next Big Thing in Food- You! Too incredible. Please, please read. Cyd

Anonymous said...

Inside Job, Narrated by Matt Damon (Full Length HD)

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