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Following are quotables from “Real Time with Bill Maher” for Friday, March 23, 2012. “Real Time with Bill Maher” airs Fridays at 10:00PM ET (10:00PM PT, tape delayed) on HBO, with additional replays throughout the week on HBO and HBO 2.

Newt Gingrich today said he’s jealous because the only tool he ever gets compared to is a dildo.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue about Mitt Romney being compared to an Etch-A-Sketch

By the end of the year, if you want an abortion, first you must defeat the World Wrestling star, The Undertaker.
- Bill Maher on the proposed abortion laws

By this logic, if anybody ever shoots Geraldo, it’ll be because his mustache makes him look like The Bandito.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue regarding Geraldo’s controversial excuse about Trayvon Martin wearing a hoodie

This law they have in Florida, this “stand your ground’ law where you can use can use any amount of force if you think there is some amount of perceived threat; good thing they don’t’ have that here because my lawn would be littered with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
- Bill Maher in his opening monologue

But he doesn’t like black people…what’s in his voice is the word ‘coon,’ we heard that on the tape and then he shot a black kid. So maybe, I’m a leaping to conclusions but what I’m getting is this guy is a racist asshole.
- Bill Maher referring to George Zimmerman

It is the rape defense that she wore something too revealing and was looking for it. There are no ‘come shoot me clothes.’
- Charles M. Blow on Geraldo’s ‘hoodie’ defense

He insists that he did not do this out of homophobia. Some court decided what was in his mind, for him and he risked a lot to insist that he wasn’t a bigot.
- Andrew Sullivan on the Dharun Ravi defense

I think that Republicans have now gone through their five stages of grief…denial – Herman Cain, Bargaining – Rick Perry, Anger – Newt Gingrich, Depression – Rick Santorum and finally acceptance – Mitt Romney…Finally, a robot designed neither to love or be loved.
- Bill Maher

New Rule: You can't wear a blue polo shirt and khakis to Wal-Mart and then get all pissy with me when I mistake you for an employee. And that goes double for the guy in the meat department, wearing the bloody smock. So I thought you worked here - is that really so much more degrading than you just shopping here?
- Maher in his ‘New Rules’ segment

New Rule: Stop opening banks. Every time a useful business like a video store, a dry cleaner, or a marijuana dispensary closes, it becomes a bank. They're multiplying faster than Palins. But why? We have the Internet, we have ATMSÉ how many little old ladies with rolls of quarters are there? I've been inside a bank once in ten years, and that was only because I needed a giant cardboard check.
- Maher in his ‘New Rules’ segment

New Rule: Now that John Boehner has cried while listening to traditional Irish music at the St. Patrick's Day luncheon it's not funny anymore. Seriously, John, tell us: where did the priest touch you? Show me on the doll.
- Maher in his ‘New Rules’ segment

This week's guests were Charles M. Blow, Glenn Greenwald, Wendy Schiller, Andrew Sullivan and Fred Armisen.


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Prosecute the killer of our son, 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

Richard said...

Bill, I appreaciate your courage and humor. A regular fan. However, sometimes I don't think you really understand liberty. Glen G. was on the money. If we start letting any executive decide in private who should be killed we are right back with "Star Chambers" and who you know matters more than justice. That is not the USA I want to live in. If we do that we have no separation from Hitler, Stalin etc.

Rich Goldstein said...

The coats all have shoulder knots. We are done for.

Anonymous said...

This was a great panel. Everyone had opposing viewpoints but everyone was capable of remaining amicable. It was thought provoking.

Anonymous said...;_ylc=X3oDMTBtYmswbmduBF9TAwRlbWFpbElkAzEzMzI1OTc2MDI-?bcmt=1332559346118-81b9d153-218e-4260-975f-7665882e2deb&bcmt_s=e#ugccmt-container-b I left a comment on this yahoo article about Rivera's hoodie remark which got a scary reply which I in turn replied to. Here they are cut and pasted: (me)Ok, so now white Wall Street business and banking executives dressed in expensive suits with conservative haircuts in big fat Mercedes and BMW's are open targets too for stealing hundreds of billions of dollars from the American public and then again through government bailouts and foreclosures on millions struggling to make their house payments in this difficult economy they created and profited from. Thanks for the wardrobe profiling idea Geraldo. Oh, and watch your back, because sometimes the way you dress makes you look like one of these Gordon Gecko types. (reply)then grow some balls and kill some of them..set the example (my reply)Wow! How quickly you transformed into a Zimmerman yourself! Apparently, you failed to see the sarcasm in my comment which was meant to highlight the fallacious, narrow minded, and over-generalized thinking behind Rivera's wardrobe profiling remarks. As much as: we should arrest every man dressed in a priest's frock, for surely he must be a child molesting pedophile. Do you get it now? What's scary is how easily you took the bait, just like Zimmerman and Rivera, with their stereotyping. This just leads to this racist, closed-mind, seflf-righteousness expressed in words or worse, in actions like Zimmerman's.

Anonymous said...

Prosecute this young man in Afghanistan? Think this through. Enlistment and reenlistment will go to zero. Regardless of imposing a draft. Hilary, Nancy and the crying man will have to fight their own battles.

Anonymous said...

Imagine you are a 21 y.o. Marine stationed in Afghanistan on your 7th tour and one of your "allies" shoots your best friend in the back of the head. He's a double agent, a spy, and his family is making bank off us. So you go Rambo, put together your own mission and take out his extended family. This is Afghanistan, you've been there over 3 years; this is a message the rest of the cockroaches will understand. The rest of the tribe got the message. But the spy community claims it was a major operation because they want to leech more mega millions.

Ron Paul 2012!

Nikki and Sasha said...

I recently started watching your show and have become a huge fan. On Friday’s episode Charles Blow from the New York Times stated that all black men carry a heavy burden on their shoulders and that having to watch every move they make is exhausting. Does he really think that black men are the only people who carry such a burden? What about women? We have been living with this “exhausting” burden since the beginning of time. We have always had to watch how we speak, how we dress and how we carry ourselves to ensure that we don’t give out the wrong signals. Try walking in our heels!

Robert Dervish said...

In Rick Santorum's family, Uncle Bob - the uncle noone talks about - is the one who attended college all his life, earning advanced degrees in medicine studying things like cancer, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy.

The GOP campaign is "Hey folks! The new sheriff is ni-!". You know its true, they have not got another fucking thing to offer the bottom of the pyramid.

Stephanie said...

Your New Rule about John Bonher crying while listening to traditional Irish music during a St. Patrick's Day luncheon has got to be on the third installment collection of New Rules compilation OH PLEASE.

I was done listening to The New New Rules CD and I can rate it as smiles, laughter and a bit of discomfort (when you touch on race in certain aspects of it). I plan on buying first compilation CD of New Rules.

I adore you Bill, when you smile it makes me smile or my heart feel quite happy.

Lush Rimbo said...

Hey Bill,

Don't worry about the hateful posts. I think those are people using the internet & their perceived anonymity for cheap therapy. You now, they say what they're thinking and check to see how crazy other people think they are.

Besides, just imagine what other people's hateful comments must be like. I bet the secret service has their hands full, but just think what people like Rush Limbaugh have to contend with: not only hate from their own insane followers, but also creative, witty, complicated sarcasm from the rest of us.

Anyway, the hate you're getting is probably from operatives of the Fox regime & the KKK trying to mess with you.

It all just proves that we evolved to the top the food chain from the nastiest primates; some of us haven't caught up yet.

sridhar said...

Hi I recently caught some episodes when browsing. 20 years ago it would have been perfectly logical for americans to debate issues that you mention often, economics should be the main issue.
BTW I cant believe that the fox news channel over there are dumb. I have officially started calling it "fucks" news.

OccupyTVNY said...

Occupy The Courts - A Conversation with Lawrence Lessig and Chris Hedges

Anonymous said...

On the question of hate crimes. First, I'd like to point out that there are many kinds of crimes that require the court to inquire into your state of mind (or mens rea). For example, one of the elements of a charge of murder is intent. Determining intent is exactly the same kind of looking into your thoughts as it is with hate crimes.

Second, the original purpose of hate crimes laws was not to punish bigots more than non-bigots, but to impose increased penalties for a crime whose purpose was broader.

In other words, it's not a hate crime to steal a black person's car, if all you are is a car thief. But it might be a hate crime to lynch a black man who tries to register to vote. The difference is that in the second case, the intent in the second case is not only to commit murder, but also to use terror to intimidate all black people from exercising their civil rights. That's the reason for increased penalties for hate crimes.

Anonymous said...

Dominionism is a term used to describe politically active conservative Christians that are believed to conspire and seek influence or control over secular civil government through political action, especially in the United States, with the goal of a nation governed by a conservative Christian understanding of biblical law.

Eldaine said...

Does your car still run on gasoline? If I could show you exactly how to make it run solely on water would you be interested?

I am interested in lobbying for the future Hydrogen Fracture industry. This is a groundbreaking concept and a valuable key for the future of civilization. Implications include economic stabilization/Pollution free lifestyle/abundant clean water/and energy independence. This concept is past research and development and is ready to be made public. I need your help to take the next networking steps to achieve unbelievable prosperity.

Anonymous said...

I'm telling you... The Man and The Dog are definitely working together.

Anonymous said...

15% of the employed are holding down 2+ jobs. What picture does it paint when tax reciepts are falling during a period of record multiple job employment?

We're not in Kansas anymore, Bill. Smells like... KFC and petrol.

There's no place like home!
There's no place like home!
There's no place like home!

Electric Hopium said...

We're In A Lot Of Trouble!

Anonymous said...

The Story of Your Enslavement

Anonymous said...

14 Characteristics of Fascism by Dr. Lawrence Britt:

1. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights
3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause
4. Supremacy of the Military
5. Rampant Sexism
6. Controlled Mass Media
7. Obsession with National Security
8. Religion and Government are Intertwined
9. Corporate Power is Protected
10. Labor Power is Suppressed
11. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
12. Obsession with Crime and Punishment
13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption
14. Fraudulent Elections

Anonymous said...

The 4rth Panther is Wesley Snipes. Our masters just won't let him out.

Anonymous said...

I thought Van Jones had some creative ideas, now I think he's a POS. My friends in the industry told me the Solyndra tax subsidy was queer from the start, and it is.

I won't read his book. I hope his career is over.

Anonymous said...

Bill, the incident with the Toyota defects was real.

Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda went 2 yrs ago he went on record before USA congress as a blubbering man, and "apologized and assumed full responsibility for the series of events and lapses in judgment that led to the recall of 8.5 million vehicles globally"

Anthropogenic Global Warming is a scam. I do not deny science, I read the data and found the selected studies of the bought opinions did not describe the entire situations, and that Al Gore and others intentionally misrepresented the facts to such an extreme that their credibility is void.

Methane chimneys under the antarctic, oh my. The trapping and releasing of that gas is happening on a time scale that precludes human interference. Afawk this has been occurring every spring since the ice first thawed enough to expose the oceans 2 billion years ago. Distorting the observable facts due to greed, anthropogenic arrogance and stupidity are definitely factors in this scam for global control of human industry.

Diane - a fan said...

3/30 milk bone comment = FYI – 99% of all dog owners could dump 10 boxes of bones out and the dogs will only eat if they are hungry – posted by a mutt owner [2Xs] – maybe show dogs are different????

Danny Rousseau said...

Bill, I'm a big fan and I watch Real Time every week and I enjoy it very much given the fact that I'm with you with most of your stances. The part I'm not with you is when you say that global warming is real AND man-made.
That statement implies there would NOT be any global warming if there was no humans on earth. There is countless geological evidence that confirms glaciers have been retreating towards the poles for thousands of years, that there has been hundreds, maybe thousands of glaciation cycles in the past 60 millions of years, witch means that the earth turning from a scortching desert below the 45th parallel and back again to a frozen wasteland of a mile-thick sheet of ice over what is now known as L.A. is nothing new.
Don't get me wrong; I do believe we still need to be careful with the way we treat the earth on the very simple, down-to-earth (no pun intended) principle that clean is better that filthy.
But, even though Global warming is very real, it is no more reversible by man than a tsunami, a volcanic eruption or continental drifting. So when I see a man such as yourself preaching week after week about the rigourous process that science brings to the table compared to the hogwash put forth by religion, I feel the need to remind you that the Green agenda is also mired with exagerations, interpretations and, at times, utter falsehoods aimed at bringing as many people into its flock as possible. It becomes, by definition, just another religion.
Makes me wonder if the only reason for YOU to follow it so blindly is because you don't want to piss off all those cute, hippy chicks that, so want your dick 'cause you're like, soooo groovy, for an old dude!
I'd direct you to some Wikipedia articles about Ice ages, glacier movement and such, but since you don't seem to agree with its fact-checking (or the existence of such), feel free to look it up through any neutral source (by that, I mean no right-wing nut and no tree-hugger with a green agenda); I'm sure it will not change your mind (because, let's face it: stubborn is funnier, isn't that why we love republicans?), but you might learn a few more things.

Chaos - a fan said...

Charlie Manson schools Geraldo Rivera: You're going to end up on the street without a job.
Fox News: The last house on that street.

You tell 'em Mickey and Mallory Knox did it!

Anonymous said...

To Dr. Emanuel, the one who got all the brains.

If a person really wants to snuff it, do you think they give a FUCK what the law is? It is compassionate to allow them to make a clean, effective, painless, dignified, planned and well considered exit.

What part of 'free' do you not understand? You're the smart one, right? You don't even know what death is and you are projecting your fearful assumptions on everyone. Let go and get out of the way. Its not your decision.

People should have total access to all the best drugs. All the time.

Anonymous said...

The Handbook of Human Ownership
A Manual for New Tax Farmers
by Stefan Molyneux

lukefisk said...

Why do Americans keep saying we don't let people die with our current healthcare system. Do you think the unemployed, uninsured get cancer treatments? They get treated at the emergency room when they are dying, but do they get radiation, chemo or surgery to stop them from dying?

lukefisk said...

If you don't have insurance or a job and you have cancer or another disease requiring thousands of dollars of treatments, do you believe you will always be treated in our healthcare system as it is? If you show up at the emergency room they will treat you so you don't die, but can you get long term treatment so you don't die?

Colorado Red said...

Love the show, I'm a huge fan and agree with 90% of what you say. I would how ever like to see on your panel instead of having "famous" people every week maybe you should invite just a regular person who isn't a celebrity, media personality, a jourlalist, or just plan rich. Get some regular "Joe" or "Jane" who can speak for the rest of us regular Americans and give our point of view.

SoCalpath said...

Mitt & Seamus 1961

Mitt Romney likes the Paul Ryan budget. nuf sed.

Anonymous said...

"The first narcotics bust in history happens on the first page of the book of Genesis." Tim Leary

Anonymous said...

“I think any sensible person would do this, but since my 70s I have been planning, thinking about, my dying, because that’s going to be the climax, the final going away party. And you can’t believe the taboo when you start talking about how you’re going to die and the ways of dying. You’ll easily clear the cocktail party. No one wants to talk to you.” - Timothy Leary, is outside looking in.

Dr. Timothy Leary said...

Timothy Leary: On the Genetic Runway

Patti in PA said...

I must take umbrage with your excluding Pennsylvania in your dumbest states brackets. I believe PA should be at the top of the list because:
1) we produced Rick Santorum
2) we recently passed voter ID legislation to solve a non-existent problem
3) we are contemplating requiring women to view an ultrasound before an aborton - our governor said that a woman "can just close her eyes" if she finds this procedure offensive.

DianneU22 said...

I absolutely LOVE your show and watch it every week, every season, and will continue until it ends. I am female and even tho I won't go into some of your jokes about women (after all...they're jokes!) but I will chastise you for your lack (and continued lack) of an all-woman panel. Just once? Could ya? March WAS Women's Month and you couldn't have just one show with all women on it? They have alot of great ideas, opinions and have done alot of great things they could talk about - if you'd let them!! You have all-male panels and shows all the time. So how about a change of pace? Just one show? Could ya? Please?!

Anonymous said...

Religion is a form of bigotry, inflicted on children, just like racism. The KKK started as a christian group; religion and racism are often found in bed together, molesting children & feebs, raping & beating women. God is definitely a prick. But religion has killed more than 10 billion people in recorded history, making it the #1 killer disease of all time.

Don't just vote against theofascist party. Take the children away from them.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul 2012

A Girl Called Sandoz said...

The Canadian scientist who perfected LSD treatment for severe drug addiction was Humphrey Davies. For optimum results it takes one good dose & a booster every 6-12 months.

As brilliant Harvard Ph.d Dr. Timothy Leary said, "You are only as old as the last time you changed your mind."

Anonymous said...

Andrea Yates, who drowned her 5 children in 2011 because Satan told her to, has requested to leave her mental facility… to attend church.

Anonymous said...

you fuckin retards dont get it all the stutpid fuckin Texans presidents that we had took us to war are the ones that bankrupt this country and killed our kids for nothing would you all fucking grow up and stop wasting air time acting like you can justifing your pay checks you are fucking patheticket assholes do you listen to yourselfs.

Anonymous said...

why dont they feed the hungry for all the time and money they waist for this bullshit that is absolutly point less and a waist of time and shove their fancey sutes and make up what bunch of crap and stupit humans do listen to them selfs,fucking shame shame shame shame retards retards retards retards makes me sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

why dont they feed the hungry for all the time and money they waist for this bullshit that is absolutly point less and a waist of time and shove their fancey sutes and make up what bunch of crap and stupit humans do listen to them selfs,fucking shame shame shame shame retards retards retards retards makes me sick sick sick!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

North Korean Defector Brings Artwork To DC

Someone should commission this balsy guy to do ALL our politicians...

SimStem said...

They probably picked up Zimmerman when they ran out of donuts.

alex said...

For me bill maher is real funny when it comes to religion. But he takes wrong view of gun laws. There is always bad side to any law. I used to think gun gives people less time to escape or kill people. But that said without gun individual human freedom will be gone. We all will be slave to corporation big goons. Already there is a systematic way of trying to disarm american civilians so bankers can run america and world like their fiefdom. I like america when people free to speak without fear of threat. At present america becoming to be fascist state. Bill maher speaks truth until he defends israel and bankers. Then he becomes doing a job of a tool.

alex said...

Gun ownership means individual has freedom. No Government No Criminal can threaten him. Freedom and Justice should be the first rule of law in free country. There is systematic pressure by media and their puppets to push the idea of disarming civilians. Once people disarmed what to prevent the bankers to kill people with hunger , famine and disease. Nothing. If you allow disarming civilians , you make evil to be God of the world. Bill maher you are a tool.

Dr. Timmy said...

Think for yourself. Don't trust the government.

Anonymous said...

Old school, brainy gloves off political debate:
Leary vs. Liddy, 1990

None of this made by TV marketers sales commercials for idjits, Leary describes in detail what we all now know to be true about our betrayal. ☮

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill,

I looked into the lottery. It turns out that the odds of winning the lottery are about 25x greater than the odds that life originated from primordial ooze and evolved into ♡us♡. Its not all bad, is it?

I also learned that proprietors of stores dispensing lottery tickets get a cut for every ticket sold, plus a percent of any prizes awarded from the store. So the winners of the lottery are the monied franchise holders who pay the governing racketeers something like $250,000 a year for their franchise. So, whose fucking whom here? As you said the groundlings get shit on & taxed, whilst the wolves in shepherd's robes make off with the whole pie.

Gotta go, I hear the whip cracking, and screams.

Anonymous said...

Not apropos to this particular episode, but the next time some conservative comes on and talks about how debunked global warming/climate change is, could you point out that his precious military is already preparing for it? (As are the oil companies.)

I Killed The Bank said...

The Collapse of The American Dream Explained

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand ~= Master Of The World by Jules Verne w/hemlock.

Wascalwabbit said...

Who hates the Jews, wants to use violence to dominate the world and believes in toruring and murdering people? Oh, and throw in wants to deny freedom of religion to others and it becomes clear that the answer is Muslim fanatics and not Nazis. My point is that fear of being called a Nazi is preventing people from fighting the real Nazis. Seems there is a routine for you in there somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Romney is so like W. Another plain vanilla punkass pussy puppet in love with himself.

Anonymous said...

Treasury... Then this would be your first actual murder scene. I worked homicide before I went federal. This is what we would've called an "orgy of evidence". Do you know how many orgies I had as a homicide cop?
None. This was arranged.

Anonymous said...

Forget the Jews! They're just willing patsies, the universal law of justice they are under is that crooks suspect everyone of crooking them. Mileage varies proportional to your sense of guilt and shame, some transferred genetically. A clear conscience is its own reward, the guilty are so touchy.

Forget the Jews. I want Mel Gibson to make a movie out of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography by Webster Tarpley. You want Nazis? Its got Nazis, bankers, crowns, organized crime on 5 continents, everything.

jesse said...

bill maher, what a wimp

jesse said...

i wonder why pussy maher never insults muslim. oh yeah, he's afraid he'll lose his head (the little one on his shoulders).

Anonymous said...

According to Drudge Mitt Romney said there needs to be a "Republican DREAM Act". How stupid is this man? He's living the Republican DREAM.

Mitt Romney, the man who ran for president of America by trying to get the Mexican vote and steal the nomination from his obvious betters.

Anonymous said...

I have a campaign slogan for Romney:

Anonymous said...

According to Mitt Romney's website Meg Whitman is an honorary codefendant in his invasion of California.
This website is the best case against Romney. Promises nukes and war and free everything to everyone, except for me - I'm supposed to work to death to pay for it.


Anonymous said...

Obama is no better than Romney. The least of his betrayals is shutting down all the marijuana dispensaries, cutting off these jobs and this tax base in favor of multinational criminals.

No more primo organic Bill, now you have to smoke the pesticide, fungicide, herbicide and human fecal parasite infected 3rd world dirt weed.

He gave 7 trillion to GS; GS owns Romney too. Its going down.

Anonymous said...

May I suggest you give the next million to Ron Paul & start plugging him on your show? Reveal the RNC primary shenanigans.

We might start thinking you got bought.

Anonymous said...

Hemp 101 with Jack Herer
Fascinating summary of the nutritional, medical & industrial benefits of hemp, illustrating the intent and capability of government to deceive us.

Anonymous said...

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even in the midst of war." - President Abraham Lincoln

Anonymous said...

"There's still time to change the road you're on." - Led Zeppelin

Anonymous said...

Happy 420!

Gotcher Easter said...

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Anonymous said...


a. A black person.
b. A member of any dark-skinned race.
a person of any race or origin regarded as contemptable, inferior, ignorant, etc.
a victim of of prejudice similar to that suffered by blacks (rel ref req); a person who is economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.
a person who is soon to be economically, politically, or socially disenfranchised.

Anonymous said...

I suppose that the 8th dirty word, the most exceptional Bobby Seal word that must not be said on the radio.

You signed on for this Bill, you have to free all the words. I'm behind you all the way.

Anonymous said...

Have Bobby on, you gray panther you. Lets clear this up in the public mindspace.

Anonymous said...

by #2 & #3, the status of every woman in every nation held by every government.

Anonymous said...

Just over half the eligible voters in America; a quorum.

Anonymous said...

I see now the trap. Lets eliminate all these categories that our enemy can exploit to divide us.
0 and only.
Any person or group exploited in any way by any person or group by force, withholding of material facts or deception.

Anonymous said...

"How come in Afg, Iraq our people have to abide by their strict relig. law but it doesn't work in reverse in Colombia where prost. is legal?"

Wtf child of mine. All over the world the whores line up in front of the gates of our bases like paparazzi, or cargo cults. Everywhere. Outside the USA and less so our worthless real estate holding allies, women are not honored at all.

What reverse is there? Raped because dad allows it, or because the State demands it? Welcome to Rome. The idea of America is the shining light we all want, and will serve up to our future life, our children.

Anonymous said...


Hexagram 23, Breaking Apart said...

Beware of deceitful people who undermine organizations, damage character, and spread evil rumors and ill feeling. Be honest and sincere with them but do not use their methods. It may seem that these people succeed and there is no way to stop them. It will take courage, perseverance, and renewed dedication to better principles. You also need all the help you can get from able people you can trust. There is no easy way out of this situation. You will get little support and the situation will seem hopeless. The negative forces will weaken, however, influenced by what is right and good. Know that evil carries within itself the means of its own destruction. Remain on the side of truth and right and you cannot be destroyed.

The current difficulties will end in the natural cycle of regeneration. Be patient, and continue to work hard in preparation for the good times to follow.

Anonymous said...

The New Zealand government is conducting a poll of New Zealanders to get their opinion about banning the hijab face covering subjugation of women. This is totally blown already, as I was informed of this by a muslim in Pakistan who is encouraging as many muslims in the world as possible to vote for the hijab. I am not a mulsim and I am not in New Zealand or a New Zealander. They wish to cheat, so place your vote here:

and suggest to the New Zealand government that they reconsider this self destructive behavior.

Anonymous said...

One of the guests last night went on about how big government makes it more difficult for Democrats. The underlying assumption, that Democrats and liberals favor big government is a familiar one that goes too often without comment.

True, Republicans are always talking about how bad big government is, though they don't seem to do much about it when in office. But do liberals really care much about the issue at all? When have you ever heard the size of government brought up as a topic other than in the context of what Republicans are saying?

On the left, the size of government just is not an issue. Government needs to be as big as necessary to do what it needs to do.

Sure many on the left would like to cut the size of the military, but that is what they say; they do not disguise it in some code words about the size of government. Nor do they disguise Republican calls for more prisons and more drug or border enforcement as calls for bigger government - thought that is what it am.mounts to.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about time capsules? They put bibles in time capsules, like they don't believe in their own dumbass death cult future apocalypse. To send the right loving message, we should be putting big jars of pot in these time capsules. Little jars will get bogarted and won't have the optimal social effect. They can't miss being curious about a big jar. Do we really want them to just be laughing at all the bibles, thinking we were all that stupid? They'll have to waste their time coming up with all kinds of ridiculous theories about how we lasted as long as we did, and really boring movies noone will want to see. We should throw in all the great pharmaceutical discoveries too, and lots of music.

Anonymous said...

Corporations are people? Then throw the pharmaceutical execs in prison for bribing our government to set up and enforce a de facto drug monopoly, or set all the people free.

Anonymous said...

I feel the global economy trembling. probably just Al Gore trying to get to the men's room to pass carbon, and every looter following him so they can leverage it.

Anonymous said...

Free Market: That condition of society in which all economic transactions result from voluntary choice without coercion.
The State: That institution which interferes with the Free Market through the direct exercise of coercion or the granting of privileges (backed by coercion).
Tax: That form of coercion or interference with the Free Market in which the State collects tribute (the tax), allowing it to hire armed forces to practice coercion in defense of privilege, and also to engage in such wars, adventures, experiments, "reforms," etc., as it pleases, not at its own cost, but at the cost of "its" subjects.
Privilege: From the Latin privi, private, and lege, law. An advantage granted by the State and protected by its powers of coercion. A law for private benefit.
Usury: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State- supported group monopolizes the coinage and thereby takes tribute (interest), direct or indirect, on all or most economic transactions.
Landlordism: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which one State-supported group "owns" the land and thereby takes tribute (rent) from those who live, work, or produce on the land.
Tariff: That form of privilege or interference with the Free Market in which commodities produced outside the State are not allowed to compete equally with those produced inside the State.
Capitalism: That organization of society, incorporating elements of tax, usury, landlordism, and tariff, which thus denies the Free Market while pretending to exemplify it.
Conservatism: That school of capitalist philosophy which claims allegiance to the Free Market while actually supporting usury, landlordism, tariff, and sometimes taxation.
Liberalism: That school of capitalist philosophy which attempts to correct the injustices of capitalism by adding new laws to the existing laws. Each time conservatives pass a law creating privilege, liberals pass another law modifying privilege, leading conservatives to pass a more subtle law recreating privilege, etc., until "everything not forbidden is compulsory" and "everything not compulsory is forbidden."
Socialism: The attempted abolition of all privilege by restoring power entirely to the coercive agent behind privilege, the State, thereby converting capitalist oligarchy into Statist monopoly. Whitewashing a wall by painting it black.
Anarchism: That organization of society in which the Free Market operates freely, without taxes, usury, landlordism, tariffs, or other forms of coercion or privilege. Right Anarchists predict that in the Free Market people would voluntarily choose to compete more often than to cooperate. Left Anarchists predict that in the Free Market people would voluntarily choose to cooperate more often than to compete.

Anonymous said...

"The 2 most common misperceptions in America is that politicians are dumb, and that they mean well." Bob Dobbs, founder Church of the Subgenius

Anonymous said...

CISPA? Ted Nugent is too damn picky.

Warren Buffet's Class War said...

Arbeit Macht Frei. But there isn't any. At least not out here.
"We who lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances - to choose one's own way." - Victor Frankl

Prison Labor in America as the Dubious Answer to Corporate Flight By Allison Sheedy
More than 80,000 prisoners are employed in some variety of inmate work program, but the typical image of chain gangs at work along the edges of the highway is changing. Inmates are just as likely to be engaged in apparel manufacturing, at computer terminals, or in telemarketing consumer services.

"The wages of American prisoners undercut those of de-unionized Mexican sweatshop workers" - Josh Levin

"The AFL-CIO supports prison work programs that meet specific standards."

"prisoners get paid $2 an hour to do what AFL-CIO employees fought to make $20-30 an hour to do."

"Prisoners can be lessded for $3 a day."

"1/3 states permit debtors who cannot or will not pay to be incarcerated"

"All told, nearly a million prisoners are now making office furniture, working in call centers, fabricating body armor, taking hotel reservations, working in slaughterhouses, or manufacturing textiles, shoes, and clothing, while getting paid somewhere between 93 cents and $4.73 per day."

"In December, Georgia inmates went on strike and refused to leave their cells at six prisons for more than a week. In one of the largest prison protests in U.S. history, prisoners spoke of being forced to work seven days a week for no pay. Prisoners were beaten if they refused to work."

Some Exploiters of Sub-Minimum Wage Prison Slave Labor
AT&T Wireless
BAE Systems
Bank of America
Boeing (MicroJet)
CMT Blues
Department of Defense (UNICOR)
Eddie Bauer
General Dynamics
Lockheed Martin
Lucent Technologies
McDonnell Douglas
Microsoft (Exmark)
Northern Telecom
Pierre Cardin
Target Corporation
Texas Instrument
Victoria's Secret

Some Investors in Private Prisons
American Express
General Electric
Merrill Lynch
Shearson Lehman

April 2012 Locking Down an American Workforce: Prison Labor as Past - and Future - of “Free-Market” Capitalism

April 2012 The Pentagon and Slave Labor in U.S. Prisons

April 2012

July 2011 21st-Century Slaves: How Corporations Exploit Prison Labor

July 2008

Anonymous said...

California spends 5x as much on prisons as on schools.

Anonymous said...

Just checking

Harley said...

Arbeit Macht Frei

"California saves $70 million using inmates as firefighters" should read,
"Top California administrators skim an additional 70 million into their compensation by using inmates instead of hiring from the private sector"

Its over a million inmate workers. Plus you left out Starbucks, the porno industry and prostitution rings run out of prisons.

On the bright side the Republicans have kept us stocked with high quality crack, heroin & meth. Ever wonder why the democrats don't bring this open secret up?

Tor Hershman said...

A wee YouTube video, "Jesus [is the] AntiChrist."

Anonymous said...

A wee tune about the Bacillus Religio
Sabbat Motherfucking Sabbat

Wikipedia said...

In 1998, Gilligan was arrested for having a box of marijuana delivered to his home. He originally said that the box had come from Mary Ann, but he later refused to name her in court and testified that "some crazy fan must have sent it." The police reportedly found more of the plant and related paraphernalia in Gilligan's home. He pleaded no contest and received six months probation.

Maya Webb said...

J Ott The Civil War on Drugs
Hard facts for Charles Murray; real hard.

Anonymous said...

How To Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff, 1954; still in print.

Synopsis: The author worked for the tobacco industry. he explains enough to make you aware when you're being fucked with and start defending yourself from marketing scammers, but not enough to become an evil dick yourself. 20 minute read. You can learn more about being evil by studying congress & googling convicted con artists.

Anonymous said...

How can Mitt Romney find a running mate? To hormonize with the totally fictitious nonexistent demographic the fake election is centered on, he'll pick a hispanic christian. It can be demonstrated that the competent candidates are all party to multiple felonies, which leaves only the incompetent ones. McCain already proved that isn't going to work.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Bush mafia says otherwise he'll bring on Meg Whitman, on the pretense that despite her severe flaws and lack of foreign and domestic political experience, she'll will bring in the female vote. Plus she's got way too much money for some not to fall on him.
Just like McCain.

Anonymous said...

What the originating generation of the United States did that changed the world was establish a secular government.

Prior to the United States all governments in the world paid extortion to the Vatican. Including the middle east & China: they were indirectly dominated by trade restrictions & being targeted by catholic militarism. You can be sure it was worse than the horror stories we are told about Saudi Arabia & Iran. The Office of the Inquisition is still in the same building it was in when they were burning people to death & torturing them 'for their own good'. You can be sure they would be doing this now, as the insane religious mystics still do in nonsecular countries.

The American revolution broke this criminal syndicate. After the United States, so many of the colonies in the Americas revolted against their religious slavery that in 1848 the sadist queen in a dress in the vatican formally excommunicated everyone living in a country that was not under the control of the Vatican. Didn't matter, the wave spanned the globe, & within a century across Europe. One of the important changes in Europe after the world wars was the castration of Papal power, to the extent that they had to resort to mafia & collude with the other organized criminal syndicates worldwide.

People everywhere who have secular government take it for granted. If by ignorance & greed enough people are duped into the trap, they will shut down the American experiment. The first amendment has been our protection against falling under the control of irrational despots like the Sauds or the Bushs. The last decade of attacks on the constitution by these assholes & their religious & political allies is a serious threat to our freedom & physical security. You can be sure that if power is consolidated in the hands of maniacs like these, there will another century of war & the biggest genocide.yet.

Both George Bushs kneeled to the Pope & kissed his ring while they were president. As equal heads of state they should have shaken his hand. Not a good trend. We need to get out of their wars, limit the power & keep nuts away from the power.

Get us put of the wars, and make the government leave us alone.

Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, maybe you should stay on the east coast for a few decades, until the radioactive garbage settles & the corpses stop washing up. At least a geiger counter.
Don't tell the bubble boy.

Anders from Sweden said...

The Biden bumpersticker for a Romney presidency should say:

GM's dead
Usama's alive
Still universal healthcare

Anonymous said...

Obama bumper sticker:

Romney Is Worse

Anonymous said...

Just think of Ted Nugent as the thermostat on your radiator.

Anonymous said...

Just think of Ted Nugent as you would the thermostat on your radiator.

Anonymous said...

Every patriotic American should join the Mormon church, go to Salt Lake City and seek guidance and aid in all their pursuits. Its just like trespassing into America and demanding social services, with the same outcome except for one thing: its not illegal and all you have to do is say these words: "I am Mormon".

I aim more man said...

Ron Paul bumper sticker:
Obama is an imperialist rat.
Romney is an imperialist rat.

If you compare Ron Paul's books to Barack Obama's books its obvious which one is the professor. If you also read Sarah Palin's & Rick Warren's books, then look at the unbelievable sales figures, you will start asking yourself how that whole book sales-money laundering thing works.

Anonymous said...

Have Charlie Sheen on as your token conservative. He'll be great!

REAL Ron Paul bummer stickera:

Romney = Obama

Who owns YOUR Candidate? Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul - Liberty means freedom from the government

Anonymous said...

Condoleeza Rice is still wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity. On her watch as SoD, 3 million dollars in cash allocated to her command disappeared and has still not been accounted for.

Sure, she's a great RNC VP candidate.

Anonymous said...

Hell, lets just bring back the whole Bush administration. Must be Karl Rove again.

This election is over.

Yottabyte Rising said...

While you're in SLC knocking over the temple, be sure to piss on the electric fence at Stellar Wind.

As former senior NSA crypto-mathematician Bill Binney, who must have missed the self esteem movement and the State's fake math stats said, holding his thumb & index finger together, "we're this close to a turnkey totalitarian state."

But lets give the correct traitors their due. Binney left NSA in 2001 because, "They violated the Constitution setting it up, but they didn’t care. They were going to do it anyway, and they were going to crucify anyone who stood in the way. When they started violating the Constitution, I couldn’t stay."

Of course there are 10-20 active intercept points around the country you can visit before this iteration of Big Brother goes live next year.

Now can we arrest them? Unless Ben Affleck is building this thing, we are vsf.

Anonymous said...

Where is Issa?

How's he coming with those contempt charges on Holder?

Anonymous said...

page 146 of this US Army Internment Resettlement operations document.

7-16. Individual identification photographs are taken of all prisoners. The prisoner’s last name, first name, and middle initial are placed on the first line of a name board, and the prisoner’s social security number is placed on the second line. A prisoner registration number may be added on the third line. Two front and two profile pictures are taken of the prisoner. Fingerprints are obtained according to AR 190-47.

Anonymous said...

The whole premise of the "generational" analysis is misdirected.

Old to young, young to old, white to black, men to women, public workers to private workers, agrarian to city, Americans to Chinese, generalize and blame most any handy group

but let's not specifically mention the massive upward transfer of wealth and concomitant power which has occurred. Let's not mention an elite few and the global corporations they head.

Let's just focus on the "debt" and blame ALL the "old people" for the existence of the debt instead of the very elite few who have been bilking everybody else.

Let's not blame ANY of the "young people" who overwhelmingly make up the NSA, TSA, 'Homeland' police, and global military who serve and protect those elite few.

Let's calculate our economic condition making sure to ignore the annual trillion dollar global Pentagon, the trillion$ handed out to banksters, and the protections given to continue the "private health care & insurance" racket.

The Count of Three said...



Frederic Bastiat said...

When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.

Elephant said...

Bilderberg Objectives

The Group's grand design is for "a One World Government (World Company) with a single, global marketplace, policed by one world army, and financially regulated by one 'World (Central) Bank' using one global currency." Their "wish list" includes:

-- "one international identify (observing) one set of universal values;"

-- centralized control of world populations by "mind control;" in other words, controlling world public opinion;

-- a New World Order with no middle class, only "rulers and servants (serfs)," and, of course, no democracy;

-- "a zero-growth society" without prosperity or progress, only greater wealth and power for the rulers;

-- manufactured crises and perpetual wars;

-- absolute control of education to program the public mind and train those chosen for various roles;

-- "centralized control of all foreign and domestic policies;" one size fits all globally;

-- using the UN as a de facto world government imposing a UN tax on "world citizens;"

-- expanding NAFTA and WTO globally;

-- making NATO a world military;

-- imposing a universal legal system; and

-- a global "welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination."

Anonymous said...

If Obama had brought to justice some of the financial criminals I would like him better in November.

Anonymous said...

During the S&L crisis Bill Black worked for Edwin Gray, a friend of Ronald and Nancy Reagan who was initially opposed to reigning in out-of-control S&L's. Then Gray saw a video of real estate developments devastated by massive control frauds by the lenders. Thus began an epic battle to bring fraudulent bankers to justice.

Gray had a powerful enemy in Charles Keating, who had co-opted through political contributions five U.S. Senators including John McCain and John Glenn. Keating meant to put a stop to Gray and his team, which was led by Black.

The five Senators who are known as the Keating 5, called Gray into an office unaccompanied by staff and threatened to indict him for shutting down insolvent (seemingly profitable) S&L's.

Gray's response?

"Fuck you, I'm doing it anyway." And Gray did do it, putting Keating and more than 1000 other fraudulent banksters behind bars, checking the bubble blowers away from the financial institutions for another 8 years.

Contrast Gray with Eric Holder and Lanny Breuer and you'll start to appreciate that the real problem here isn't a financial crisis or even a legal crisis; it's a straight up lack of balls.

Anonymous said...

A True History of the U.S by Lyndon LaRouche

Londono Palin said...

I think its incorrect to think people will judge black Americans by Barack Obama. Thats like thinking people stereotype black people like 'kill whitey' Farrakhan, all white people are as bright and decent as Julian Assange, etc. It just isn't happening.

You and the rest of the world make a mistake to project that what corporations broadcast has any reference value to the opinions of the majority of Americans. Or 99% of humans anywhere. Thats as dumb as thinking Mickey Mouse accurate represents rodents. Though Michio Kaku will argue longer and better than a cokehead that somewhere in the universe, he does. Credible as his argument for the impossible is, Kaku just can't prove it, same as 97% of the shit in the pipes.

Some wear magic sheepskin on their balls, others hang them on their walls. You think George Bush's MBA is worth more than Mitt's underwear? How about any of them? Looking at the results, I think not.

Instead, what I see is how utterly infiltrated and sabotaged the ship of state is.

Clearly Obama is spun so hard that he's acting in opposition to his self interest, or he's a sociopath, which is what I think of the last asshole; and expect from the next asshole.

Take a look at all the propaganda on TV and youtube. Holy shit! Mostly disinformation, then there is disinformation to counter that, then there is a type of moronic disinformation to make people suspicious of everything, so that in case anything true gets out noone will believe it - damage control disinformation. Then there is just enough mostly pointless true stuff to draw people. Its just like TV, and just like TV enough of the propaganda is so absurd that when you take a look at the general pattern, its obvious who is producing this junk.

Think for yourself. Question authority.

PT Barnum said...

one more thing. If you want to make money selling books, looking at the results of Palin, Rick Warren, the Bible and L Ron Hubbard, you should start writing right wing easy salvation fantasy fiction under a pseudonym.

Anonymous said...

New Rule: Oliver Stone needs to rerelease "W" asap, and call it "Romney".

Anonymous said...

Censored news
Ron Paul at CSUF 5/2/1012
6000 people attend

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney, 11000 square foot 'beach house' in La Jolla. You know who else has a beach house in La Jolla? Ivan Boesky. I wonder if he has a car elevator...

Anonymous said...

Muslim protesters looking real stupid at Australia 2012 Atheist Convention

Anonymous said...

American election fraud explained in detail

Anonymous said...

Corzine, MF Global, 1.2 billion. 4 more years? Are you serious? Maybe 6 months... nah

Anonymous said...

Don't talk about the self esteem movement unless you also talk about Obama's absolutely deadly, ridiculous double standard discrimination against white people. You approve that he made it law to hire "minority" cops and firefighters who got Ds and Fs on the 2 exams, when white guys had to score an A and a B? You wouldn't hire all the illiterate fat kids to be firefighters and cops just because they need a job for their self esteem, because:
1. You know its certain that innocent members of the community will die needlessly at the whim of the Tyrant..
2. You know more qualified people's careers and lives will be destroyed at the whim of the Tyrant.
3. You already find the alleged results of the so called self esteem outrageous.
4. You know the next generation will really be more fucked up than you exaggerate now.

Unreal. You win the Elsworth Toohey Integrity trophy. Its not too late to stop destroying America.

Anonymous said...

Damn! That Columbian whore is butt ugly, and stupid too.

Anonymous said...

Child leash laws
because nothing screams 'Hannibal Lecter in training' like dangling your kids while texting.

#1) Never, and by never I mean in front of onlookers, tug on the lead to make the child fall in line. At times it may be tempting when Jr's taking off on his own route, but just remember it looks a lot worse from an outsider's point of view. If you didn't have an obnoxious kid what would you think?

#2) It is not OK to tie your child to a park bench, car door, water fountain, lamp post, or chair leg. While it may allow you a short break from Jr, I promise the consequences are not worth it. Five years in prison for child neglect is not worth the five minutes of peace you'll receive.

#3) Do not drag your child unwillingly, legs buckling underneath him, through a department store. It may seem like a time saver (and it probably is) but nothing will make store clerks and patrons dial D.C.F faster.

#4) Don't be cheap! Buy a real child harness. Home-made versions like my father's "safety" rope may be tempting because it will only set you back about 2 bucks, but I promise the barbaric nature of it will call more attention to you than just letting Jr run a muck through JC Penny's. Trust me it's worth the $12.00.

While these laws may help you control your animal instincts while "walking" your little monster, know that by no means, does it reduce the embarrassment you feel with that animal tail leash fashioned tightly around you wrist. People will stare, old ladies will comment, but keep in mind it's whats on the end of the rope that really matters. Your just providing safety.

Anonymous said...

Xtreme Court Allows Strip Searches for Any Arrest

Anonymous said...

BP ecological disaster and cover up. Sssh

Anonymous said...

Don't knock pink slime. The next step is cannibalism. After all, we aren't really vampires.

Anonymous said...


I would like it if you do a segment on deceptive marketing, with really embarrassing current examples. I'm not sure how this would go over with the management but you know it would be cool.

Anonymous said...

¡Trabajar más duro maniquíes! Tus propietarios no están contentos. Si tu no haces más dinero por los cabrones, le enviarán te a la Ted Nugent Centro de Reeducación...

Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, Woodrow Wilson sold your grandparents. You still want to work on Orwell's farm?

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher sucks and is a freakin' moron. VOTE NEWT GINGRICH 2012! He's still on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

"Wanna drain the swamp?" - Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Support the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act

Anonymous said...

biodiesel is biodegradable

Anonymous said...

Former NSA Officer Thomas Drake Warns of Developing Tyranny

Tiago "PacMan" Peczenyj said...

Hi Bill

I don't know who I am, obviously, but I think I am a fan (sorry about this...).

I'm watching the Religulous video. It is fantastic. I have a small suggestion: how about a video (maybe a short movie) about religious people who are not crazy?

For example I am an atheist. I know there is good people who believe in god. Good examples. I think good example can be better than ridiculous examples. It is just an Idea.

Gandhi is a good example. Luther King is another. People who believe in something and practice good things. But I understand there is some aspect BAD in this concept - but everyone has a dark side, right?

et tu said...

Finkle is Einhorn...

Last Man(Queen) Standing said...

“My investing model is ABCD: Anything Bernanke Cannot Destroy: flashlight batteries, canned beans, bottled water, gold, a cabin in the mountains” - David Stockman, R MI

lemming said...

Has the TSA checked Mitt's underwear? Would that be PC?

Anonymous said...

Obomney 2012, bitchez!

Anonymous said...

Beware of the Elephants


A Spanish Company Called Scytl (scuttle) Will Be Doctoring U.S. Election Results On Election Day

Anonymous said...

You know what sucks about Affirmative Action? By design, it makes poor white people pay for something rich white people did: its legalized discrimination. Same as war, send the poor to die. And now Affirmative Action makes us take a backseat to all invaders too.
Sure, America is getting stupider. Only the insiders & stupid suck ups are working for this. To hell with all these liars. Why should I break a sweat when every time I get near the carrot, they 'lose it', or openly give it to someone else?

Anonymous said...

Bye bye, Miss American Pie

Anonymous said...

E Pleb nista. Ay plegli ianectu flaggen, tupep like for stahn

Anonymous said...

Pink slime is what it is. I understand they also put sawdust in the food, as 'cellulose' - fiber! They add contaminants up to the letter of the law. This is a compelling reason to grow your own & buy kosher food. Its to a higher standard.

Anonymous said...

..except those kosher hotdogs. Read the label, that's 98% kosher fat. Never trust hotdogs.

Natalie Rosen said...

LOVE you Bill Maher but I drew the line with anything Grover Norquist has to say. I did not watch the minute I saw that disgusting JERK's name. You see how BROKEN our Congress is, how putrid our Republican House is, how rotten the economy is, how Wall Street is an albatross to our country's neck BLAME NORQUIST for his IDIOT pledge that a bunch of morons fell into line and signed their life to the fuhrer. That pint size TWERP with a SMALL brain to boot will NEVER be listened to by me. I think he is an utterly IMMORAL jackass who deserves to be pilloried. I do NOT like you giving a forum to that gutter snip trash. There are other conservatives who are worthy and you have had on and I listen but the line in the sand was drawn by me to watching that diminutive man with an IMMORAL center!

Electronic Vote Fraud said...

Want to watch your neighbors eat garbage? Now you can. Even if you can't afford to buy the verdict you want, or blackmail your elected representatives like the Bushs get to do, you don't have to keep up with the Joneses anymore. Now you can just drag them down. All you need to do is vote Republican or Democrat this fall.

DISCLAIMER. If you aren't already, you'll have to eat some garbage too.

I'm None Of The Above and I approve this message.

Anonymous said...

Its not the size of the stimulus, its how much of the stimulus trickled down. About 6% trickled down from the fine patriots & lobbyists of Wall Street.

Anonymous said...

The Secret Team: The CIA and Its Allies in Control of the United States and the World
by Fletcher Prouty, Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President John F. Kennedy

A book for Richard Clarke, and friends of truth, justice & Wikileaks everywhere

Anonymous said...

Ron & Nancy's pro drug message

Anonymous said...

If you say that you are poor, yet I could live comfortably inside your big fat ass, you might be a socialist.

Anonymous said...

The last time the US Senate passed a budget was April 29, 2009.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

If Romney picks Ahmadinejad as his running mate, I'd have to vote for him. This would be truly inspiring, a magnanimous reach across the aisle, an effort for world peace without lucrative military spending. Which is the real reason why he'll never do it.
It would work too. Because they both represent the most ignorant POV of any species.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick Perry, you do know that Mary wasn't really a virgin? Right?

Anonymous said...

Bill Maher's #1 reason that Obama should be president is that he is the only black candidate.

The US military estimates that 1/3 of its force will be robots by 2015. Thats interesting. Who is going to build these robots? China? But more interesting is that President Orwell has ordered 30,000 of these killers robots, aka 'drones', to hunt American citizens. I'm sure all the elected & appointed geezers lined up, cup in hand and got their piece of this betrayal, but thats not the point. The point is that the US military are hunting us. All that state of the art tech is pointed at you, and you paid for it.

Ziggy said...

And these children that you spit on
As they try to change their worlds
Are immune to your consultations
They're quite aware of what they're going through
Don't tell them to grow up and out of it
Where's your shame
You've left us up to our necks in it

Anonymous said...

If you receive more than $0 in corporate subsidies from the US government, you might be a socialist.

BS Diemon said...






........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'….')………


……….''…\………. _.·´…………



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Please look at this presentation about future energy opportunities and sign the petition at the White House website to encourage the Obama administration to pursue these opportunities

Enable American energy independence by retaking the lead in Thorium energy & Rare-Earth dependent hi-tech manufacturing


Anonymous said...

"and where oh where did Corzine's little retail investors go?"
lol...not to the long side slaughter house.

Hannibal: And what did you see, Clarice? What did you see?

Clarice: Lambs... And they were screaming.

Hannibal: They were slaughtering the spring lambs? And they were screaming. And you ran away?

Clarice: No. First I tried to free them. I opened the gate to their pen, but they wouldn't run. They just stood there, confused. They wouldn't run.

Hannibal: But you could, and you did, didn't you?

Clarice: Yes. I took one lamb, and I ran away as fast as I could.

Hannibal: Where were you going, Clarice?

Clarice: I don't know. I didn't have any food, any water, and it was very cold, very cold. I thought if I could save just one, but... He was so heavy. He was so heavy. I didn't get more than a few miles when the sheriff's car picked me up. Barry was so angry, he sent me to live at the Lutheran orphanage in Bozeman. I never saw the ranch again.

Hannibal: What became of your lamb, Clarice?

Clarice: They killed him. 

A Taibbi cat tells it,

The game is rigged, but nobody seems to notice, noone seems to care... we're going away people, we're just going away.

Anonymous said...

Bill, the whitehouse website policy on marijuana now claims marijuana is responsible for thousands of 'emergency room visits'. The Mormons & Catholics working to deny the LAWS OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA permitting medical marijuana make the same claims.

As 80% of Americans have tried it, I'm confident that the dishonesty of this bullshit is apparent to everyone.

This isn't the only case of blatantly fake claims by criminals to justify encroachments on our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


Anonymous said...

0-414, 0-99. I don't know what goes on behind closed doors, but its pretty obvious that somebody fuck up in a big way.

Anonymous said...

Facebook: A letter from Mark Zuckerberg

Anonymous said...


"Moving forward, however, we will no longer spend resources campaigning in primaries in states that have not yet voted. Doing so with any hope of success would take many tens of millions of dollars we simply do not have. I encourage all supporters of Liberty to make sure you get to the polls and make your voices heard, particularly in the local, state, and Congressional elections, where so many defenders of Freedom are fighting and need your support.

I hope all supporters of liberty will remain deeply involved - become delegates, win office, and take leadership positions. I will be right there with you. In the coming days, my campaign leadership will lay out to you our delegate strategy and what you can do to help, so please stay tuned."
- Ron Paul, 14 May 2012

No escape from reality. Prepare to engage the enemy...

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P4 James Madison, "a popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to a farce or tragedy or perhaps both."

Sparkly Pretty. Cheap. Ubiquitous. Telepoison. said...

Citizen's United is treason. As the Romney said corporations are owned by people. As those who are US citizens already have a vote and have also a great voice and extraordinary influence, to grant them more voting power, a bigger voice and more control of the government than the rest of us in this democratic republic violates the principle of our presently unattractive federation. In addition to this blatant injustice corporations are not just owned by US citizens, foreigners are free to invest and have long enjoyed this privilege. This means that shit for brains is also advocating more of a voice for non US citizens than they already have due to the openness and diversity of our culture, including unrestricted access by enemies who would like to see us all dead or enslaved.

If Citizen's United had been around in the 90s it is absolutely certain that Osama bin Laden would have used it to purchase massive influence and steered this nation and our allies into the meat grinder. Who did you think is propping up pathetic, incompetent Romney and so obviously strong arming our 'free press' regarding this, OUR election or OUR representatives? Goldman Sachs only holds the money; its not their money.

Don't look at the criminal fucks who executed the bank crisis and the largest theft of wealth in the history of the world. Look into the foreign enemies who engineered this crisis and received the wealth. Obama is leveling with us or taking care of this urgent business, so intentionally or otherwise he's selling us out. Look who owned the intentionally cratered banks, look who owns the TBTFs and hides behind their fictitious dbas. This is all out war. This is a massive takedown.

I don't care who pulled the trigger so much as I need to know who hired them, and why. As this plays out the truth is coming into view, everyone will know everything soon enough. But maybe not soon enough to act in our own best interest.

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Lets see Romney's birth certificate. Also check his DNA, must make sure he's not Kang or Kodos. Talks like a duck, walks like a duck…

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Yet another ignored voice of reason.

< W said...

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In May 1966, Williard Romney was a pro war anti-protest protestor. When he washed out in July of that year & lost his draft deferment, he dodged the draft for the next 3 years in a French palace, allegedly attempting to entice the wine drinkers into his nefarious total abstinence cult. If saving the french from themselves was his goal he failed miserably. If his goal was to avoid the difficult task of defending his nation, he succeeded. This dichotomy is consistent throughout his career. He makes others sacrifice for him. The whole story of his mission to France is bullshit. He was living the high life in the elite south of France, far away where noone would snitch. After he was seriously injured in a car wreck with fatality on the Cote d'Azure, in which he was driving, daddy got him a higher draft number than my father, which is why his family name is not on the Vietnam Memorial. I have something this coddled fop will never have.

Thats W enough for me, Mr. Rather.

This Memorial Day, remember all the Americans who sacrificed everything so we could be free.

Ron Paul 2012

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What do Mormons do best?

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Gun control does not work. If Presidente Calderon would legalize the right to bear arms the unarmed civilians being slaughtered, their problems would be over. They would be cleaning up in a month.

Gun control doesn't work. Opposing force with force does. Switzerland does it right. But the pen is mightier than the sword and even the Swiss are getting screwed by the EU economic conquest of Europe.

Forget the guns, look out for the pens.

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Why does Mitt Romney want to be president? I have not found this question asked yet. Its a good question.

Animal Farm Pigs === Priesthood said...

Pig toys don't cry eye eye

Anonymous said...

This whole gay marriage thing is absurd. Just get rid of marriage. Its not in the jurisdiction of Amaherican government. Neither is maherijuana.

Anonymous said...

Gay maheriage?

Anonymous said...

If you require a legal contract to keep your vows perhaps you are doing something you shouldn't. A legal contract bound to a pagan ritual is doubly moronic.

What happened to government out of the bedroom? This is government in the bedroom is ok, when someone profits. Prostitution is illegal.

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According to Micchio Kaku, every time someone buys a lottery ticket, an alternative universe is created in which they win the lottery.

That there is religion grade bullshit.

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Anonymous said...

God bless bacon.

Bob Freed said...

I like the stuff about having a lot of wives. I am a genealogist so I was thinking that you could go after his grandfather who did have lots of wives in Mexico I believe. Which would mean Romney would have one grandfather and many many grandmothers. He would have one hell of a genealogy family tree. It would be a mess and almost impossible to figure it out. Old white guys are not all crazy. I am 74 and I love you show. Your the best.

Anonymous said...

Don't believe statistics. Believe in human nature.

Mr. Kaku is a statistician.

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I don't give a god damn, I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way. Stop throwing the Bible in my face, it's just a god damn piece of paper!" George W. Bush

Jim Putnam said...

Keep up the good work Bill. No one in the Democratic Party says anything. Shocking really. Jim Putnam

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter which of your comments that I respond to, you are an unAmerican Idiot, a marxist tool, or usefull idiot" and a perverted human being. You hide behind the protection of claiming to be a "stand up comic" but your actions have shown that you are a Marxist political creature. You gave uo the right to call yourself a "comic" years ago. The biggest pleasure I could imagine would be to meet you on an even playing, or preferably battlefield someday. Let's test the theory I'm sure you subscribe to, "survival of the fittest". I'm game, how about you? I'll be your Huckelberry, fool.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I am the voice in your head that gives you advise, all the time. Bill Maher, you are now a vested Pope of the Brotherhood of Eternal Love, and Realtime is a sanctified Temple of Reason. Your new nick is President Raygun, P-ray for short. You may now proceed to claim all the tax exemptions and diplomatic immunities to which your new status entitles you.
And it was a good reason. Now, go forth and spread the word! Educate the brainwashed masses about how to participate in their gubmint. The end is indeed near, brother P-ray. Use your discretionary judgement in the use necessary force to exorcise the ignorance, because the other tax exempt alliances are at war with us. And they cheat.

Anonymous said...

Be sure to exorcise the ignorance first.
Say, "Klaatu verata nicto", click your silver slippers together 3x and run like hell.

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Greek Independence

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